19 Behind-The-Scenes Pics DC Wouldn't Want Us To See

Cards on the table here. I happen to enjoy Marvel films far more than DC films overall. I think Marvel has hit on a formula that works for most of their franchises. DC has been all over the place for a long time. To be fair, they may now be finally hitting on something with the recent release of Wonder Woman. They may have a franchise worth really building.

Given how awful a number of the DC films have been in the past, there are quite a few photos from behind-the-scenes that I'm sure DC would really not want to have pushed around anymore. Some of these photos are from some pretty bad films that were never actually shot. Like the Superman film that was going to star Nicholas Cage.

Some of these photos are also from some pretty bad films that did make the big screen like Batman & Robin. And then some of these photos are from some actually good films like Watchmen and Wonder Woman. Basically, these behind-the-scenes shots either will remind us of some pretty bad times from DC or they'll break the illusion of some really good times.

19 The Flash Getting Wired Up To Move

Ok, so obviously the person playing the Flash is not as fast as the character. I think we are all smart enough to know that. So in order to make that sort of illusion work, they have to use a lot of computer-generated graphics, as while as some wiring techniques. It's not like the Flash goes around flying everywhere like Superman, but he does have some pretty intense moves and to do them without the safety of a wire would be stupid. And even to try them without a wire would be just hilarious. The guy would just fall over. I think the thing that makes me the saddest about this photo though isn't so much that the Flash has to be wired up. It's the group of guys in green body suits who have to move him around and around who just come across as kind of creepy.

18 The Joker Goes For A Dive...Into A Green Mat

If you ever want to be taken out of a film you've really invested yourself into, all you need to do is take a look at some green screen shots. You'll remember instantly that it's all move magic and bullsh*t. Of course, I'm sure you never assumed for a second that Jared Leto's stunt double actually took a swan dive into a vat of chemicals. Of course not. But that doesn't change the fact that seeing what he was actually falling onto completely break the illusion. Especially when you see the disaster that the set looks like. It's pretty sad when the awful factory that the character is set in look cleaner than the actual set that the actor is shooting on. If there's one thing that DC can't afford to do right now it's breaking the illusion of its films. Now that they're finally getting some good ones out.

17 Aquaman Can't Control Anything!

First of all, I miss Khal Drogo. That's an important statement to make before any of this. Secondly, it's nice that they're trying to make Aquaman cool...but he just isn't as a character anyway. Thirdly, it's not like Aquaman can actually control anything as we see by this green-screened pool he's standing in. Even Jason Momoa himself says that he has no control. At least as far as the character goes. “He’s the only one who is both a human and he’s a god,” noted Momoa. “I want to see him struggle with the fact that he has these powers and doesn’t know how to handle them. He hasn’t been trained.”I think he'll have a harder time struggling with making this character cool in any way but that's just my opinion. Either way, seeing this ocean god standing in a pool without his powers is kind of a lame way to see an already kind of lame character.

16 The Rock's Black Adam

Ok, you've got me. This isn't a behind-the-scenes shot. It is, however, a concept shot so...it still sort of counts as behind-the-scenes. But there's a problem with it. If you're a DC fan, then you probably know that they are going to be starting production on the first Shazam movie this coming year. You may also know that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson had expressed interest and was said to be cast as the villainous Black Adam. Now, if there's one thing I definitely want to see in a Rock film it's watching him play the villain. Hell, that's how he started back in the WWF. Unfortunately, it has officially been confirmed fairly recently that the Rock will not be appearing as Black Adam in the film at all. Now, this could mean that he will show up eventually, or that someone else has replaced him, or that there will be no Black Adam period. Either way, this was a mistake DC.

15 New Fangled Flying Contraption

It's amazing how flying has developed over the years in the comic film world. It's also kind of laughable every time. There's just no way that you can simulate flying (other than doing it all with CG) that isn't funny when you look at the actual shoot on set. Before any of the graphics are put in and before any editing has happened, this is what it looks like when Superman is flying! Cannon fans and air hoses are used to give that cape the proper airlift. It takes eight people just to get that part of the flying right. Not to mention the men in green suits who have to control the wires that are attached to Superman. I know this is part of the process, but showing it off really makes the whole thing seem ridiculous. And considering how often DC already looks that way, they may want to think twice.

