19 Pics That Prove Hilary Duff Has The Best Assets Of All The Disney Girls

Hilary Duff is a young American actress popular mostly for her roles on Disney Channel and in Disney movies. Her most recognizable role was the one of Lizzie McGuire in the Disney Channel television series Lizzie McGuire and, later on, also in the movie based on the series (The Lizzie McGuire Movie). The series was a popular teen sitcom and Hilary got the role when she was only 13 years old. It focuses on Lizzy’s story; a story of a shy teen girl who dreams of becoming popular in the school and amongst her peers.

Another significant role Hilary portrayed for Disney was the role of Kelly Collins, the main character of the Disney Channel Original Movie Cadet Kelly. Altogether, she is one of the most recognizable Disney girls.

But not only she’s a very talented young lady, Hilary Duff also looks like a million bucks. With her strawberry blonde hair, bright eyes, gorgeous smile, and rocking body, she is also one of the hottest Disney girls out there. One might even say that she’s got the best assets of all the Disney girls. Here are some pictures that go hand in hand with that theory.


19 In Pink

Look at that figure in that super tight pink dress! How can anybody not be hypnotized by this shot? It is really obvious that Hilary works out a lot. Just take a look at her muscular legs and beautifully shaped behind. She looks casually elegant with her hair flowing in the wind and with those hot high heels that make her legs look even better. It doesn’t get any hotter than this! She could probably be dressed in a garbage bag and she would still look sexy. It’s almost unfair to the other gals in the world. Come on, who could compete with a body like this? Another great thing about this pic is that it is simply a shot capturing her walking down the street; no special effects, no retouching. Just all of her natural beauty captured in a spontaneous shot.

18 Oh My


Little Lizzie McGuire we knew surely grew into a gorgeous young woman. This photo was taken when Hilary was heading to the set of Younger, another series that started in 2015 where she portrays the role of Kelsey Peters.

Just look at that beautiful smile of hers! And what about that sexy little black dress? My, oh my! The combination of her long blond hair and the short black dress looks simply irresistible. How did that traffic cop in the picture manage to look the other way? That will always remain a mystery. You’d really expect all eyes to be on her while she walks down the street looking like that! Good job, Hilary! You once again managed to look as hot as possible while also keeping things simple and casual.

17 Dark Hair Suits Her

While we’re used to seeing Hilary with her beautiful strawberry blonde hair, there has been a period of time when she has taken on the role of a hot brunette. And not only that, she’s well known for experimenting with different cuts and colors of her hair. She stated that one summer she was looking at the ocean and wanted her hair to be the same color as the clear, blue water in front of her, so she dyed it teal. Kudos for courage! Of course, she looked great with blue hair too! How many women could say that for themselves? As for her brunette phase, she dyed her hair brown in 2007 when she was coming out with her new album “Dignity” and she recently went through a breakup so she really needed a change. One must admit it turned out really well!

16 Looking Perfect In Black Tights


This is one of those casual photos taken outside of the professional studio and it seems that Hilary rocks photos like this every time! A simple, messy hair bun, sports jacket and – man – those black tights! The thing about tights is that wearing them can go both ways, depending on who is the person wearing them. They can either look really good on a person, or they can be a real disaster. But when Hilary is the one wearing them, they look simply perfect! She should probably never wear anything else! She really must have done a lot of squats in her life to look like that. She once stated that she doesn’t really love working out, but she does it anyway because it’s simply a must. Good work, Hilary! Keep that body hot and tight!

15 Little Black Corset

If there is something that makes a beautiful figure really stand out, it is a corset of any kind, especially such a gorgeous little black corset like the one Hilary is wearing in this picture. It really shows off her little waist, her beautiful cleavage, and her super-hot legs. She wasn’t afraid to show a little bit more skin in this photo and as the result, the picture is really mind-blowing. However, at the same time, she managed to look even a little bit shy posing for this pic. The whole effect of that is amazing! You’ll hardly find a woman out there who wouldn’t like to look like this. In this particular photo, Hilary really so looks flawless it’s almost unfair. The white background behind her really puts her into the focus of the picture.

