20 Celeb Hotties Who Are Anything But Flat - Part 2

The women that we have for you below have many different features that help make them incredibly attractive, both inside and out. But you aren't going to spend the next few minutes of your day staring at their personality!

Some are successful singers, some models and of course, some of the biggest actresses in the industry are considered. There are some you may also love getting to know, such as the seductive actress joining the Marvel Universe as Squirrel Girl. There are even some people from the wrestling world that have wrangled their way into our list.

But no matter why you love them, all 20 women are definitely blessed in the chest. Which might be great news for you when you consider that also means there are unforgettable photos where their assets are put on display. Especially when you see we've included some of the hottest ones below.

Over half a million people checked out our first rendition on celebrities that are far from flat and we promise that our 2nd take on the list is even more enjoyable.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a girl who may not be as prominent upstairs, but these 20 celebrities clearly believe that if you've got it, flaunt it!


20 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato prides herself on taking care of her body. She is often seen working out or talking about her health regimen. Which is fantastic news, especially considering she had a former drug addiction to "snow" that very easily could have cost her, her life.

Lovato may look outstanding no matter which way you're looking at her, but when you look at her Instagram it's clear that she is very comfortable putting her chest on prominent display. Whether it is stepping out on the town, going to the beach or attending a red carpet event, you can rest assured that eyes are going to be on Lovato no matter where she goes.

With close to 60 million followers on Instagram, it's clear that Lovato has an outstanding level of support and appreciation for what she does.

19 Elizabeth Hurley


Elizabeth Hurley might be the oldest person to earn a spot on our list, but when you look at the above photos are you really going to argue that she isn't deserving? Hurley has recently re-emerged in the public spotlight, due in part to the fact that photos of her in a swimsuit have caught everyone's attention.

"There's no short-cut to being slim; you have to watch what you eat. I put myself under extra pressure because I still model my own bikinis, but I do have little treats now and again, such as Fruit Pastilles or marshmallows," said Hurley in an interview.

It's clear that she definitely is an outstanding model for her swimsuits!

18 Rita Ora 

Rita Ora is a talented musician, but her good looks have definitely helped her career get even further. Ora looks amazing whenever she participates in a photo shoot and is often seen walking around town with outfits that were bound to catch the attention of everyone around with their revealing nature, much less the fact that she's a famous celebrity.

Ora also landed a job as a judge on The X Factor and The Voice (both UK Versions) where she constantly turned heads with her outfits.

But if neither of those things appeals to you, the number of unbelievable photos she shares to her Instagram account definitely might. With currently over 11 million followers, we're sure Ora's career definitely isn't going to go on a downward spiral anytime soon.

17 Emily Ratajkowski


Emily Ratajkowski is one of the more 'open' celebrities on our list. It seems like every other day there is another photo popping up of Ratajkowski wearing an outfit that will leave you shocked at the lack of coverage.

Not to mention all the times that she has decided that wearing nothing was the outfit she was going for that day. Ratajkowski will put her body on display yet again for an upcoming movie Welcome Home To Italy that also stars Aaron Paul. It's clear that no matter the medium, Ratajkowski is comfortable walking around in her birthday suit.

Let's just hope her potential acting career doesn't mean that Ratajowski will stop having time to keep her Instagram updated and interfere with her various modelling jobs!

16 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez may be one of the most talked about celebrities of all-time. She has had countless high-profile relationships, including currently shacking up with Alex Rodriguez. But it also doesn't hurt that anytime Lopez steps out, the paparazzi are there to capture her every move.

That being said, she's often wearing something that is incredibly revealing, so perhaps you aren't such a hater on all of the amazing looks you get to see her in. Lopez is keeping herself plenty busy outside of the bedroom as well with her recent reality show World of Dance.

Lopez will be celebrating her 48th birthday on July 24th and you can imagine she will take that as a reason to step out on the town with a birthday outfit that'll highlight all of her best assets.

15 Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey has several outfits that she has worn that will surely make you understand why she is considered one of the best-looking musicians of all-time. There is also no shortage of music videos that she has been in where she has looked incredibly seductive. If you ask her now ex-husband Nick Cannon what the sexiest one is, he may vote for the song "Bye Bye", as that was actually how the two met!

