20 Celeb Hotties Who Are Anything But Flat

When listing off features that a man typically finds attractive in a woman, you don't go very long before mentioning their chest. Which is perhaps why in Hollywood it seems that many celebrities are often showing off their own assets on a regular basis. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Below we have 20 of the best looking celebrities, all who may have one (or should we say two) features that help them stand out from the competition. Including one celebrity who thinks her breasts are good enough to win awards! While we aren't sure if you are going to agree with her or not, you better believe we've tracked down any celebrity who could challenge her.

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of what they do for work. In fact, one of our entries just had her television series canceled and another has been out of work for a while now. But that definitely doesn't mean you aren't still going to love looking at the photos that we have tracked down for you.


20 Charlotte McKinney

When Charlotte McKinney was attempting to make a name for herself as an actress, you can imagine she was going to be up for just about any role. Despite that, you still have to heavily question her decision to appear in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser!

Thankfully or McKinney, her modelling career is going significantly better than her attempts at big-screen glory. Though they did manage to throw her in Baywatch. Perhaps the countless trips that McKinney has taken to the beach gave the producers confident enough that she'd look gorgeous on the big screen (which to their credit, she did).

McKinney is also scheduled to appear in the 2017 film Flat-Liners which is going to be a sequel to the 1990 film.

19 Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks was outstanding on the television series Mad Men where she played the character, Joan Holloway. And while it's easy to love her for her outstanding talent, we're sure you also were in love with the outfits that her character also wore!

In fact, back in 2010 when Mad Men was still airing, a poll taken by Esquire found that American women thought Hendricks was the sexiest woman in America.

The photo above may not be from the show, but it is one that makes their point very hard to argue!

Hendricks is going to flex her comedic skills in the 2017 film Pottersville which will also star Ron Perlman and Ian McShane.

18 Katy Perry

Katy Perry is definitely having a rough last few weeks, at least as far as the internet is concerned. Some are ripping on her for her terrible dancing on Saturday Night Live. It didn't help that the dancing was accompanying her latest song "Bon Appetit" which is definitely an unusual sound to come from the former Kiss a Girl singer.

And while she may be channeling her inner Kim Kardashian in the above photo, we're sure you're just left happy with the fact that she is still comfortable showing off some skin.

With her latest album set to be released, we're sure you can be expecting to see a lot more of Perry in the near future.

17 Alexandra Daddario


When it comes to the biggest disappointments in theaters this summer, you aren't going to be able to go long without talking about Baywatch. Sadly critics did not buy into the re-make and it ended up hurting the film dramatically at the box-office; especially with other powerhouses like Guardians of the Galaxy to compete with.

But one thing that we're sure critics weren't left complaining about was getting to stare at Alexandra Daddario on the big-screen! Granted when you consider she strips it all off for her television role in True Detective; there is no shortage of opportunities for her fans to check her out.

Daddario teams up with William H. Macy, Kal Penn and Kate Upton for her next film entitled Layover.

16 Jennifer Love Hewitt

How much money do you think Jennifer Love Hewitt's chest is worth? While it may be a weird question, back in 2016 JLW was quite open about the price tag she'd place on them

"If someone’s like, ‘You know what? We would like to insure your boobs for $2.5 million, I’d be like, ‘Do it!’ Love it. Why not?" while it's not clear if that's $2.5 million per boob; we're sure her good looks have helped her land roles over the years that have paid her significantly more.

Unfortunately, fans of JLW will have to stick to old shows and movies of her to check her out - none of which may be more appealing than The Client List in which she wears a large variety of intricate lingerie.

15 Jessica Simpson


When it comes to talking to a beautiful woman, it is respectful to make sure you don't spend time staring at their chest. But if you're interacting with Jessica Simpson, the place you may want to avoid looking is her teeth. When appearing on The Ellen Show, Simpson admitted that she only brushed her teeth a few times a week and would often just rub her teeth on her clothing.

