20 Behind The Scene Photos From The Walking Dead You Have To See

Behind the scenes photos of any show are usually fun to look at. However, this is especially the case with The Walking Dead. Why are behind the scenes photos of The Walking Dead just so much fun? Firs

Behind the scenes photos of any show are usually fun to look at. However, this is especially the case with The Walking Dead. Why are behind the scenes photos of The Walking Dead just so much fun? First of all, there is the zombie factor. While they are terrifying on the actual show, in behind the scenes photos, you are reminded that they are just normal people with a lot of amazing special effects makeup on their faces and bodies.

Also less terrifying behind the scenes: the main characters. We’re so used to watching Rick, Daryl, Carol and the whole gang be a group of badasses, who are willing to take anyone down. Behind the scenes, they are (dare we say it?) just like us. They goof around on set and they are all BFFs. Seriously, the cast loves each other and it totally makes us jealous that we aren’t in their BFF circle.

The last factor that makes these photos so great is that it helps us deal with our heartbreak. Considering all the loss we’ve seen throughout the seven seasons (spoilers below), it’s nice to be reminded that, y’know, it’s just a show and the actors aren’t dead in real life. The photos won't magically heal the Glenn-sized hole in your heart but hey, that's what therapy is for.

These photos may be hilarious, sweet or add a new perspective to how an iconic scene was shot. Whatever the reason may be, below are 20 behind the scenes photos that every The Walking Dead fan must see.


This seems like a normal photo at first. Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun and Greg Nicotero are just chatting it up between scenes. Y’know, just three dudes talking about what three dudes talk about. It all seems normal, until you notice that Steven Yeun is holding a baseball bat! Glenn, no! He clearly didn’t know the violent end his character would meet via a baseball bat.

Well, actually if Yeun read the comics, he does know because that’s exactly how his character died in the comics too - eyeball and all. If you were to rewatch the series, you would also see all of the foreshadowing the creators packed in before season seven. When we first meet Glenn in season one, he’s wearing a baseball hat and baseball jersey. In Terminus, he’s on the chopping block and almost takes a bat to the head twice. Maybe, we should have known all along...

Still, this photo is just hilarious. Yeun should not look so happy to be holding a bat!


Doesn’t this photo seem like some weird, abstract art? It's like a piece of artwork making a statement about all of us being zombies.

Well, it's not artwork. It’s actually just a behind the scenes photo. While watching The Walking Dead, it’s so easy to forget that the zombies are played by real live humans, because they rock the whole zombie thing so very well. These real live humans don’t like to sit out in the rain - as most real live humans don't like to do. When it rains, they are provided an umbrella just like the rest of the cast and crew.

Also, it’s possibly even more important that the zombie extras don’t get wet, as it may mess up their makeup. With all the effort put into the zombie special effects, the last thing you would want is for it to be washed off.


Daryl Dixon is just about everyone’s favorite character, which makes it odd that he isn’t even a character in the comic books. Thats' right, there is no Daryl Dixon in the comic books. I know, it’s a shock.

Norman Reedus was so obsessed with the script that he begged to come in and read for Merle, a role that had already been cast. He obviously didn’t get that part, but the showrunner was so impressed with Reedus that they created a character just for him – and so, Daryl Dixon was born. It was Reedus who helped mold the character, which is why so much of his personality shines through. That being said, this behind the scenes photo of Reedus giving a thumbs up to zombie guts seems like something Daryl Dixon would 100% do too.


Ugh, the ship that never really had its chance: Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon. It seemed like an extremely unlikely duo. She was the farmer’s other daughter, who sang songs and took care of babies. She was also a teenager, who had never been drunk. Daryl was the motorcycle riding bad boy, who is, uh, older... we’re not exactly sure how old Daryl is supposed to be. We can say without a doubt, though, that Daryl is not a teenager. Daryl had also very clearly been drunk 1,000 times in his life. The pair couldn't be more different.

