20 Celebs Over 40 Who Should Always Be Wearing Yoga Pants

It is easy to look great when you’re young. When you’re in your 20s and 30s, everything on your body is still perky and upright. However, as the time goes on, it actually takes quite a lot of work to keep things at their place. And not only that, but you also don’t have all the time in the world to put it into exercising and keeping in shape. Having a full-time job and a family can often be pretty overwhelming and not leave too much of the time during the day for hitting the gym.

Luckily, there is quite a big group of celebrities who are a living proof that it’s possible to be over 40 and to still look hot. Those ladies don’t look any worse than when they were 10 years younger, not even a little bit. There are also certain pieces of clothing that might make them look even hotter, and we’re not talking about the obvious kinds such as sexy lingerie or short dresses and skirts. With the right figure, almost every piece of clothing can be sexy especially if it’s a bit tighter and it shows off all those great assets these women have.

Here are 20 celebrities over 40 who should always be wearing yoga pants.

20 Ashley Judd (49)

Look at Ashely Judd looking great in that yoga pose! It might not be a typical pose for a photo but, in this case, it works! Ashely makes twisting and turning like a pretzel look fabulous. She obviously loves yoga. Good for you, Ashely!

As far as her diet goes, she was a vegetarian for some time, but, judging by the interview Jimmy Kimmel Live, she isn’t one anymore. She actually mentioned going to her favorite steakhouse and ordering everything on the menu. It might not sound like the ideal diet for a perfect body but she somehow makes it work because she is almost in her 50s and she still looks lovely. Great seeing you in those yoga pants, Ashely! We hope to see more of that!

19 Halle Berry (51)

Halle Berry is another gal over 50 who still has a rocking body. Those yoga pants really do her a favor and draw attention to her tight bottom. Who would know somebody could look this sexy in simple yoga pants?

Halle was beautiful since she was just a kid and that hasn’t changed over the years. She competed in numerous beauty pageants and she was named Miss Teen All American in 1985 and Miss Ohio USA one year later. At Miss USA in 1986, she was first runner-up to Christy Fichtner. Even today, more than 30 years after that, she is still gorgeous and her age really agrees with her. If there was a beauty pageant for beauties 40 and older, she would probably, once again, be at the top of the list.

18 Cameron Diaz (45)

Black yoga pants and a simple red tank top might not be the best outfit for everyone, but it sure is an awesome look for such a hottie like Cameron Diaz. Look at those arm muscles and those long, lean legs. She manages to be ripped and feminine at the same time. She claims that one of the key steps for a figure like hers is to eat right and at the right time. Her long-term trainer Teddy Bass has revealed some of the workout practices that helped Cameron to stay in such a great shape. Her workout routine consists of a variety of exercises for toned legs, lean arms, hot abs, and, of course, a combination of cardio exercises. He claimed that Cameron’s favorite exercises are golfing, jet-skiing, tossing tires, and paddle-boarding.

17 Salma Hayek (50)

Not only she’s over 40, Salma Hayek is actually over 50 years old! But man! Look at that body! She’s still got it. She is often referred to as one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses ever. Her name appeared on every possible list of the most beautiful celebrities out there. Just remember the scene from Rodriguez’s movie From Dusk Till Dawn where she was dancing half-naked with a snake around her neck. Everybody who’s seen that movie remembers that scene and how sexy she looked. It is great to see that even today, over 20 years after that scene was shot, she still looks as hot as then. It seems that time has stopped for her. Just look at her at those yoga pants in the picture! She doesn’t need hotter clothes, she makes yoga pants as hot as it gets!

16 Jenny McCarthy (48)

My, oh my! Look at Jenny in this lovely picture! She should be wearing yoga pants and tiny little tank tops or sports bras all the time! She just looks perfect holding one of her yoga poses. With her platinum blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and that fabulous, curvaceous body of hers, he caught the attention of Playboy Magazine editors and she was Playboy Playmate of the Month October in 1993, as well as Playboy Playmate of the year 1994. She is also a lot tougher than she might seem and one of her favorite hobbies is kickboxing. Even in her 40s, she is still one of the hottest gals out there. Nothing about her ripped body changed even after she gave birth to her son. Way to go, Jenny!

15 Sofia Vergara (45)

Here we have a picture of Sofia Vergara in pink tights. Sofia is famous for her fabulous hourglass figure and she really puts a lot of effort into keeping her body as tight and lean as it is. Thanks to the hard work she puts in, she has one of the Hollywood’s most coveted body with killer curves. So how does she do that? Well, first of all, she squats a lot and that helps her keep her glutes lifted. She also does a lot of sit-ups for her perfect abs and she works on her shoulders which helps her accentuate her lovely waistline. Of course, she has a personal trainer who helps her achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.

