20 Cheryl Blossom Photos That'll Make Any Red Head Envy Her Look

Cheryl Blossom is the typical captain of the cheerleading squad, named the River Vixens, and Queen B of her high school. We all love to hate her but also have a soft spot for her. Cheryl, played by actress Madelaine Petsch, is seen as a villainous character but beneath it all, she's just another teenager trying to make it through while having to deal with her up-tight parents who want to present the perfect image to the world. Her plot line is very dark, very twisted, and deals with a lot of mourning - it's no wonder Cheryl closes herself off to everyone.

And yet, in a world full of black, Cheryl seems to emote a lot of red and by that I mean in her fashion choices. If there's anything that will stand out to you when you hear (or see) Cheryl Blossom, it's her fashion, specifically all of her red clothing. Little Red Riding Hood, Jessica Rabbit, and any other character known for red, has got nothing on Cheryl! Here are 20 of her outfits that would make just about anyone run out to the store and buy it.

20 Fiery Red


During the high school homecoming dance, Cheryl Blossom, portrayed by Madelaine Petsch, brought all the dramatics in this electric cherry red, cutout dress. In the sea of toned down swatches and variations of nudes, Cheryl brought us sass, life, and color, which is nothing short of what we would expect from her. The details to her dress are absolutely everything, from the front of the dress to the back.

In this episode of Riverdale, Season 1 episode 11, Cheryl seems to have a little devil on her shoulder, so to speak, as she secretly looks into FP Jones as a possible suspect in her brother, Jason Blossom’s, murder. She makes no apologies for what she did, even through the betrayal of one of her classmates, Jughead Jones, FP Jones’ son. So when we factor in that narrative, the red dress seems like a pretty fitting color for her devious character.

19 Cherry Blossom

via: thecw.com

If there’s anything I’ve learned being a girl, it’s that sometimes you have to think outside the box when it comes to fashion pieces. Specifically, patterns within clothes. Obviously Cheryl got that lesson way before me because for this outfit she is rocking the most amazing black cardigan, embroidered with red cherries all over it. If that wasn't enough she is wearing the most adorable red chunky choker.

Throughout the Riverdale series, Pop's Diner is a staple. Who could miss it with its ambient neon red lights and its eerie look? But of course, nothing says Pop's like his signature milkshakes like we see Cheryl drinking in this seem. Surprise surprise, it has a cherry on top.

18 Floral Fury


Everyone has a certain color that makes them stand out and become more noticeable. In Cheryl Blossom’s case, her certain color is red but I don’t mean for her outfit in this case, I mean her lipstick. Cheryl’s red lips throughout the majority of the show are a reminder of the fiery side to her that we just cannot get enough of.

It was a nice change of pace with this outfit to see not only black, but to see some florals as well. The touches of floral embellishments throughout her dress are what completed this look. Not only that, but the adorable and dainty cut-out gave her a little more of that flirty, s*x appeal that she always brings. Quickly peek and you'll see that hint of red, though: her purse!

17 Flag Queen


There’s no one who does sexy chic better than Cheryl Blossom. Somehow she always manages to wear outfits that can be seen as risqué and yet keeps them classy and classic. Not only is her outfit classic but the combination of black rimmed circle glasses and her hairdo is the perfect combination to finish off her look. Her little white bustier top and her red shorts really give off a The Dukes of Hazzard vibe that is absolutely adorable.

As expected, Cheryl never gives up an opportunity to be the star of the show and it was no different in this scene. You can always spot her vivacious personality, red lipstick, and her attitude from a mile away.

16 Feeling Blue


When I first saw this outfit, I was screaming! The thing that made this outfit so impressive for me wasn't just the obvious bling around Cheryl's neck, but the shade of blue was absolutely gorgeous on her. Then we got a look at the back of the dress and the cut-out in the back was so elegant. The chunky choker was obviously just such a perfect touch, so perfect in fact that I'll go out on a limb and say only Cheryl could pull it off.

It's interesting because there are very few times when we see Cheryl's vulnerabilities throughout the show, so this scene was such a nice moment to see her not being her typical up-tight Queen B character. I like to believe that the color of the dress was meant to reflect her mood in this scene and to show a softer side to her.

15 White Collar

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We are introduced to Cheryl at the very beginning of the Pilot episode. Her character is shown with a boy (with red hair) who we quickly find out is her twin brother, Jason. The whole first scene is her, Jason, and a field of white and cool toned colors on our screen. Instantly the screen turns dark and we see Cheryl soaking wet at the edge of the river in this white dress.