14 Wonder Woman Fake Fighting!

Of course, for the most part, the fighting in the film industry is fake. There are those exceptions where people get carried away and injured. Or there are those method actors who demand to be hit. But the fighting is meant to be fake and just give the illusion of reality. Here, you get to see Wonder Woman fighting a completely digital character. How do I know that this character is completely digital? Well, because of the suit that the guy is wearing. It's all about picking up his movement information so that they can create a digital character from him. So when Wonder Woman goes to cut the guy's hand...it'll actually look like she's cut the guy's hand. But when you watch what the real shoot looks like, you get to see a glimpse of just how fake the whole thing is.

13 Nicolas Cage Was Going To Play Superman

I'm actually kind of surprised that DC didn't end up running with this ridiculous project. I mean...if you can recall what Bane looked like in Batman & Robin, then you'll know that DC doesn't really care much about looking ridiculous. And I'm not sure which would make more of a flop, Arnie as Mr. Freeze or Nicolas Cage as Superman. Either way, the reason why Cage has long hair in this shot is that it was in preparation for The Death of Superman. If you know the comics, you'll know that Superman returns eventually but with long hair for whatever reason. I can think of a great many reasons why DC might not want you to see this. Cage could very well be a bigger embarrassment to the company than Arnie. The movie never happened. And let's be honest, it was a stupid casting and design choice.

12 Jonah Hex Had To Take A Call

There are probably a few of you who actually don't even know who Jonah Hex is. I would suggest you watch the animated short starring Thomas Jane as it's certainly better than the live-action work. But that's just my opinion. Either way, Hex is basically the cowboy version of The Punisher. He's a vigilante cowboy. Which is pretty awesome. So, there's something a little off-putting when you get to see a shot of him holding a cellphone in hand, sitting by the monitors. Way to stay in character buddy. Hex wouldn't know what the hell a cell is. He'd probably sooner shoot it than try and use it. And that's not even getting started on why this actor has his cellphone so close at hand when shooting on location.

11 Is This Dr. Manhattan!?

Short answer, yes. This is Dr. Manhattan. You might not recognize him in this shot from his role in Watchmen. And that's because this is the actual guy who played the physical version of him. All of those lights dotted all over the guy are part of the motion capture suit that he's wearing in order to turn him into the digital, entirely blue version we know and maybe love (depending on the kind of fan you are). Now, does this guy look anything like a man who could live forever? Who knows everything about the world and how messed up it is? I don't think so. I think he looks a bit more like a Mel Gibson type from the movie Signs. But instead of tin foil Hershey's Kiss hats he's wearing strings of LED lights. This kind of shot is probably the easiest way to ruin a character like Dr. Manhattan.

10 Batman & Robin's Bane Was Just Awful

Realistically, you don't even need a behind-the-scenes shot of this version of Bane to just accept that it's completely ridiculous and awful. There is no redeeming quality to this joke. I understand that Bane was meant to be a tank of a luchador who could pump a strength serum into himself to make him incredibly strong. But he wasn't a complete dunce. Nor was he so obviously made of plastic. Just based on the costume choice; the design choice of this character for this film was too much. Even with Arnie playing Mr. Freeze. Sure, Batman & Robin was a larger-than-life film in a more comic book way than The Dark Knight Rises, but at least Tom Hardy played Bane as the intellectual he actually was supposed to be. I can imagine DC wanting people to forget about this really bad Bane.

9 I'm Seeing Double!

Who would've thought that there'd be two dashing men who looked so similar that they could double up to play Superman? It's a good thing that the stunt guy is marked with yellow tape on his shoulders. If he wasn't, I honestly don't think I'd really be able to tell which of these guys is the actual Superman. That being said, that's hardly the point here. Unless they were shooting some sort of "Bizarro World" film, it kind of breaks the illusion to see two Supermen standing next to each other. I know that when Superman died a lot of people pretended that they were him. But none of them actually looked a thing like him. Not even Superkid (because he wore a silly leather jacket over his blue tights). Either way, DC should be trying to show that there is only one man of steel.

8 Bane And The Bat Are Buddy Buddy

First of all, I didn't think that Christian Bale got along with anyone. Especially after his freak out on the lighting guy that went viral. But here he is all dressed up as the Bat, sharing a manly hug with Bane. If there was ever something that would take me out of the awesomeness that is Tom Hardy's Bane it would be him giving Christian Bale's Batman a hug. For a couple of reasons. First, just don't hug Christian Bale (he's kind of an ass). Secondly, stay in character and be the Bane that wants the Bat to see Gotham burn. And let's be honest here, it's way cooler when Bane is grabbing Batman in order to break his back than it is for him to be getting all chummy with him and giving him a hug. It's hard to buy back into the film after seeing this sort of thing.

