19 Pics Of Kristen Bell You'll Be Glad You Saw

Kristen Bell was born in Huntington Woods, Michigan on July 8th, 1980. She got her start in acting when she attended the Tisch School of Arts. She appeared in a couple of Broadway productions before getting bit parts in movies and on television. She got her big break when she was cast for the lead role in the television series Veronica Mars. This show got her noticed and she was soon getting bigger movie roles. After Veronica Mars ended its run, Kristen quickly found work on the television series Heroes and then on the show Gossip Girl which she narrated between 2007 and 2012. She then moved on to star in House of Lies which ran from 2012 to 2016. The girl never stops.

While she was working on her television shows she was also putting in a ton of work in movies. She has been in dozens of feature films such as Hit and Run, Scream 4, Bad Moms, and Stuck in Love. The most successful movie she worked in was the animated movie Frozen in which she provides the voice of Anna. She lent her voice to Anna once again in the upcoming sequel.

When she isn’t on set or spending time with her husband and children, Kristen delights her fans by doing a bit of modeling. She has been in countless magazines and she always looks smoking hot. Grab a coffee, put on a bib, and enjoy 19 steamy Kristen Bell photos that all men love to drool over.


19 Leaving Us Wanting More

This photo was taken by Elias Tahan as part of the black and white photo session for Asos Magazine in 2010. Not too many women can get away with such a look but it definitely works for Kristen. Ragged denim, a black bra, and high heels (that are just out of shot) are a daring combination but Kristin pulls it off with style. We can appreciate her firm belly and hourglass shape as she gives us a seductive stare and saucy pout. As much as we would all love to see her on the big screen again, we will have to settle for seeing her in her television show, The Good Place for the time being. Her latest work in movies is a reprisal of her animated character in the upcoming Frozen 2. Judging by the way she likes to keep busy, we shouldn’t have to wait too long to see her again.

18 Veronica Mmmars


Portraying Veronica Mars is one of Kristen’s crowning achievements. The show ran between 2004 and 2007 before she resurrected the role for the 2014 feature movie. This picture was taken on the set and the cast and crew that were on hand were likely quite infatuated by her pink bra. We’re pretty sure that you feel the same way. The Veronica Mars movie gave Kristen the opportunity to try her hand at producing on top of playing the lead role. She thoroughly enjoyed her time on the show and said that she would be up for another reunion even if she was 90-years-old. It might take that long before we see her reprise the character as her work on The Good Place and her real life role as a mother of two consumes most of her time.

17 View To A Thrill

What a wonderful view. A clear blue sky, palm trees, and a sandy beach where the waves are rolling gently ashore. Of course, this scene is made a hundred times better with the inclusion of the lovely Kristen Bell overlooking the scenery from the balcony. Her white semi-see through top lets us catch a glimpse of her form-fitting black panties and matching black bra. Our eyes zoom in on her awesome gluteal fold before working their way down her beautifully tanned legs. Then it’s back up again. If you can look away from her derriere for a moment you will notice that she is looking at you as if she wants you to come out and share the view. No thanks, Kristen. We’re enjoying the view from where we are right now.

16 Taming Dax


This awesome picture of the then 32-year-old Kristen was taken in 2012 as part of a feature in Esquire. She looks like the sweet girl next door as she poses in her striped bikini beside a swimming pool. She had just completed the movie Hit and Run which was written by and co-starred her husband, Dax Shepard. Kristen stated that the relationship between her character, Anne and Dax’s character, Charlie, was quite similar to their real life relationship. It seems that Dax was a bit of a party animal before the two settled down. He was the type of guy to go on a 5-day drug and booze-fuelled benders but those days are far behind him now. It’s not hard to see why he would prefer to stay at home with his gorgeous wife.

15 To Bare Or Not To Bare

Kristen doesn’t seem to have any qualms about dressing up in revealing outfits and posing for the cameras like she did in this photo which shows the star of The Good Place in a black bra. What you probably won’t see her do is getting completely undressed for the cameras. She actually signed a detailed no-nudity clause when she was in House of Lies which ran from 2012 until 2016. She agreed to be filmed in a bra and panties like in this photo but she joined the ranks of other superstars such as Christina Applegate and Jenna Fischer who refuse to bare it all on television. This might be a bit of disappointing news for some of her fans but they should be consoled in knowing that she still shows plenty of skin.

