20 Disney Memes That'll Ruin Your Childhood

While the pictures of adorable kittens and puppies making their way through the Internet definitely have their place, they still don't seem to be as great as the hilarious memes that get passed around. Choosing the right meme to describe the day you've had has taken the place of the regular emoji-filled status updates of the past. Although there are memes of all different themes, it seems like the ones referencing Disney films and characters have become the most popular. Screenshots of classic Disney films are the perfect backdrop for a hilarious phrase that sums up your day or at least gives a little chuckle to your online friends.

Yet, not all Disney memes are just for spreading a bit of humor on the Internet to make your friends and family laugh. In fact, some of the most disturbing memes that have circulated online have featured some of the most beloved characters from your childhood. While it may just be part of someone's sick sense of humor on the Internet, some of them are a little difficult to put out of your mind after seeing them. From completely transforming Disney characters you used to know and love to putting their screenshots in a strange context, seeing some of these Disney memes can change your view on those classic films from your youth. Check out our list of the 20 Disney memes that'll ruin your childhood and see how you will never look at these films in the same light ever again.


20 Way Too Kinky For Kids

The fairytale story of Beauty and the Beast translates well on the big screen after it has been completely done over by Disney. The 1991 animated film was received well by audiences and is thought of as one of Disney's best films. It was even redone in 2017 and starred Emma Watson as Belle. It's easy to forget the whole interspecies romance between Belle and the Beast in the film because of how the situation is explained in the very beginning. The magical spell that is the culprit behind his transformation into an animal keeps audiences remembering that he truly is human beneath all that fur. Yet, this meme shows just how truly kinky this whole situation is. From the whipping paddle to the seductive Belle character, it's hard to watch the film in the same innocent light again.

19 Marrying Your Kidnapper


There are actually a number of Disney memes surrounding Beauty and the Beast, with many of them addressing the fact that Belle wasn't exactly in the best situation. She was basically kept in captivity and the beginning moments with the Beast weren't very friendly. He can actually be described as her abuser and encouraged the other members in the castle to let her starve. From screaming in her face to barring her from eating unless in his presence, that doesn't sound like a dream scenario for any woman. This Disney meme shows just how blatantly dysfunctional the situation truly was since Stockholm Syndrome is actually real. This is pretty much a textbook case of someone falling in love with her captor and it will most likely make you see the film in a totally different way.

18 Sexualizing Animals

Disney's animated films have become a staple in a person's childhood and it seems like storylines have become much better in recent years. While it used to be grueling for parents to have to sit through an animated film, they have become much more tolerable through better dialogue and celebrity voiceovers. Yet, there is a big theme of sexualizing animal characters in Disney films. Having a romance factor in a children's film is definitely a must for fairytales but seeing some of the animals overly sexualized is a little cringe worthy. This Disney meme offers up six examples of heavily sexualized animal characters in early Disney films. Although you may not have noticed it much when you watched these films the first time, there's no way to you'll ever look at these characters the same way again.

17 Pinocchio Dirty Jokes


In Disney's 1940 film, Pinocchio, the premise of a man with a wooden puppet seems completely endearing at first. In the real world, a man with a wooden puppet is actually really strange and would definitely be a house to avoid on Halloween. Things became even more strange once he became animated and started growing his nose with each lie he told. With him being made out of wood and the phallic significance of the nose, it was inevitable that the dirty jokes would start to circulate. The one about Pinocchio's nose growing longer and a woman asking him to lie to her is actually an old joke but it's hard to forget. Seeing it come to life in this Disney meme is a definite way to kill the innocence of this Disney classic.

16 John Smith Was A Pedophile?

Keeping with the typical theme of a Disney film, the Native American characters in Pocahontas were heavily stereotyped and the story was completely changed in order to gloss over the truth of what really happened. While the romance story between Pocahontas and John Smith in the Disney film, Pocahontas, seemed like a Romeo and Juliet story that needed to be told, it was far from the truth. In actuality, Pocahontas was around 11 or 12 when she became romantically linked to John Smith, which was a huge difference from his 28 years of age. This Disney meme throws it in your face that this was a highly dysfunctional relationship and it's hard to watch the movie without thinking about that fact. In actuality, Pocahontas went on to marry another man but the relationship with John Smith was what really stuck with storytellers.

