20 Celebs Whose "Before" Pics Are Hotter Than Their "After" Pics

Hollywood has always been a place looking for the hot new thing. That goes back to the very beginning as studios were infamous for churning out stars like a factory line and woe if you didn’t meet their standards. It’s shifted over the years with plastic surgery now a way for stars to shift looks as many a lady has gone under the knife in hopes of enhancing or lengthening their careers. There’s also the fact that aging comes to us all and very few are able to properly fight it off and handle it. In the annals of Hollywood, it’s hard to find folks who look just like when they started out and for many, it’s for the worse.

Obviously, you can point to a lot of botched plastic surgeries as too many ladies have had procedures leaving them worse than before. There’s also drugs and alcohol and a few hitting some bad stuff in overeating and gaining weight. Others go the other way, losing way too much to look worse. There’s also just simple aging taking its toll and too many women’s attempts to fight it off just leaves them looking as bad or worse if they’d left it alone. Some seem better than they once were but still a far cry from how great they looked before. Women dominate but there are also a few guys who looked terrific and even sex symbols but now total messes. Here are 20 of the most notable, 20 celebrities who clearly were a lot hotter before their changes than they are now and how combinations of surgeries, drugs and aging can mar a sexy person big time.


20 Nicole Kidman

The sultry Australian actress had some good early roles like Dead Calm but it was Days of Thunder that boosted her to stardom. Not only did it allow American audiences to see the feisty redhead in a bigger role but led to her marriage to Tom Cruise. Nicole Kidman was soon winning acclaim on her own with roles like To Die For and then public sympathy with her divorce from Cruise in 1999. She could wow with her body on display and her amazingly perfect looks in Eyes Wide Shut and Moulin Rogue. It was notable when she covered herself with a fake nose for her Oscar-winning turn in The Hours and solidified her stardom.

However, in the years since, Kidman has become notable for a series of injections that have left her once lovely face looking frozen and plastic. Her smile looks painful and seems to have robbed her of some of her on-screen appeal as shown by a series of flops. To her credit, Kidman still has talent, wowing with her recent turn in the HBO series Big Little Lies but still looking worse than in her prime.

19 Lindsay Lohan


Is it a shock she’s on this list? Lindsay Lohan won the hearts of moviegoers with her dual role in the remake of The Parent Trap, showing a great talent at a young age. She rose up with roles in various other movies and TV shows and in 2004 exploded with Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Helping was Lohan undergoing a growth spurt that transformed her into an amazingly sexy woman and made her an A-list star with Hollywood at her feet. And then came the fall everyone knows.

Arrests, drug overdoses, nights drinking, various flops and more have turned her into a joke. Her weight has gone from overweight to skeletal, her hair bouncing in color and various surgeries and injections marring her looks. Even today, better put together, Lohan can wow in a bikini but then look horrible on a night on the town. It’s truly sad to look back at how amazingly hot this woman was compared to today and her status will forever be known for her train wreck life than any accomplishments.

18 Jennifer Grey

The short-lived comedy It’s Like, You Know opens with a guy moving into a house in L.A. and meeting his neighbor. He remarks how much she looks like Jennifer Grey and she confirms she is. He talks about how different she looks from Dirty Dancing, Grey avoiding it until finally blurting “nose job!” Indeed, Grey was really hot for a while after Dancing but then made the mistake of doing a nose job that transformed her so much that even good friends had a hard time realizing it was her at first. Her career suffered big-time and Grey is open about it. She did make a comeback winning Dancing With the Stars and has been upbeat about it (“people in the Witness Protection Program should disappear as well as I did.”) and trying her hand at more movies. But there’s no denying that this surgery choice ruined her natural beauty and ended a promising career and Grey acknowledges her standing as Hollywood’s ultimate “no surgery” example.

17 Tara Reid


When American Pie became a huge hit in 1999, it boosted its cast to fame. Alyson HanniganShannon Elizabeth and Mena Suvari all became notable for their hot roles. Also boosted was Tara Reid who had already gotten attention for The Big Lebowski. A bright blonde who looked the perfect All-American girl, Reid followed the movie with Josie and the Pussycats, Van Wilder and others and seemed ready to take off. But then Reid ran into issues like eating disorder, shocking people by showing off looking almost like a skeleton. Then, she underwent a disastrous boob job that she’s publicly regretted and needed corrective surgery to fix it. Reid has followed with a few more surgeries, her career suffering along with accusations of drinking and drug abuse. Today, Reid is getting herself back on track but clearly suffering from all of this abuse to her body, her natural beauty now far less attractive. Sad to see this American girl hitting the skids so badly.

