20 Celebs Who Should Have Hired A Fashion Stylist When Pregnant

Recently, photos of a pregnant, bare faced Khloe Kardashian attending a baseball game went viral. The reality TV star looked totally unrecognizable as she wore baggy clothes and a baseball hat. The photos also revealed that Khloe's body has changed quite a lot as a result of her pregnancy.

Of course, this is no surprise – it is well known that the bodies of pregnant women change quite a lot and that pregnancy makes even extremely high maintenance women re-think their lifestyle choices and opt for more comfortable clothes and lighter makeup. In many cases, pregnant celebrities often opt to go out bare-faced, a decision most would never contemplate in normal circumstances.

These changes sometimes make celebrities look unrecognizable! There have been countless of times where photos of pregnant celebrities have appeared in the press or gone viral yet we can hardly make out who the celebrity in question is. If it wasn’t for the headline we might not even know. It is terrifying to think that had we ran into a pregnant celebrity on the street we would have walked right past her, not realizing whom we were passing by!

20 Beyonce


Last year Beyonce announced that she was pregnant with twins and while her fans were overjoyed for her at first, few could recognize the famous singer as the pregnancy went on. As is often the case with pregnant women, Beyonce put on quite a lot of weight which altered her appearance and made her almost unrecognizable.

Still, Beyonce was not going to stay at home just because her body was going through changes, and so she continued going out and having fun. The above photo, for example, was taken as she was making her way to the famous eatery called Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles.

19 JWoww


The TV personality Jennifer Lynn Farley, better known as JWoww, put on 30 pounds during her pregnancy. This may not seem like a lot in normal circumstances but for some reason the slight weight gain altered JWoww’s appearance greatly to the point where it actually became hard to even recognize the starlet.

However, JWoww was quick to shed the pounds after giving birth – she confessed to eating only organic, non-GMO products and to exercising up to five times a week.

“I think I lost almost all of the baby weight, but I’m kind of flabby. I’m trying to eat really, really healthy, no GMO, nothing that’s not organic, no preservative and that really helps just shred the weight.”

18 Jenna Jameson


What comes to your head when you think of the star Jenna Jameson? Probably images of the starlet in provocative poses, wearing little else but a bikini. Or even less. So as you can probably imagine, countless of Jameson’s fans were shocked when they saw the above image of the expecting starlet.

In the photo above, Jameson is wearing a cozy looking woolen jacket and boots, leggings and a t-shirt that reads “no sushi, no martini, no latte.” She also sported a pink woolen winter hat and fashionable glasses. Obviously, many thought that the ex-porn queen looked totally unrecognizable.

17 Hayden Panettiere


The American actress Hayden Panettiere was one of those celebrities who put on quite a lot of weight during her pregnancy. Known for her slim figure, Panettiere was thus pretty much unrecognizable during her pregnancy.

While the actress knew she’d put on some weight during the pregnancy she did not expect to put on so much.

“I'm 5 feet, 2 inches and I started out at 106 pounds and guess how much I weight now? Around 145 pounds. And the worst part is that my feet are still size five and they're going, ''What's going on with all this weight?'' They're about to snap from underneath me with the strain.”

16 Jessica Simpson


The stunning singer and actress Jessica Simpson was also stunned by the change in her appearance as a result of her pregnancy. Of course, her fans were also shocked to see the changes that the beautiful woman underwent and could hardly recognize their beloved singer and actress.

Simpson admitted that she ate quite a lot during her pregnancy but was still astonished to realize how much weight she had put on –

“'I don't think that I ever expected myself to see the numbers that I have seen on the scale.”

After struggling to lose the baby weight on her own, Simpson joined Weight Watchers and lost 50 pounds while following a proper diet and exercise regime.

15 Kim Kardashian


When most people think of Kim Kardashian they think of heavy makeup, extravagant and tight-fitting clothes and immaculate hairstyles. Even when Kim was pregnant she still opted for seemingly uncomfortable clothes and accessories – the TV star couldn’t even say no to heels!

