20 Amazing Fashion Choices From Rachel Green That We Want To Bring Back

Rachel Green was the ultimate style queen on the TV show Friends. She always looked chic and put together, so it only made sense that as the show progressed Rachel quit her waitressing job and pursued a career in the area that really interested her – fashion.

While there is no denying that Monica and Phoebe also rocked some cool outfits throughout the series, Rachel’s style was the most consistent and unique.

At the beginning of the series we saw Rachel rocking lots of denim (think denim overalls and denim button downs), miniskirts and plaid. Her style was playful, quirky and laid-back.

As the show progressed, so did Rachel’s career in fashion, and in turn, her style. We saw her rocking amazing work outfits and we saw less of the previous wardrobe staples such as plaid and denim. Of course, we also mustn’t forget that at the start of the series Rachel’s style was influenced by the 90’s but as the show progressed and we moved onto the 2000’s, so too did Rachel’s wardrobe.

Nowadays most people refer to early Rachel outfits as those most iconic. However, some of Rachel’s later outfits are no less inspiring.

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20 The Black Slip Dress


Throughout the series Rachel wore countless of slinky black slip dresses. For example, do you remember that time when she wore a black slip dress to impress a doctor who was helping Susan, Ross’s ex-wife, give birth? Yes, that was a pretty cute outfit.

However, we especially love the above black slip dress since it’s slightly unusual – the buttons going down the entire length of the dress add a nice touch. Plus the fact that Rachel wears the dress over a brown long-sleeved top makes the outfit appear extremely casual, perfect for an effortless yet cute everyday look!

19 The Stunning Dress That We Almost Never Saw


This is the outfit that resulted from Ross’s and Rachel’s fight in the second episode (The One Where No One Is Ready) of the third season of Friends. Do you remember what happened? Ross was annoyed by his friends and his girlfriend Rachel, for not being ready to go to a function that evening. Eventually, Ross yelled at Rachel, who got so angry she decided not to go at all and came out of her room wearing a Knicks sweatshirt.

However, since it became apparent that Ross was prepared to go to extreme lengths to get Rachel to forgive him, she eventually pardoned him and went into her room to change. She came out wearing the above stunning dress! Now if only she could have put that on straight away and saved Ross all that stress.

18 "Paris Here I Come" Outfit


The above outfit is the outfit that Rachel wore in Episode 18 (The Last One Part 2) of season 10. This was the outfit – which consisted of a black mini skirt, knee high boots, a white t-shirt and a black vest - that Rachel chose to fly to Paris in. While it is indeed an incredibly chic ensemble it probably would have also been an incredibly uncomfortable one had Rachel not got off the plane.

However, love triumphed in the end – Rachel did get off the plane and thus avoided breaking Ross’s heart (and the hearts of many Friends fans of course). Plus, we’re sure that the outfit is far more comfortable on land than it would have been in the air.

17 Plaid Ensemble


If one had to describe Rachel’s top wardrobe staples, plaid would definitely be at the top of the list. Throughout the series Rachel wore countless of plaid ensembles, such as the one you see above.

The above outfit consists of a plaid skirt and a dark brown/dark green/grey t-shirt. The outfit is simple but effective. Of course, the plaid skirt is at the center of attention here – it is what turns the otherwise boring ensemble into something a bit more edgy.

Notice the lack of accessories – Rachel knows that the outfit is effective as it is, and that adding accessories to it would just take away from the overall look, not add to it.

16 Plaid Ensemble No. 2


Did we mention that Rachel loves plaid? Here is yet another example to prove that plaid is a staple in Rachel’s wardrobe. The above outfit consists of a mini plaid skirt, white long-sleeved shirt and white knee length socks. Once again, the outfit is pretty simple yet it looks amazing.

As in the previous example, the mini plaid skirt is at the center of attention but of course the white knee length socks certainly make the outfit what it is – chic and playful.

Funnily enough, Rachel chose this outfit for taking care of Ross’s pet monkey Marcel. And then she lost him. It couldn’t have been easy looking for a loose monkey in a mini skirt.

