20 Celebs Who Didn't Learn Their Lesson On Wardrobe Malfunctions

Whew! The ladies in these photos sure know how to put censorship sticker cover-ups to work! We've rounded up twenty repeat offenders of the wardrobe malfunction variety to show you the best of their worst. Wardrobe malfunctions come in all shapes and sizes and varying degrees of humiliation.

Most recently, at the 2017 Emmys a few days ago, Modern Family's Sarah Hyland was seen on the red carpet wearing a stylish, intricate red cut-out dress and a wardrobe malfunction that gained a lot of embarrassing attention, but not for any of the reasons you're thinking of. Nip slip? Nope. Accidental flash? Wrong. Camel tootsie? Not even close. The beauty of Sarah's dress was overshadowed by her black Spanx showing through the cut-out portion of her gown. Luckily, Sarah realized the shapewear snafu right away and was able to adjust her dress to cover it properly, but not before about a gazillion photos were taken for all to see. Someone even tweeted a photo of the incident saying Sarah's stylist should be #fired.

Celebrities are under a ton of pressure to stay relevant on the star circuit, and part of that includes wearing the most talked-about stunning outfits. As outfits get more daring, the risk of a wardrobe malfunction increases. Rolling the dice on whether or not your hoo-hah ends up the pages of supermarket magazines the following week just comes with the territory.

20 Mariah's Multiple Mishaps

Oh, the madness of Mariah's many, many malfunctions when it comes to her wardrobe... it's like the gift that just keeps on giving to the paparazzi or anyone standing near her with a camera looking to cash in on Mariah Carey's carefree way of dressing. She has been known to suffer wardrobe breakdowns while traveling in cars, exiting cars, getting photographed during events, while out and about, and even during her own concerts. It really doesn't seem to matter where her clothing breakdowns occur. To our knowledge, it seems like Mariah's slips and flashes are happening more now than when she was younger. Maybe motherhood and a divorce have made her realize that it's time to relax a bit (or a lot) when it comes to her wardrobe.

19 Behati's Wardrobe Boo-Boos

Behati Prinsloo, wife of Maroon 5's Adam Levine, is a twenty-eight-year-old South African-Namibian model who has walked the stage in nine consecutive Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows as an Angel. With this kind of resume, Behati is undoubtedly used to wardrobe malfunctions. That must be why, while attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills in 2015, the supermodel easily laughed off her "nip slip" when it occurred. Looking at her gown of choice, it's easy to see how a wardrobe malfunction made it on the schedule of the night's events. The beige-colored, slinky dress had a halter top with very thin ties. Behati had to go braless for this particular dress, so it's easy to see how this slip happened. Later, at a Tommy Hilfiger event, the wind badly betrayed Behati as it shot up the back of her dress, causing the skirt to fly up and gave photographers perfect access to score a pic of her bum.

18 McKayla's Post-Olympic Mishaps

You know McKayla Maroney... she was part of the U.S.A. gymnastics team dubbed the "Fierce Five" at the 2012 Summer Olympics and whose scrunched up face became a famous meme after she posed with her "unimpressed face" after earning a medal. Well, that was then. Now McKayla is 21 years old and working hard to prove that she is multi-faceted, not just a gymnastics star. Now that she's officially retired from the sport, she's looking into other career opportunities, such as being a pop star and getting lots of likes on Instagram. She's also probably not too concerned with her wardrobe malfunctions, seeing as how TMZ confirmed that McKayla denied that a video showing her dancing in a thong had been leaked to social media. The former gymnast is apparently loving life as a new, more provocative woman, so we suspect there will be many more wardrobe malfunctions in the future, accidental or otherwise.

