18 Photos Of The Walking Dead Cast That Are So Hot We'll Wish For A Zombie Apocalypse

Between the special effects makeup, the action sequences, and the well-developed characters, people watch AMC's The Walking Dead for many, many reasons. After all, it’s a show that lets the audience experience the zombie apocalypse all from the comfort of their living room. What's not to love? Of course, there may be people tuning in simply because of the hot actresses on the show... and, for that, we really can’t blame them.

When you think "zombie apocalypse," you don’t generally think of a bunch of hot, badass women running around and saving the day, but that’s exactly what happens on The Walking Dead. Yes, they are very attractive but they are also all strong, independent characters who take down zombies left and right. That’s what makes them so incredibly hot - their strength on top of their good looks.

It’s also refreshing to see a show unafraid of natural beauty. The women on The Walking Dead aren’t made up. There is no Keeping Up With The Kardashians glam squad. They don’t even have the benefit of the makeup and hairstyling of Game of Thrones. No, these actresses look rough, but still hot. They truly look like they are living through a zombie apocalypse and manage to look good while doing so.

It doesn’t hurt that The Walking Dead cast some of Hollywood’s hottest actresses in the roles. I mean, just try to make Lauren Cohan or Christian Serratos look bad. It’s impossible. Below are 18 hot photos of The Walking Dead women in and out of costume. If this doesn’t make you want to live through a zombie apocalypse, we don’t know what will.

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17 Don't Mess With Christian Serratos

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Christian Serratos plays Rosita Espinosa, the badass quick shot who had a thing for wearing short shorts and tiny tops. Rosita is one of the only female characters who does dress in a sexy manner. I mean, have you seen what she wears? It’s sexy.

What’s odd is that Rosita is also the only female who went through a breakup during the course of the show. While breakups may be few and far between during the zombie apocalypse, Rosita’s long-time boyfriend, Abraham, let her down in a brutal fashion by telling her - get this - that he was only with her because he thought she was the last woman alive… but she isn’t. Uh, did Abraham see Rosita? It wouldn’t matter if it was a women-only planet. Rosita is hot! Speaking of things that happened in a brutal fashion, Abraham was a victim of Lucille in season seven, which has since sent Rosita into a rage spiral.

We also have to point out how good Serratos looks in bright red lipstick. Of course, we'll never see her rocking any lipstick on the show and that's The Walking Dead's loss.

16 Emily Kinney With Bedhead

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You’ll remember Emily Kinney as Beth Greene, the farmer’s other daughter. While Kinney played the sweet teenager on the show, she’s actually 31-years-old. Yeah, we know. She doesn’t look a day over 23 but, seriously, she’s 31.

Kinney was credited as Beth Greene for a whopping 49 episodes, which is an incredibly long time for a character to survive on The Walking Dead, a show that regularly kills beloved characters in gory fashions. Beth Greene died due to a (slightly) accidental gunfire in the mid-season finale of season five. This didn’t sit well with fans, so much so that a petition asking the producers to bring back Kinney’s character earned over 65,000 signatures. That obviously didn’t happen. Beth Greene is dead forever, fans. It is easy to see why she's so missed, though.

15 Christine Evangelista Makes Calvin Klein Look Good

Unfortunately for fans of The Walking Dead, we may not be getting much more Christine Evangelista’s Sherry. The gorgeous 30-year-old joined the show in season six, as a woman hell bent on doing anything to run away from the Saviors. After stealing Daryl's motorcycle in order to escape, fans were not too quick to warm up to her. (No one steals Daryl's motorcycle!)

Since then, Sherry's character has developed quite a bit. We’ve learned that Sherry was married to Dwight (B-list Daryl) before the zombie outbreak but, upon joining the Saviors, she married Negan, who was particularly fond of her even though he has, like, 12 other wives. Most recently, Sherry seems to have finally escaped the Saviors, leaving both Negan and Dwight behind. Whether she’ll reappear on the show remains to be seen, though it seems unlikely. Evangelista now stars in E!’s The Arrangement, which means her commitment to The Walking Dead is probably over or limited. That’s a shame for fans of Evangelista's Sherry, especially because girlfriend can rock some Calvin Kleins.

