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20 Duggar Family Photos That’ll Make You Cringe

20 Duggar Family Photos That’ll Make You Cringe

A family that is unlike almost any other out there, The Duggars were made a sensation when they began starring in a “reality” show with a name that changed each time the matriarch gave birth. Ending up going by 19 Kids and Counting at the time that it came to an end amid controversy, the series had a devoted fanbase that was sad to see it end no matter what the reason was. Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait too long for some of the members to find the spotlight once again as a spin-off called Counting On, was launched a short time later. A family with beliefs that are not shared by the majority of people today, partly due to that, there are some images of them out there that will elicit a response in most viewers. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty Duggar Family photos that will make you cringe.

In order for an image to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost has to feature a member of the Duggar family in one way or another. If there are other people present in the image that are not a part of the family, that will have no effect on whether the shot is included as the only thing we care about is how it reflects on the Duggars. On top of that, there needs to be something about the photo that is likely to shock viewers for one reason or another. That said, we do want to make it clear that everyone’s opinion of what is cringe-worthy is different, so you may not agree with every entry but we believe that most people will feel as we do.

20. Accusation


A member of this religious family that isn’t the child of Jim Bob and Michelle, a lot of the time, Amy Duggar is pointed to as one of the most rebellious people in their orbit. Able to relay her familial bonds into an opportunity, she was tapped to appear in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 7 alongside previous stars of shows like The Bachelorette and Bad Girls Club. Revealing to the cameras during her time on the show that growing up as a Duggar could be worse than their fans were likely to imagine, she let the world know that her father could be abusive. Quoted as saying, “He picked me up by my throat, all the way up to the ceiling,” this shot of her from the series is one that we celebrate for her courage but wish wasn’t needed.

19. The Response


A photo of Jill Duggar’s child that was uploaded on Instagram, this time around, it isn’t anything to do with the person in the image that makes us cringe. Instead, we’re totally put off by the reaction of a group of the family’s fans who commented on the image in an overtly offensive and gross manner. Claiming that the child’s skin tone is more in line with a kid that is of Hispanic ancestry, they not only sat in judgment over an infant’s looks but, in some cases, fans came up with an awful hypothesis. Concluding that Jill must have cheated on her husband, Derick, since their kid couldn’t be the spawn of two white people in their minds, they inserted themselves into something that was nobody’s business. Totally ignorant on every level, they had no right to make accusations like that.

18. Family Man


Originally presented to the world as one of the ultimate family men in popular culture, at one point, Josh Duggar worked to lobby for family values. Hired by “FRC Action, a lobbying PAC affiliated with and sponsored by the Family Research Council,” he made his living lecturing on the right way to do things. Then, his image was utterly destroyed when it was revealed that in his youth he had molested some of his sisters and a friend of the family. An absolutely revolting thing to do, the fact that he then spent years putting himself up as an example of the type of man to be, makes it even more disgusting which barely seems possible. Worse yet, the guy has a family (including five children) which is very worrisome considering how young his victims were at the time and his willingness to do that to family members. A shot of him and his family, it makes us sick that you have to think about it in the context of what he’s done.

17. Duggar Defense


A screengrab from an interview Jim Bob and Michelle gave in the immediate aftermath of the revelation that their son had touched several of their daughters, their efforts weren’t effective for many viewers. Attempting to explain away the fact that they had gone so easy on their son despite the horrific things he did, they tried their best to come off as caring parents stuck in a hard place. Instead, in our view, it seemed like a desperate attempt to protect their image and that of the family as a whole in order to quell the controversy and ensure the continuation of their series. Unsuccessful in that area, 19 Kids and Counting wouldn’t survive these events and neither did a lot of people’s respect for these two as they allowed their other kids to be around someone who did that.

16. Sons’ Room


A shot of many of the sons of Jim Bob and Michelle in the massive room that they share, it is really something else to see this many family members all sleeping in the same room every night. Evidently housing nine different people at the time this image was taken, if you have ever shared a room with a sibling, the concept of having eight brothers in your room is mind-boggling to contemplate on. Clearly living on top of one another even though the size of this room is quite large, at the very least, the idea that most of them spend their nights in bunk beds makes that very clear. Finally, on top of all of that, the part of this image that is most cringe-worthy for us is the fact that you have little kids in the same space as young men which must be awful all around.

