19With Carrie Leigh

No wonder so many males worldwide are jealous of Hugh Hefner, take a look at his calm and collected demeanor; even when seated next to the unbelievably stunning Carrie Leigh. The two lavishly gorgeous human beings were a couple once upon a time, 1985 to be exact, and images

such as this one make us all a little weak in the knees. For the gentlemen in the audience Hugh Hefner resembles just about everything you could imagine and dream of as a man reaching the pinnacle of success in combination with beautiful women. Beautiful women such as Carrie Leigh as pictured here became routine for Hefner. He would come to create a persona unparalleled by any man in history for his courting beautiful women, and unfortunately with that comes heartbreak, as you probably already knew, these two hot lovers didn't stand the test of time.

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