20 Celebrity And Fan Photos We Wish We Could Unsee

Picture this. You’re out in town and you come across a famous person whose career you have followed and you’re able to have a photo taken with that person. If not that, you attend an event where they are taking pictures with fans, and after waiting in line you get the likely once-in-a-lifetime chance to pose with them for a picture. In both situations, your excitement is palpable and you can’t wait to see the shot that will forever be your keepsake right up until you see it and something about it falls short. Worse yet, you’re okay with the end results but it gets spread online, and the internet masses ridicule it for one reason or another. In that moment, you may wish you could get the photo back but you may not be the only one as the rest of us may be put off by it too. Realizing that this happens inspired us to put together this list of twenty celebrity and fan photos we wish we could unsee.

In order for an image to be up for consideration for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to include at least one famous person as well as someone who appears to be a fan of theirs. It doesn’t matter if the shot was taken at an official meet-and-greet event or grabbed as the celebrity was out and about and ran into a fan as long as there is a celebrity-and-fan relationship featured. With that said, in some cases, the fan in question can be a celebrity themselves as long as they appear to be acting like they are overjoyed by meeting a hero. Next, there needs to be a quality about the image that makes the viewer feel like they are seeing something unfortunate. It doesn’t matter what that aspect is as long as someone could feel that way while looking at it.

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20 Hugh Grant

Via buzzbooklet.com

An actor that has been a big star for several decades at this point, Hugh Grant has had a huge impact on millions of people who have been touched by his professional efforts over the years. Best known for movies like Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, About a Boy, Love Actually, and many more, he has shown that he has the ability to pick winning projects. Very successful due in large part to his ability to seem charming or lovably awkward in a number of roles, we expect him to know how to handle himself in most situations. That is why we wish we hadn’t come across the shot of him looking outright uncomfortable with a fan, which is something he should be used to, as it ruins our image of him.

19 Mark Hamill

Via thoughtco.com

An actor who has been cast in a long list of movies and TV shows, despite all of that, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mark Hamill will go down as the man who brought Luke Skywalker to life. Not at all a bad thing for him, since it is such a meaningful character for legions of people around this world, it does seem clear that he appreciates that aspect of his career. That said, we do wish his efforts in things like Batman: The Animated Series where he voiced The Joker, as well as movies including The Big Red One and Midnight Ride were talked about more. Pictured here at a meet-and-greet event, this photo of Mark with a crazed-looking fan is unfortunate for both of them as the star looks uncomfortable too.

18 Rihanna

Via blazepress.com

Undoubtedly one of the sultriest women that are front and center in our pop culture, Rihanna backs that up with an incredible set of pipes that make her one of the best singers going today. Best known for songs like “We Found Love,” “Live Your Life,” “Love the Way You Lie,” “Umbrella,” and many more, when looking at the singles she releases, it seems like she has the Midas touch. Trying to spread her wings even further over the last several years, she has begun to appear in movies too, which will only make even more people love her. Speaking of people that adore her, in this image, it seems like one of them has snuck up on her and taken this selfie where it looks like she feels under attack which is always a sad thing.

17 Alfonso Ribeiro

Via barnorama.com

An actor that blew a lot of people away with his skills just under three years ago at the time of this writing, Alfonso Ribeiro, along with his partner, won the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars. On top of that, he is the current host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, which is a show with lots of fans which should keep him in the public eye for many years to come. Of course, we’d be kidding ourselves if we tried to pretend for even a moment that his greatest impact came during his time playing Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That is why we want him to really embrace that legacy which includes his famed “Carlton dance.” Sadly, in this shot of a fan doing it near him, he doesn’t seem angry but he certainly isn’t joining in which makes us a little sad on the inside.

16 Amy Schumer

Via TMZ.com

Somebody who made her name as a stand-up comedian, Amy Schumer first became a big deal when she appeared in a season of the competition show Last Comic Standing in 2007. Going on to garner a bigger name for herself in the following year, she would eventually earn the opportunity to star in the show Inside Amy Schumer which was often an acclaimed series. Also breaking out as a movie star over the last several years, her film Trainwreck killed it with fans and critics, and we really hope that she makes something of that caliber or higher again soon. Seen here in a selfie taken by a fan without her consent, she even asked him not to take the shot but he refused and shot away anyway, which makes this a pretty blatant invasion of privacy that we dislike.

15 Lady Gaga

Via gossip-man.tistory.com

Without a doubt one of the most influential musical artists in the world today, Lady Gaga has crafted a number of songs that have gotten people dancing and singing along with her. A very talented person who seems like she is the heir apparent of Madonna, like her forebearer, she always has had a unique image that is true to her heart at that moment. Best known for songs like “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” “Born This Way,” and “Telephone” among many others, her singles always seem to be catchy and impressive in equal measure. Seen here looking like she is straight out of a Dracula movie, we have no idea what look she was going for but it is just weird. Made all the worse by seeing her among fans that are dressed in a more typical fashion, she is posing for a picture with a fan which is cool, but could she at least try to smile?