14 Blue Hawaii


Here we have a drool-worthy photo of Kristen after she came out of the ocean and retreated to the hot sand to dry off. There were quite a few photos taken on this hot day in June 2009 and it seems that Kristen and Dax really enjoyed themselves. We’re pretty sure Dax did anyway. Who wouldn’t enjoy wading in the surf with a blonde beauty riding on their back? After frolicking in the water, the couple relaxed in lounge chairs and caught some rays. Kristen had just completed the movie Couple’s Retreat which was filmed in Bora Bora so she definitely saw a lot of sandy beaches that year. Apparently, this Hawaiian beach is one of Dax and Kristen’s favorite destinations when they are looking for fun in the sun and they have been there several times.

13 Pin-Up

Here is a picture of Kristin that was taken during a Vanity Fair pin-up girl shoot. She joined Amanda Seyfried, Eva Longoria, and Amy Adams to bring readers several hot retro-style photos. This picture could easily be mistaken for an original as Kristen’s hair and clothes are straight out of a bygone era. She looks good in front of any background but a while backdrop always seems to make her stand out a little more. In this case, her blonde hair and soft white skin seem just a shade darker against the white surroundings while her red high heels, matching shorts, and ruby lips seem brighter. Her naval-themed top and ascot would be a welcome sight for any sailor who has been out to sea for even a short period of time.


12 Taking A Dip


This blonde beauty really gets our engines revving and she knows exactly what buttons to push. When asked what she thought her best asset was, Kristen said that it was her butt. This picture shows her in a sexy two-piece which shows off her best asset but it also shows us that 2013’s “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” has some other smoking hot features too. Maybe the people at Maxim magazine thought that her eyes were her best assets when they placed her on their “Hot 100” list and perhaps the staff at Wizard magazine thought that her legs were praiseworthy when they voted her the 4th sexiest female on television. When it comes to Kristen Bell, there are a number of things that make her so ridiculously gorgeous. Everything about her makes us drool.

11 Burlesque

Kristen appeared with Cher, Christina Aguilera, and Julianne Hough in the backstage musical Burlesque which was released to a cool reception in 2010. To play her role of Nikki, Kristen transformed herself from a sexy blonde into a sexy brunette that likes to cause trouble. The film wasn’t exactly a smash hit although it did feature a pretty good soundtrack that won a few awards. Even though this movie has been described as being worse than the box office bomb Showgirls, it’s worth seeing if you want to see Kristen dance around in a sheer bodysuit that leaves little to the imagination. Hopefully, we can see a similar performance out of Kristen in the near future but we wouldn’t mind if the story was a little more exciting. Maybe she can transform into a fiery redhead while she’s at it.

10 Beaming At The Beach


Kristen doesn’t always flaunt her stuff but she did a good job of it when she hit a beach in Hawaii. Clad in a skimpy blue two-piece bikini, the 37-year-old star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall waded into the water to cool off as photographers snapped their share of pictures. All of the attention didn’t seem to bother Kristen as she went about enjoying her day with her boyfriend (now husband), Dax Shepard as if the cameras weren’t there. Meanwhile, the other people on the beach got to check out her shapely figure and alabaster skin as she splashed around.

We're sure the two have spent plenty of warm days enjoying the sandy shores of a beach. Here's hoping Bell finds some more free time in her future so that we can see her in another swimsuit.

9 Laid Back

Kristen looked like she had a really fun time when she did a sultry photo shoot for Jane magazine in 2009. The photographer must have been in ecstasy as he stood over a vulnerable looking Kirsten and snapped pictures of her as she laid back on a sectional couch. This photo shows her in a low-cut flowing white gown that is strategically tucked between her legs which are covered by torn panty hose. One might speculate that Kirsten had a bit of a rough night but the glow on her face, easy smile, and her tamed hair tell us otherwise. She is as perky as ever as she plays along with the camera. The photographer took several pictures of her in different seductive poses and they appeared to share a few hearty laughs along the way.

8 Deep In Thought


Kristen has always kept a pretty busy schedule and she is always in demand. She is involved in various causes such as animal rights and she donates time and money to a few children’s charities. Lucky for her fans that she finds the time to partake in the occasional photo shoot. This picture, in which Kristin appears to be deep in thought, was taken when she was featured in Women’s Health magazine in 2013. She has actually been featured on the cover of that magazine a couple of times and she has given advice on diet, fitness, and a number of other topics. Her blue eyes seem to be fixated on something off camera but viewers are focusing on the mouthwatering model and wishing they could cozy up beside her.