This is the dress Cheryl was wearing when her twin brother disappeared. Paired with the subtle hint of a thin red belt, short laced gloves, and a small white head vail, Cheryl is mourning as she is confronted with the nightmare that her brother is not just missing, but dead. In this scene she is making it a point to not wear black but recreate the moment where everything went wrong.

14 Red Riding Hood

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Let us all take a moment and just admire the absolute beauty that is this red riding hood- inspired cape. Seriously, I am getting such serious Little Red Riding Hood vibes that I've replaced my childhood idea of what the Little Red Riding Hood looks like with Cheryl Blossom! And are you seeing the gloves? I mean let's be real, we are all going to google where, when, and how we can buy these for ourselves.

Cheryl looks like a dream in this red cape. Underneath she pairs it with a cute black dress with red trimming. It's snowing and she's about to release maple from a tree, all while wearing a dress, and without even a hint of a shiver! Upon closer look, we see that she finishes off the look with her signature spider brooch on the side of her cape.

13 Black Widow

Cheryl Blossom is the 'IT' girl of all 'IT' girls, if that's even possible, and there's a reason for that. Madelaine Petsch, the actress who plays Cheryl, explains in an interview with Glamour,

“Last season I feel like Cheryl was almost forced to be ‘put together’ all the time, and when she had a hair out of place—or she was wearing white, instead of red—you knew something was about to go down,”

In this outfit we not only see her in black, which some might say is the complete opposite color to red, but we also see her break down. At least she looks fantastic, wearing a complete black velvet outfit, paired with black stockings, and a velvet black choker. Not only is she not in red but her signature red lipstick has also gone missing.

12 Pretty in Pink

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Ah, baby showers! They really do bring out the best in people and that is no different for our Cheryl Blossom. In this photo (captioned from Season 1, episode 8), she's seen with a bright smile on her face and a beautiful vintage inspired stroller in tow. We love seeing a happy and cheerful Cheryl!

I was surprised to not only see Cheryl with more toned down makeup, but also wearing the color pink! Of course, it wouldn't be like her to be all light-hearted, so she does keep a hint of black in there with a lace detailed top and a skinny belt.

11 White Haze

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It's like Madelaine said, if Cheryl's wearing white, then you know something's going down, and that is definitely the case here. This is one of the last episodes of Season 1, after Cheryl finds out that her father has pretty much always been a drug lord and her whole life hasn't been anything like she imagined. Well wrath has no fury like a woman scorned, and this woman sets fire to her whole house.

At least she looks damn good doing it! Wearing this white dress with a red detailed belt on her hip and her signature red lips, Cheryl has never terrified us more! The high neck/turtleneck look to the dress makes her look even more sinister, and I for one can't get enough of it!

10 Butterfly Fringe

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I like to believe that not only do Cheryl's outfits tell a story, but so do her hairstyles. Usually Cheryl's hair is seen looking very voluminous and with heavy curls, but here her hair paints another picture. In this scene she finds out that her twin brother and Polly, the girl having his child, are actually half siblings. Talk about weird!

Through all the tears and fears, Cheryl looks adorable in this black kimono with hints of yellow and orange butterfly designs on it, and fringe. Her cute baby pink silk romper is absolutely adorable. Once again, she pairs it with such a subtle and thin choker. I'm loving her natural, no-makeup look. You can never go wrong with a little bit of blush, and a light nude lip.

9 Detective Blossom

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We all have that one friend who loves hearing about gossip and getting the latest scoop on what's going on. You could say that Cheryl is one of those friends except more twisted. Hilariously in this scene, Cheryl invites herself to an undercover mission to steal something from the football locker room in the middle of the night. Luckily she looks good while doing it!

She's seen here wearing a bodycon bright red dress that she styles with knee high boots, a black leather jacket, and a thin belt. One of the things I love about Cheryl is the way she accessorizes. She always has these cute and thin chokers that she wears that complete all of her outfits, just like the one she paired with this outfit.

8 Christmas Cheer

via:Riverdale Fans Online

There's no one who knows how to give us red vibes better than Cheryl. Not only are her outfits red but she decided to steer away from traditional white or yellow Christmas lights and go for red ones instead. Madelaine Petsch told Glamour Magazine in an interview,

“I’m the only character who’s allowed to wear red on the show, which I find hilarious,”

After reading that, as an avid fan of the show, I started realizing that other characters wearing red were few and far between. Cheryl's character is meant to stand out and show her presence in any scene. Here we see Cheryl wearing the cutest mini skirt with a festive shirt with what I'll assume is her favorite fruit: cherries!