16 Janice Dickinson

She boasts about being “the first supermodel” and while some may argue that point, there’s no denying how successful Janice Dickinson was. In the 1980s, her alluring face was all over magazine covers and spreads, truly a hit and paved the way for so many other hot models who would follow. However, by the 1990s, Dickinson had faded under this wave of hotter models and aging rather badly. In 2003, she came back to fame as a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Her face now frozen by injections and surgeries with overly huge lips and hard features, Dickinson became infamous for her frankly insane behavior on the show. That actually got her her own reality show setting up a modelling agency, flaunting a harder body and getting into more wild antics. Dickinson has made few friends as even by supermodel standards, she’s a horrible diva and while her body can be impressive, it’s offset by how a face that once sold magazines should be better off hidden.

15 Mischa Barton


From an early age, Mischa Barton had a good career before her. She broke out with her role as a ghost girl in The Sixth Sense and then landing the role of Marissa on The O.C. The Fox hit made her an overnight star and Barton was showing a sexy form off on various magazine covers and hailed as a future star in the making. But in 2007, she fainted while at a party and then arrested for a DUI. That was followed by photos of her looking horribly skinny and the producers became so concerned with her behavior that they killed off her character. Soon, Barton was getting bad press, hospitalized for a possible suicide attempt, more arrests and her career falling apart. It’s taken its toll as Barton today has lost those lush sexy looks, her eyes often looking shadowed and even when she’s clean and sober, she looks hung over. She’s better known today as a clear example of a starlet who had it all and lost it fast and a ghost of her former self.

14 Amanda Bynes

For a long while, Amanda Bynes looked to be the child star who’d make it unscathed. She broke out as part of the sketch comedy show All That with her fun humor and that led to her own comedy series on Nickelodeon. As she grew, Bynes graduated to the WB sitcom What I Like About You and then movie hits like Hairspray and What a Girl Wants. She seemed to have it all together, bright, funny and growing into a very sexy lady. Then, almost overnight, it all came apart.

First were a couple of DUI arrests, a surprise given Bynes wasn’t known for a hard partying style. Then stories abounded about things like setting her clothes on fire in a neighbor’s yard, claiming her father had put a microchip in her brain and held over for psychiatric evaluation. There was her declaration of quitting acting, kicked out of a gym and a clothes shop, possibly homeless and more. Her looks also suffered, looking terrible with often frizzled hair and constantly hung over. Today, she’s trying to put it together but it’s sad seeing the once sexy and bright lady falling apart into one of the more famous train wrecks around.


13 Lil Kim


The outspoken rapper broke out majorly in the 1990s, known for her sass, wild style and not caring much of what folks thought of her. With several hit albums, Lil Kim took off as among the bigger female rap stars and a huge hit before social media took off. She became iconic at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards with a sequinned dress that left one breast nearly bare save for a stickie on it. She also joined with Pink, Christina Aguilera and Maya on the hit “Lady Marmalade” that boosted her sex appeal up more. So to look at Kim today is to shake your head at how a gorgeous woman could let herself go like this. A combination of drinking and surgeries have ravaged Kim’s face, looking frankly horrible and her weight gain has overwhelmed her once amazingly sexy body. Kim has lost a lot of friends over the years with feuds such as Nicki Minaj and most believe she’s over the hill. A lot of former sexy music stars have hit hard times but for Kim to sink so far so fast is amazing.

12 Rose McGowan

Unlike others on this list, it was in no way Rose McGowan's choice to have her looks altered so much. The knockout brunette got attention with indies like The Doom Generation and then films like Scream and Jawbreakers. McGowan rose to major fame with her role as Paige on the long-running hit Charmed, giving her a chance to show her body off in a variety of hot costumes and outfits. McGowan also moved to roles in Grindhouse and various TV shows. But in 2007, McGowan was involved in a wicked car accident that caused serious damage to her eye and cheeks. The surgeries did their best to repair it but has left McGowan looking far less sexy than she was before. She now looks more plastic and has admitted it’s hurt her career. McGowan is keeping up, shaving her head and moving onto directing but it’s a shame this accident robbed one of the naturally sexiest women alive of much of her allure.