17 Emma's Event Errors

Many people find Emma Watson positively adorable and probably still associate her with the beloved Harry Potter character that shot her to stardom - spunky little Hermione Granger, complete with the bangs and wavy hair. But Emma is all grown up now, and at 27 years old she is capable of making adult mistakes, like suffering through multiple wardrobe malfunctions. Once, Emma flashed undies that were barely covered by her sheer front-tying dress. At another event, her top slipped down, revealing what the eyes of young Potter fans should not see. And these are just a few of Emma's many wardrobe malfunctions. We bet that Emma wished she had access to Accio, the summoning spell, in order to summon extra clothing to her when her clothing failed.

16 Sofia's Plentiful Peek-a-boo Snafus

Sofia Vergara's little peek-a-boo surprises just love to make appearances at events, as evidenced by her zipper troubles at the 64th Emmy Awards show. Somehow the back of Sofia's dress opened right up, exposing her bum and flesh-colored thong underwear. Cameras were in place to document every moment, as you can imagine, while a seamstress on hand worked quickly to solve Sofia's issue. This was big celeb news at the time, so when Sofia visited her good friend, Ellen on her show, the host came out wearing a comical recreation of the beautiful, shimmery sequinned gown that betrayed Sofia at the Emmys. And of course, Ellen's version of the dress had an exposed (fake) bum. Sofia was a good sport about it and lived to flash again. This time, she was dancing with Derek Hough at an exclusive HBO after party when he picked her up, causing her dress to shift down and giving the surrounding crowd much to whoop about - and click about with their camera phones.

15 Jennifer And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Spanx Malfunction

Maybe it wasn't actually so terrible and horrible for Jennifer Garner. Being a repeat offender and all, she must be used to these kinds of Spanx snafus and being a mother to three kids has probably taught Jen not to sweat the small stuff. Unlike some of these other stars, Jennifer's wardrobe malfunctions don't discriminate between red carpet nights and everyday life. Jen is mostly known for flashing some Spanx as she hits the red carpet, or when she's just out with the kids for the day. But other clothing blunders have happened to this actress as well, like showing her G-string underwear when she bent down while at a holiday outing with her son. No mom jeans for this mom!

14 Anne's Perilous Premieres

Is it just us or does Anne Hathaway not really seem the type to be in the "flash the paparazzi while exiting the car" club? That's more of Paris and Britney's scene, it seems. Yet, Anne joined the exclusive girls-only club when she carelessly hopped out of a car in New York City in December 2012 for a Les Miserables premiere. Anne had been wearing a black dress with a tragically high slit which was the culprit of the flashing incident... along with Anne's fateful decision not to wear underwear. Cameras were at the ready to capture this moment, just as they were when Anne decided to match the red carpet with a red dress at the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada. Unfortunately for Anne, the red carpet was much more functional than her dress, as the front opened at the wrong place and the wrong time. Of course, it was the right place and the right time for the paparazzi.

13 Kate's War With The Royal Wind

She may be Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge now, but she was born Kate Middleton, regular everyday gal. So it's probably not fair to judge her based on royal standards. But if the wind has been her number one wardrobe enemy for several years now, maybe Kate should consider checking the weather reports for wind before wearing the light dresses that she likes so much, or maybe wearing something under them. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth was not super thrilled when photos of Kate's bare bum, courtesy of a gust of wind and a quick photographer, were splashed all over the tabloids. The story is that Kate's wardrobe malfunctions were becoming such a common occurrence that the Queen issued a dress code for the Duchess. But given that these incidents keep happening, it would seem that Kate has defied the Queen's code.

12 All Eyes On Ariel

All eyes have been glued to Ariel Winter lately as she has morphed seemingly overnight from a sweet little girl with nerdy glasses to a bum-baring and clothing daring lady who takes no guff from "concerned fans" when it comes to her choice of outfits. We get that the Modern Family star has no shame about her body and that she's very comfortable in her skin. We also get that she means to show her behind when she wears shorts that ride up so far they might as well be underwear. But we still don't think that Ariel means to show her lady bits, so we count those moments as wardrobe malfunctions. And she seems to be having plenty of them lately, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Girl Power...?