14 Jennifer Aniston (48)

Jennifer Aniston loves her yoga and she really looks fascinating in this picture capturing her in one of yoga poses. We’ve had the opportunity to see her from her early days up until today and it seems that her body hasn’t changed at all! Time just seems to work differently with Jennifer than with the rest of the people around the globe. She stated that her parents wanted her to become a lawyer instead of an actress, but wouldn’t that be a shame to put her somewhere in a courtroom out of sight of other people? Such a good-looking woman deserves to be seen! She also contributed to the world of fashion by inventing a hairstyle called “Rachel” that was worn by millions of women worldwide during the time sitcom Friends was popular.

13 JLo (48)

Jennifer Lopez is well known for her fabulously toned figure and she stated that she believes that working out is a huge part of what makes her really happy. It also makes happy everybody else looking at that gorgeous and hot body. Though she is in her 40s, many 20-year-olds would envy that ripped figure she has. She particularly enjoys dancing. We could see her dancing in some of her movies, as well as on stage while she performs her songs. As far as her diet goes, she eats a lot of veggies and protein. She says protein is her go-to whenever she feels hungry or has cravings. Well, whatever her diet and exercise routine is, it obviously works really good for her. Nobody would mind seeing her walking down the street in her yoga pants!

12 Kate Beckinsale (44)

Kate Beckinsale is a true English beauty and Hello Magazine confirmed that in 2002 when she was selected England’s most beautiful woman. But not only she is extraordinarily beautiful, she is also very hot. So hot, to be precise, that she was ranked 21st on Hot 100 list by Maxim Magazine in 2007. However, she is not one of those girls who are super into sports. She actually hated Physical Education at the high school and she claimed it to be her least favorite subject. She was also anorexic as a teenager. It is good to see in such a great shape as she is today. Now, in her 40s, Kate looks as good as ever. She might not be really into sports, but those sporting clothes look awesome on her.

11 Teri Hatcher (52)

Here is a picture of Teri Hatcher just casually shopping for groceries in some hot, black tights. Who wouldn’t want to shop alongside this sexy “desperate housewife”? Look at those lean legs and tight, lifted bottom. One must admit that this lady is hot! She was named one of “100 Sexiest Women in the World” by FHM multiple times. In the mid-1990s, she became more popular than ever when a photo of her dressed in nothing but a Superman’s red cape wrapped around her became the most downloaded image on the America Online at that time. Today, she might be in her 50s, but she definitely doesn’t have a body to prove that and she really rocks those tights on the picture. She loves sports and working out, but she also enjoys relaxing while fishing or playing golf.

10 Padma Lakshmi (46)

Padma Lakshmi is a jack of all trades. She is an actress, a model, an author, and a great chef too. She knows all there is to know about tasty and, above all, healthy food. High-quality food is what really contributes to her keeping that gorgeous body of hers in such an awesome shape. Another side of the coin is, of course, her workout routine. Being a Top Chef host, sometimes is really hard not to gain weight. She admitted that she gains around 15 pounds by the end of each season. Luckily, she knows a great way to shed all that weight by doing the right exercises. She might not seem like it, but Padma is one tough cookie and she really enjoys boxing and it is a part of her regular cardio workout.

9 Cindy Crawford (51)

This pic was taken at Starbucks in Malibu and it captures Cindy Crawford in hot leggings. Even in her 50s, Cindy still has one rocking body! But we already knew that Cindy loves to work out and she really works hard on staying in shape. If you wonder about her workout routine, she actually hosted an exercise video back in 1992 called Cindy Crawford Shape Your Body Workout. Those exercises are still a part of maintaining her buxom, curvaceous, and simply fabulous figure. The great thing about her that makes her fans around the world very happy is that she is not afraid to show a little bit more skin. She was actually the first modern supermodel that agreed to pose for Playboy. Sexy lingerie or simple yoga pants – it doesn’t matter. She looks great in everything.

8 Sandra Bullock (53)

This might not be the most elegant look ever, but it sure is an awesome look for Sandra Bullock. Even in her 40s, she is still one sexy lady, that goes without a question. There was actually a poll conducted for FX by the name “Naughty Forties” and Sandra was voted sexiest female celebrity at the age 40. Over the years, she appeared on numerous lists of the hottest and/or most beautiful women in the world. The years go by but Sandra always seems to stay young. She revealed some of her secret behind this, for example, she works out 6 days a week for 60-90 minutes. Her exercise is a mix of dance, Pilates, yoga etc. She also chooses really good carbs full of fiber (mostly vegetables) and she eats at least 5 times a day to keep her metabolism active.