After the prison fell, it was just Beth and Daryl on the run and during that time they got close. Like, really close. There was certainly a spark there. However, there wasn’t much time to really explore said spark, as the pair got split up. The next time they reunited, Beth was shot. Daryl did his whole Daryl Dixon crying thing, which can touch even the hardest heart.

Daryl and Beth will never have their chance to hook up. However, behind the scenes, it seems that the pair were very cozy. While there were rumors that Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney were dating off set, Reedus’ rep shut down those rumors. At least we'll always have this picture.

1 Michonne Having A Relaxed Moment


Ah, Michonne. The character doesn’t really let her guard down all that often – and that’s for good reason, it’s a goddamn zombie apocalypse after all! Keeping your guard up is how you survive, y'all.

In real life, though, Danai Gurira, who portrays Michonne, is just like the rest of us. Sure, she’s a talented actress on a hit TV show so maybe we can't really relate with her there, but she’s also a person who likes to laugh with her co-stars. Here she is with Chad L. Coleman, who portrayed Tyreese. She seems to be cracking up about, of all things, the fake zombie guts on his shoulder. Well, yeah, we never said they laughed about normal stuff on set. We’re just saying that they laugh sometimes.


If you remember the scene that proceeded this photo, the fact that Andrew Lincoln is smiling is absolutely hilarious.

A little refresher: Rick, Carl and Michonne were ambushed by a group of baddies who had it out for Rick as he killed their friend. Daryl had, unknowingly, joined the baddies, not realizing just how bad they were. When Daryl defends Rick, they begin beating Daryl to death. They then threaten to rape Carl and kill them all. Things did not look good, as Rick's group is outnumbered and without any weapons.

When the head honcho holds Rick’s arms behind his back and asks Rick what he's going to do now, Rick bites the dude’s neck out. We’re talking Rick spitting out a flab of flesh and the guy gushing blood. It was zombie-esque and a gory reminder of just how much humanity everyone has lost.

Afterward, Rick leans against the car and ponders about what he did. Daryl comes over and tells Rick to clean up… because, yeah, he's covered in blood. In this photo, we see Lincoln smiling as he's getting the blood touched up on his face. It's good to know that Lincoln can keep it light, even when his character is going through some dark stuff.


In a way, it’s hilarious to see everyone with their phones because we never see their phones on the show. The obvious reason we never see cell phones in the show is because a cell phone would serve absolutely no point in the zombie apocalypse. Without service or wifi, what good is your iPhone? I mean, you could play Candy Crush to distract yourself from the utter terror going on every day but that's about it.

In this photo Lauren Cohan (Maggie) is showing Christian Serratos (Rosita) something on her phone. From the way Cohan is really staring at it, it seems like something important. Actually, it could be a text from a guy because, honestly, that is the same face I make when I’m trying to decode a guy’s cryptic text. To the side, we have Lennie James (Morgan) trying to get in on the action. If she is trying to decode a guy’s text, getting James’ opinion may be of some help.


How crazy looking is that photo? Merritt Wever, who played Dr. Denise Cloyd, clearly had no problem with the arrow sticking right through her eye. Of course, it was all makeup and prosthetics. Seeing this photo is a reminder of what amazing work the special effects makeup team does on The Walking Dead. They are truly the unsung heroes of the show.

What’s odd is that this was not Denise’s death in the comics. It was actually Abraham’s, though we all know what new, gross death the show served Abraham. Okay, anyway, in the comics, Denise lives through most of the war with Negan, only to get bit by a zombie at the tail end. Instead of chopping her arm off to live, she keeps her arm so she can repair her boyfriend’s broken leg and save him. She literally sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend’s life. Totally sweet.

In all honestly, her comic book death is much more poetic and heroic than her show death. We wonder if TWD will work that same heroic death into the show with different characters.


