20 Celebs Who Look Better 'After' (And 5 Who Don't)

There are no better experts at “before” and “after” transformations than celebrities. When some of them stepped onto the scene, they were merely baby-faced teens, average Joes or hotties who didn’t know their full potential. Before hitting star status, these individuals had probably never been exposed to a professional hair and makeup team, to expensive personal trainers or to plastic surgery. They’d also never been exposed to the media and public pressure to look annoyingly perfect all the time. The result of these pressures? Celebrities thinking their noses are too big, their bellies are too flabby, their skin isn’t clear enough etc. And of course, the result of those thoughts are celebrities going under the knife, following ridiculous diets and spending tens of thousands of dollars to transform themselves. Well, the transformations worked, here we’ve compiled a list of 20 celebrities whose “after” photos are hotter than their “before” photos.

Now, we’ve also recognized five celebrities who we believe looked better before undergoing transformations. Those who always looked just fine the way they were before they decided to go off and ruin it with wretched style changes, terrible lifestyle choices and of course, overdoing it on the plastic surgery.

Sure, we may poke fun at these celebs but the way they look doesn’t take away from their talent. We just have to remind ourselves that “perfect” doesn’t exist, not even for the rich and famous.


25 Better After: Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, one of the most effortlessly beautiful women in Hollywood. With a mama like Goldie Hawn, good genes have always been in her favour.

Hudson’s younger years were mostly spent living silently in the shadow of her movie star mother. Nonetheless, Hawn’s mini-me never went unnoticed with her tiny frame, beachy blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes. In 2000, following Hudson’s role as Penny Lane in Almost Famous she really came out of her shell. Hudson rocked slinky dresses on red carpets and turned into a true Hollywood starlet. Today, at 36 she continues to look better and better. Always showing off her fit physique, Hudson is probably one of the only celebrity women who has never felt the need to rock double-D knockers.

24 Better After: Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian hasn't had it easy. From the beginning of her time in the spotlight, she’s constantly been ridiculed in the media for her appearance. When you are a part of one of the sexiest families in Hollywood, there always has to be an ugly duckling, and Khloe was just that. That’s until she sent the biggest “f*ck you” to her haters a few years back when she lost 40lbs and got ridiculously hot.

Khloe was going and continues to go beast mode at the gym while dieting her life away and the results definitely do not go unnoticed. With her new body and boost in confidence, Khloe finally lost her status as the “ugly” Kardashian. Now that’s what you call a revenge body.

23 Better After: Jonah Hill

At the beginning of his career, Jonah Hill was the loveable fat guy who always made us laugh in movies like Accepted, Superbad and Knocked Up. His quick one-liners and awkward sense of humour made him a comedic success. The fact that Hill was chubby, unattractive and could laugh at himself for it added to the hilarity.

In 2011, Hill attended the ESPN Espy awards shocking everyone with a dramatic weight loss. Where was the fat funny guy we all knew and loved? Had he finally fed into the Hollywood lifestyle of green juice and celebrity trainers? Yes, but not because he’s a sell out. He did it for his career. Hill lost over 40 pounds by hiring a nutritionist and hitting the gym. He claims he did this in order to be considered for more serious movie roles. With major weight loss and some scruffy facial hair, we have a hotter, healthier and still hilarious Jonah Hill.

22 Better Before: Lindsay Lohan


She was America’s redhead little sweetheart as a child. When she grew into a woman, she was undeniably gorgeous and fit right into the Hollywood scene. Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, Lindsay Lohan tailspun into drugs and alcohol. She had questionable relationships, lost acting gigs, got multiple DUIs and even went to jail. The result of these poor choices? The unrecognizable Lohan we see on the right.

Lohan used to look like she was full of life and full of potential. Her downward spiral not only took a toll on her life and health, it took a toll on her looks too. She lost weight to the point of being nothing but skin and bones. Her facial expression constantly screamed “under the influence” and her teeth began to look rotted. Luckily, the actress seems to be doing better these days after a few stints in rehab. Nonetheless, I’m not sure Lohan will ever get back to that redheaded beauty we all knew and loved.

21 Better After: Cristiano Ronaldo

Does the dude on the left look worthy of dating someone like Kim K? Well apparently he was, well sort of. Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim K did have a rumoured romance together, but it was after he shaped up his appearance, obviously. I don’t think Kim would have been caught dead with the “before” version of the soccer star.

On the surface, Ronaldo looks like he made a trip to a cosmetic dentist, got a haircut and a fake tan. But, with a more careful analysis, experts believe he may have had a lot more done to alter his appearance. Plastic surgeons have said he is believed to have had botox, hair transplants, and a nose job. I mean, whatever works, right? You can’t deny the guy on the right is looking way hotter than the goofy kid on the left.