While the report was a few years ago and you can hope that Simpson has improved her hygiene in the past years, you wouldn't be alone if knowing that information dropped her a few attractive points.

Thankfully for Simpson however, this list isn't about teeth and we're sure you aren't going to be arguing for her spot.

14 Kim Kardashian

To say that you've probably seen a lot of Kim Kardashian's body is probably an understatement. Especially when you consider she first really came to fame after a tape emerged of her doing some partying on her back if you know what we mean.

Perhaps attempting to take some control over her nudity, Kardashian has since stripped it off for a variety of publications including Playboy and Paper - the latter of which led to a photo shoot that created the phrase 'broke the internet'

Kardashian also is sure to strip it off and pose for her own camera with a variety of provocative selfies.

She's not subtle, but she's also got over 100 million followers on Instagram who are following her every move.


13 Kat Dennings


Kat Dennings has had her name attached to several huge projects. Whether it was making a big break with 40-Year-Old Virgin, appearing in the Thor movies or perhaps more prominently; her television series 2 Broke Girls.

While the show attracted its fair share of haters, it's hard to argue with the opportunity to check out Dennings on a regular basis. Sadly, however, that's a luxury that will no longer be gifted to viewers, as the series was recently canceled.

It is not clear what acting opportunity will be next on the horizon for Dennings, but if she takes some time off to hit the beach or meet with magazines like Maxim or GQ (or Hugh!) we're sure you won't mind.

12 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara may be known as an actress, but you probably also love it whenever she elects to step in front of the camera for a photo shoot. And while she definitely doesn't need to clean up after herself at home; we're sure you also are loving the maid outfit!

Vergara most prominently appears on the television series Modern Family. You probably won't complain that she isn't the only woman from the show to make our list though.

The top-earning actress for several years now, it's clear that the world cannot get enough of Vergara. You'll have to settle for just her voice however when she appears in The Emoji Movie this summer.

11 Scarlett Johansson


How do you not fall in love with Scarlett Johansson? What about the fact that she's kicked some serious ass as an Avenger. Or the fact that she's also been a talented musician and acted on stage. And when it comes to looking at her body, there is no shortage of moments in which she has clearly flaunted it all with confidence.

Even if one of her most headline-catching moments came when photos of her in her birthday suit were leaked from her phone!

Johansson has however stripped it all off willingly in the movie Under The Skin and in the past has joked about her boobs being so nice that they could win awards. While there are plenty of "contenders" on our list, she may have a point.

10 Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter may be one of the younger people on our list, but that doesn't mean she isn't plenty experienced with people ogling over her body. But at the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is that Winter loves it.

Which is why a few years ago, Winter elected to undergo breast reduction surgery in order to alleviate some pain.

Judging by the fact that Winter has started stripping off her clothes on a regular basis as of late; whether it's for a photo shoot, red carpet event or a night on the town, it's clear that she feels confident with her new body.

9 Kate Upton


Kate Upton is one of the sexiest models in America. Granted, it definitely does not hurt that she has teamed up with Sports Illustrated on several occasions. In fact, she's graced the cover of the magazine in 3 separate years. Turns out putting Upton on a cover is a pretty good way to spark interest, who knew!

Upton also lends her services to the app Game of War: Fire Age who in 2014 spent $40 million on marketing. And while I got incredibly tired of the ads, the campaign ended up being a huge success.

Upton is going to be able to be seen on the big-screen in 2017 when she appears in the movie Layover alongside the perhaps even more jaw-dropping woman, Alexandra Daddario.

8 Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has been relevant in Hollywood for decades now and at the age of 50, is the oldest person to make our list.

She very well may be the definition of aging well though, as she is still one of the sexiest actresses and will command your attention anytime she steps on the screen. We're sure she'll achieve this yet again when she appears in The Hitman's Bodyguard later this year.

Hayek has also been recognized by several publications as one of the most influential celebrities; most prominently in Hispanic communities.