The two were married in 2008 and had two children together (who were fraternal twins) but separated in 2014, and finalized their divorce back in 2016.

While Carey went on to date and become engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer, the two have since parted ways.

14 Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is no stranger to letting her clothes hit the floor for a role. But when talking about the first time that she ever did it in the movie Desperado, Hayek admitted

"I'm not an exhibitionist. It was the first time, so it was very difficult," and that it took several hours to film.

Since then she has clearly become more comfortable with letting the audiences check her all out. And if the roles weren't enough to leave you satisfied, how about the unbelievable photo we have for you above where Hayek has several features highlighted? It's clear that Hayek has many alluring features, but it's also evident why she belongs on our list.


13 Giada De Laurentiis


When it comes to qualities that you may find appealing in a partner, you wouldn't be alone in hoping that your partner is an amazing chef.

Though they also probably thought the same thing, so definitely don't be lazy in the kitchen! And unfortunately, your ability to reheat pizza both in the microwave and the oven may not cut it in the long run.

There may not be a woman out there that combines good looks with amazing talent in the kitchen more than Giada De Laurentiis. De Laurentiis has appeared on a variety of television shows, including her own entitled Giada at Home and is a member of the Culinary Hall of Fame.

Judging by the photo we have for you, you may also agree that she'd be a successful model too!

12 Kaley Cuoco

If you're a huge Kaley Cuoco fan, that means you're probably also a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory. Which means you probably love the fact that you get to check her out on a regular basis. Especially because Penny definitely doesn't always dress the most conservatively!

Of all celebrities on our list, Cuoco may be the most in love with the size of her assets. In fact, in a past interview, Cuoco called her plastic surgery (sorry boys, they're fake) one of the best decisions of her life.

Which may be why she's also often seen strutting around town, in photo shoots and at different red carpet events that highlight her fantastic looks.

11 Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell has had several roles in which she definitely relies on her cuteness and spunk to help add some personality to the character. She may not have been dialing the seduction up to 11 with her character Veronica Mars, but there were definitely still attractive elements.

But when Bell needs to turn up the heat, there is definitely no shortage of roles or moments in her life in which she has chosen to do so. While that means there were several options for what we included above, we can't imagine you looking at that photo and being anything but ecstatic.

Bell has several exciting projects on the horizon, but perhaps the two biggest: Frozen 2 and Wreck-It Ralph 2 are relying on her wonderful voice.

10 Aubrey O' Day

Aubrey O'Day is definitely a good looking woman. Which may not make it the most shocking thing in the world to hear that she has posed for various prestigious magazines. Including being asked to be the cover girl for the March 2009 issue of Playboy.

Aubrey has also made an appearance on various reality shows including the United Kingdom's version of Big Brother and The Celebrity Apprentice. Not to mention the fact that she is also in a relationship with fellow reality star Pauly D!

But you don't have to know (or enjoy) her music and time on television to appreciate how gorgeous she is. Especially when you consider the hot photo we have included for you.

9 Nikki Bella


It's incredibly evident that Nikki Bella's chest is artificially enhanced. But she isn't the only celebrity on our list that has had that done, and we're sure you definitely don't mind staring at her "fake" body. Especially because Nikki is not the first, and definitely isn't going to be the last person in the WWE to receive some enhancements.

When talking to, Nikki admitted that her best assets ended up costing her $6,500 and that she was incredibly proud of her decision.

Considering Nikki is soon to be married to John Cena, we're sure there will be no shortage of funds available if she decides she needs to get other parts of her body altered.

8 Pamela Anderson

Every decade has their own set of women who could be considered the biggest sex symbols of the era. You wouldn't be able to list of gorgeous women from the 90s for long before you came across the name, Pamela Anderson.

While Anderson has absolutely had her chest enhanced (and later reduced) throughout her career, there is no denying that any list like this is incomplete without her talents being on display. Anyone who also wants to see what Anderson looks like without clothes on definitely doesn't have to work too hard, as she bared it all for Playboy on several occasions.