There’s Christian Serratos playing with a machete. Well, our guess is that the machete is not all that sharp. Prop knives tend to be made out of rubber or plastic and have dull edges. It’s most likely that she’s holding a plastic machete that isn’t actually sharp. We’d like to think so because the danger of holding a machete over your head would not be advised.

Last we saw of Rosita, she was distraught after seeing Abraham literally beaten to death with a barbed-wire baseball bat. Personally, that really might be what he deserved after the way he broke up with her. Okay, he didn’t deserve that per se, but Rosita certainly didn’t deserve to be broken up with by Ab saying, “When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on Earth. You're not.” I mean, we've seen people eaten to death by zombies but that was still pretty rough. Also Abraham, have you seen Christian Serratos?


Ah, the whole gang after the Wolves attacked Alexandria. The fact that everyone is smiling or making a goofy face just makes the photo hilarious, as they are all also holding weapons and covered in blood. Seriously, look at Father Gabriel and try not to smile.

Also, if you look at the Alexandrians to the right of the photo, you’ll notice that they are both holding bloody bats. Could The Walking Dead have been foreshadowing the final scene of that season within this episode? Uh, maybe, but also bats may have just been the only weapons they had around.

The question remains: have we seen the last of the Wolves? Our guess is probably not because this is The Walking Dead and anything bad that can happen, will happen.


Rick has been a lot of things: sheriff, husband, father, leader. However, in being all those things, Rick somehow forgot to learn how to hold a baby. In Andrew Lincoln's defense, of course, this photo could have been snapped as he was changing holding positions. We don’t seriously think Andrew Lincoln had her chillin’ on his knee like that the whole time.

Knowing which specific baby actress Lincoln was holding in this photo is hard to figure out because a whooping 16 actresses have played Judith. With the strict laws for babies on set, the producers tend to cast twins to play Judith each season, with as many as two or three sets of twins per season. That's a lot of Judiths.

Oh, and by the way, notice her little baby hand on the left. She’s totally reaching for Rick’s gun! She may, in fact, be Shane’s baby and want revenge.


Acting on television or in film is so much different than acting on stage. On stage, the actors get to look into the faces of other actors. For film or television, there are many times when they are acting straight into a camera, like in the above photo. Steven Yeun has to have some serious talent to convincingly act without actually looking at another human face.

After seeing the episode, we know that it is cut to seem like Glenn is talking to Nicholas, who shoots himself. Every fan knows the rest of the iconic scene. Nicholas and Glenn fall. The zombies eat Nicholas’ guts but it was cut to make us fans think that Glenn had actually died. Glenn then hides under the dumpster to live another day or to, err, die another day.


Here is another behind the scenes photo that gives you some insight into how they shoot things. Also, this photo should make you feel a little bit better about the whole Terminus thing.

After Bob is bitten by a walker, he is kidnapped by the Terminus people, who eat his leg. Bob, of course, has the last laugh, declaring that they are eating tainted meat. Even though Bob does have the last laugh, the scene is still enough to make any fan queasy. The idea of someone eating your own leg meat right in front of you is gross. What makes this photo amazing is that you see the behind the scenes work that went into faking the eaten leg. Lawrence Gillard Jr.’s leg was wrapped in blue and a fake bandaged leg was placed on top. Ah, the magic of television.

The best part about the photo is just how hilarious Lauren Cohan seems to find Bob’s eaten leg.


Seeing double? Yeah, us too. Chandler Riggs’ stunt double seriously looks like him.

This scene happens after the fall of the prison. Rick had been beaten to a pulp by The Governor. As Rick basically dies on a couch, Carl is left to fend for himself. He bolts up the house, using video game console wires to tie the doors shut. The scene where Carl longingly looks at the video game console but then uses the wires for their protection does a great job at highlighting just how far from an innocent childhood Carl is at this point. Carl then goes on to kill walkers and goes into nearby houses for supplies and food. It's at this point that he finds a big container of chocolate pudding, which he eats on the roof.