7 Kelly Rohrbach


There are plenty of things that the movie Baywatch clearly got wrong. And while it may be one of the bigger disappointments, one thing that they did absolutely right was cast some seriously good looking women in the film.

One of the biggest roles that they had to cast was for C.J. Parker who in the 90s was played by Pamela Anderson. And while we could just as easily throw Anderson on this list as well, we're sure you're much more excited for what the next few years may hold in store for Rohrbach.

Though it's not like producers had to worry about how Rohrbach looked in a swimsuit, as she had previously posed for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition.

6 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner may not be the most popular Kardashian of the group, but you probably wouldn't be alone if you find her to be the sexiest.

And when you consider she is only 19 years old (seriously, she can't even drink in America) you can expect to be seeing plenty more of Kylie for literally the foreseeable future. Love or hate her, with over 90 million followers on her Instagram; it's clear that her name has some serious oomph to it.

Granted when you consider she posts half-naked photos of her on a weekly basis, you can understand why her page perhaps gets plenty of attention.

Jenner is upping her public in an even bigger way this summer with her own reality show Life of Kylie premiering in July.

5 Kelly Brook


Kelly Brook may not be the most popular model in America, but she might be the sexiest British girl alive. At the very least that was a title she held in 2005 when FHM named her the sexiest women in the world.

Perhaps that's why when she came to America to strip it all off for Hefner, she did so after receiving a contract worth $500,000!

Brook has attempted to make it as an actress, but the key word there being attempted.

She's also been successful with her own swimsuit line entitled "New Look" which perhaps logically, she models for. We're sure you aren't alone in hoping they have a bunch of new designs for this upcoming summer.

4 Jessica Nigri

There is no shortage of people who hate Jessica Nigri. While sometimes she steps up her game and produces a seriously impressive cosplay; sometimes it's very clear that her cosplay is "Hey guys, look at my boobs!...Oh here's a video game reference."

While that makes her logical for a list like this, you can understand why dedicated cosplayers may get irked at least a little bit.

Nigri earns a large portion of her income off of her Patreon page through which fans can pay monthly to get exclusive content and photos.

This includes "Behind the scenes costume pictures", which you have to imagine aren't all that elaborate for some of the shoots!

3 Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff may very well have been one of your first ever celebrity crushes when you were younger. And judging by how outstanding she looks in the above photo, you wouldn't be alone if you are crushing on her even harder now.

While Duff has been at the center of controversy for her failure to quickly lose the weight following the birth of her son (what a bitch eh?) it's clear that she is looking strong and ready to take on the summer.

Let's just hope that her summer is going to include plenty of trips to the beach! Duff also stars on the television series Younger.

2 Amber Rose

Amber Rose may not be the most talented or well-known celebrity to make our list, but we're sure it won't take long for you to realize why she earned a spot. Rose who perhaps most prominently is known from her relationship with Wiz Khalifa, has also been known to catch headlines for her frank and open statements in interviews.

Including an incident back in 2016 where Rose admitted she was unaware of how many people she had slept with in her life. Given that Rose has also been open about the fact that she's had an adventurous bedroom, you can imagine there are plenty of women along with men she'd have to think back to.

Rose recently ended her 6-month relationship and admitted "I don’t like to have a lot of s*x unless I’m in a relationship. I’m just that type of girl. So, going out on dates is cool but if it’s not there, the super intense chemistry and passion, I don’t know. If it’s not there, it’s not there. I don’t really force it. That’s just how it is."

So it's clear her opinion has changed!

1 Eva Green


Eva Green is no stranger to showing off her body on the big-screen. But even though there are countless roles in which she strips it off, you wouldn't be alone if you also love seeing her in a variety of seductive outfits that also highlight her body.

Granted when you consider she was a former Bond girl, you really shouldn't be all that shocked that she is drop dead gorgeous (heh).

Green recently teamed up with the Alicia Vikander for the film Euphoria. While Vikander won't be making an appearance on our list, we'll sure you'll love checking her out when she takes on the role of Lara Croft.

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