20 Better After: Taylor Swift


From country cutie to blonde bombshell, Taylor Swift sure knows how to step up her sexy game. During the release of her debut album Taylor Swift, the sweet 16-year-old stepped onto the scene with an adorable face and wavy blonde tresses. She was cute no doubt, but it’s when Swift made her switch from country belle to pop princess we really saw her hotness evolve.

Coming into adulthood, Swift dropped the baby face, got into the contour game and rocked a more chiseled look. She ditched the beachy waves and experimented with different hair styles. Most notably, we stopped seeing her in innocent little sundresses and started seeing her in leg and belly-baring ensembles. Swift’s evolution over the last 10 years is one for the books.

19 Better After: Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt was basically the king of yo-yo dieting. He’d be husky when off the job, but get ripped at the drop of a dime when preparing for movie roles. It’s hard to believe (judging the photo on the right) that there was a time the actor weighed around 300lbs! He’d challenge himself to gain as much weight as possible when he wasn’t filming. The guy loves food and beer, can we blame him? But, after getting fit for the film Zero Dark Thirty, he decided his days of yo-yo dieting would be in the past.

Today, Pratt is committed to fitness, portion control and cutting back on the beer *gasp*. It totally seems to be working. The hottie suits husky, but I think we can all agree the chiseled bod looks pretty good on him too.


18 Better After: Blake Lively


She’s always been a pretty woman, but looking at a side by side like this it’s easy to tell Blake Lively may have had some help from doctors to look as hot as she does today. She’s never come out and admitted to having any plastic surgery done and dodges questions about it from the media. But, anyone with two eyes can see her face does look quite differently than from when she first stepped into the spotlight.

Specifically, Lively’s nose looks slimmer and her eyes seem less hooded. Lively went from the cute girl-next-door look to a downright smokin’ mom. She’s married to Ryan Reynolds, 2010’s Sexiest Man Alive according to People Magazine and the couple shares two daughters together. I think it’s safe to say those two girls have been blessed with some amazing genes - minus the cosmetic procedures.

17 Better Before: Miley Cyrus

Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus’ transformation didn’t make the cut on our list. On the contrary, we believe she actually looked better “before” than she does “after”. The old Miley Cyrus was pretty. She was stepping out into adulthood and doing it right while starting a successful music career. Somewhere down the line something went very, very wrong. Her desire to be different and unique turned into the person we see on the right. The Bangerz album era was a time of wild shaved styles, twerking and Cyrus’ infamous tongue. She went from classy to trashy, she got into drugs, displayed questionable behaviour and lost fiancé, Liam Hemsworth.

However, more recently we’ve seen a change in the star. She’s off the drugs, put her tongue back in her mouth (hopefully for good) and reunited with Hemsworth. She’s definitely on her way to being the old Miley we all knew and loved, but not quite there yet.

16 Better After: Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson has always been a lovely woman. Sometimes lovely women lose their way, as we can see in this “before” and “after”. I mean really, what kind of hair stylist thought she would suit a mullet?

Back before ScarJo knew how hot she was, she looked like a drag queen version of Joe Dirt. Was she trying to be unique, to find her own style? Who knows. 2003 Johansson definitely stood out on red carpets with her business in the front, party in the back vibe. She even claims to have owned a “mullet pride” shirt. Well thank God those days are over. Today’s ScarJo can pull off almost any look, beachy, Hollywood glam, sultry, the list goes on, minus the trailer trash look, of course.

15 Better After: George Clooney

“Who’s that hunk on the left?” is something you might have said in the late 80s. “Who’s that scraggly looking stoner in a suit?” is what we’re all thinking today. It’s George Clooney, people, believe it or not. He hasn’t always been the dreamy salt and pepper stud he is today. Boy are we thankful he found a pair of hair clippers.

Why did he ever decide to rock long, shaggy hair like that? I guess we can blame it on the 80’s. It wasn’t until the ER era in the 90s when Clooney chopped his scruffy (yet luscious) locks and became one of THE hottest men on television. When he was 36, he appeared on the cover of People Magazine when he was given the title as 1997’s The Sexiest Man Alive. He’s gotten nothing but better looking over the years and after the longest list of ex-girlfriends anyone’s ever seen, finally snagged up wife, Amal Alamuddin in 2014. That is one lucky lady.

14 Better After: Kim Kardashian


Kim K. went from Jafar in Aladdin in the 2000s to one of the most influential beauty icons today. She can probably thank an elite glam team, stylists and botox for that, but either way her “after” photos are definitely hotter than her “before” photos.