The scene in which Carl eats the chocolate pudding was the exact scene being shot on the roof with the stunt double.


If you want to cry, that’s okay because we totally want to cry too. Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan totally loved each other behind the scenes too. Okay, well we don’t really mean that, because Yeun is married to Joana Pak. We don’t want to go starting any rumors. That being said, Yeun and Cohan clearly had a very close relationship on set. We’d hope they would be close, considering the sheer amount of scenes the two shot together. Oh, and also the types of scenes they shot together. I mean, they were one of the only duos who got to shoot several love scenes. If you're not tight after that, nothing will make you tight.

Of course, now Glenn and Maggie are no more but we still have Glenn’s romantic last words to Maggie, “Maggie, I’ll find you.” All. The. Tears.


This is another one of those weird zombie photos that makes it almost seem like it’s a piece of artwork. Seriously, they could release all the weird zombie behind the scenes photos and make it a little gallery of sorts.

Anyways, here is someone with gruesome zombie makeup on holding one of the cameras. No word on if this was just an extra or actually Greg Nicotero in makeup holding the camera. Regardless of who is zombified, this photo is, again, a tribute to just how amazing the special effects makeup team is on The Walking Dead. They make some pretty convincing zombies if I do so say myself.


This photo is great for several reasons. First of all, it’s great to see the co-stars being friends with each other, especially female co-stars. So many times the media pits female co-stars against each other and creates a rivalry. That doesn’t seem to be the case on The Walking Dead, where they are all good friends.

In this photo, Lauren Cohan, Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) and Alanna Masterson (Tara) snap a cute selfie with each other. The other amazing part of this photo is obvious the fact that they are using a phone. On the show, they’d never be able to snap a selfie together. If only we could see just how their selfie turned out.

Also, props to Cohan and Martin-Green for rocking the duck face!


Ugh, the episode when Beth died. Can we all just take a moment of silence? Until the season 7 premiere, Beth’s death may have been one of the saddest on the show. She was a sweet character, who was learning how to live in the zombie-infested world. She was a light at the end of the tunnel to characters like Daryl and Rick, who had been too hardened by the world. Then, she was shot. The cherry on top of the emotional episode was Daryl and Maggie’s reactions. Daryl immediately shoots Officer Dawn, who shot Beth. With tears streaming down his face, Daryl then carries Beth’s body out to her sister. Upon seeing her, Maggie falls to her knees sobbing. It’s seriously sad.

This photo of Cohan and Kinney hugging was the reunion we all hoped for on the show but, uh, it didn’t quite pan out like that.


It certainly seems like Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Scott Wilson (Hershel) got along quite well on the show. There are a few photos of the trio goofing off together but this one is the best by far. Why is it the best one? Well, they screwed up.

They are trying to be the three wise monkeys that hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. The speak part is missing, as both Reedus and Wilson are being the hear no evil monkey. Hey, at least Rick got it right. We'll forgive them for mistake because we still love all three of them. Also, we totally miss Hershel. What a gentle soul. Now, Maggie Greene is the only living member of the Greene clan.


If Alanna Masterson’s face in this photo doesn’t make your day, we don’t know what will. Pictured with Greg Nicotero, she is clearly having some fun with one of the zombie extras.

By the way, if you don’t know who Greg Nicotero is, he’s basically the man that makes The Walking Dead so amazing. He’s done special makeup effects for 70 episodes. He’s also worked as an executive producer on the show and directed 17 episodes. Oh, and a fun bit of info. He’s even appeared in the show! On four different episodes, he’s appeared as a walker. He was actually the walker who killed Andrea’s sister Amy in season one.

If you think his work on TWD would take up most of his time, you’re wrong. He’s also done special effects makeup for Fear the Walking Dead, Preacher, The Hateful Eight, Breaking Bad and literally hundreds of other projects.

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20 Behind The Scene Photos From The Walking Dead You Have To See