15 An Outfit Fit To See Your Ex In


Who on earth would try and make themselves ugly when going to see their ex? Probably no one. And yet Rachel was feeling so guilty at having left her ex-fiancee Barry at the altar that she deliberately tried to make herself look less attractive than she was.

Of course, upon seeing that Barry exhibited no signs of heartbreak and furthermore upon hearing that he had gone to Aruba with her maid of honor, Rachel quickly transformed her concealing outfit – denim overalls with a jacket over them – into something much more sexy and chic. All she had to do was take off her jacket to reveal her dainty undershirt, let her hair down and swipe some lipstick on.

14 Denim Overalls And A Stripy Shirt Combo


We talked about plaid being a staple in Rachel’s wardrobe. But another obvious fashion choice that Rachel loved in the first few seasons of Friends was denim overalls. She deemed denim overalls fit for all occasions, including going to see her ex-fiancee Barry. However, while for the latter occasion she wore a dainty undershirt underneath her overalls, in the above example she wears a much more casual stripy t-shirt.

The combination of denim overalls and a stripy t-shirt is not only casual and cool but also extremely fashionable in a laid back sort of way.

13 Simple Yet Effective Outfit


The above outfit is yet another classic Rachel look. While Rachel has obviously been fashion conscious since season one, as the seasons progress her looks become slightly more put together and pristine, probably because she ends up working in the fashion industry.

The first few seasons of Friends however see Rachel wearing fun and laid back outfits. Think plaid, denim and short skirts. The above outfit consists of a light purple t-shirt and a black skirt, and looks incredible.

We’ve learned lots from Rachel Green but perhaps the most important lesson was thus: don’t shy away from seemingly simple outfits because very often they are the most effective.

12 A Patterned Slip Dress


Rachel loved slip dresses, and you can see her wearing them all throughout the series. While black slip dresses were definitely her favorite she did not shy away from colorful and even patterned slip dresses either.

Take the above outfit as an example. It’s a colorful slip dress that is both chic and laid back. To complete the look Rachel paired the above slip dress with a silver necklace and matching silver earrings.

While Rachel knows that some outfits don’t need any accessories to make them pop, in this case she made the right choice – the simple yet elegant accessories somehow render the above outfit more elegant than it would otherwise be.

11 Dark Overalls Paired With A Short-Sleeve Jumper


Rachel adores overalls and we can see why – they’re fun, they look playful and they are easy to style. Furthermore, they offer countless of outfit combinations, making them one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever.

In the above photo Rachel has clearly opted for darker denim overalls which she has paired with a white, knitted short-sleeve jumper. The short-sleeve jumper is quite unusual but it somehow works extremely well with the dark overalls.

This is definitely one of those laid-back, casual outfits that we should bring back. If you’re not brave enough to wear the short-sleeved jumper, opt for a long-sleeved jumper or sweatshirt instead.

10 The Unique Shirt Look


Another staple in Rachel’s wardrobe is the quirky t-shirt. Over the course of the series she has worn countless of cool t-shirts that gave us some serious t-shirt envy. The above t-shirt – paired with a simple black skirt and a work apron – definitely falls in the “cool t-shirt” category.

So why is the above t-shirt so cool? Well, for starters it has a unique cut at the front as well as an interesting design. It’s a long sleeve t-shirt and it is black – a very versatile and elegant color that will never go out of style. If you want to replicate this look then be on the lookout for cool cuts and unique designs.

9 The Denim Button-Down


Another outfit that attests to Rachel’s love for denim – here we see Rachel pairing a black skirt and long sleeved t-shirt (or a black dress, we’re not sure. Either way, both a black dress and a black skirt and t-shirt combo will get you this exact look) with a denim button down that she has tied up into a knot, giving her that relaxed and laid-back vibe.

Rachel then added a simple necklace and put her hair up to complete the look. When going for this look, you can leave the apron out – we’re sure Rachel would have gladly shed it had she been given the chance.

8 Plaid Pants And A Graphic Tee


Rachel loves plaid whether it’s in the form of skirts or pants. Granted, plaid skirts are much easier to incorporate into one’s wardrobe but plaid pants can be more rewarding, at least if you style them well.