11 Jennifer Lopez - Her Malfunction Was The Inspiration For "Google Image Search"

If this title has you a bit confused, allow us to explain. The Grammy Awards in the year 2000 brought us Jennifer Lopez, who was just bursting into fame, wearing a torso and chest-baring "dress" that had the world buzzing. Apparently, Ginger Spice had shown up somewhere in the dress first, but J. Lo made it famous. Now this singer and actress has had plenty of wardrobe malfunctions, but in the infamous green dress, she technically did not. However, her outfit was described as "an accident waiting to happen". So many people jumped on the internet with the intention of searching for pictures of J.Lo in the dress that Google was jammed with search requests. But users wanted more than just text, of course. Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, said that this is how the idea for the Google Image Search tool was born. You can thank J.Lo and her attention-getting dress for that. And it appears that she's been having wardrobe malfunctions ever since.

10 Trouble In Taradise

Tara Reid is better known for her botched plastic surgery than her wardrobe malfunctions, but she has rightfully earned her place on this list. You might know her best from her roles in the American Pie and Sharknado franchises, but she actually got her start back in 1987 in A Return to Salem's Lot. From then until now, Tara's been all over MTV, E! and has landed herself on just about every list of "Good and Bad Celeb Beach Bodies" (your guess as to which side Tara ended up on) and along the way, Tara has racked up her fair share of embarrassing red carpet wardrobe malfunctions and oopsie-daisy moments. Since some of these malfunctions are fairly recent, our crystal ball is telling us that we haven't seen the last of Tara's scandalous moments.

9 So Many Of Selena's Slip-Ups

There are just certain things that people shouldn't know about you, Selena Gomez. Like the fact that you often prefer to go panty-free (and bra-free) while wearing super short dresses around town or while singing and dancing on stage in tiny shorts. It's okay to have these kinds of secrets. According to Selena's so very many flashing incidents, we have to assume that she's not the type to believe in secrets. We're not sure if these are true accidents, or if she just doesn't care. We hope it's the former because, for a girl who got her start on a children's show about a lovable singing purple dinosaur, the latter just doesn't seem right.

8 Jessica Simpson's Spilled Secrets

Jessica Simpson has a unique kind of reputation. Without a doubt, she is a beautiful girl with talent for days and powerhouse vocal abilities. But... she's kind of known for being gross. She's admitted on The Ellen Show that she doesn't brush her teeth, she announced on HSN that she might have worn diapers (while making a joke with the hostess), and she loves to burp. Like, loves it. Considers it a talent. So yeah... we are not surprised in the least that Simpson landed herself on this list of repeat wardrobe malfunction offenders. The back of her dress flew up one gusty day on stage, which honestly, could happen to anyone. But wearing a top in which "the girls" are practically already hanging out is all on her. And doing some weird poolside leg lift? Can't blame Mother Nature for that malfunction!

7 Britney's Performance Problems

She said it herself. She's not that innocent. Britney Spears is one of the founding members of the paparazzi flashers, usually while exiting cars and clubs. Therefore, her chances of reoffending are great. It also seems that every time Brit steps on stage, something happens to her outfits. A busted zipper revealing her backside, a broken strap causing her to hold her hand in place until the end of the song, sometimes just at a casual day at the pool; her dress will fly up, giving a peep show to whoever is standing behind her. Why does this happen so many times to our dear Britney? Maybe if she hired a team of costume experts to foolproof her outfits in advance, she wouldn't have to hit the stage thinking, Oops, I'm probably about to do it again.

6 Christina's Clothing Curse

You might think it's unfair to show a still from Christina Aguilera's 2002 "Dirrty" music video, since the title explains the nature of the content and the overall message Christina was going for, but wardrobe malfunctions, "accidentally on purpose" or not, wasn't as accepted or easily laughed off back in 2002 as they are today. "Dirrty" was one big wardrobe malfunction. The truly accidental clothing curse seems to have the strongest hold on Xtina while she is on stage at awards shows. While accepting the Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal for "Beautiful" in 2004, the singer acknowledged Janet Jackson's Super Bowl incident which spurred the term "wardrobe malfunction", and made sure that her dress was still barely covering her... with good reason, too. Janet's "incident" had happened just seven days earlier, and the heat was far from dying down.