14 Hershel Would Not Be Okay With This

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Lauren Cohan plays Maggie Rhee (formally Maggie Greene) on The Walking Dead. Cohan is seriously stunning on the show. She somehow makes the whole I-haven’t-showered-or-brushed-my-teeth-in-three-months thing look good, like really good.

Cohan's Maggie has been one of the strongest characters since her introduction. In one of the first Maggie scenes, she rides in on a horse, kills a walker that was trying to gobble up Andrea, and takes Lori to see injured Carl. She’s literally like a cowgirl superhero and she hasn't stopped being badass since day one. In fact, after Negan brutally killed her husband and father of her unborn baby in front of her, she didn’t even miss a beat, asking – right away – how they were going to kill Negan. She asked that when even Rick was too scared to fight Negan. Don’t ever forget that Maggie is a queen on The Walking Dead.

This photo, of course, is not of Cohan in her The Walking Dead wardrobe and makeup. She’s obviously much more revealing and made-up than she usually is on the show. We have a feeling that Hershel would so not approve.

13 Hershel Also Wouldn't Be Okay With This

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Here’s another photo that Hershel would totally not be okay with.

In this photo, Emily Kinney takes her sweet allure and makes it much, much more sexual. Between the midriff bearing top and bright lipstick, the singer is more sexy than usual. I mean, it's not overwhelming sexuality, like Britney Spears in the "Toxic" video, but it's totally there. The fact that Kinney’s also holding a lollipop is the cherry on top. That’s probably the sexiest candy to eat, right? It's much sexier than, I don't know, gummy worms or a Snickers.

Since her time on The Walking Dead came to an early end, Kinney has went on to appear on The Knick, Masters of Sex, and Conviction. She’s also set to appear alongside Kyra Sedgwick in ABC’s Ten Days in the Valley, which is set to premiere in 2017. One thing is for sure, while Beth Greene may be dearly departed, Emily Kinney is making a career for herself in Hollywood... all while licking a lollipop.

12 Danai Gurira Slays More Than Just Zombies

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Danai Gurira’s Michonne may slay zombies onscreen, but off-screen Gurira slays the red carpet and photoshoots alike. She is absolutely beautiful. Not only is Gurira stunning, but she is also extremely intelligent. She has an MFA from NYU. After graduating, she went on to pen Eclipsed, a Tony-nominated play starring Lupita Nyong'o. In 2018’s Black Panther, Gurira will be joining the Marvel Universe as Okoye and teaming up with Lupita Nyong'o once again, who is also in the Marvel film.

Okay, so Gurira slays red carpets, photoshoots, Broadway, and Marvel. It's hard to keep track of all the things she's good at.

While only time will tell who long she lasts on The Walking Dead, Gurira’s Michonne seems like a safe bet, especially now that she’s hooked up with Rick. (Team Richonne!) Regardless of her status on The Walking Dead, it’s safe to say that Gurira will make her mark on Hollywood. She is just too talented.

11 Because The World Needs More Photos Of Christian Serratos

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Would the world be a happier place if there were more pictures of Christian Serratos in it? Yep, 100%. Recently, the beautiful Serratos announced that she is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend David Boyd. (Congrats, Christian!) While this is all good news for Serratos, it’s caused some speculation about her character's fate on the show.

Along with the baby news, certain actions Rosita has taken in recent episodes have also worried fans. Throughout season seven, Serratos’ Rosita has been all about getting revenge on Negan. She’s proved that she’s not afraid to go rogue in order to obtain her revenge, which is a bad sign. If The Walking Dead has a moral, it's something like, "Team work makes the dream work." The show is all about group survival, meaning Rosita's solo actions could be fatal. Now that she's devised a plan with Sasha, Abraham’s other lover, to take Negan out just the two of them, the odds do not look like they are in Rosita's favor. Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha, has signed on to CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery, meaning her death is nearly confirmed. Will Rosita go down with her too? Only time will tell, but we’re guessing that fans are hoping Serratos doesn’t bite the bullet too soon.

10 Remember Alexandra Breckenridge?

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Alexandra Breckenridge played Jessie Anderson, who was a very likable character but just so happened to be the mother to two of the least likable characters on the show, which would prove to be her downfall. Jessie's youngest son was scared of, like, the air. He basically had to sit in his closet all day. Her older son, Ron, lost his marbles… like really bad. He was all about killing the Grimes family and even shot out Carl’s eye. Of course, the whole Anderson family is now dead and the only one we slightly miss is Jessie.