However, believe it or not Kim isn’t always wearing clingy pencil skirts! In 2013 the paparazzi caught the six month pregnant Kim on her way to the gym and were shocked to find her bare faced and wearing sweats.

We find it difficult to recognize Kim in the photo above, what with her not wearing any makeup or extravagant clothes. And we’re sure the paparazzi had to take a second glance too!

14 Uma Thurman


The American actress and model Uma Thurman is a stunning beauty so it’s not surprising that she felt like she did not need to wear extravagant, tight-fitting clothes and makeup during her third pregnancy.

In fact, during her pregnancy the Kill Bill star has been photographed countless of times wearing baggy clothes and no makeup. On one occasion, she was snapped with her hair down and it looked like it desperately needed to be washed.

We certainly wouldn’t have recognized the pregnant Thurman had we met her on the street but we guess that is what makes a good paparazzi – being able to recognize celebrities no matter what they look like.

13 Kelly Clarkson


If you accidentally ran into the singer Kelly Clarkson in Disneyland in 2016 you probably wouldn’t have recognized her. The heavily pregnant singer did not look like herself – she wore a yellow t-shirt and black dungarees which highlighted her baby bump.

Clarkson also wore a black hat and sunglasses, probably in the hopes that the two items would disguise her. In reality, she could have easily done without both the hat and the glasses since she did not remotely look like her usual self anyways.

Fans were surprised to see their beloved singer sporting casual clothes and wearing no make-up but appreciated the singer’s casual side.

As for Clarkson, she doesn’t remotely miss the feeling of being pregnant – “Nope. Don’t miss it. It’s as if someone was in an accident — they’re pregnant, I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’”

12 Adele


Adele is another celebrity that looked unrecognizable during her pregnancy. While the singer has always had a voluptuous figure, her body still changed quite a bit during her pregnancy.

This pregnancy weight gain, coupled with the fact that the singer tended to avoid makeup and dressed in all-black, baggy clothes, made her unrecognizable during her first pregnancy.

While Adele’s fans may have been upset at not being able to recognize the singer, we’re sure that Adele was quite happy with the ability to go incognito, at least for a while.

11 Snooki


The American TV personality Snooki is a pretty recognizable figure – chances are, if you ran into her on the street you would know who she was. However, that may not have necessarily been true during her pregnancy because she looked quite unrecognizable!

Snooki, who was quite surprised by her pregnancy and the changes that came with it, wrote a book on the experience called Baby Bumps. In it, she tells the truth about pregnancy – “A lot of the books don’t tell you the truth like you’re going to pee yourself, how disgusting pregnancy is but in the end you have a child so it is all worth it but the whole pregnancy is just gross.”

10 Mila Kunis


Can you believe that the photo above is of Mila Kunis? We can’t either! But it is indeed Kunis, albeit a pregnant Kunis. In the photo above the actress is not wearing any makeup and is clearly out for a power walk or a jog, hence her exercise clothes.

In the photo above Kunis is also wearing her hair down and is sporting shades, perhaps in an attempt to conceal her identity.

Unlike many other celebrities, Kunis, who is now a mother of two, doesn’t want to have any more kids – “"I will only have two... I have heard [moving from] two to three is the hard [jump]. It’s hard] when they outnumber you. Right now, we’re fine. One hand, one hand. One eye, one eye. Two people, two kids."

9 Adriana Lima


The model and actress Adriana Lima is a stunning young woman. However, during her pregnancy the beautiful model was pretty much unrecognizable as she put on lots of weight which completely changed her appearance.

Of course, her impressive facial features still remained the same but we’re not so sure that we would have recognized her if we had ran into her on the street.

However, after Lima gave birth she wasted no time in returning to her previous body shape – “'The doctor gave me the okay about three weeks after I gave birth and literally two days after that I started working out -- every single day, two times a day the night before a show."

8 Tori Spelling


The actress Tori Spelling has by now been pregnant numerous times so she certainly knows what to expect. Her fans should also know what to expect from the pregnant actress given the fact that they have seen her pregnant quite a few times.

