18 Twitter Comebacks That Were Too Savage

When the proponents of social media first came up with the term, they probably thought that they had come up with a piece of software that would enable all kinds of people to connect. They must have also believed that these very different folks from very different places would be able to coexist in harmony. But, like it happens in the real world, social media ultimately became a place for savages. Yes, there is no way of going around this truth. A great deal of human beings are, by their very nature, savages. By savages, we mean people who clearly do not give a damn about how others feel or might feel after they hear what you have to say about them.

The bottom line is simple, and we shall use Twitter as the perfect example of this, if you slip on social media, there will be someone there waiting to burn you. No misspelled word or stupid argument will be left unchecked. If someone catches with the corner of their eye something that they can make fun of, they will. By now, you all must have realized that social media has not become a place for the weak of heart. In an age where people feel outraged about almost anything that might hurt their feelings, the trolls have found a home on social media platforms, and it is not a home that we believe they will ever leave. So, get ready and triple-check your tweets because here are 18 Twitter comebacks that were too savage.


18 The Champ

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We have said it already, and we will keep saying it. Wendy’s is the King (or Queen) of Twitter. Seriously, these guys have no chill. It almost seems like they have one person taking care of that Twitter account, and that person’s literal job is to look at every single tweet that is even related to the fast food business and find a way to turn that into a zinger. This time, McDonald’s was just trying to show people how they’re trying to be better, how they’re trying to actually use fresh meat to make their burgers, which is ridiculous by itself. But we will not get into that.

Either way, the bottom line is that by mid-2018, everyone will be able to get a freshly-cooked beef in their quarter pounders. But while that might have seemed like an excellent idea for McDonald’s to tweet, Wendy’s lost no time in turning the whole thing around and pointing out the problem in McDonald’s policy to everyone who saw the tweet.

17 Gordon Ramsay

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To tell you the truth, we have no idea how someone could be qualified as the world's greatest chef, and we don’t even know if Gordon Ramsay calls himself that. The thing is that since he is the one chef we have seen on television the most, we are easily led to believe that this guy is at the top of his career, which he probably is. Now, when you become famous, especially in areas like culinary and arts, you unavoidably get tweets from people showing you what they have done and asking you what you think of it, where did they get it wrong, or some of the boldest will even ask you if you can replicate what they did.

Unlike most of the other artists and chefs on social media, Gordon Ramsay is one of the few guys who will answer those tweets. And let us just say that he is about as savage at answering those tweets as he is when burning cooks in his shows.

16 The Tease

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Most people today are gamers. It is hard to find someone who has never played a video game or who does not play video games regularly. Hell, remember how your parents told you when you were young that you would never find a job playing video games? Today, there are people earning millions and millions of dollars by playing video games in international competitions, but that is besides the point.

We are talking about gamers because these are people who have quite a lot of problem in waiting for new games to come out. That also applies to gaming content, like skins. You will not have a hard time finding people asking gaming companies for new skins on social media. But, you will seldom find someone burning a fan like Overwatch did to our poor buddy, wsxzelas.

Hey, they didn’t do anything wrong. The guy asked for a skin, and they gave him a screenshot of a skin. Overwatch for the win.

15 Too Soon

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A lot of the Twitter burns we have found were actually burns made by official accounts of businesses and big-time companies. As you will soon find out, no one has a Twitter game as strong as Wendy’s, but Samsung Mobile really outdid themselves and gave Twitter a burn that no one will forget anytime soon. The first thing we have to say is that, as we mentioned before, no mistake goes unpunished on social media. So, Apple kind of had it coming since it seems like they were the ones to start. And, for better or for worse, their phones don’t blow up like Samsung’s did not too long ago.

Still in an amicable tone, Samsung took the first hit but sent out a soft counter. Not willing to leave it at that, Apple had to take one more swing. What they didn’t expect was that Samsung would sidestep away from their punch and throw a haymaker that probably made Steve Jobs twitch in his grave.

14 Kanye

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Kanye West has quickly gone from being one of the most respected and admired artists in the world to being one of the biggest douches on social media and the real world, for that matter. It seems like Kanye can’t catch a break, but it also doesn’t look like he wants to catch a break. Half of his Twitter feed is him talking about how he is the greatest and that no one is better than him at anything and blah blah blah… You get the point.

However, constantly pointing out that you are the greatest kind of leaves you open for a lot of criticism. On Twitter, however, criticism can come from the most unexpected of places. This time, it was Pizza Hut that came up with a well-timed and cunning burn of Kanye that made us want to go to Pizza Hut for a slice. But then again, is it really that hard to imagine Kanye’s resume being something similar to that?

13 Return Of The Champ

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Wendy’s is already savage enough that they don’t need people to come looking for trouble. If we have one advice to give our readers after putting together this list, it is that you should not mess with Wendy’s. Go to their restaurant and make your complaints there. Just don’t do it on Twitter or any other kind of social media because the person who runs that account is an absolute savage, and he or she does not care about what you think.

