20 Cosplays That Will Instantly Improve Your Childhood

Everyone has got their favourite cartoon characters from their youth. Or their favourite TV show character. Or a video game, or film character. Whichever floats your boat, it cannot be denied that there was some character from some medium who peaked your interest in one way or another when you were younger. And that may very well have stayed with you after all of these years.

This article is all about those characters you may have fantasized about when you were a kid. Or at least those characters you may have had a passing thought about. And hey, if you actually didn't have those kinds of thoughts at all...then prepare to have them. After all, these are cosplays that are aimed to make your childhood infinitely better.

For example, what if Vegeta was actually a hot woman? What if both Daphne and Velma were hot additions to the Scooby Gang? What if Tifa Lockhart was a flesh and blood person? For that matter, what if all of these characters were actual people? Well, prepare to feast your eyes on the likes of Catwoman, Lara Croft, The Black Cat, assorted Disney princesses and, of course, Sailor Moon...


20 Felicia Hardy/The Black Cat

Yes, she may be a criminal at times. But it's not like she doesn't help Spiderman time and again. She's a good person underneath all of that black leather...not to mention while just in all of that black leather. And let's face it, she's much hotter and far savvier than Mary Jane. And if you never thought the cartoon character was attractive in any way, then feast your eyes on this cosplayer. My goodness, she is a looker, for sure. You sort of get the idea of just how the rest of her outfit is cut. And with a facial expression like the one she is giving, how could you possibly resist? I have to say is a wonder that Peter Parker never actually noticed that The Black Cat was just Felicia Hardy the whole time. I's not like her mask covers all that much.

19 Darth Vader Meets Tomb Raider


Alright, so she's not really taking a Darth Vader cosplay seriously here. But that's only because it's a cross between Darth Vader and Tomb Raider. Some of you might hate this idea but to be honest, does it really matter? Does it not still make you think a bit differently about Darth Vader in general? And how the character might be improved upon if he was, in fact, a very hot woman? I'll be up front here: I would much rather run into her at FanEx or Comic-Con, than some guy accurately dressed as Darth Vader. Now that could just be that I'm far more interested in women than geekdom, but at the same's not like this girl isn't still clearly a bit of a geek. If she wasn't a geek, she would not be holding a plastic lightsaber. So I think it's both my love for women and geekdom that really makes me think this cosplay makes my childhood all the better.

18 Ash

Yeah, ok, of course, Jessica Nigri was going to make an appearance. Come on. There is no cosplay that could be thought up of that she likely hasn't already played some small role in. I am somewhere in the 90% with that one. Anyway, here she is cosplaying the role of Ash from Pokemon. How very exciting. I actually mean that. Because if you've ever gone back to watch Pokemon once you've grown up, you'll realize that the show actually makes no sense at all. Of course, it's fictional, but it's both fictional and completely incoherent. So we may as well have a smoking hot protagonist to follow along. Besides, she dresses way better than the actual character does anyway. Mainly because she's Jessica Nigri, and she's wearing a short skirt and a crop top with a low cut. But that's beside the point.

17 Mystique


It's actually pretty crazy to think that this is a cosplay of Mystique. It looks so very much like the actual made up actor from the film. How wonderful a job is that? I think this is probably the most accurate cosplay in this entire article. And it does nothing but remind me that, even though she's blue and scaly, Mystique is one hell of a hot character. After all, the blue skin and scales don't really count for much anyway. She can turn into anyone she wants! Which makes life extra perfect. And also that hardly matters when I'm pretty sure the body paint would fairly quickly wash off under certain frictions. Either way, I'm still floored that this is a cosplayer in body paint, as opposed to the actual actor in prosthetics. What an amazing job.

16 Daphne And Velma

Damn. Now let's be honest here. Who didn't think Daphne was at least a little attractive back in the day? And if not from the cartoon, then at least when Sarah Michelle Gellar played her in the live action movie. And surely some of you have thought up some sort of naughty librarian fantasies regarding Velma. Well in the above cosplays, we get a bit of a different look at both of them. They're both a bit more 'rough and tumble'. And Surely there is nothing wrong with that. Daphne is certainly...armed. And Velma has somehow transformed into a hot-librarian-zombie-killer. Which is kind of crazy...but kind of hot too. Either way, I'm sure the rest of the Scooby Gang would be more than happy if Daphne and Velma always looked like this.

