18 Steamy Pics Of The Biggest Loser Trainer Jillian Michaels

If you’ve ever wanted to be fit, ripped and hot, you’ve probably thought about going to the gym to kickstart your way to a better body. Getting fit isn’t as easy as lifting a barbell and a personal trainer is often the best way to get the journey going. Those who’ve thought about getting a personal trainer has probably heard of Jillian Michaels. Getting her services isn’t easy but this fitness expert’s help is all that we could ever ask for.

At the age of 43, Michaels has proven time and time again that she’s one of the best fitness experts out there. As one of the main coaches on The Biggest Loser, we’ve seen her knowledge about fitness through her many clients. Michaels doesn’t only boast an amazing repertoire when it comes to her field as she’s also one hot fitness expert at that.

If the body is a temple, the Michaels’ body is definitely a testament to beauty. With her toned abs, arms, and legs, it’s easy to see why Michaels’ is considered one of the hottest woman in the world. Since she doesn’t get as much attention as other hotties, it’s high time she gets her seconds under the spotlight. Here are Michaels’ 18 hottest pics ever.


18 Out For A Stroll

Time and time again, Jillian Michaels proves that any person can be hot and sexy even if it’s just a regular day. Her devotion to making the body a temple shows through her countless clients but to maintain such a hot body, she also has to work out from time to time, right? One paparazzo can’t help but snap this shot of Michaels on her way to the gym and we’re actually kind of jealous for those who see her work out up close and personal.

Just look at that kid in the van. You can obviously tell that he’s checking out Michaels from behind and we couldn’t blame him. We might even envy his view.

17 Doing A Bit Of Yoga


If there’s one sure thing about going to the gym aside from getting a healthier body, it’s that you’re bound to make an ugly face one way or the other. It’s a common fact that while working out, we all look horrible and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that because that’s a clear sign of us pushing our bodies to the limit. Not Jillian Michaels though. She can still look gorgeous even in the most difficult positions.

This photo was probably taken from a yoga class by Michaels. We don’t know what this position is called but whatever it is, she’s making it look like a breeze while looking hot as heck.

16 All Black 

Ask a person to picture Jillian Michaels and 10 times out of 10, they’ll be picturing her on The Biggest Loser, training and motivating individuals on the road to a healthier lifestyle. We can’t blame them though as one of Michaels’ claim to fame is being one of the coaches on the show. From time to time, Michaels flaunts her body for a photo shoot. We always see her in sexy outfits while drenched in sweat but it’s not always that we get to see her in a sexy outfit while not drenched in sweat.

Clad in an all black training wear, Michaels’ flaunts her hot body for the world to see. From toned biceps to toned abs, she’s definitely the master of her body.

15 All Wet


Just wow. Jillian Michaels may get all hot and sweaty at times but that’s because of a good and hard workout session. Even without hitting the gym, Michaels can get all hot and wet, minus the sweat and this picture shows just how easy this fitness expert can pull off the wet look that many stars find hard to do. While others end up looking like haggard people after a days’ long work, Michaels looks like a mermaid effortlessly walking out of the water.

While Michaels’ ripped body may not be the focus of this shot, it’s easy to see that she also brings in a beautiful face to the table and there’s more to her than her fit bod.

14 Striking A Pose

Working out isn’t as simple as doing bicep curls. To achieve the perfect body, you will really need the help of gurus such as Jillian Michaels. Her vast knowledge of exercising and fitness will get you to your dream body in a few months. There are a ton of workouts out there and trust us, the majority of this will make you look ugly in the process. As for Michaels’ who has been working out for the majority of her life, she can look all calm and hot even in the toughest positions.

As seen from this workout, Michaels’ can make working out look as easy as breathing. Aside from that, you can really appreciate Michaels’ toned body from this angle.

13 The Lighter Side Of Jillian Michaels


Through The Biggest Loser, many picture Jillian Michaels as this big meanie who intends to make others get fit while shouting at them from the top of her lungs. What many don’t understand is that Michaels needs to motivate these people if they ever want a chance at getting fit. We don’t know how Michaels is in person but we’re sure that she isn’t the big meanie we all think she is.

This picture shows the light side of Michaels. With a humble smile and calm demeanor, it’s a side of Michaels we rarely see. See, she’s not always shouting at the top of her lungs.

12 Plain And Simple

Nowadays, finding a simple woman who wears little makeup isn't as easy as it used to be. Thanks to the sudden trend of makeup that gets more ridiculous and intricate with each year, many girls are ending up as canvasses for an array of products. While there's nothing exactly wrong with a girl putting on makeup, most guys just prefer a simple woman who can get by with minimal effort.

Jillian Michaels is that simple woman guys have been longing for. What's common between her photos is that they all have her wearing barely any makeup. No over-the-top eyebrows, thick lipsticks or colorful eyeshadow. Just Michaels, plain and simple.


11 The Seductive Fitness Expert


Any girl who has mastered the art of seduction has any guy wrapped at her fingertips. All it takes for ladies to successfully get guys are nice pouting lips and a very inviting stare. Not many can pull off the art of seduction but to those who can, guys are fantasizing about them day and night. Despite being a rough and strict woman on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels is still a woman at heart and she can be seductive when she wants to be.

This shot shows off the charms of The Biggest Loser trainer and we can't help but break a sweat. With eyes like hers, we aren't going to be surprised if guys are fumbling just by talking to her.