11 Donatella Versace


In the upcoming American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianna Versace, Donatella Versace will be played by Penelope Cruz. Having this stunningly gorgeous Oscar winner play the part is rather surprising…especially given just how terrible the real Donatella looks today. The sister of the famed designer, Donatella rose up with him, just as hot as she’d help him work his empire and show off his designs at parties and events. His murder shook her greatly and some speculate it might have led to some bad decisions. That included overdoing it with Botox and other various surgeries that have left her mouth looking like the Joker with an unnaturally large pair of lips. It’s gotten worse with age, more wrinkles and attempts to “smooth out” leaving a once actually attractive woman looking like a total mess. Cruz may be an Oscar winner but trying to make people remember Donatella as a sexy figure is going to be a major challenge.

10 Heidi Montag

If there’s a poster woman for “too much surgery,” Heidi Montag is it. She rose to fame as part of The Hills, MTV’s reality TV show that many criticized as among the more vapid reality TV shows of all time (which is saying something). Montag was famous for it and it boosted her up, doing everything from fashion lines to cooking to even a music album. But then Montag began a series of plastic surgeries that transformed her once fine figure into a living Barbie doll. Some may say it’s good with her much larger chest, thinner legs and brighter smile. But others cannot believe how many procedures she’s gone through with serious concerns she’s become addicted to it. Her chest frankly looks too fake to really appreciate, much like the rest of her. She was already beautiful and hardly needed to add more to it. But today, Montag is a walking billboard for “too much under the knife” and one can hope her pregnancy gives her a wake-up call to cut it down.

9 Mickey Rourke


Here’s one to show the guys can look just as utterly terrible. By rights, Mickey Rourke should have at least one Oscar and be acclaimed as one of the best actors around. Diner, Rumble Fish, The Pope of Greenwich Village, 9 and a Half Weeks, Angel Heart, Rourke was stunning critics with his work. He was handsome, dark, and amazingly talented and seemed a major star in the making. But then came a rough patch of several flops followed by years of drinking and drug abuse. Rourke was soon doing an ill-advised turn into boxing which led to his once handsome looks being smashed up and looking terrible.

Ironically, that all helped him out when Rourke made his comeback role in The Wrestler. It perfectly fit his over the hill fighter and won him massive raves and an Oscar nom. Sadly, Rourke hasn’t been able to recapture that acclaim since and still looks bad with overweight and terrible hair. He may be sober today but still sad how a man who could be among the greats let himself get ravaged so badly.

8 Melanie Griffith

Once one of the hottest women around, Melanie Griffith rose to fame in the 1980s with her role as a wild punk lady in Something Wild. That led to her starring role in Working Girl, winning an Oscar nomination and looking fantastic with her sexy smirk and nice body. She had some misses (the infamous bomb The Bonfire of the Vanities) but could still deliver some nice roles here and there. But as time has gone on, Griffith has aged much for the worse. Whether it’s natural aging or some bad surgery, her looks have gotten really bad, no longer the smooth beauty but a big haggard. That was shown when she was foolishly cast as a femme fatale in the notorious TV flop Viva Laughlin. Today, she doesn’t act as much, handling marriage to Antonio Banderas and raising a family but it’s still rough to see the lady who once said “I’ve got a bod for sin” turning out looking so bad.

7 Kim Kardashian


There’s a lot to be said about Kim Kardashian, good and bad. On the one hand, you have to admire a woman who turned a sex tape into a multi-million dollar empire and made herself one of the most famous women alive. You can also slam her on her ego, keeping herself in the spotlight so much and some of her more bizarre antics. There’s also her looks. From the start, Kim was notable for that famed rear end but still looked great as a natural beauty, an exotic look that made her stand out. As she’s grown in her fame, Kim has also gone under the knife a few times and clearly this has robbed her of some of that exoticness. Amy Schumer once cracked that the Kardashians “take their naturally born looks as light suggestions” and Kim sure proves that. Yes, she’s still hot and daring when she bares her body on her various posts but the younger Kim had a nice natural sexiness that the current version lacks.

6 Nikki Cox

One of the first shows for the newly created WB network, Unhappily Ever After focused on a wild family handling crazy antics. Nikki Cox played Tiffany, a stunning redhead but the fun touch that she was actually a genius. The sight of her in tight outfits had audiences cheering and led to success. After her own short-lived show, Nikki, Cox moved on to the hit NBC series Las Vegas that gave her more chances to show off a lot. She was funny and driven and had a sexy vibe showcased in numerous magazine spreads. However, a bad turn with botox hurt her majorly. Her lips seemed to balloon up, hurting the entire structure of her face which went from pure sexy to more freakish. Cox herself has seemed to walk away from the business, married to Jay Mohr and hasn’t made an acting role since 2009. It’s a shame once one of the hottest starlets around let some bad touches ruin her sex appeal.