7 Black And White

2010 was a very hectic time for Kristen. She was in two shorts films as well as appearing in Get Him to the Greek, You Again, and Burlesque. This was on top of regular work on the television series Gossip Girl. She took a bit of a break to pose for Elias Tahan in a black and white photo session for Asos Magazine. In this portion of the shoot, Kristen wore a pair of beat up jeans, a black bra, and a black sweater along with a set of very high heels. She oozes sexiness as she appears to be taking off the sweater to show us those soft shoulders and tight tummy. Her natural beauty is absolutely striking and her mussed hair gives us an idea of how she might look when she gets out of bed in the morning.

6 Shock And Awe


The year was 2008 and Kristen was riding high on her success in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She was also on the cover of Atlanta Peach magazine’s April issue that year. This is one of the pictures that were taken during the photo shoot in which she modelled clothing from such designers as Lauren Conrad, Radcliffe, and Jimmy Choo among others. She talked freely about several topics but she quickly changed the subject when it came to her romantic life. Kristen looks like she’s been caught with her top down as she scrambles to cover up her chest and looks at us with a look of shock. Her deep blue eyes really pop out behind the dark eye makeup and the shadows make her pink lips and velvety shoulders look even softer.

5 High Class

We know that Kristen looks great in a bikini whether it’s a skimpy one-piece or a more conservative two-piece. We also know that she looks great in a pair of old blue jeans and a t-shirt and she looks fabulous in a see-through body suit. She also happens to make a lot of men drool when she dresses up in an elegant evening gown and this picture is proof of that. This black strapless gown fits her perfectly and gives us a nice view of those silky gams and bare feet. As usual, Kristen refrains from overdoing it with the makeup and relies more on her own natural beauty and stunning eyes to wow the viewer. The few accessories that she does wear go virtually unnoticed but subtly accentuate her sophisticated look.

4 Monkeying Around


Kristen showed off her wild side when got into a tree and posed for the photographer during this photo session. She looks like a stranded kitten waiting for Tarzan to swing by and rescue her from the awful beast that chased her up there. For your fantasy’s sake, let’s pretend that she’s waiting for you to save her. The luscious Kirsten posed in a few different sets of clothing during this particular shoot but this might be the hottest one of them all. The plunging neckline and high hips of her outfit give us a lot to gawk at and drool over while her unique eyes and pink lips make our minds wander. Despite giving birth to two children, Kristen has succeeded in bouncing back into prime form as this picture shows.

3 Hot Pants

Magazines have been tripping over themselves to get a piece of Kristen and in February 2012, Self magazine had the privilege of placing her on the cover of their magazine. They also took a few photos including this one which shows Kristen in a very appealing combination of tight pink shorts and a t-shirt which she holds up to reveal her belly button. Being that it was the February issue, Kristin was asked about her idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day. She said that she would want to sleep in and not have a plan. She finds it romantic when a couple can wake up and do things spontaneously. Pictures like this might cause a guy to spontaneously combust. Her bright eyes and toothy smile will definitely make your temperature rise.

2 The Blossom


The hit movie Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film in history and Kristen had a central role by providing the voice of Anna. Kristen was in the Just Jared spotlight in 2014 and she posed for this and several more pictures which were taken in the great outdoors. She smiled and peered over her left shoulder as she sat amid a bed of flowers. She loves to color coordinate and she outdid herself when her pink summer dress blended right in with the flowers that surrounded her. The sun bounced off her shoulders and reflected off of her hair which blew in the gentle wind. In the accompanying interview, Kristen dished on everything from her kids to her husband. As for her career, she said that she loved making Frozen but she prefers to do dark, sexy comedies.

1 Channeling Betty Page

‘Pin-up’ girls became popular in the late 1800s. Burlesque performers would get their pictures taken and use the photos as advertisements to promote themselves. While these pictures generally aren’t explicit, they are usually quite sexy. The term ‘pin-up girl’ came to be a part of our lexicon during WWII when soldiers would pin pictures of these girls in their lockers. Along with other hot celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen participated in a Vanity Fair photo shoot that paid homage to pin-up girls. They were very successful in bringing us a convincing vintage look. In this picture, Kristen definitely looks like a pin-up girl from the past as she rocks the retro hair and a classic one-piece bathing suit. If you don’t have a locker to pin this picture to then you can always set it as your wallpaper on your computer.


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