20 Curvy Models Hotter Than Kate Upton

Kate Upton is a beautiful young woman. Talented and extremely accomplished, she is one of the best-known and highest paid people in her profession today while receiving opportunities to branch out into things like acting. Fantastic at what she does for a living, that may play a part in the supreme amount of confidence in herself that she seems to exude in every picture. On top of that, she has curves in all of the right places and seems happy to wear clothes that show off what she is working with, which is always going to be well-received by many.

That said, considering that Kate’s job relies entirely on her looks–deservedly so as she is gorgeous–it left us reflecting on several other models whose looks appear to fly under the surface a lot. Included in that list of people that we’re surprised don’t receive more attention are some that arguably are even more attractive than Ms. Upton, who seems to be the talk of the town. We have no interest in deriding how anyone looks–least of all, this popular young model–but we do want to celebrate the looks of some women we feel go underappreciated by some. That is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty models that are hotter than Kate Upton.

In order for someone to be considered for inclusion on this list, she first needs to be well-known as a model at least by a sizable group of people. Next, they need to be seen as curvier than most of today’s models, who are often stick thin. Additionally, that person doesn’t have to be a household name. That said, we included glamour models among those we considered. The only other requirement is that she needs to be attractive enough for us to feel that she’s actually hotter than Kate Upton. Finally, we want to make it clear that we realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone may not agree with our choices. However, we do feel that there is a strong argument to be made.

20 Denise Bidot

Via Pinterest.com

A plus-size fashion model from Miami Florida, Denise Bidot broke ground when she was the first woman of her size to walk the runway for two straight size brands during New York Fashion Week. Chosen to represent major companies like Nordstrom, Forever21, Target, Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Levi’s, and Macy’s, she has been steadily employed in the industry for years. Also a part of several TV shows, including nuvoTV’s Curvy Girls and HBO’s Habla Women, one of Denise’s greatest strengths is the body positive image she espouses. Someone with a bountiful chest and booty, to say the least, when you then factor in her gorgeous face, she surpasses the looks of Kate Upton in our book.

19 Kaela Humphries

Via rtvgames.com

Another plus-size model whose career has garnered a lot of attention–including when it was revealed that she dropped forty pounds prior to finding her current profession–there is another reason why she is famous. The former sister-in-law of Kim Kardashian, through her brother, basketball player Kris Humphries, being related for a lightning rod like that is an opportunity if you use it right. Signed by New York’s Ford Modeling agency during her career, which showed a major power broker in the industry that saw huge potential in her, it was a huge deal for Kaela Humphries. Blessed with skin that looks soft and supple to the touch, a vibe that makes it seem like she is a vibrant woman, and a curvy body, we totally get why they invested in her career.

18 Danielle Line

Via danielleline.com

A model based out of Los Angeles, California, it makes perfect sense that Danielle Line needed to make sure that her body looks good in swimwear, which served her career choice well. Employed by several designers and brands, she has worked with the Jessica Simpson Collection, Rachel Pally, SWAJ Designs, Curvy Girl Clothing, and Juicy Couture to name a small sampling. In short, this beautiful blonde bombshell is a go-to model for a number of important people, which makes perfect sense to us as we’d love to be where she is too.

17 Melissa Masi

Via Pinterest.com

One of many plus-size models on this list, if you ever thought for a second that the women that serve that purpose don’t stack up to their skinnier counterparts, we’re here to show you how wrong that is. Someone who works with companies like Wilhelmina Modeling, Dorothy Combs Models, and several more, if we wanted our clothes to sing, we’d be desperate to track her down too. As a result of that, it makes perfect sense that there are so many avenues to contact her as people this hot don’t just grow on trees. Possessing a glorious body, still, for us, it is her awe-inspiring face that makes her more attractive than Kate Upton.

16 Louise O'Reilly

Via stylemecurvy.net

A passionate person who loves all things media, including her favorite film, The Devil Wears Prada, that is one example of what makes Louise O’Reilly stand out. We say that because she isn’t only a model but she also blogs, which serves to show people that she is a lovely woman, both inside and out. Represented by the Morgan Agency, which shepherds the careers of actors, photographers, and models, they should feel fortunate to have someone who seems so genuine to work with. A blonde model who reminds us of the pinup style that was prominent in decades past, Louise would look fantastic beaming out from the wall of a garage any day of the week.