5 #ParisProblems

There have been plenty of wardrobe problems for Paris Hilton, as you can see. But if she sees these mishaps as problems, well, that might be another story. Maybe she doesn't think of a wardrobe malfunction as a problem at all. This theory is based on the fact that the Hilton heiress wore a pink satin gown that was completely open in the front. Then, in front of the many cameras facing her, she lifted up one side of the dress, exposing her lady business to all. No gust of wind. No male pop star's accidental tug on a Super Bowl stage. Just completely of her own doing. Our question is: could she not tell it was lifted up too high? Could she not feel the air on her exposed skin? We find it likely that she has an agenda up her invisible sleeve, and that's the reason she has offered the cameras a peek time and time again.

4 Lindsay's Not Yet Learned Lessons

When it comes to female celebs flashing photographers while exiting cars sans undies, do you think the paparazzi bets on these kinds of things? This was actually a trend of sorts among a certain group of famous ladies around the mid 00's. If they did place bets on whether or not they'd get flashed (which was a great thing for them considering this sort of scandal would sell magazines like hotcakes), we would have to assume that Lindsay Lohan was most likely a sure thing. Between the redheaded actress, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton, it's hard to know who flashed the cameras more. But Lindsay was definitely a contender for the number one spot. Don't get us wrong, she has no problem flashing her Spanx or having the top of her dress slip down either, but flashing people while getting out cars is her specialty.

3 Janet Jackson - Queen Of Wardrobe Malfunctions

Do you remember what you were doing on February 1, 2004? Everyone who was around "way back" then remembers what they were doing when "Nipplegate" occurred. It was the much-anticipated Super Bowl performance in Houston, Texas and Janet Jackson stormed the stage with Justin Timberlake - both big, mega-popular names on the music scene at the time. The scandalous moment happened mid-song and dance to Justin's 2002 "Rock Your Body" when Justin sang the line, "I'm going to have you naked by the end of this song." He then reached over to Janet's corset-type top and pulled on a piece of it, which came right off in his hand. He immediately pulled back, clearly surprised. Thus the term "wardrobe malfunction" was born. Nipplegate actually landed itself all the way in the Supreme Court, when the FCC sued CBS for a record-breaking amount of $550,000. There were claims that it was a planned stunt for attention, which Janet and Justin profusely denied. They both apologized for the incident, claiming it was an accident.

2 A Multitude Of Malfunctions For Miley

Many celebrity wardrobe malfunctions seem to be the run-of-the-mill unlucky accidents that could happen to any girl. A careless move or two, a wayward gust of wind, and so on. But Miley Cyrus' malfunctions seem to be completely her fault. How else can you explain the malfunction that happened to the singer when she was on stage in a super short mini-dress? Common logic tells us that if she is on stage, high above everyone in the audience (armed with cameras, no less), and her dress is hiked up showcasing her nether regions to said audience, that all of her bum and perhaps more would be on full display to everyone down below. Miley is also a card-carrying member of the club of female celebs who flash the paparazzi while getting out of cars, so flashing her audience her front side while on stage was probably just second nature to her.

1 Bella And Her Red Carpet Whoopsies

For a relative newcomer on the celebrity scene, Bella Hadid sure has been making up for lost time when it comes to losing pieces of her clothing at events. At the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, Bella wore a beautiful red satin dress, but there just wasn't enough of it to properly cover her. Maybe that was the intention, but she did end up flashing the cameras for a good portion of the evening. Thankfully, she was wearing underwear during this instance. Bella quickly joined the wardrobe malfunction repeat offenders club on January 23, 2017, when she attended the Dior Ball in Paris wearing a sheer mesh dress sans bra, leaving her top half completely exposed. Since then, Bella is making sure to keep her membership to this club intact.

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