15 Tifa Lockhart


So there's something about Tifa Lockhart that has always captured people's attention. Well, two things typically. But I decided to choose a cosplayer who wasn't near as stacked as most of the others, for no other reason than to show appreciation for the whole cosplay. And let's face it, it's not that this girl is rocking the right proportions by any means. But she does carry herself differently than most of the Tifa cosplayers. And yet she still carries herself in a way that makes me very happy so many people have brought Tifa to life. Now if only I knew any of these cosplayers personally. Regardless, anyone who has played Final Fantasy VII knows that there is a constant battle between who is hotter: Aries, or Tifa. I think Aries, but that doesn't mean I don't very much appreciate Tifa.

14 Spiderman

So what if Spiderman were actually a woman? I know there is Spiderwoman. But that's just not the same. There is something about directly taking the Spiderman outfit, and putting it on a woman that really makes it much better. It might have something to do with the tight fit, and the shape of a female cosplayers body...or it might have to do with the fact that body paint is way more attractive on a woman than on a man. Either way, this is a dynamite cosplay. And one that must certainly make up for all of the bad versions of Spiderman that exist out there. Like Toby Maguire's butchering of the character in that ridiculous trilogy. Imagine the above Spiderman making out with Kirsten Dunst in the rain...and imagine if that paint isn't quite waterproof...


13 Cubone


Now I never spent too much time watching or playing Pokemon. It never really appealed to me. Mainly because a lot of it just made no sense. However, I'm fully willing to admit that this cosplayer has turned me around on the idea that Pokemon is lame, or pointless. I have discovered that there is indeed a point, and it is not lame. It's to turn the characters and creatures from the show into extraordinarily skimpily, and hot dressed women. That must be the point, right? Jessica Nigri has not only cosplayed as Ash, but she's also done Blastoise and Charizard. And this cosplayer, dressed up (or down) as Cubone is surprisingly smoking. Who would have ever thought that all you needed to do to make Pokemon relevant was to get women to dress up?

12 Leeloo Dallas

The Fifth Element was a great film from the 90s that had a pretty amazing cast; Gary Oldman, Bruce Willis, Chris Tucker, Ian Holm, Luke Perry, and... Milla Jovovich. If you don't know her from Fifth Element (or from Dazed And Confused), then you definitely know her from Resident Evil. Either way, she was certainly the eye candy with that stunning outfit seen above. Now, most of the cosplayers are not as hot as Jovovich (or the one above). But when they throw on this costume, they inevitably show off far more skin than Jovovich. Almost without exception, they show a bit more where it counts. Mainly because she's not perhaps the most endowed woman out there. That's not to take away from the fact that she's hot. It's just that cosplayers out there have done a better job with this outfit.

11 Lola Bunny


I'm not sure how many of you will remember Space Jam, but if you don't...then go and watch it to make up for ruining that part of your childhood. And then once you have watched it, take another look at this cosplay, and think about how much more wonderful your childhood has become for having seen both the film and her. Lola Bunny was that seductive rabbit who drove Bugs absolutely loony. I can recall "playing Space Jam" in the schoolyard, and everyone wanted to be near the girl who played Lola Bunny. Now really, yes it's pretty easy to just put on a tank top, some gloves, grab a basketball, and call it a costume. But even the way this girl did her hair is pretty accurate to represent the bunny ears she doesn't have. And she is wearing a just can't see it in the frame.

10 Captain Planet

For those of you who remember, Captain Planet was a cartoon back in the 90's that was all about saving the environment. And I'll be totally honest about this one: they should never have cancelled that show. I think we need it more now than ever before. Of course, some of you just might not agree, and think that we may as well just trash the world...but look at the above cosplay, and then tell me that you wouldn't start recycling just for a chance with this girl? Sure, she's got the green hair...but at least she skipped the blue skin. And it has to be said that this girl's hair is far better than the green mullet that Captain Planet rocked in the 90s.

9 Disney Princesses Meet Slave Leia


Ok, here is a great mix of Disney princesses, with a big hint from another Disney franchise. Now that Disney owns Star Wars it's perfectly ok for these princesses to dress like slave Leia right? I think so anyway. And we've got a princess from several different generations of youth. We've got Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Elsa. I think that's a pretty good variety there. Of course, if anyone was a kid when Frozen came're probably still a kid and are not reading this article. However, for the rest of us, who hasn't thought of Belle in that way at least once or twice? Especially now that Emma Watson has done the new Beauty and the Beast. And come on now, Pocahontas and Mulan are both such strong characters spiritually, and physically that it's hard not to want them...especially in those outfits.

8 Lara Croft

Tomb Raider has gone from being one of the most annoying, terribly setup games of all time, to one of the most visually stunning, and intuitive franchises in gaming today. And back when Lara Croft made her appearance on the PS1, although she was nothing but a heavily pixilated character with sizeable proportions, she still attracted thousands of gamers. The most recent games are almost life-like in their accuracy. And now, thanks to the above cosplay, we can see Lara in all her glory. Bruised, battered, packing heat, and spilling out of her top. It's everything we ever wanted from Lara Croft, but without all of the pixelation, and limited movement. And it has to be said that Lara Croft is much hotter when she's dirty.