14 Nicki Minaj

Via latakilla507.com

One of only a handful of women that have been able to become a hugely successful performer in the rap genre, Nicki Minaj has beaten all of the odds. Best known for songs like “Super Bass,” “Starships,” “Bang Bang,” “Anaconda,” and “Side To Side” among others, she has put out a seemingly never-ending list of hit songs in her time. Otherwise most notable for her colorful image that also focuses on her body which is one of the curviest we’ve ever seen, she seems to be a marketing machine. Seen here in a moment that may not have been that smart for her, she is groping the chest of a fan she brought on stage. Something Nicki did that could have caused controversy if someone wanted to make an issue out of it, the only saving factor is that her target has a huge smile on her face.

13 Miley Cyrus

Via Twitter.com

Someone with a multifaceted career in the public eye, Miley Cyrus started her time in the spotlight as an actor in a Disney Channel series in which she was playing a fictional version of herself and her alter ego. Going on to become all about music in the years since, it surprised us how easily she seems to have been able to transition into that world. Talented at singing, she has released several hit songs like “Wrecking Ball,” “Party in the U.S.A.,” “We Can’t Stop,” and “The Climb.” A very provocative performer these days, it seems clear that she likes to push the boundaries of good taste which is why a shot like this doesn’t shock us. Still, that doesn’t mean that we want to see some very serious-looking dude grabbing her chest.

12 Elijah Wood

Via spynet.ru

An actor who has been in the public eye since he was a child, Elijah Wood first rose to prominence as a part of movies like The Good Son, North, and Radio Flyer among others. Defying the odds once he became an adult, he also landed one of the most seen roles in modern movie history, that of Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings films. On top of that, he also impressed with his work in other flicks like Sin City, Bobby, and the Happy Feet films to name only a sampling. Someone who has always seemed pretty down-to-earth, when he is interviewed, he doesn’t exhibit much ego at all. Seemingly a man of the people, he certainly appears to be embracing this moment with one of his fans and we get it, but we would rather not look at the proof of the moment.

11 Jordin Sparks

Via TMZ.com

A talented person who was good enough to win the sixth season of American Idol, back when it was still a television behemoth, Jordin Sparks started out her time in the spotlight with a bang. Known for songs like “One Step at a Time,” “Tattoo,” “No Air,” “Battlefield,” and “This Is My Now,” she has released several songs that are meaningful to her fans. In fact, if you ask us, there are few celebrities who’ve had a better relationship with their fans than Jordin, considering that she depended on people calling in on her behalf to win the accolade that made her a star. That is why it seems so surprising and image-breaking to see this shot of her flipping off someone in the audience. It does make more sense if you presume that she was being heckled in some way, but still, we thought she’d be cooler about it.

10 Nathan Fillion

Via Rebrn.com

An actor that seems impossible to hate, Nathan Fillion is one of the most likable actors that we’ve ever seen make it in that industry, and we couldn’t be happier that he has found success. Well known by many as the male lead in the series Firefly and its spin-off film, Serenity, that makes him a part of a franchise that lots of people very passionately love to this day. Also a part of other shows like Two Guys and a Girl as well as Castle, there is just something about the guy that is immensely entertaining. Seen in this meet-and-greet photo where he is spooning a fan of his who is cosplaying as a Firefly character, the guy looks very uncomfortable which goes against the man that we’ve come to love.

9 Lady Gaga (Again)

Via weknowmemes.com

The only person who appears on this list twice, it seems like Lady Gaga has had to get through a number of cringe-inducing moments with fans. We have to say that we would not have expected that as she is so marvelous at what she does that there are legions of people across the world who have wholeheartedly embraced her. More than that, however, she also seems to really care about her fans based on the way she carries herself during public appearances as well as the way her music tries to represent them. Still, we had to include this shot of her with a pair of fans awkwardly making a growl hand at the camera. Seemingly not committing to the moment at all and looking as though she’d rather be anywhere else, we always thought of her as entirely sincere, and this shot undermines that.

8 Mia Khalifa

Via mademan.com

Someone that made a name for herself as the star of a number of adult movies, Mia Khalifa managed to build a fanbase that greatly enjoyed her work. Leaving that industry after a relatively short career span, the first time she performed was in 2014 and the last time she did was in 2015. Going on to begin a broadcasting career of sorts, she currently serves as one of the hosts of a daily sports show on Complex News’ YouTube channel. Clearly seeming like she would like to escape the shadow of her previous career, something that is likely to be an impossible task, she is still famous to this day because of what brought her into the spotlight. That is likely why a random person wanted to take a selfie with her as she was out and about and did so without her permission. Mad enough about it that the photographer claimed that she punched him in the face, she wasn’t comfortable with this image and neither are we.