7 School Girl

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Is anyone else wondering how Cheryl is not frozen like an icicle in this picture? I know I'm a warm weather girl, but doesn't it make perfect sense that standing in the snow with a short skirt on is totally pneumonia-worthy? Whatever the case, Cheryl has to be one of the most put together characters ever. In her recent interview with V Magazine, Madelaine said,

"Every day her makeup is done, her hair is done and her outfits are on point."

You're right about that, Madelaine! Once again, Cheryl shocks us with color - not just one color but multiple colors! Standing in the snow with her massive black umbrella, Cheryl is seen wearing the most adorable classic school girl outfit. She has on a navy blue cardigan, with burgundy gloves, and an A-line red, blue, and white patterned skirt. Obviously she wouldn't be herself without some red, which she's wearing as the layer underneath her cardigan.

6 Blue Fringe Kimono

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Cheryl with some color? Say it ain't so! This outfit jumped out at me, literally and figuratively, considering the brightness of the color. I was so excited to see that they incorporated some color into Cheryl's wardrobe that wasn't white or black. Of course she still did have her infamous red, not only in her outfit, but on the screen with items around her being red as well.

The aqua blue fringed kimono was pretty incredible, with hints of what looks to be flowers and branches. It also seems to me like the kimono is velvet, which is ah-mazing! Under the kimono she is wearing a red dress, coupled with her blood red nail color.

5 Black Lightning

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No one will ever say black is going out of style, and by the looks of this outfit I can totally understand why. I love a good all black Cheryl Blossom outfit because it's not JUST black. She's all about accessorizing in any way she can. Madelaine explained in her interview with Glamour,

“We’re really playing with different colors but incorporating the red in smaller accessories and details, like my nails or my spider brooch, versus overall being red-on-red-on-red. Although, I still do have those days as well.”

This outfit shows not only her accessories but her red nails as well. I love that she went the more subtle route with her makeup and added more of the flair in her headpiece and her tied feather collar scarf. I'm taking notes from her on exactly what to do to add a little pizzazz to my outfits.

4 Red Rover

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How much is this dress and where can I get it?! I want it! This dress is so incredibly breathtaking, wow! The whole look of this picture shows us how dramatic this scene must have been. If you're just as curious about what Cheryl wears, Madelaine Petsch shares in her interview with V Magazine,

"... Basically anything sold at Nordstrom too. All of her outfits put together are generally about $3000 or more, and it’s usually all in the shoes."

The look on Cheryl's face accompanied with the darker eye makeup and bright red lipstick she has on, is so her! I'm obsessed with this full length, bell sleeve red dress. The trim it has around the chest area gives it that added touch that is just Cheryl's style. One thing I'm envious of is her long red locks. Fun fact: Madelaine Petsch is a natural red head.

3 All Black Everything

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What can I say about this other than "so elegant"? This would probably be in my top 5 favorite outfits Cheryl has worn- it's even an outfit I would wear and probably own! I love how simple this is but still so classy and elegant. You can never go wrong with an all black look, in my opinion, and this outfit definitely proves that.

I don't know anyone who can rock turtlenecks better than Cheryl could. The whole fit of this outfit is tight and sexy without too much s*x appeal thanks to the turtleneck and long sleeve. Once again, we find her wearing her spider brooch, red lipstick, and red nails.

2 Leather Jacket

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Cheryl is perhaps one of the more complex characters on Riverdale. There's so much more to her than what we see. She has layers like an onion, if you will, and I, for one, am loving it. In an interview with V Magazine, Madelaine talks about why Cheryl's fashion and accessories help bring her character to life,

"Little things like that are her way of expressing herself because she was put down so much of her life and she wasn’t supposed to be vocalizing any of the pain she had. So, she puts all of her love and her effort into taking care of herself."

I'm a sucker for leather jackets, but a burgundy leather jacket? To die for! Here Cheryl is so simple but looks absolutely gorgeous. Wearing her burgundy leather jacket, she accessorizes with her infamous spider brooch and, once again, a simple thin black choker. I'm also loving her makeup, which does not include her typical bright red lipstick.

1 Bonnie and Clyde Vibes

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I am freaking out at just how much I love and want this outfit! Honestly, if I was on a search in the woods, this is how I would picture myself dressing. I probably wouldn't look half as good as the Blossom family though! I'm just loving the old school Bonnie and Clyde look, aside from the matching look for the whole family!

First off, the fact that her gloves match her turtleneck, and her knee high socks match her blazer is absolutely perfect! Paired with some black hunter boots and, of course, one of her famous spider brooches, who wouldn't want to be her? Putting up her blazer speaks to Cheryl's character; put together, sophisticated, or at least that's what she wants us to believe...

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