7 Slave Leia


Could you imagine if Slave Leia was actually just left on the dunes like this? Besides the fact that she would die very quickly of dehydration, imagine how intensely red her skin would be. However, it's obvious that this is a cosplayer, and not an actual slave (so far as we know), so chances are she wasn't sitting out there exposed to the sun for very long. Either way, as nice as it was to see Carrie Fisher in her skimpy outfit in Star Wars, it has to be said that this girl is much hotter. She's got a better-toned body, and it probably has nothing to do with copious amounts of cocaine. That, for me, instantly makes my childhood better. That, and with the fact that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us, it's good to know that there are cosplayers out there to carry on her legacy.

6 Alice

If ever I came across this cosplayer, I would think I must be in Wonderland. Mainly because...damn. If Alice dressed like this in any rendition of Alice In Wonderland, I might have been far more interested. But I always found the acid-trippy, incoherent manner of the story to be relatively uninteresting. This cosplayer, however, has made the story, and character far more interesting to me. See how easy it is to save someone's childhood? Tattoos, pretty blue eyes, a "come f*ck me" look, and a short, blue, vinyl dress...yes, please! If somehow how that doesn't make you think of your own, personal Wonderland, then I don't know what could. Now if I could just tumble down the right rabbit hole to end up with her...that would be a bit of alright.

5 Vegeta


Now before anything else, take a look at this woman's proportions. Her outfit really helps to accentuate certain parts of her body. Hips and chest mainly...but especially hips. It's too bad that, for character accuracy, she has the HUD over one of her eyes. Because they are very pretty to look at. Beyond all that though, it has to be said that I would rather this beautiful, brunette Vegeta than the angry, blonde, rage machine that is the actual character. Besides, behind this girl's eyes and smile, I think there's a mischievous side that is waiting to break out. So she might be just as crazy as the character anyway. And I think we'd all agree that it's better to be crazy in a hot way than it is to be crazy in a murderous way. Hopefully, we all agree there.

4 Catwoman

Meow! Yes, ok. Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway were both very attractive as Catwoman. It's true. They really were. But there's something to be said of a cosplayer taking on that role...and maybe doing a better job of it. I have no idea about this cosplayers acting chops. But I can certainly say that she knows just how to play the seductive, yet demure little kitty. It also helps that there are very key places that aren't just completely covered in black leather or vinyl...I'm of course only talking about her face. Obviously, that's the only part...and speaking of her face, she has got some very vibrantly blue eyes. I could easily get lost in those while she had her way with me. Easily. And that pursed little smile that she's got going on there? She knows how to play.

3 Wednesday Addams


Alright, so maybe not as many people thought about Wednesday Addams the same way I did. I was a disturbed child growing up. But to be fair, Wednesday was famously played by Christina Ricci. And anyone who then continued on to watch films like Sleepy Hollow really did begin to appreciate the fact that Ricci is pretty damn hot. Of course, when I was growing up, watching The Addams Family, it didn't seem weird to be attracted to Wednesday. Ricci's older than me, and I was at least of an age with her. So it made sense. And now, I'm able to enjoy Wednesday Addams all over again, without being a total creep. Because cosplayers like the one above understand that some characters deserve to be done up a bit for the adults in the room.

2 Seven Of Nine

For those Star Trek nerds out there (who have been upset that I've already touched on Star Wars twice), even if you don't like Voyager, I know you like Seven of Nine. And what's not to like? She's got the aloof, uncaring attitude of a robot, but the body of a very attractive woman. And character-wise, that's because she was a woman who was turned to the Borg...before being turned back again (though she still runs like a computer). Regardless, I have to say that I find this cosplayer much hotter than Jeri Ryan, who originally played the role. Now that could be because this cosplayer is far more feminine in her design for the outfit. But either way, that's my stand. And she has therefore improved my childhood by making me see this character in a hotter light.

1 Belle


Alright, so it's true, I could have just easily thrown in a photo of Emma Watson, and called it a day here. But then that wouldn't really have been in the spirit of cosplay. After all, she was remaking a pivotal Disney character, and actually playing the role. Not just playing dress-up with the role. Either way, here is a rather seductive version of Belle, complete with garters, and stockings underneath a very short skirt. And while the corset top is by no means low cut, it's still strapless, and lower at the back. As far as Belles go, I have to say that it's just nice to have one in the flesh. Speaking of 'in the flesh', I'm wondering why it appears that there's a "01" etched into this cosplayers left arm. Hopefully, she's not been enslaved and branded by a beast!

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