7 Britney Spears

Via stupidcelebrities.net

A gigantic star from the time that she was in her mid-teens, Britney Spears has grown up and matured in front of much of the world’s eyes. Remaining near the top of the pop music for much of her career, she is best known for songs like “...Baby One More Time,” “Womanizer,” “Circus,” and “‘Til the World Ends” among many others. Also notable for the amount of work that she puts into her performances, during her concerts, award show singing, and music videos, she can always be expected to be doing her thing. An example of that, this image from one of her concerts features her with a fan she brought on stage and then straddled. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for him, he undid that almost instantly by trying to bite her leg for some reason which really creeps us out.

6 Khloe Kardashian

Via mirror.co.uk

A unique entity in the entertainment business, Khloe Kardashian is famous because her dad was one of OJ Simpson’s lawyers and her sister, Kim, had a private tape of hers released to the masses. Part of a family that took full advantage of the measure of notoriety they were given from those two things, they have gone on to create an empire of sorts for themselves. The star of a number of “reality” shows, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians and several of its spin-off series, it seems like she is likely to be on TV at all hours of the day. Seen here among fans, one of them appears to have made the strange choice to rush her from behind. And judging by the look on her face, she is not too happy about it.

5 Joe Jonas

Via directlyrics.com

A member of a pop band that was beloved in its time, Jonas Brothers, this singer can play guitar, piano, and tambourine and already had an incredible career going early in his life. No longer working with his siblings anymore, Joe Jonas went on to be a part of a dance-rock group called DNCE that have been able to make enough of an impact that they were nominated for a Kid’s Choice Award. Best known for their debut single “Cake by the Ocean” which made the top ten in the US Billboard Hot 100, they are very much on the rise. Seen together in this image, it is Joe, however, that we are paying attention to because of what is happening to him. An event where they met and took photos with fans, one of the teen girls thought it was okay to try to kiss him before she was ripped away by security, which we find creepy on his behalf.

4 Summer Glau

Via summer-glau.net

We already looked at one of the stars of Firefly and its spin-off movie, Serenity, on this list and here we are with another one of them, Summer Glau who brought the character River Tam to life. Not content to appear in only one show that many people feel was canceled too soon, she would also go on to star in the show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Cast as one of the killer machines sent back in time from the future, she followed in the footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger with her role as she was programmed to protect John Connor. As a result of both of these roles and several others, she has a lot of fans, one of whom is posing with her for this photo. With both of them looking as awkward as humanly possible and hover hand going on from both sides, it just isn’t the way we want to see this bada*s actor.

3 Justin Bieber

via Fotogirls.ru

A singer that rose to prominence early on because of video that he posted on YouTube, Justin Bieber would go on to receive a big money contract and become an international superstar. Best known for songs like “Sorry,” “Baby,” “What Do You Mean?,” “Love Yourself,” “Where Are U Now,” and “Boyfriend” to name only a sampling, his music has been embraced by millions. A figure of controversy over the last several years, these days, it seems like his antics get more attention from a lot of us than any of the tunes he puts out. With that in mind, it can be easy for some to forget how beloved he is by some. A shot of him with one of those fans, we’re hoping that she asked him to cup her boob like that or kiss her. But either way, we don’t like seeing the evidence of it.

2 Peter Andre

Via stupidcelebrities.net

Someone who seems like he was born to be a star based on his looks alone, Peter Andre also has done a number of things to make that come to fruition for him. Most famous in Australia, he is a singer and songwriter as well as a television personality and businessman among other things which only goes to show just how varied his abilities are. Memorable for songs like “Drive Me Crazy,” “Gimme Little Sign,” “Funky Junky,” and “ To the Top,” among others, songs like these have earned him a lot of fans. Seen in this shot with one of his avid fans, he was out and about when this woman forced a kiss on him before making a hasty exit. There is so much awfulness there that we just wish we could forget all about it.

1 Robin Thicke

Via obsev.com

The son of former sitcom dad, Alan Thicke, we’re guessing that Robin Thicke lived a life of luxury from early on in his life, and that may have informed some of his decisions once he became a star himself. Known for the song “Blurred Lines” which was undeniably catchy but had very problematic lyrics, it is fitting that he rose to fame because of a questionable song. After all, once he became a star, his career was damaged first by a peculiar performance at an award show with Miley Cyrus. Not content with that ridiculousness, however, he then posed for this shot later backstage at the same event. Featuring him and a young woman, the reflection in the mirror behind them reveals that he was grabbing her booty which blew up his marriage and resulted in him releasing a horrible album trying to fix it.

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