The person who is said to have the most to do with Kim’s makeover? Her husband, Kanye West. Apparently a pretty face and curves for days can only get you so far as an A-lister. When Kanye got with Kim, he knew he had his work cut out. No more fake tans, no more club wear and no more fugly costume jewellery. Kim’s look since Kanye is all about curve-hugging styles, designer duds and expressionless faces in front of the camera (it causes wrinkles, you know?).

13 Better Before: Leonardo DiCaprio

I get it, shaggy beards and man buns are in. But, clearly that look doesn’t work for everyone. What happened to the sexy, clean shaven Leo? Our Jack Dawson, our Romeo Montague, our Jordan Belfort? We miss him dearly.

We loved him in The Revenant film, but that doesn’t mean we wanted him to stay in character forever! It’s safe to say, Leo has ditched the baby face and opted for more of jungle man sort of vibe. The abs he showed off in 2000’s The Beach have been swapped out for a dad bod (which we don’t hate, but still). His focus nowadays has been less on his celebrity status and more on saving the planet. Maybe that’s why he’s decided to ditch aerosol canned shaving cream? Lest we forget the hunk hiding behind all of those unkept bristles.

12 Better After: Kelly Osbourne


Kelly Osbourne, that “I don’t give a f**k” daughter of Ozzy. When she decided to step into the spotlight as a singer in the early 2000’s her mantra was to rebel and not conform to all of the Britneys and Christinas of that era. Well, she succeeded. Kelly was chubby, rocked goth gear, donned multi-coloured hair-dos and got hard into drugs. I mean she was Ozzy’s daughter, after all.

When Kelly got clean around 2010, she began feeling great and looking even better. She hasn’t totally strayed from her rebellious roots, often rocking lilac coloured hair and shaved styles, but she’s definitely grown up. She lost 70lbs by changing her diet and working out. She even stepped up her style game to the point of becoming a style critic on E!’s show Fashion Police. Who would have thought the girl on left could ever judge anyone on bad fashion?

11 Better After: Tom Cruise

That’s right, the Hollywood hunk himself, Tom Cruise hasn’t always been a heartthrob. At the tender age of 21, before he could be considered a celebrity, Cruise showed off a less-than-perfect smile in the 1983 film, The Outsiders. Fortunately for him, there are miracle workers out there called dentists who work wonders.

Also released in 1983 was Risky Business, the film that really shot Cruise to fame. It was then we saw the hottie he was destined to be with straight and sparkly pearly whites. But, in true societal form we can’t let him get off that easy. Cruise’s new smile has also been under scrutiny. If you look closely, his two front teeth aren’t centred where they should be. It’s known as Tom Cruises “middle tooth”. Either way, most would rather a middle tooth over can-opener teeth.

10 Better After: Nicole Kidman


Does this side-by-side even look like the same person? On the left we see a sweet, curly-haired, 16-year-old redhead with a face full of freckles and an unbelievable career ahead of her. On the right, a blue-eyed bombshell with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some things, or people definitely get better with age.

The 50-year-old Australian actress is one with envious beauty. She spent her younger years looking cutsie in ginger ringlets. She stepped up her sexy game in later years by experimenting with different hair styles and walking the red carpet in slinky, form fitting dresses. Has she had some botox? Which celebrity over 35 hasn’t? It still doesn’t take away from the fact Nicole Kidman is one foxy lady.

9 Better Before: Meg Ryan

Was Meg Ryan stung by a bee? Did she get beaten up? Why is her face so plastic and puffy looking? Oh, it’s just another case of botox overload. Another beautiful actress trying to freeze time by freezing her face.

There’s no doubt the 54-year-old is looking older than she has in previous years. That’s the way aging works, of course! Ryan was beautiful before and would have been beautiful long after ageing set in. Unfortunately, with so much filler and botox in her face, you can barely see her pretty blue eyes. There has been speculation as to whether or not Ryan could actually have a plastic surgery addiction. Step away from the knife Meg, and stop messing with what was a good thing!

8 Better After: Adam Levine


It’s like Adam Levine is the poster child for a Proactiv+ ad! Oh wait he actually is. The Maroon 5 frontman wasn’t always the Sexiest Man Alive as he was crowned by People Magazine in 2013. When Levine was a teenager, he was just a little pimple-faced, awkward individual like the rest of us were. Fortunately, with a little help from a popular acne system (allegedly) he said goodbye to his crater face and hello to sexy superstardom.

Levine, a Proactiv+ spokesman revealed in an advertisement that he was very insecure about his acne as a teen. He spent a lot of his high school years sulking in his room and being depressed over his pizza face. Fast forward to the age of 38 and the singer has done a lot more than clear up his skin. His sexy smile and tatted, toned bod have turned him into one of the hottest Hollywood hunks.

7 Better After: Adele

The mega-talented Adele has always been about no BS when it comes to body image issues. Her raw talent has been more than enough to make up for the fact she never has been and never wishes to be the cookie cutter image of what society wants her to look like. While the pressure was always there, Adele never let it affect her or her career.