7 Courteney Cox (53)

Here we have Courtney Cox – fitness style! This former model may not be a model anymore, but she sure as hell still looks like one. In 1995, she was actually named the “Hottest Babe” by Playboy magazine and a couple of years later, in 2002, she was ranked #18 Sexiest Woman in the World by Stuff Magazine. She managed to maintain her youthful physique throughout all these years and she still has a perfectly toned body and some killer abs. She’s a passionate runner, but she also loves exercise like Pilates and yoga. When it comes to workout, she likes doing many different things, such as surfing, tennis, martial arts, bike riding etc. She also likes to focus on strength exercise with the help of her personal trainer. So her fitness regime is all about variety and trying new things.

6 Demi Moore (53)

In this picture, we have Demi Moore just casually walking down the street in her black tights. The thing about the tights is simple. You either look great in them or you should never wear them. There is no middle ground. In Demi’s case, she should wear them all the time because they suit her perfectly! Even though Demi is in her mid-50s, she has a body every 30-year-old woman would be lucky to have. As if the age factor wasn’t enough, she is also a mother of three and her body still seems like it hasn’t aged a bit. She’s so hot it is almost unfair. However, she believes that loving and accepting your body is the first step to staying healthy and happy. Well, what’s not to love about a body like hers?

5 Heather Locklear (54)

Heather Locklear is an actress who often plays femme fatale. Well, just by looking at her, she sure seems like one. She has been named three times on People magazine's Most Beautiful list. Even today, in her mid-50s, she still has a knockout body. She believes that the most important thing for women after they turn 40 is having workout consistency. You really need to put in hard work and dedication if you want the best results. If you want to know more about her workout routine, you can check out the video she made in the 90s. It's called Heather Locklear Presents: Your Personal Workout. Maybe even try watching it and exercising side by side with Heather. And don't worry if you don't look as hot in the yoga pants as she does. Nobody looks like that so don't beat yourself up.

4 Vanessa Marcil (48)

Vanessa Marcil is one of the best looking girls over 40 out there. Her beauty didn’t go unnoticed. In 1994, Prince wrote a song “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” that was reportedly about her. It is not too hard to believe that. In 1996 she appeared on People’s list of 50 most beautiful people in the world and, that same year, she was also offered the cover and a layout in Playboy magazine but she declined that offer.

When we look at her today, we can see that she still looks exactly as awesome as 20 years ago.That whole casual/sports attire we can see in the picture really looks great on her and it makes her look so much younger. Who would believe that the girl in the picture is over 40?

3 Naomi Watts (48)

Well, look at Naomi in that sportswear! She really does have the right legs for those yoga pants and she probably wears them quite often because she is quite a sporting type. She actually thanked her rigorous yoga practice for not suffering any permanent damage after a horrible fall she had on the set of King Kong. Besides yoga, she also loves martial arts. She trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and, when she was younger, she used to train Judo for a long time. You can see just by looking at her great figure that she really works hard on staying in shape. The effort obviously pays off because she looks awesome! She was named 4th sexiest woman over the age of 35 according to the editors at MSN Lifestyle: Men.

2 Julie Bowen (47)

This is one of those super casual photos and it captures Julie Bowen leaving her yoga class in her grey tights. We know she loves yoga, she stated that many times before, and we, for one thing, really love seeing her in this type of casual attire. She became really popular over the last decade thanks to the role of Claire Dunphy in a popular sitcom Modern Family. We’ve had many opportunities to see Claire wearing her yoga pants and it really is a good look for Julie Bowen. She might play a nice mother of three, but she sure as hell is a sexy one! She has three children in her real life too, an older son and younger twins. One must admit that she really has a great body for someone who gave birth to three kids.

1 Elle Macpherson (53)

Elle Macpherson an Australian actress, producer, and one of the world’s top fashion models. She is well known for her gorgeous, statuesque figure. Even though she is in her 50s, she still looks awesome in everything she wears. Just look how hot she is this fashionable sports outfit in the picture! I mean, come on, who looks this good in tights? Oh, right, Elle does! She should wear them all the time because they really draw attention to her great, lean, and ridiculously long legs. She obviously got her nickname “The Body” for a reason. As far as her exercise routine goes, she likes doing different things and taking various lessons, such as swimming, surfing, tennis lessons and more. She likes trying different things and, obviously, that works for her really good.

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