15 Kinky Relationship With Tinkerbell


In the 1953 film, Peter Pan, children were able to fantasize about never having to grow up or take on responsibilities of their own. Life was filled with dress-up and fighting with pirates in a land where everyone can fly with a bit of pixie dust. While everything seemed innocent enough, there was a strange relationship between Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. She had an obvious crush on him and yet he would only use her when he needed her and then go back to focusing all of his attention on Wendy. In a number of scenes, she just seemed like a pixie dust machine for him to tap in order to fly, which is actually a little disturbing. This Disney meme shows Peter Pan giving her a tap on the bottom to get what he wanted out of her, which is also super disturbing.

14 Necrophilia

There are a number of fairy tales that involve kissing as the way to reach a happy ending. At first, this may seem like the most innocent way to introduce true love to little children but it takes on a whole new meaning if you really sit down and think about it. In this particular Disney meme, it really brings into question the whole scenario involving Snow White. While there are some different variations in the story through the books and films, the essence of the story basically surrounds itself in the fact that Snow White is dead. Kissing a dead girl in the woods (on the lips) isn't exactly the sexiest thing in the world. In fact, it's super creepy and doesn't really sit well when you think about it later.


13 Andy’s Mom’s Toys


When Pixar Animation Studios teamed up with Walt Disney Pictures for the Toy Story film series, it was an instant success with audiences. Tom Hanks added so much to the role of Woody and the storyline never seemed to dwindle with each new film in the franchise. There were even a number of short films that sprung out from the Toy Story characters, including one where the bath toys had their own time in the limelight. With the water toys and squeaky toys becoming their own animated characters, it stands to reason what other toys would come to life within the Toy Story environment. Yet, this Disney meme may have gone a bit too far since it references Andy's mom's "toys" and it might make you look at the franchise in a whole new way.

12 Friends Watching The Nasty

Disney films are known for spontaneously breaking out into song and it’s actually a huge reason why fans have gravitated towards their animated films. When The Lion King was released in 1994, audiences were treated to a number of super successful songs on the soundtrack. From "Hakuna Matata" to Elton John singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," it was definitely a film that the whole family could sing along with. Yet, this Disney meme was a major eye opener when you really sit down and think about the scenario when Simba and Nala hooked up after they'd grown up and reunited. The scene was always a bit strange because of the way they seductively had Nala lying on her back but audiences were able to gloss over the fact that his buddies were watching the whole thing go down.

11 More Concerned Over Organic Than Poison


In today's health-obsessed society, it seems like everyone is concerned about the state of their food. GMOs, side effects of gluten, and the steroids pumped into meat are on the forefront of people's minds. This has also been hugely influential in how it has affected businesses because many grocery stores have been shut down and replaced with those that focus more on organically grown products. The obsession with buying the best food possible has become a source of contention with Soccer Moms and even a way to shame the other women that don't go that extra mile to spend on all organic produce. This Disney meme from the 1937 film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and it's interesting that the importance is more on how it was grown rather than the fact that it's poisonous.

10 The Villain May Not Be That Bad

In order for a children's animated film to conform to the typical guidelines set forth by Disney, there is usually a distinct villain. Oftentimes, the Disney villains are easy to rally against but that may not be the case with Mufasa's brother in The Lion King. Sure, he plotted to overthrow his brother by killing him and his son, but watching it through hardened eyes can change the perception of this particular villain. This Disney meme may be a bit harsh since it basically condones killing off family members in order to rise to power but there is something to be said for the ways of the wild and the power of ambition. It's truly disturbing to say that you'd root for Scar and his pack of hyenas to win in The Lion King but it's interesting that you'd be able to see his side of it as an adult.

9 No Longer A Magical Place


Disney theme parks have evolved over the years to encompass everything from wildlife to cultural attractions but the Disney World Magic Kingdom Park is the pinochle of a child's dream come true. The daily parades show off Disney's biggest characters, the rides feature all of its iconic films and the Cinderella castle is an over-the-top experience for a child. Yet, adults often see Disney World in a completely different light. The cost of taking an average family of four to Magic Kingdom is astounding when you factor in airfare and hotel costs. However, it has become an expected occurrence for a family to take their child to a Walt Disney theme park, regardless of the cost. Seeing this meme definitely loses all the magic the castle holds in the eyes of children and puts the establishment into perspective for adults.

8 The Importance Of Body Language

The whole scenario within The Little Mermaid definitely has its plot holes but it doesn't seem to bother kids that Prince Eric fell instantly in love with Ariel upon their first interaction. It also doesn't seem to bother them that she gave up her entire life and voice in order to get him to fall in love with her. The scene with Ursula convincing her to give up her voice is actually part of the comic relief in the film but most kids don't really get it. This meme puts it in clear perspective what Ursula meant by "body language" in a way that adults can understand. It's definitely comical that a woman wouldn't actually need to have a conversation with a man to get him to fall in love since there are so many men that are more interested in their cup size than what they have to say.