14 Hot Blonde And Her Car


Hot women and sports cars simply go hand in hand. There is just something hot about seeing a gorgeous woman next to an awesome car, especially in a pose such as the one in this particular picture. Just look at that body! Those tight white pants really look amazing on her. She once stated that she tries not to worry too much about looking perfect. Well, it really seems that she has nothing to worry about at all. That body looks pretty perfect as it is. However, like any other person, Hilary also has a couple of guilty pleasures she can’t say “no” to. The biggest one is cheese. Both she and her son really enjoy it so she allows herself to stray from her strict diet regime from time to time.

13 Perfect Body For A Bikini

This picture was taken when Hilary was at a beach in Hawaii with her son Luca. From this particular angle, you can easily see how great she looks in a bikini from behind. A bikini season is a perfect time to show off hot bodies and it’s also the time when all that hard work in the gym really pays off. Having a body like Hilary’s is really hard to beat. Not everybody could pull off such a tiny bikini, but if course, in her case that is not a problem at all. It suits her perfectly. One of the secrets of her diet is drinking a lot of dandelion root tea which is a natural diuretic. It’s both healthy and she really loves it because if its distinctive bitter taste.


12 Rural Elegance


This picture is a particularly interesting one because of the combination of different elements used in it. We have a combination of casual, rural environment, and the model (Hilary) dressed in an elegant, black laced top, laying in the sun on a rustic, wooden fence. If Hilary would be wearing jeans and cowboy hat, it would be just another hot cowgirl shot, but this is something completely different and unique. Add a black and white filter to it and you have something rural, rustic, elegant, retro, vintage, and hot. What a crazy, interesting combination! However, it makes Hilary look even prettier than usual. It is easy to imagine this picture being a wallpaper on pc desktops around the globe. It’s just one of those images that are universally beautiful and artistic.

11 What A View!

While we might not see Hilary’s pretty face in this particular shot, there is still plenty to look at. The combination of the shortest dress possible and the angle this picture was taken from must have made a lot of guys around the world really happy (and some of the gals too). But then again, what is not to like? Hilary is obviously in a great shape so she has nothing to be ashamed of. She works out five times a week, which is really amazing taking into an account how busy her schedule is with all of her work and taking care of her little son. She’s also been taking different sports classes, such as climbing classes in L.A. One must admit that her effort has really paid off.

10 On The Beach


Hilary simply looks lovely in this picture. Not only because of her toned body, but also because of her gorgeous smile. This picture was taken in Hawaii while she was enjoying herself on the beach, rocking that tiny little bikini. We don’t see her too often wearing hats and maybe that’s a shame because this summer hat really looks great on her. Altogether, it’s just a perfect beach look; hot bikini, great sunglasses, and a simple hat. It really doesn’t take much for Hilary to look super-hot. She has all of the right assets to look perfect in the summertime when the temperature gets higher and the clothes get smaller. With that sexy body of hers, she really doesn’t have to be ashamed of showing a little bit more skin.

9 Shopping

This was one of the pictures taken outside of the professional photoshoot. Hilary is just walking through the mall, with her hair in an effortless, messy bun (that still looks great) and in some really, really hot pants that draw attention to her beautiful legs and everything north of them. It’s official! Hilary is super sexy just walking around in a tight pair of pants and simple high heels (which are just out of the shot). It’s no wonder she was ranked 8th in FHM 100 Sexiest Women in 2008. Maybe, if they were looking at her from this angle and in those pants, she would have gotten even higher on that list. It’s easy to look absolutely lovely when a professional takes your picture, not to mention all that retouching before the picture hits the media, but when you look this good in a casual, everyday photo, that’s something worth mentioning.

8 As Hot As It Gets


Did you think that grey or silver hair is just for old ladies? Well, think again because Hilary really rocked it! The combination of silver hair, silver shoes, white dress, and white background makes her look almost like some kind of fairy princess or, possibly, a snow queen from some far away land. And what about those legs? When she was asked about her diet routine that helps her to stay in such a great shape, she explained that the key to a successful diet is planning and preparing her meals in advance. Since she has a little son, she doesn’t always have all the necessary stuff that’s healthy for her. The trick up her sleeve is preparing her meals over the weekend and that really helps her to stay on the right track with her diet regime.