On another note, we have seen quite a change in the singer over the years. She developed her signature cat-eye and contoured face combo. And, most notably, she slimmed down. She credits the weight loss living a healthier lifestyle. She quit smoking, quit overloading sugar in her tea and quit eating spicy takeout on tour to protect her vocal cords. She also goes to the gym… only when she’s in the mood of course. The transformation has solely been for herself and not to fit anyone else standards, she says.

6 Better After: Justin Timberlake


I think it’s safe to say we can blame the guy’s look on the left on the ‘90s. Frosted tips, neck chains, puffer jackets, oh my! The boy band Justin Timberlake and the solo artist Justin Timberlake are two totally different guys, thank God. I really don’t think that ramen noodle looking hair would fly today.

Gone are the days of peroxide-dipped locks and matching outfits. When JT went solo he needed to step away from his signature N’Sync style. He sported a shorter and curl-less ‘do, ditched the 90s duds and turned into a man. Today, he’s sporting distinguished suits, tasteful facial hair and a booming career. When it comes to the “before” and “after” of Justin Timberlake, there’s just no comparison.

5 Better Before: John Travolta

When people get older they grow grey hair, they get wrinkles, they simply don’t look as “good” as they did when they were younger. Understandable. However, one of the worst things you can do is fight the aging process in the way John Travolta has. As you can see, he went from hot to so very, very not. I mean, is that really him on the left or is that a wax figure?

Fans really began to freak out during Travolta’s role on American Crime Story when he played Robert Shapiro in the OJ Simpson murder trial. Viewers were so distracted by his changed face they could barley pay attention to the story line. “It’s like Travolta’s face is actually melting,” one viewer tweeted. Sometimes John, you just have to let Mother Nature take its course, embrace your 63-year-old self!

4 Better After: Gwyneth Paltrow


Before she knew her potential, Gwyneth Paltrow almost looked like a little boy. Back when she was in high school, Paltrow was a self-proclaimed minimalist who didn’t give a damn about hair or makeup — as you can tell. Fast-froward to today, she definitely gave into the glitz and glam of Hollywood and she looks better than ever.

Paltrow’s admitted to having a bit of botox done. Although, she claims she’d never do it again because it made her look like Joan Rivers. Her secret to looking so amazing comes from a rumoured beauty routine costing up to $20k a month! She also eats a crazy healthy diet and does something called “vitamin therapy” which requires an IV. Well, the tens of thousands of dollars she’s spending seem to be working. 44 never looked so good!

3 Better After: Robin Thicke

If you’re wondering who that hippie on the left is, you aren’t alone. Well, apparently it’s a younger, shaggier Robin Thicke. Years before he became the hottie singer of “Blurred Lines”, Thicke went through a really awkward phase of long hair and goatees. 2002 was the year that hippie Thicke dropped his debut single “When I Get You Alone”. At the time he was dating his long-time girlfriend Paula Patton and clearly thought long, wavy locks would be his trademark. Little did he know, some years later he would be known for looking well-groomed and smouldering in suits (while grinding with Miley Cyrus, of course).

A lot can change in a decade, Thicke’s music career took off, he got hot and he married Paula Patton. Unfortunately, his makeover didn’t help his marriage. The two split in 2014 after accusations flew that Thicke had multiple affairs. Tsk tsk!

2 Better After: Shaun White


While a shoulder length shag may have totally suited his career as a professional snow boarder, Shaun White definitely stepped onto the hottie spectrum since undergoing a makeover. Sporty ensembles look smokin’ at the Olympic games, but when your career shoots you to fame, it’s time for a style change. All I can say is, well done, Shaun White!

The ginger, snowboarder extraordinaire once looked like a reasonably cute version of Carrot Top. He even had bangs once…ew. However, the man once known as the “Flying Tomato” decided to chop his mop in 2014 and a miracle occurred, he got insanely hot. He’s ditched his sweaters and sweatbands (sometimes) for sexy suits and bowties. Who knew all of that was hiding under all of that hair?

1 Better After: Calvin Harris

Who would have known? Smoulderingly sexy Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris who’s blessed the Armani ads in his underwear was once nothing but a little dweeb. When his career first started to take off, Harris sported long grungy dark locks, crooked teeth and a boyish frame.

It’s one thing to dress for success, but instead Harris underwent a complete transformation to become the hot Scot he is today. He’s dated some of the hottest women in Hollywood and is one of the most sought after DJ and producer in the game. He’s rocking a shorter hairstyle, grown out the perfect scruff and straightened his teeth to reveal a dazzling smile. To top it all off, he’s also traded in his former string bean frame for rock hard abs, biceps and thighs.


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