Rachel is truly the queen of styling plaid. In the above outfit she has styled plaid pants with a casual graphic white tee, white sneakers and a denim button down which is tied around her waist in a nonchalant manner.

No accessories are needed to complete this look – if anything, accessories would ruin the outfit instead of adding to it, and Rachel knows it.

7 Baseball Game Attire


Rachel is not into sports but she is certainly into fashion. And that reflects in her style, especially when it comes to dressing for “sporty situations”.

Take the above outfit as an example. The outfit consists of 90’s style jeans, a black graphic tee and a baseball hat.

Rachel wore it to a baseball game and while we’re not so sure that she managed to do well for herself during the actual game, we know for a fact that she was the ultimate style champion. Not many of us could dress for a baseball game and end up looking both comfy and chic at the same time.

6 The Chic Black Jumper That Makes Any Outfit


Okay, so some may consider this entry cheating in that it encompasses two outfits. But hear us out – both of these outfits are pretty similar so we thought it would be no harm to have them side by side.

The outfit on the left consists of jeans, a white shirt and a short-sleeve jumper. It’s chic and relaxed and best of all, it is suitable both for work and for everyday wear.

The outfit on the right consists of a black long-sleeve jumper, a grey skirt and knee-high boots. Once again, you could wear it to work or to brunch. It is chic and elegant.

5 A Simple Patterned Dress


In the early seasons of Friends Rachel opted for simple, casual outfits that were nevertheless chic and elegant. Take the above outfit as an example – it consists of a simple patterned black and white dress which Rachel has accessorized with a simple watch.

The outfit looks stunning – how come dresses always look so dressy and thought-out even though they require the least effort and thought when compared to other outfits? To achieve this look, simply opt for a patterned dress and keep it simple – pair it with sneakers, leave your hair down and don’t overdo it with accessories.

4 The Classy Outfit


The above outfit is one of Rachel’s iconic looks that has been copied by fans worldwide. The outfit consists of black trousers and a white lacy blouse. Rachel has accessorized the look with a chic pearl necklace which pretty much makes the outfit.

The overall look is elegant, chic and classy. It can never go out of style and is suitable for countless of occasions. Think work, dinner parties and date nights – you just can’t go wrong with the above look. Leave your hair tousled and keep your makeup minimal – let the outfit speak for itself.

3 Graphic Tee With Black Shorts


If you’re a fan of Friends and Rachel’s style then you have probably tried to copy this look at some point in your life. And why wouldn’t you? It’s playful, it’s laid-back, and it’s different. In other words, it’s everything you could ever want your outfit to be.

If Rachel had paired the graphic USA tee with a simple black skirt, you could have argued that the resulting outfit would have been somewhat boring. But the fact that she paired it with black shorts and black tights really makes it stand out in a good way.

As with most Rachel’s outfits, no accessories are needed. Leave your hair tousled and your makeup minimal to achieve that “laid-back but cool” look.

2 The Black Button Down


If you love skirts then Rachel is your spirit animal. You see, she too loves skirts and she loves to pair them with button down shirts which she then ties up in a knot, achieving that cool, chic vibe that all of us strive for.

To achieve the above look opt for a loose black mini skirt and a black button down. Keep your hair messy and your makeup minimal (go for a nude lip). Avoid accessorizing the already perfect look – the black button down should be at the center of attention here. Trust us – if Rachel doesn’t need accessories, then neither do you!

1 Plaid Pants And Graphic Tee No. 2


Rachel loves plaid and we love plaid on Rachel. Plaid is truly a staple in Rachel’s wardrobe whether it comes in the shape of skirts or pants. As stated earlier, while plaid skirts may be easier to style, plaid pants are certainly more rewarding if styled correctly.

So how should you style plaid pants? Take fashion advice from Rachel and avoid flashy colors. Since plaid pants are already kind of flashy and attention grabbing, stick to neutral colors when it comes to choosing your top.

Avoid accessories and keep your makeup minimal. It is too easy to look like a clown with plaid pants but if you stick to general fashion rule,  you should be fine.

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