15 Tess Henstra

Via wannabemagazine.com

Yet another plus-size model that is represented by a number of agencies online–including Dominique Models Agency and Le Management–we’re guessing she has a lot of offers coming in. Someone who has been featured in more scandalous and high-fashion style images, looking at a photo of her, you may not be shocked that she is great in every category. Born with eyes that have a smokey and sultry quality to them, Tess Henstra is someone who we would find impossible to look away from if we saw her in person. Possessing a body that we’d love to see slip out of the clothes she helps sell, her ability to look sexy when dressed down or highly processed makes her stand out even against someone like Kate Upton.

14 Miranda Walz

Via arhivach.org

A young woman who stands at five foot seven and has the type of curves that many men find quite tantalizing, this Vancouver Washington native moved to LA to become a model. Successful enough to make appearances on a show like The Ricki Lake Show, where she took part in a makeshift runway, it is clear that she loves to be in the spotlight, especially since her bio says so. Blessed with a chest that flows over many of the outfits that she is paid to look incredible, Miranda Walz seems like she could easily find her career on the ascent any day now.

13 Katya Zharkova

Via taringa.net

We have to admit that we had no idea that the Republic of Belarus existed, and while we ask you to forgive our ignorance, we will never forget about it anytime soon. That is because Katya Zharkova was born there, and we would totally mourn the loss if she was suddenly taken from us today despite the fact that we’ve never met her and likely won’t in our lifetime. Considered the first plus-size model who stemmed from the country, she also broke ground when she was the first model of that kind to appear in the Russian version of Cosmopolitan. A blonde bombshell who has curves for days, the size of her hips almost seems cartoonish if it wasn’t so enticing.

12 Tara Lynn

Via Pinterest.com

Born in Tacoma, Washington, Tara Lynn managed to take the fashion world by storm as soon as she was featured in V and Elle Magazine as a plus-size model. Also someone who was tapped to appear on the cover of Vogue Italia, Glamour, and Time Magazine, she has proven herself to be a great person to help sell issues of any publication. If you are like us and love to look at attractive women, then that probably won’t come as a shock to you as she has a body that is just dying to be unleashed on the planet.

11 Robyn Lawley

Via Pinterest.com

Only the second plus-size model who was tapped to appear on the cover of Elle France, Robyn Lawley is no stranger to having to walk barely trodden roads in the fashion industry. She was also the first woman of her size that Ralph Lauren used to promote their product, and she has also worked with a number of the top brands in the world. Even more than that, she was the first plus-size model to appear in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. If bikinis were sentient beings that were able to take delight when worn on a body that makes them look their best, they would have been celebrating her hiring far and wide because she makes them totally sing.

10 Candice Huffine

Via skinnyvscurvy.com

An international model who has IMG Models serving as her representative, Candice Huffine is a former beauty pageant queen who we can’t get enough of. Featured in the pages of magazines like CR Fashion Book, Italian Vogue, American Vogue, W, V Magazine, i-D, and Glamour, she has also worked with some of the top names in the industry behind the camera. A bewitching brunette who is shapely in the best ways possible, her body and face are a total knockout combination that makes her a total stunner. In fact, we’d say that the only thing we don’t like about her career so far is that she hasn’t received her just due.

9 Lauren Veluvolu

Via thehollowinthemist.tumblr.com

When Dorothy Combs Models and PLUS Model Magazine came together to put on a model search in 2012, Chicago native Lauren Veluvolu beat out the competition and took the top spot. Signed by the first company, she was brought to New York City where she met with photographers and was placed on the cover of the magazine that co-sponsored the search. A buxom beauty that clearly deserved to reign supreme in that competition based on any photo of her we came across, we’re guessing that Kate Upton would be proud to lose out to her here.

8 Lexi Placourakis

Via Pinterest.com

Like many models, Lexi Placourakis is a tall woman, standing at five foot eleven, and we couldn’t be happier about that as we love looking her over and that means there is more to see. Said to not measure her success based on money or the things she can afford to buy, she is someone who puts a premium on changing the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Strongly believing in embracing the body you possess, she admits to struggling with self-image issues and wants to do what she can to help stop others from beating themselves up like she has in the past. If you ask us, one of the things that makes a woman look hot in a photo is the idea that she is enjoying herself. The fact that Lexi takes pride in her looks and seems to have one of the most radiant smiles out there, on top of her alluring looks, makes her one of our favorite models out there.