That said, this person was clearly looking for trouble. Wendy’s was just trying to say how cool their beef was. They were not trying to hear what Thuggy-D (by the way, sick handle, bro) had to say about their beef being frozen. Their first comeback was actually quite gentle. However, Thuggy-D still wanted more, and boy, was Wendy’s answer savage. Where do you think our buddy Thuggy-D stores cold things that aren’t frozen?

Refrigerators, of course, no one thought of anything else.

12 Bad Advertisement

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We may think that athletes and movie stars get paid a lot of money to do their jobs, but when push comes to shove, it seems like the majority of stars and celebrities get most of their income from advertisement deals. It is impossible to go on television for more than 15 minutes without seeing a famous person advertising a product you are quite sure they never have and will never use. The problem is that while the majority of people know that these guys and gals do not use the products they advertise, for the most part, believing something and seeing something are two very different things.

Still, one of the few things celebrities advertise that we could see them using are cellphone services. Well, it may have already been a big enough blow for T-Mobile to see that one of their biggest promoters in Nicki Minaj didn’t even use their product, but Verizon had to go there and rub salt in that wound.


11 Nothing Goes Unchecked


You might need a little bit of background on this one, so let us boil it down very quickly so we can enjoy that burn a little more. Nick Willis is a New Zealand runner who has won a pair of Olympic medals in the 1500-meter competitions. That has to be nice, right? Being an Olympic medalist and being able to enjoy all the endorsements and fame that come with that. Unfortunately, with those endorsements and fame also come Twitter followers and people who keep tabs on what you do on social media. It also doesn’t help that it was quite publicized that Willis was an Olympian who had an addiction problem.

His addiction wasn’t to drugs, however. Willis was actually addicted to adult content. Yes, this was a huge deal in New Zealand as he was one of their top Olympic athletes. Either way, it seems like Nick has managed to get his marriage and life back together after battling that addiction. On the other hand, as nothing goes unpunished on social media, he couldn’t even make an inspirational post without someone reminding him of his addiction.

10 Ouch

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. once said that if you want to throw a punch and do damage to another person, you have to be able and willing to take a punch in return. If you want to give, you gotta be able to take it. That is quite the simple philosophy that Floyd showed us all, but it is a simple philosophy that works well in a lot of areas of life. In the age of social media, this is the perfect way to describe Twitter. As we have said more than once already, nothing goes unpunished on social media. If you take a swing, you better be ready because someone will come swinging back at you with twice the force.

That is what happened to Felipe over there. This self-proclaimed ladies’ man wanted to show all of his little buddies how quick he was to turn away a woman just because she used Tesco Mobile. Little did he know that Tesco Mobile would catch that one and turn it back into the burn of a lifetime.

9 MySpace

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Honestly, we could lose some time to go and research who Polo Tapia is. Nevertheless, as far as we are concerned, this is just a guy who was unfortunate enough to think that he could burn MySpace founder Tom Anderson.

MySpace was huge in its heyday, and a lot of people might still have their accounts even though we are quite sure that the vast majority doesn’t even check it anymore. But the bottom line is that MySpace was massive before Facebook got its big break. Funny enough, Facebook is the main reason why this was one of the burns of the year back in 2012. Some could argue that Tom Anderson was unable to keep a social network alive, but if we are to be completely honest, this guy made a genius move when he sold MySpace for $580 million before the Facebook boom. It might have been pure luck and timing, but as Polo Tapia found out, this was a move that Anderson will keep bragging about until the end of days.

8 The Burn

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Chris Brown might be one of the most talented singers and dancers of his generation, but this guy’s career was completely ruined because of his temperament and the stupid things he did along the way. By far, the worst thing Chris Brown has ever done was the domestic violence incident that involved him and Rihanna. That particular event made him the poster boy for celebrities you would not want your kids following. Still, a lot of people support this guy on social media and his career because, for better or for worse, some of his songs are quite good.

Either way, we just have to be thankful that there are people like Andy Levy out there, lurking around the corners of other celebrities' profiles just waiting to throw an uppercut to knock them out. And let us just say that he knocked Chris Brown out good in this one. This is a burn that we are not sorry for laughing at.

7 Ballin

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You might need to know a little bit about the NBA to get this one, but we will try to make it easy for everyone to understand, even those who are not big basketball fans. Both the Los Angeles Clippers and the Portland Trail Blazers are not championship-caliber teams, but they are solid teams in the NBA. And a new trend in the NBA is that teams have become quite prone to roasting each other during games using their official Twitter accounts. In an away game at Portland, the Clippers’ official Twitter account decided to ask their fans to pick their poison and choose how they would best like their players to score during that game. The tiny problem there is that one of the Clippers' players is a guy named DeAndre Jordan. DeAndre is one of the worst free-throw shooters ever to play in the NBA.