5 Kelly Clarkson


This is tricky. The reason American Idol helped become a success was because their very first winner turned into a major star. True, Kelly Clarkson had a rough going at first (the disastrous When Justin Met Kelly movie) but soon bounced back with hit albums. While a great singer, Clarkson backed it up with her writing to win over fans. Her early runs were great, a thin form, sexy as hell and a daring style with colored hair. As time has gone by, however, Clarkson has shifted it a bit with motherhood adding more responsibility to her life. That includes gaining weight. There’s no getting around the fact that Clarkson today is nearly twice the size she had just a few years ago. To her credit, Clarkson is totally up front and not at all ashamed of how she looks today. Indeed, she regularly posts slams on “fat shamers” and telling younger women not to let others dictate how they should look. In that regard, you have to credit her and she’s still a fantastic singer but there’s no denying that the thinner Clarkson looked better to fans than she does today despite how comfortable she may be.

4 Meg Ryan

In 1989, Meg Ryan became America’s Sweetheart with her turn in When Harry Met Sally. Her now iconic scene of faking an orgasm in a diner is film legend and launched her to stardom. For the next several years, Ryan appeared in numerous hits like Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss, City of Angels and more. She did get rough press when in 2000, she left husband Dennis Quaid for an affair with Russell Crowe on the set of Proof of Life. That led to a career downturn with several flops and Ryan basically taking a long break from the business. Her looks have faded as well, age and some surgeries turning that once dazzling smile into something better fit for the Joker and her body not looking good either. It’s sad a woman once combining humor and sexy so well could hit the skids like this and Ryan long losing her title as a sweetheart for her fans.

3 Renee Zellweger


This is a change so massive that you can be forgiven in thinking it’s a completely different woman. Renee Zellweger rose up in the 1990s with some minor roles like a remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others. She became an overnight star with her turn in Jerry Maguire, thin but funny and her charm led to several other hits. She got respect gaining weight for Bridget Jones’ Diary and earned an Oscar nomination. She followed it up with a great song and dance in Chicago and then finally won the Oscar for her turn as a mountain girl in Cold Mountain. After that, Zellweger bounced around in a variety of movies, her career hitting a downturn with some flops.

But when she showed up for an awards show in 2014, jaws dropped. Zellweger’s entire face seemed to have completely transformed, no longer the cute pixie girl but much heavier and shifted. It was clear there was some surgery although the actress claimed she was also changing with age. She’s put up with it since but it has hurt her career and still amazing just how much different she looks than she was before and not in a good way.

2 Cher

It really is remarkable to look back at a younger Cher and see one of the sexiest women alive. Rising up with her marriage and on-air partnership to Sonny Bono, Cher was known for her long lush black hair, great voice and a fantastic style. She blew folks away at the Oscars by showing up in outfits baring slews of skin and very daring. In the 1980s, she won respect as an actress with hits like The Witches of Eastwick, Mask and her Oscar-winning turn in Moonstruck. In 1989, the sight of her in leather jacket and fishnet outfit for the music video “If I Could Turn Back Time” made her among the hottest women around.

But in the 1990s, Cher began embarking on a series of plastic surgeries that made her face look tight and way too plastic. Even if she was still a hit with her music, Cher soon became a joke with her looks and whacky behavior. Her turn in the movie Burlesque just emphasized how much she had lost the edge that made her so alluring. It’s sad folks today know Cher as the rather unattractive woman she is rather than the fantastic beauty she once was.

1 Lara Flynn Boyle


There’s a bitter irony here in that for years, folks complained Lara Flynn Boyle needed to put on a few pounds. The sexy lady broke out on the cult classic Twin Peaks, showing a very sexy vibe to herself. She actually auditioned for the title role of Ally McBeal and while she didn’t win it, creator David E. Kelly was so impressed that he cast her in The Practice. As Helen Gamble, Boyle showed off a great sexy presence that got a lot of attention and later played the sexy vamp in Men in Black II. But Boyle has gotten heat for some bad press, a few arrests and accusations of drug abuse. She also has ballooned majorly in weight, the once very thin hot lady now looking nearly 300 pounds on some days and a mess with her face. Her acting career is pretty much over and Boyle shows that you can go a bit too far packing on pounds.

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