7 All Glammed Up

Here is another picture of Hilary’s hot brunette days. That smoky-eye makeup really makes her eyes pop, wouldn’t you agree? And what about that cleavage in a hot black dress? She really has some amazing assets to show off. There is no wonder she made her way to numerous lists featuring the hottest women around the world. She was voted 25th on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 Women in 2008, and she was ranked 23rd on the same list just one year before that. Then she appeared on the same list in 2011 again and was ranked 40th. It seems there is no doubt she is one of the hottest 100 women out there. This particular Disney girl is sexy and she knows it! Maybe that’s why she smiles in her pictures so often.

6 White Lace FTW


If there is some material that is always genuinely sexy, it’s lace. But when you put it on a beauty such as Hilary Duff, you add a completely new dimension to the word “sexy”. What makes her even hotter is the contrast between the white lace dress and the black bra that is showing just enough to tease you a little bit. There is also the contrast between her dark hair and beautiful green eyes that really draws the attention to her beautiful face (if you’re able to take your eyes off of her cleavage, of course). The whole picture has a kind of romantic touch to it and it is both sexy, yet very classy and elegant. One must admit that it is really hard to stop looking at it.

5 Striking A Pose

Well, look at that hot little black thingy she is wearing in this picture! Probably everybody would agree that she looks awesome in it. She really does have a beautiful figure so she has nothing to be ashamed of while showing off a little skin.

And speaking of skin, have you noticed that flawless complexion? Every girl (and probably a couple of guys, too) would kill to have perfect skin like that. When asked about her daily skincare routine, she explained that the first and the most important step is to take all makeup off every night and simply wash a face with soap and water. She uses special face polish designed by her dermatologist. After that, she likes to use different oils and serums to keep her skin in the best condition possible.

4 Killer Body


This is one of those pictures where you really can see what a killer body Hilary has. Of course, it takes some work to look like that. She cuts carbs as much as possible, although she occasionally enjoys a sandwich because she loves them more than anything, as far as the food goes. However, she focuses on eating fruits and vegetables, as well as protein. She also tries not to eat at all after 6 p.m. Another great trick that she uses all the time she learned from her trainer. He taught her that it’s great to start and finish her workout with cardio so she spends that time on a treadmill. In between that, she does a lot of strength exercises and she considers herself a tough little gal.

3 Cosmo Cover

This photo was used as a cover picture for Cosmopolitan in February 2017. Hilary is a pretty hot cover girl, wouldn’t you agree? The article inside mainly focused on her love life and on her turning 30. She might be turning 30 this year, but she definitely doesn’t look any less sexy than earlier in her 20s. On the contrary, she really ages well and she looks hotter than ever! When you look at her career, starting as a child actor, we had the opportunity to see her grow from a lovely young girl into a gorgeous and sexy woman she is today. Look how hot she looks in that shirt and in those denim shorts! That casual clothing style really suits her and it is really hard to believe that this girl is already turning 30!

2 Off The Shoulder


This picture was on the cover of Maxim magazine and it was related to the article about the sexiest stars of 2009. A lot of gorgeous ladies appeared on that list, such as Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, and, of course, our cover girl – Hilary Duff. Truth to be told, this picture is so, so hot! Hilary is posing on a white sheet (it looks like she’s on a bed), dressed in a little black dress that perfectly shows off her cleavage. It is super sexy, yet slutty, and it has a certain elegance to it. When you look at Hilary with her mysterious look in her eyes and her gorgeous, long blonde hair falling down her shoulders in soft waves, it seems only logical that she was one of the Maxim’s sexiest stars.

1 Denim-licious

A while back, Hilary stated that she really loves denim. Jeans are her favorite piece of clothing and she owns around different 30 pairs of them. Actually, she has so many jeans that she doesn’t even get to wear all of them. This picture captures her walking down the street, wearing skinny jeans and a casual tank top. One must admit it’s really a great look for her! A nice pair of jeans looks good on almost everyone, but when Hilary in the one wearing them, they look simply stunning. She has all of the right assets to rock a pair of skinny jeans like this. It would surely be interesting to see her in all 30 of her denim pants because she probably looks this awesome wearing every single pair!


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