Anderson got the opportunity to return to her glory days in 2017 when she reprised her iconic Baywatch character in the recent remake.

7 Helen Flanagan


Who is Helen Flanagan? She's a woman who was once considered the most attractive British celebrity in the entire world by FHM magazine (and the 3rd most attractive in the world). And when you look at the photo above, it shouldn't take very long for you to understand why even if Flanagan may not be as big a star as some of our other names, that she definitely stacks up to the competition.

While Flanagan may blow you away with the photo, she may be best known for her role on the British soap opera Coronation Street where she appeared from 1990-2012 and again in 2017.

We're sure that if this was the first time that you got to stare at a photo of Flanagan that it won't be the last one you want to see.

6 Melissa Rauch

There are several television shows on the air that feature several women who are drop dead gorgeous. The Big Bang Theory definitely needs to be considered in that regard as not only is Kaley Cuoco gorgeous, so are some of the other female stars such as Melissa Rauch.

And judging by the photo we have included of Rauch, you can understand why she was well deserving of being considered for this list as well! Unfortunately for fans of Rauch, the only way you're going to be able to check her out on a regular basis in the near future is to tune into TBBT. But even if you don't care about the plot of the show, there may be a few plot points that help keep you coming back for another episode.

5 Hayley Atwell


Hayley Atwell has several awesome roles, but we're sure her most recognizable will be her rendition of the character Peggy Carter.

And while you may miss seeing her around in the Marvel universe, you're probably ecstatic that you got reminded of how gorgeous she is with the tantalizing photos that we have featured for you.

It, unfortunately, looks like Atwell's career may be slowing down as her most recent series, Conviction was canceled after only one season. Perhaps she'll use this time to book some photo shoots with various magazines!

4 Nicki Minaj

When deciding on the women that earned a spot on this list, we assure you that personal enjoyment of said celebrity did not play a factor. I'm definitely not the biggest Minaj fan in the world. And that's definitely not going to decrease if I end up having one of her songs stuck in my head for the rest of the day now.

But when it comes to looking at Minaj, it's clear that she has several assets which she is constantly drawing your attention towards.

Not to mention the fact that her music videos also tend to constantly follow the theme of Minaj wearing little to no clothing. And while I may not be the biggest Minaj fan in the world, the fact that she has over 80 million followers on Instagram may be proof enough that she has a giant fan base.

3 Jennette McCurdy


Jenette McCurdy has been in the public spotlight for several years now. Her first big break came on the series iCarly and the subsequent series Sam & Cat, but judging by the photos that we have for you above, it's clear she has grown up!

McCurdy's career is currently in limbo as her series, Between, is awaiting news on if they will be coming back for a 3rd season.

While that may be disappointing for her fans, let's hope that gives her plenty of time to hit up the beach or take part in various activities that allow her to show off her good looks. We're sure it will only be a matter of time before McCurdy has a new project to be excited about.

2 Torrie Wilson

When it comes to competing in the WWE, it definitely matters not only how you are in the ring but how you look outside of it. This was especially the case for women in the company, especially if we look at the era in which Torrie Wilson was popular.

But when you look at the above photo, you may be left in agreement that Wilson is never looking better than she is now. You also may be in agreement that she definitely deserved a spot on our list.

Wilson's no stranger to the spotlight outside of WWE as she dated Alex Rodriguez for several years but the two broke it off in 2015. While he may be with Jennifer Lopez now, we're sure A-Rod is still left in amazement with how gorgeous Wilson is looking.

1 Milana Vayntrub


You might not recognize the name Milana Vayntrub right now, but it will only be a matter of time before she is definitely on your radar. Especially if she continues to wear outfits that put her most prominent assets on display!

However, outside of her good looks, you may be very interested in learning that in 2018, Vayntrub will play one of the leading roles on the new Marvel television show New Warriors. 

Vayntrub will play the super-heroine Squirrel Girl. The character has ties to several other heroes including some time with the Avengers. One thing is for sure, Vayntrub would definitely be able to add the power of seduction to Squirrel Girl's list of superpowers!

Vayntrub helped make a name for herself as an actress by appearing in AT&T commercials.

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