On the show, Breckenridge had blonde hair, but she’s also been known to rock red hair as well (as seen in the above photo). On the first season of American Horror Story, she can be spotted with her red hair, playing an uber sexy maid - like, the sexiest maid of all time. We're not kidding. She was most recently seen on This Is Us, in which she’s unfortunately not rocking a maid costume of any kind.

9 Of Course, Sarah Wayne Callies

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We all know that Lori was an extremely annoying character, but that doesn’t mean that Sarah Wayne Callies isn’t totally hot. You can be a hot actress and play an annoying character. In fact, the 39-year-old actress was the original hottie on The Walking Dead. Before there was Rosita, Maggie, or Beth, there was Lori, who was so hot she drove Shane insane. Okay, we’re pretty sure Shane would have spiraled either way, but still.

Callies’ time on the show came to an end when Maggie gave Lori an emergency C-section. It was a rough scene. While the show has had some gory scenes with the whole zombies eating people thing, this scene was one of the most difficult scenes to sit through. One reason it's so hard to watch may be the fact that Carl literally watches his mom die. All the tears, you guys! Well, all the tears until Carl shoots his mom in the head to keep her from turning. Carl is a cold-blooded killer when he has to be.

Callies can also be seen in Prison Break and on USA Network’s Colony.

8 Sonequa Martin-Green Glammed Up

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Unfortunately for Sonequa Martin-Green, Sasha doesn’t get too many opportunities to be smokin’ on the show. She’s more of the take no prisoners type. No time for short shorts, like Rosita. Martin-Green is still a knock out, even if she doesn’t get to show off her good looks too often on the show. Though, her days on the show seem numbered at this point. Since Abraham’s untimely death, she’s had one thing on her mind: revenge. This singular goal seems like it may be her undoing.

Another tell-tale sign of Martin-Green’s probable departure is the fact that she signed on to CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery. All hope is not lost though, as her signing onto another show doesn’t necessarily confirm her death. Corey Hawkins, who plays Heath, signed on to be the lead in 24: Legacy. Instead of killing Heath off the show completely, he was written off as being lost somewhere. He could very well come back - 100% alive - in a later episode.

7 Nothing Hotter Than Female Friendship

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There is nothing hotter than two talented, successful women being friends. While Christian Serratos and Alanna Masterson clearly get along, the whole cast of The Walking Dead really loves each other. You can find endless photos of everyone being besties, especially Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. Lincoln and Reedus actually have one hell of a bromance going on. It may actually be the world's greatest bromance in the history of bromances.

Being that Serratos just announced her first pregnancy, Masterson and her may get even tighter as Mom BFFs. Masterson just gave birth to her first child in November 2015, which is why her character was out on a run for the entire end of season six and didn’t return until quite a bit into season seven. Being that characters are likely to get lost or be on a run, it is easy for the writing staff to write around a pregnancy.

6 Alanna Masterson Makes That Bed Look Inviting

By the way, Alanna Masterson is mega hot in case you didn't know. Most of the time on The Walking Dead, Masterson is just rocking a t-shirt and jeans. She’s not one to get dressed up or anything (a la Rosita's short shorts), as it wouldn’t really make sense for her character. Well, when she is out of character, girlfriend is smokin’ hot. Case and point: a bed has never looked better than it does in the above photo.

Masterson has a beautiful body but was critiqued after her pregnancy, because y’know how Internet trolls are. After making a human being inside of her own body, critics were fast to point out that Masterson had gained a little weight... duh. Masterson clapped right back to her haters with an Instagram caption that began, “Dear Instagram trolls, body shamers, and the men and women who think it’s ok to comment on my weight.” She went on to tell people to mind their own business when it comes to her weight, proving that Masterson slays onscreen and off. What’s hotter than that?

5 Christian Serratos Even Looks Hot In Costume

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Not all of the women look ridiculously hot on the show because of the whole living through a zombie apocalypse thing, but Rosita is the exception to the rule. While what she's wearing isn't exactly practical, it’s certainly hot. In fact, she looks like a dude’s version of what a woman living through the zombie apocalypse would look like.