It was almost poetic justice that just minutes after the Clippers’ tweet, Jordan airballed a free throw, and the Blazers immediately burned their rivals.

6 Pure Magic

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Twitter is a massive open forum in a sense that regular people from anywhere in the world can talk and ask questions to any celebrity they want. Some of those stars will answer fan tweets, while others will completely disregard them. But if there is one thing a lot of celebrities never let slide by, it is when a wannabe troll comes around and tries to burn them.

J.K. Rowling is no stranger to people trying to burn her on social media. The best part here is that Rowling has not only developed a thick skin for taking criticism on social media, but she also developed quite the extensive repertoire of burns to answer her haters. Maybe it is the mind of an accomplished writer that helps her come up with this stuff, but this burn was so legendary that she used nothing but the truth to answer that hater. She pretty much said, “Hey, burn everything you want and kill yourself while you’re at it. I already got your money, so I don’t give a damn.”

5 School Burn

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Sometimes we forget, but if you look and browse Twitter, you can find all kinds of people and organizations that have accounts on this most exquisite of social media platforms. Celebrities, funny cops, teachers, big-time companies, lawyers, you name them and you will find them on Twitter. Still, if there is one thing we have never given that much thought to is that you can even find school districts on Twitter. Yeah, maybe only parents and teachers follow those accounts, but they are still there.

Even more surprising is the fact that some of those school districts can be quite savage in their comebacks. Poor Nathan only wanted the school to be closed the next day. Who knows? Maybe this kid didn’t finish his homework or there was a big test he didn’t study for. He just asked for something he desperately wanted. But as you would expect from a school district, they answered with perfect spelling and subtle hints of cruelty.

4 No Chill Frankie

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Every year, we see new child stars who show a lot of promise and make people wonder if they could go on to become some of Hollywood’s finest after they pass puberty. Frankie Muniz was one of these kids. This guy was one of the best child actors of his generation. He was nominated for Emmys, Saturn Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and even Golden Globes. Most of those nominations came as a result of his performances in the show Malcolm in the Middle, but he also had other award nominated credits like Agent Cody Banks.

However, as he grew up, the award nominations stopped coming around as often, and people started criticizing his acting, which was precisely the case with this tweet from a Mountain Dew lover. But the one thing people forget when they want to hate on a celebrity on Twitter is that, whether you like it or not, these are people who have made boatloads of money. And if you are unlucky enough, you will find a guy who is bored enough to answer you and has no shame in saying that he could retire at 19 having made more money than you will in your lifetime.

3 No They Didn’t

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The one thing we love the most on social media are government organizations. It doesn’t matter which country we are talking about. It seems like politicians and people who work with the government simply don’t understand how social media works. If we are to be honest, the only one who really seems to know how to use the social media game to his gain is a powerful American politician who will remain nameless. It doesn’t matter if people will love you or if you will get more and more haters every time you tweet. What matters is that you are still relevant.

The problem is that some organizations work best in the darkness. Their forte is not in interacting with the public, but doing things that the public should not see. The best example is the CIA.

By itself, it is weird that the CIA would like to be active on Twitter, but we are damn sure that even after they made that decision, they did not expect to be hit with the Wikileaks burn instantly after getting on the platform.

2 LA Kings

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Another sports burn, this was quite legendary. There is nothing funnier than people who are fans of underachieving teams trying to make fun of good teams. Seriously, if your team is terrible, just lay low for a while until they get a good draft pick and become a force again. Don’t try to push yourself or your team into conversations they should not be in.

It will unavoidably end up with you getting burned and everyone making fun of you and your team.

Don't you believe us? Just check this one out. The road to the Stanley Cup is one of the harshest in all sports. And the NHL usually tries to get fan engagement high on social media by asking fans to interact saying what team they’re cheering for in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Every once in a while you will get people like our buddy, Seth Kosmach, whose team was irrelevant during that season but still tries to make them seem relevant. Unfortunately for him, the LA Kings did not let that slide and reminded him that this conversation was just for people who were in the playoffs.

1 Just Don’t

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If there is one rule of thumb everyone in the world should follow, it is that you shouldn’t try to make fun of people who are clearly smarter than you. Seriously, this is a recipe for disaster. Stay in your league, and that will keep the chances of you being embarrassed to a minimum. Now, you could try and be a smart-a** like our buddy, Gary P Jackson and attempt to make fun of people who, to put it nicely, have a slightly higher IQ than you.

It is already funny when people try to defend that global warming is a scam to politicians, but to do that to a NASA scientist? That, ladies and gentlemen, takes balls. Or maybe it takes a lack of brain cells, which is probably the case here. Yeah, Gary, you can totally win an argument against a Princeton educated astrophysicist. And if you can’t, at least we get these legendary Twitter burns.


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