7 Batman And Robin Scaling A Building...

Let me start off by saying "rest in peace Adam West". Secondly, let me point out how ingenious and ridiculous the tv and film business was back in the 60's. Back when there wasn't all the computer-generated stuff we have today, film companies had to really get creative in order to physically do all of their action. In this case, Batman and Robin are "climbing" a building. Of course, all that's actually being done is they are crouching to give the illusion of climbing while they pull up on a rope. And the only reason this gag sells at all is that it is shot with a photo background of skyscrapers on their side. So, once you turn the camera and go to edit the shot, it looks as though these two caped crusaders are actually climbing up a building.

6 Wes Craven's Swamp Thing Was A Disaster

Here is a film that should definitely be pushed as far down the whole of DC failures as possible. And I'm going to start by saying that it's not Wes Craven's fault. I think he's a brilliant writer and director. The problem was that he was given no time and no money to make a film that originally had a better schedule and a bigger budget. From what I understand, the comic book version of the Swamp Thing is actually pretty well loved in the DC fan world. But other than a small cult following, I don't think there are many people who like anything about this film. If DC was wise, they'd issue an apology to Wes Craven's family, and then go out of their way not to mention anything about the film ever again. But it'll probably surface again with some sort of reboot.

5 So Strong He Can Lift Foam!

Boy oh boy, if you ever wanted to ruin the illusion of Superman being so bloody strong that he can save people from collapsing buildings and pick up vehicles...all you need to do is look at this silly photo. First of all, I hope everyone knows that most of the muscles you see in this shot are just the suit and don't actually belong to Henry Cavill. Secondly, you'll have to notice that he's lifting a foam mat. This mat probably became a car in the finished product. But doesn't that just ruin everything for you? I mean Cavill does look like the fittest man in the world (even if we know it's fake)...but then for a photo like this to be leaked of him lifting a foam mat...it's just pretty laughable. Sometimes the wonders of movie magic just shouldn't be shown off.

4 The...Grey Lantern...I Guess?

There are a couple of reasons why DC should not want this photo getting out too much. First of all is the motion capture part of it. Ryan Reynolds basically spent his entire time on the Green Lantern film shoot wearing this grey suit. Why? Because almost every moment he's on screen, he is computer generated. But there's another, bigger reason for DC to not want this to get around. Ryan Reynolds did pay the Green Lantern. And that's pretty awesome. But then he turned on DC with a big middle finger and went over to Marvel to make a far more popular film with Deadpool. If I were a DC executive, I wouldn't want Reynolds to be shown too much on a DC stage. Not unless I managed to get him back for something like Shazam. But that's not happening.

3 Reeve Didn't Fly And The Studio Was Horrible

As you can see by this little contraption, Christopher Reeve never actually flew. Of course, none of you is dumb enough to think that he did, but seeing the illusion broken here by this strange framed machine that can tilt Superman and Lois Lane up and down to give some crappy notion that they're flying kind of hurts. But there's something even worse to take note of in this shot. It's what the flying machine is called. You should be able to make out along the white strip on the machine that it says Kamakazi Airways. Now, besides the fact that it's pretty awful to make reference to the Japanese suicide bomber of WWII, it's also pretty scary to name the machine that is responsible for making it seem like Superman can fly after a group of people who purposely decided to crash.

2 There's Only One Place A Catwoman Suit Should Be

Alright, so here's the thing. It's kind of creepy that the Catwoman suits are just left sitting on mannikins when they're not being worn by the actor. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to get those suits off of the mannikins and then onto whichever star they're being put on to (depending on the film). I think these are the costumes worn by Michelle Pfeiffer. Now, this is another big mistake on the part of DC. If you're going to have Catwoman costumes lying around, you better make sure they're lying around with Pfeiffer inside of them because no one wants to see creepy mannikins wearing what has made Michelle Pfeiffer so scorching hot in DC comic history. The same would go for Halle Berry or Anne Hathaway. Any chance for a boost in popularity would be good for DC.

1 DC Is Already A Joke. Kevin Smith Just Makes It Funny

So, here's the thing. Realistically, I think there's every reason why DC should probably promote Kevin Smith far more. First of all, he definitely has a better track record with his films and his projects than DC does in general (aside from the publication of comic books). And secondly, he's just hilarious and deserves to be promoted because of that fact. But here's why DC shouldn't push Kevin Smith. As a business choice, it makes sense not to plaster him all over the place as working with DC. He's really popular, but he's known as a funny guy. DC is already laughable enough. Why would they want to paint themselves even more like clowns? There's only one good clown in the DC universe and he's been played by so many people now that I'm not even sure I know anything about his actual character.

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