7 Nicole Le Bris

Via deyjay.com

Nicole Le Bris is represented by a company called Heffner Management, and while that company has nothing to do with Hugh–considering he spells his last name differently–it still makes us think. A plus-size model, over the history of Playboy, they have predominantly focused on women that are stunning but don’t carry an extra pound if they can manage it unlike her. Still, we think that someone who is as exquisite as she is would be enough to make them break their self-imposed rules. After all, if you ask us, there is no modeling gig that we wouldn’t enjoy her in, and we’d love to see her replace women like Kate on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

6 Griselangel Paula

Via Pinterest.com

When researching this hot model, the results we saw for her first name were inconsistent–sometimes coming up as Grisel or Griselangel–and we found an interview where she says she goes by G sometimes. In fact, if you go to her personal website, it is griselangel.com but on the top of your browser, it says Grisel Paula. We wrote all of that because if she opts to go by one or the other tomorrow, we want both names out there so our readers will still be able to find her. After all, if we just came across this sexy model who wears lingerie, full outfits, and everything in between for a living, we would be all over Google looking for more. Just make sure you look over this entire article and any more that interest you here on TheRichest before you do please.

5 Ashley Alexiss

Via Twitter.com

One of the curviest models in the world, Ashley Alexiss’ body seems like something you’d be more likely to find in a comic book instead of real life. A medium that mostly includes drawings of people with over-the-top dimensions, if you know any artists that are looking for inspiration for their next design, they’d be fortunate if you introduced them to this model. On top of that, if you know someone who has specific bathing suit needs and is looking for a brand that may have them in mind, we advise that you let them know about Alexiss Swimwear as it may fit the bill perfectly. On top of that, if it doesn’t work as hoped, you can get another view of this bodacious blonde over their shoulder and that is worth the price of admission alone.

4 Caroline Vreeland

Via dailymail.co.uk

The thinnest person included on this list, there is no doubt that Caroline Vreeland is a curvy woman despite that...based on her big breasts and booty. Also, a small sensation on websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit, to name only a few, she is known for posting revealing photos of herself from her private life on top of her many modeling gigs. Represented by Next Management, you may not have heard of this blonde bombshell yet, but that doesn’t mean she is inexperienced in the industry. In fact, she has been featured on the cover of international versions of magazines like Harper’s Bazaar. Prone to posing for photos that play up her already massive cleavage, if that doesn’t appeal to you and ladies are your thing, we don’t know what will. On top of that, since we’ve seen Kate Upton in a seemingly endless array of bikini photos, that has almost become a little mundane while we’re new to appreciating Caroline which makes her the winner if they were to compete.

3 Joey Fisher

Via Pinterest.com

A British glamour model that is famous for her wonderfully-large chest, Joey Fisher has become famous with a certain group of people around the world. In fact, she has made such a large impact that the photos she posts on Instagram were covered in an article on FHM Magazine’s website that was written by one of their editors. We often hear stories of the hottest girls being an ugly duckling growing up; but if she ever claimed that that was the case for her, we’d find that to be a very difficult pill to swallow. We say that because when we look at her, we find it hard to fathom her as anything other than infinitely appealing.

2 Ashley Graham

Via Twitter.com

When people think of plus-size models or curvy ones, there is no doubt that Ashley Graham is one of the most famous, if not the best-known in the world. A pop culture phenomenon that has been seen on shows like Entertainment Tonight and The Tonight Show in the past, she also became the first woman her size to be on the cover of a number of magazines. Tapped to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she was breaking ground for the same reason. But if that weren’t the case, she is still one of a select few of any size to appear there. Incredibly hot in every way in our opinion, Ashley’s massive chest, big derriere, and ability to ooze s*x on film are a few of the reasons, she is hotter than Kate in our view.

1 Stacey Poole

Via goaloo.com

Another glamour model, just like Joey Fisher, Stacey Poole makes a lot of money posing in revealing clothes or totally topless on film. While that is a description of what all models do, when it comes to Stacey, there is some part of us that want to applaud that even more. Someone who actually looks a lot like Joey, both in body type and breast size, the two of them are easily among the most seductive women we’ve ever come across. Whether she is dressed from head to toe or wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination, when we’re looking at a photo of Stacey, there isn’t anyone we find more attractive, not even Kate Upton.

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