While there is some speculation that her character may die on this season of The Walking Dead, her comic book counterpart lived well past the war with Negan. She goes on to actually hook up with Eugene in the time following the war with Negan. I know, it seems totally unlikely but the two even get married. Rosita even reveals that she’s pregnant, but apparently it’s not Eugene’s. This baby daddy mystery in the comics will probably never be solved, as pregnant Rosita was killed by Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers. The Whisperers are the next big bad group Rick and the gang take down following the war with Negan.

5. Lauren Cohan Looks Hot In Costume Too

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Lauren Cohan is another one who looks hot on the show, even without makeup or hair styling. She makes the whole sweating and killing zombies thing look very sexy. This is, of course, a promotional still for the show but she still looks hella hot on the show - yes, even with her new short hair.

For fans of Lauren Cohan’s Maggie, they should be happy to hear that she’s still alive and well in the comics. She’s still alive... and her baby Hershel Greene is still alive. Of course, in the show, Maggie has chosen to take Glenn’s last name (Rhee), which is the best nod to him ever. If she follows the comics and names her child after her father in the show, she’ll most likely call him Hershel Rhee - that is if she gives birth to a son like she did in the comics. The comics aren’t always the greatest indicator for how the show will go since they sometimes swap deaths or certain plot points. For example, Baby Judith never made it out of the prison in the comics but she's still alive in the show. Maggie could have a girl or lose her baby, we never know.

4 Look At The Flowers

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You can’t be a fan of the show and not think Melissa McBride is kind of hot. Yeah, she’s 51 years old, but she looks great for her age. She’s also one of the most hardcore badasses on the show. Oh, and Daryl Dixon loves her. If Daryl approves of her, everyone should approve of her. That’s a basic fact of life.

McBride’s Carol is a sharpshooter who has evolved so far beyond the meek, abused housewife she was when we were introduced to her character in season one. In fact, she will now act like she’s a stunted housewife and a very religious women so she can trick her enemies into underestimating her. By doing her religious woman act, Carol took down an entire car of the Saviors on her own. If you want someone by your side during the zombie apocalypse, it’s Carol.

3 Has Anyone Looked Hotter While Brushing Their Teeth?

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Lauren Cohan looks oddly hot while brushing her teeth, right? Of course, that has something to do with the short shorts and cut off t-shirt that she’s wearing, but still she looks good brushing her teeth.

Cohan has made the leap into feature films, with 2016’s The Boy and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In Batman v Superman, she played Martha Wayne, who dies in the iconic Batman origin scene. That’s not too noteworthy, but what is interesting is that Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Thomas Wayne. Yeah, that means in the DC Universe Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan played husband and wife but in The Walking Dead Universe, Morgan beat Cohan’s husband to death with a baseball bat. Way to mess with our minds, Hollywood.

2 Has Anyone Looked Hotter On The Red Carpet?

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Lauren Cohan may have cornered the teeth brushing game, but Christian Serratos kills the red carpet. I mean, she has a body basically made for walking the red carpet – just look at how that dress hugs her curves! Girlfriend should always be wearing that dress.

Serratos has had some practice working the red carpet. In 2004, she got a spot on Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, which lasted until 2007. She then had a role in 2008’s Twilight film and all the following Twilight films. Yes, the Twilight films were all pretty bad, but Serratos is so hot that we’ll forgive her for appearing in them. I mean, at least she wasn't the star of them or anything, right?

Serratos found a spot on The Walking Dead in 2014’s fourth season of the show. She was upped to a series regular with the fifth season and was added to the main credits with the seventh season. Here's hoping she makes it to the eight season.

1 Raise Your Hand If You Miss Beth Greene

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One more of Emily Kinney, because girlfriend is smokin’ hot. Between her blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and fit body, Kinney is the whole package. Of course, her character on the show was much more, uh, covered up. She didn’t really show off her toned stomach or anything. She also didn’t have a blow out, but hey, lil’ Beth Greene was still totally beautiful.

There you have it, the female cast of The Walking Dead is mega hot and mega diverse. There are women of difference races and different age ranges featured on the show, which is both very cool and very beautiful. While the whole zombie-eating-your-flesh thing makes the zombie apocalypse seem 100% not cool, the fact that you could possibly hook up with a Maggie, Rosita, or Michonne may make a zombie outbreak not the worst thing in the world. Well, that and you wouldn't have to pay off your student loan debt. Hey, a zombie outbreak is looking pretty good now that we think about it!

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