However, Spelling’s fans might still be surprised – take the photo above, for example. In it, the actress looks almost completely unrecognizable. The only thing that gives Spelling away is her unmistakable facial features. Spelling must have realized that she looks pretty unrecognizable herself for she is not even attempting to conceal her identity.

7 Christina Aguilera


Can you believe that the above photos are of Christina Aguilera? Those used to seeing the fit and healthy singer were shocked to find out how pregnancy transformed Aguilera’s body. In fact, the changes that came with pregnancy made Aguilera pretty much unrecognizable.

Aguilera recognized this change but was not apologetic (nor should she be!) – “Mothers are constantly expected to be the nurturers, the givers, the providers of a comfortable home. We’re expected to be pregnant, have the kids, breastfeed once we have the babies. And we’re expected to look amazing after baby, right? [We're expected to] keep our husbands and boyfriends interested—because we’re supposed to get back to sexy and keep things exciting in the bedroom. There’s such a long list."

6 Janet Jackson


The singer Janet Jackson also looked unrecognizable during her pregnancy. However, this was more so due to the fact that the singer opted for concealing black outfits (see the outfit above for example) than anything else.

Of course, like most other women Jackson also gained quite a lot of weight and our guess is that that was the main reason for her concealing outfits. In fact, a source close to Jackson said that the singer was upset with the changes that came with her pregnancy – “It hasn't been the easiest pregnancy at all. She is excited to have her baby, and that's the light at the end of this tunnel."

5 Britney Spears


As the singer Britney Spears fell pregnant for the second time, her appearance changed quite drastically. For one thing, she dyed her hair black and of course also saw her body undergo a major transformation. The changes that occurred due to her pregnancy, coupled with her changed hair color, certainly made the singer unrecognizable.

Spears has said that pregnancy was hard, especially because of people’s unrealistic expectations – “This one, I was like, I just gotta wing it. It was weird for me at first because of who I am; wherever you go they expect you to look a certain way. I'm not supposed to be this huge pregnant superstar."

4 Busy Philipps


The American actress Busy Philipps also saw her body undergo major changes as a result of her pregnancy. The actress gained quite a lot of weight but due to her role in Cougar Town these changes were welcomed at first -

“My b**bs grow three sizes in the season. My body takes to pregnancy like nobody’s business.”

Still, when not filming, Philipps was hardly recognizable - she wore no makeup and opted for baggy clothes as well as shades. She needn’t have bothered with the latter – we wouldn’t have recognized her anyways.

3 Halle Berry


Just like many other celebrities before her, the actress Halle Berry also experienced great changes after she first became pregnant. The actress gained quite a lot of weight – her baby bump was truly significant – and generally looked more casual and relaxed than usual.

All of this made Berry pretty much unrecognizable. While she certainly did not look bad, we are certain that none of us would have recognized her if we ran into her on the street.

Still, Berry loved being pregnant and apparently felt really good due to eating a proper diet and exercising lightly – “Right now I just have so much joy and energy. I can just go and go and go.”

2 Blac Chyna


The American model Blac Chyna certainly underwent great changes after she fell pregnant – her body changed quite a bit and she both tried to conceal her baby bump and flaunt it at the same time.

At times Chyna would opt for tight, revealing clothing that certainly did not look that great on her pregnant body, because they looked uncomfortable more than anything else.

At other times, she would go for all-black ensembles with the obvious aim of concealing her baby bump. In the photo above, Blac Chyna looks unrecognizable as she sports an all-black workout outfit, a black baseball cap and shades.

1 Pink


The singer Pink is another celebrity whose body changed drastically during her pregnancy. During her pregnancy the usually slim singer put on quite a lot of weight not only on her body but also her face. Pink changed so much that she became pretty much unrecognizable.

Still, Pink did not stress over her changed appearance neither during her pregnancy nor after it – “I'm almost there, but I'm not in tour shape yet. I mean I train hard; I train five days a week for an hour and a half a day, plus rehearsals. But I eat a lot - I like food and I like wine, carbs, bread, cheese, pasta. The worst sh*t. It's so yummy! Being pregnant was awesome. I knew that as soon as I got pregnant I was going to eat chicken wings and cheesecake.”

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