7 Proof By Foot


As one of Disney's most iconic films, Cinderella is still seen as a must-see watch for any child. Even though the film was released in 1950, you'd be hard-pressed to find a child that hasn't seen this Disney flick. With the film being around for so long, it's easy to overlook some of the subtleties surrounding the whole glass slipper scenario. This meme puts a clear perspective on the fact that she had to prove that it was really her by wearing the exact shoe she wore on the night they met. This is pretty comical when it relates to today's issues with photo altering and social media posts. Perhaps someone should think of a way to prove that the women on dating sites are actually the real ones that will show up on the date.

6 Drag Problems

When the 1998 Disney film, Mulan, was released, the entire premise was heavily criticized. Although it would seem like a good thing for Disney to implement different cultures, the stereotypical ancient Chinese plot wasn't exactly a step in the right direction. To make things worse, the majority of the storyline was the lead "princess" trying to save China instead of finding her Prince Charming. While the other Disney princesses got to wear beautiful gowns and tiaras, Mulan was disguised as a man for practically the entire film. This Disney meme points out the peculiar relationship Mulan was having while disguised as a man. It did seem like there was a special sort of relationship between Mulan and Li Shang, even though he was completely unaware that she was a woman.

5 Kissing A Frog Gives You Warts


When Disney released its 2009 film, The Princess and the Frog, there were a number of criticisms surround the fact that their first African American princess was a frog for the majority of the film. While there are those that argue that Nala from The Lion King was the actual first African American princess, she may not count because she was a lion the whole film. Regardless, the whole scenario of a human kissing a frog isn't exactly thought of as sexy and it does conjure up thoughts about warts coming from toads. This meme takes it a bit further by referencing "genital warts," which is something that shouldn't even be a factor in a children's animated film. Regardless, it's just another aspect of the film for audiences to criticize.

4 Belle Is Annoying

Early Disney films have had a tendency to make the women in the storylines seem a little lackluster in the personality department. Sleeping Beauty's Princess Aurora barely even had any lines, unless you count the singing about how desperately she wanted a man, and Cinderella was portrayed as the ultimate housewife in training. Once Disney began giving its female characters more of an actual role in the film, it didn't seem like they knew exactly how to best portray a woman. This meme shows just how much they got it wrong in Beauty and the Beast since she really did come off as annoying. It's starting to become more clear why no one in the village seemed to like her and undoubtedly this guy probably had a few choice words for her once she left.

3 Completely Ruins Your Favorite Mermaid Song


The Little Mermaid is one of Disney's most beloved animated films, which helped to fuel the fascination with these beautiful underwater creatures. From the film, Splash, to the far more aggressive mermaids in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, it doesn't look like the mermaid craze will be going anywhere anytime soon. Yet, the Disney film wasn't just great because of the characters since the songs were perfect for allowing the audience to sing along. "Under the Sea" is one of the catchiest songs in the film but it is put into a totally different context once you add a funny little Steve Carell comment. Who doesn't love a "That's what she said" response? While it's a little comical at first, it might actually ruin your favorite song from the film.

2 Don’t Talk To Strangers

There have been a number of Disney films that have tried to drill in the concept of "love at first sight." While it may seem romantic in fairy tales for children, it's actually portrayed in a truly ridiculous manner in almost every Disney film. Understanding the insanity of this concept, the newer Disney films have started to poke fun at the notion of falling in love with a complete stranger. The best references actually came in the Frozen film since Queen Elsa couldn't get on board with her sister wanting to marry a guy, even though she didn't even know his last name. Yet, those early Disney films seemed to thrive on those chance meetings and instant chemistry. It's ironic that Princess Aurora spent her entire life being told not to talk to strangers and hide away in the forest but then a stranger comes along and he's suddenly the love of her life.

1 Sleeping Same As Unconscious


There are actually quite a few memes surrounding Disney's Sleeping Beauty. The concept of having a woman just sleep and sleep and sleep offers up a huge amount of possibilities for those on the Internet looking to poke a bit of fun. Yet, many of them involve the seedy situation of having a beautiful girl that is lying in bed waiting to be kissed. Some of the memes even had Princess Aurora positioned inside a fraternity, with a mustache drawn on her face with a Sharpie marker. Yet, this one references the fact that she hasn't exactly consented into having anyone kiss her. This also makes people think about all of the women that were passed out drunk and were violated by those that thought it was alright, even though she never consented.

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