10 Laid Back And Without A Sweat

Jillian Michaels has a pretty active lifestyle that’s for sure. With a body like that, it’s almost certain that she’s always raring to go. If not helping out others with their dream body, it’s likely that Michaels can be seen working out or doing some other strenuous activity instead. She has to rest somehow and since we rarely see her take a break, this photo reveals Michaels at rest and she looks stunning, to say the least.

Even when looking like a total couch potato, Michaels’ still looks hotter than a vast majority of the world’s population. We’re jealous at how flat her abs are but thinking about the work she puts in on maintaining that body is already tiring us out.

9 A Day Out On The Beach


Out of all the candid paparazzi pics out there, the one that we're all after for the most is beach shots. There's nothing better than seeing a celebrity out on the beach and without the aid of personal assistants to make them look beautiful. Even Jillian Michaels isn't a stranger to getting snapped by paparazzi while on the beach and we thank those guys for this glorious shot.

This is Michaels, all natural. For this shot, it looks like Michaels might've taken a few days off of working out but she still rocking a nice body that's perfect for the beach. No wonder she's always able to get the attention of people whenever she goes out!

8 Ready To Box

We all know that Jillian Michaels is a fine specimen. Aside from looking rip and toned from head to toe, we are certain she’s also quite the athlete. With a body like that, Michaels is sure to be a powerful and agile woman that can probably outperform most of the guys in our neighborhood in any sport. From the looks of her body alone, it’s obvious that Michaels isn’t a stranger to sports.

This photo shows off our favorite fitness expert in her boxing gloves. Her black top and bottom is certainly a perfect match for her white gloves. But let’s be honest, even without gloves, she can definitely knock us off our feet.

7 Simple Yet Steamy


Glamour shots are the best when it comes to fully showcasing what a person has to offer. At least once in our lives, we need to get ourselves a glamour shot from a professional photographer to really see just how amazing we are. Jillian Michaels is already a wonder to look at but when given this professional treatment, she can be even more amazing to look at. She’s one of those people that make us really believe that fit really is beautiful.

What we like about this picture so much is that it’s so sexy even though Michaels’ isn’t really revealing too much for us. When you’re as fit as her, who needs to go nude anyway?

6 Up Close And Personal

Aside from rocking a really hot and ripped body, Jillian Michaels is also gorgeous from the neck up. Because her body is just so much to behold, people often forget that this fitness expert’s face is as amazing to look at as well. Once you see Michaels’ face up close, you’ll have another thing to envy about. This woman’s just full of surprises and a close-up shot is all it takes for Michaels to wow us without having to work up a sweat.

Her smile and those gorgeous eyes are just some of Michaels’ features that make us swoon. We hope she gets to flaunt her beautiful face more as the world really deserves it.

5 All The Cuts From Top To Bottom


We all have our good sides. By good sides, we're talking about the angles that make our best features stand out. Since Jillian Michaels is fit from top to bottom, it should be no surprise that this lady might not have a bad angle on her. All she has though are angles that just keeps getting better and better.

Michaels strikes a flexible pose from this shot. Thanks to her pose, we get to appreciate all the cuts from her abs and muscles. Even better, we get to see the full shape of her legs thanks to her leggings. What really pulls off this shot is Michaels' expression which could give any model a run for her money.

4 Fixing Her Hair, Like A Regular Gal

There are a few things that girls do that guys find so irresistible. It's not always the face or body that grabs a guys attention. It's the little sexy gestures that really get them going and girls who've mastered these gestures are going to have many guys drooling over them. Every guy is a sucker for a girl that seductively fixes her hair with her hands like it's nothing. What more if a goddess like Jillian Michaels does it?

This simple but seductive shot is enough to make guys shed a few calories through sweat but let's be honest if you're not packing a body that's as fit as hers, you'll have no chance of catching her attention.

3 Ripped, Toned And Perfect


We all know how hard it is to flex in front of our cameras. It’s especially even harder when we have nothing to flex or show off at all. As for Jillian Michaels, flexing for the camera is as easy as striking a simple pose. Just give this woman a wall and a good photographer and she’ll pop her ripped body in no time. Hot pics of Michaels are all over the net but there are a few that are a cut above the rest.

What makes this photo more special than the others is that sexy and inviting look that Michaels gives for the camera and for the world to see and that gaze is enough to melt all our calories away.

2 In A Suit For A Change

With a lifestyle like hers, we always get to picture Jillian Michaels in her training attire and it’s not often that we see her in something else aside from a sports bra and yoga pants. Unbeknownst to many, Michaels can also look hot wearing something that doesn’t reveal her toned arms or legs. As seen from this photo, this fitness expert can also look hot while wearing a suit that’s fit for the office and not the gym.

Clad in a black suit, Michaels looks stunning and fierce in this shot. She’s not a full-time model but she has the makings of one based on how she strikes a pose.

1 Out With The Love Of Her Life


Sorry guys but Jillian Michaels' fit and healthy heart is already taken. Like herself, Michaels' partner Heidi Rhoades, has a body to die for. We're guessing that these two met at the gym and it was all sparks from there. For all the guys who've always had a crush on Michaels, sorry but this fitness expert proposed to Rhoades back in 2016.

Spotted out at the beach with their children, both Michaels and Rhoades are wearing nice swimwear that's enough to give all of us a glimpse of their well-toned bodies. They both are sexy in their own right but Michaels is the better of the pair.


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