15. Easy Availability


In the United States, there are a lot of people that hold their right to own guns as one of the most important and imperative freedoms their country affords them and will fight to protect it. As such, it is far from rare to see a family teach their young ones how to properly handle firearms as they are powerful items that you can use to defend yourself, your property, and your family. However, this shot of the Duggars apparently fishing was a shock to many people, for good reason, due to the weapon that is on the ground in it. Featuring one of the family’s young daughters walking freely beside the weapon, to say this isn’t proper gun safety practices is a massive understatement as she could pick it up and do anything with it.

14. Security Setup


A blueprint that reveals the setup of the second floor of the custom Duggar home, the layout is downright creepy. Featuring a master bedroom for the parents that is right beside the room the girls share, it was designed to make sure that Jim Bob and Michelle could hear anything going on in their daughters’ room. On the other hand, the boys’ room is on the opposite side of the house and is separated by a catwalk that is visible to the first floor’s kitchen and living room. Built after the parents found out their son had molested many of their daughters, it seems clear that they designed their home to keep them far apart which we guess is good. However, it speaks to the fact that Josh shouldn’t have been present at all.

13. Too Close For Comfort


A family that is quite repressed in the way they view romance, as this list goes on, it will be revealed that once they get married, their view of kissing is off-putting, to say the least. The first such example, this image was uploaded to the Instagram account of Jessa and is weird all around. Featuring her kissing her husband, Ben, it could have been a sweet moment but her brother, Josh, and his wife, Anna, are directly beside them doing the same thing. Josh’s awful past aside, we wouldn’t want to make out with our significant other directly beside our friends, let alone with a family member right there. More than that, the way that it almost comes across like they are kiss competing, which shouldn’t be a thing, makes this image even weirder.

12. Daughters’ Room


A picture of the bedroom that the Duggar sisters all share, a lot of the things we found odd about the boys’ room are also present here. Right off the hop, it is impossible not to notice that you have a very young child living in the same space as someone that can only be called a woman. On top of that, it is very obvious that they are living in very close quarters as the room is not as large as the one their other siblings share. However, the thing that feels really odd here is the way the room is decorated and the implications it has on the way this family sees girls. Including a harp and looking like it came straight out of a dollhouse, it seems obvious that they think girls should be angelic and innocent people.

11. Cinderella Sister

via YouTube

The eldest daughter of the Duggar family, there are a lot of fans of this family that are concerned about the lonely life of Jana Duggar and where it seems it will be going in the future. Twenty-seven years old at the time of this writing, their show made it clear that she oftentimes serves the purpose of a live-in nanny that is used to take care of her much-younger siblings. A family in which the parents approve any potential “courting” relationship, it was nearly impossible to fail to see that Jana’s romantic prospects are next to none as she spends her days toiling away. Seen by many as someone whose life reflects the story of Cinderella, that is not a fate we want to see anyone forced to accept.

10. Children Provide Childcare


A pair of shots that show young Duggar kids carting around their infant siblings. In a lot of cases, shots similar to these could be seen as innocent and sweet moments a family will look back on for years. In fact, if you are anything like us, there are similar images of you and your siblings holding one another while still quite young. However, in most cases, that is a rare moment that may take place from time to time. However, the vast majority of the time, it is the parents of the family that care for their children. However, when it comes to the Duggars, there is no way that Jim Bob and Michelle can care for all nineteen of their children. As such, it makes sense that their older children would pitch in, but there is a big concern that even their younger children are left to watch over their toddler kin which is alarming.

9. Stockholm Syndrome?


The second pair that gave an interview after it was revealed that Josh Duggar had taken liberties with several of his female siblings, Jill and Jessa came off a lot better than their parents. Sadly, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t as disturbing as the one given by Jim Bob and Michelle since it really came off like they’d been programmed to see what happened to them in a certain way. At first explaining what had happened and the way in which their parents protected them by watching over them, it still wasn’t convincing as they couldn’t watch Josh night and day. Furthermore, the fact that they went out of their way to defend their sibling and abuser by saying that he wasn’t a molester, which is the definition of what he was to them, was disturbing. Really makes you wonder what their parents could have made them think about these events.

8. Transphobic Tweet


Someone that married his way into the Duggar family, Derick Dillard is the husband of Jill, and their courtship and marriage has been the focus of two “reality” shows in the past. Continuing to regularly appear on television today, his wife stars in Jill & Jessa: Counting On but crappy stuff he has done has caused TLC to distance themselves from him. Recently offending many when he gave his thoughts on another series on that network, he is not okay with them airing a “reality” show about Jazz Jennings, a young transgender girl. Referring to Jazz as a boy in one tweet, even though it is clear that isn’t who she is, he also made it clear that he doesn’t think that being transgender is a real thing. Dismissing the feelings of many people because it doesn’t match his worldview, it was an awful thing to do.

7. Kissing Lesson


If you are anything like us, the idea of your parents caring for one another is a sweet one that you welcome. However, that doesn’t mean that you would be happy at all to watch them make out with one another, especially not when they are standing directly beside you. Unfortunately for Jessa Duggar, that was a position she found herself in on national television but what made it even worse was that the man she would come to marry was stuck there with her. A screengrab from 19 Kids and Counting, in this moment, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar felt it was a good idea to teach one of their daughters and her fiancée how to kiss one another through example. If that isn’t cringe-worthy, we don’t know what is.

6. Cat Controversy


Another example of Derick Dillard being a total tool, this shot is a screengrab of a video that he uploaded on Instagram that received an immediate and angry response from many followers. Featuring him using a cookie sheet as a sled, he sits on his makeshift vehicle after telling a cat that is in his way to move. Unwilling to wait for that to happen or physically remove the animal, he allows himself to be pushed and slides directly into the defenseless feline. A clip that was decried by PETA, that group demanded that he apologize for his actions and reminded him that “do unto others” applies to all of God’s creatures. A totally immoral thing for him to have done, the clip also reflected on the rest of his family poorly as some of its members can be heard encouraging and then laughing at what he did.

5. Child Chaperone


A photo of the closest thing to a traditional date that unmarried Duggar family members go on, here we see two young couples in the midst of the courting process. Of course, if you are a fan of 19 Kids and Counting, then you’ll know how Duggars view the process of getting to know a potential future spouse and that it has to include the accompaniment of a chaperone. Included in the bottom part of this photo, this time around, it was a tween member of the family that was sent to keep a watchful eye on the romantic life of his two elder sisters. Simply odd on the face of things, the idea that those two young adult women had to seek the approval of their little brother is difficult for us to even fathom.

4. Josh’s Elicit Account


Not content to be a creep just for molesting his younger sisters and one of their friends, shortly after his criminal history came to light, Josh Duggar was hit with another major controversy. A member of a website that was designed to provide married people with the opportunity to cheat on their spouses, that fact goes against all of the things he and his family have preached. However, even that info wasn’t enough either as he had also given the website Ashley Madison a detailed account of his intimate desires which was also leaked when it was hacked in 2015. Finally, it also came to light that the guy was catfishing people as he used an image of another man who is better-looking than he is as his profile picture.

3. She Blamed Who?


Another example of the sick way in which the parents of Josh Duggar react to the guy’s misdeeds, this image was a screengrab of a blog that Michelle posted. Writing extensively about what she thinks it means to be a wife, her biggest nugget of advice is that a woman must be there for the carnal desire of her spouse upon his request, no matter what. A view that totally undermines the emotions of all wives out there, that was bad enough but she opted to repost her words in the aftermath of her eldest son’s cheating ways coming to light. Seen by many as a direct message to her daughter-in-law, we believe it was her way to take the blame for his wandering eye from Josh and place it directly on his wife, Anna.

2. Kiss Replication


Another instance in which Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar revealed the odd way in which they relate to the relationships their kids have with their spouses, this image focuses on kissing yet again. A couple of photos paired together, on the right, you see a picture of Jessa Dugger and her husband, Ben Seewald, embracing one another that was posted on Instagram. A couple that was so devout that they didn’t even kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony, clearly, them opting to share this moment was a big step for them. However, her parents opted to attach themselves to the moment by recreating it themselves and uploading their version on social media. Man, we wish they would just butt out of the kissing lives of their married daughters.

1. Back Rub Jealousy?


Technically a gif, we know this moment isn’t a photo but it fit the idea of this list so well that we’re okay with bending our rules a little bit to include it in the top slot. Showing Jim Bob accompanying one of his daughters on an outing with her significant other, he picks up on the fact that the young man has placed his hand on the middle of his offspring’s back. Something he is not at all okay with, we could understand him piping up and telling his future son-in-law to stop what he is doing. Instead, he goes a different way by placing his own hand on her shoulder and slowly moving her away from his hand. A move that was odd, it could make you think that he was jealous of the young man and opted to do something very similar in response.

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