18 Most Savage Star Wars Memes

Our world is full of successful enterprises. There have been billion-dollar businesses, superstar actors and actresses, and singers who can bring hundreds of thousands of people to concerts all around the globe regardless of where they go. There have been TV series that make people chew off their nails day after day just waiting for the Sunday when the next episode comes out. However, out of those many, many successful enterprises, you could hardly name five that reached the level of fan engagement and cult following that Star Wars has.

We can confidently say that when George Lucas first came up with the movie and released Star Wars IV, he had an idea that the film on his hands had the potential to become something big. But did he ever think that there would be a holiday for his creation? We hardly believe that. But it doesn’t matter whether Lucas believed that or not because it happened. Star Wars is a juggernaut of a franchise that has thrived through decades engaging fans of all ages. And by the way things are going, there will be centuries and centuries gone by before we see the end of the adventure, which no one is complaining about.

But more than the adventure and action, Star Wars has also provided us with a fair deal of laughs over these past few years, most specifically in the shape of Internet memes about the franchise and its characters. You have probably come across a few of these, but get ready to laugh some more because here are 18 Star Wars memes that are savage AF.

18 Thou Must Like Star Wars

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We are sure a lot of people have found themselves on the receiving end of a look much similar to this one when uttering the phrase “I don’t think Star Wars was that good.” That, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing short of blasphemy for true Star Wars fans. As we talked about before, this is a franchise that has people who literally base their entire lives around it. Some guys and gals can name to you all of the planets in any given system of the Star Wars universe. Yes, that can seem crazy to somebody who is not that into the franchise. But it is, nonetheless, part of the life of those who devote a lot of their time to Star Wars.

Either way, you have been warned. Don’t ever say that you don’t like Star Wars in front of someone who could give you that same face Rey is giving before shooting some Stormtrooper in the face.

17 Cheating

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When the buzz started floating around the entertainment circles that the old Star Wars movies would finally get the prequels fans had been waiting decades for, people were obviously excited about what they were going to get. Finally, they would get the story behind Darth Vader and the origin of Luke Skywalker and all that kind of fun stuff. However, when the movies started coming out, the sense of disappointment was one that almost every Star Wars fan shared at some point.

It goes from person to person, but the common sense of what you can get from the reaction of Star Wars fans was that most of them did not like what they got with episodes one, two, and three. We did, however, get some good memes out of them. One great example is the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Darth Sidious, the second of whom openly cheated on poor Count Dooku to get a new disciple.

16 Behind The Hologram

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A lot of the excitement people have for Star Wars involves the crazy amount of technology that they have in that universe. How awesome would our lives be if we already had space travel technology or even just a little bit of future communication gadgets like the holographic “Skype” they had at the Jedi headquarters?

Still, this caught us by surprise because we haven’t really thought about what could be going on around the people we saw as holograms during those meetings. Yet, this could all be true. Just imagine that while everyone is trying to have a serious conversation about the will of the force and what the Jedi are going to do next to try to take down another scheme of the Sith to take over the galaxy, one of the guys who couldn’t be bothered to travel to the capital for the meeting would actually just be chilling in a strip club while Yoda and Obi-Wan are breaking their heads.

15 What If…

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What is the one thing that could have ruined the entire Star Wars franchise before it even began? Some people would say the possibility of George Lucas never deciding to make the movies or something like that. We had a more practical approach as to what might’ve constituted in a fact that would end any Star Wars adventure before it even began.

Just try to picture a universe where Stormtroopers could actually hit a target. Yes, these guys are in all of the movies, at least the ones that matter, and you can count on your fingers how many times you have seen them actually hit a godd*mn shot. Indeed, Peter Parker could shoot better than a Stormtrooper before getting bitten by the spider, even without his glasses. And that is considering that Peter Parker has never shot a gun in his life. Either way, if Stormtroopers were actually trained soldiers who could hit a target, no Jedi would stand a chance, and the Empire would have won before it all even began.

14 Poetic Justice

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A lot of people have made mistakes in Star Wars. Most of those mistakes were regarding other people’s characters, as in their personality or if they were trustworthy to begin with. But one person who made a correct assessment of another character but still found himself deeply regretting that he was right in the first place was Mace Windu.

Yeah, when Samuel L. Jackson told the other Jedi Masters that he thought Anakin should not become a Jedi Master so soon, the future Lord Vader heard him nice and clear and obviously kept that in his mind. And as everything that goes around comes around, when Windu was on his deathbed getting fried like a chicken at KFC, Anakin was the only one who could save him. And who knows? He might have done it if Mace Windu had trusted him to become a Jedi Master in the first place. Take that as a life lesson, folks.

13 Never Got Caught

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Lying is always a slippery slope regardless of where you do it. Sometimes, you let out a little white lie so that you won’t hurt somebody. Other times, you completely messed up at something and you need to cover up whatever you did, and there is no other way around it but to lie. Those are usually the ones that get blown up really quickly, and you get burned twice as bad after your wrongdoing comes to the surface. Lying on your CV resembles that latter scenario. But hey, when you think about it, C3-PO managed to pass by as a droid for a long time when he got mixed up in a droid factory during one of the movies.

If this bright little machine could do it, why can’t you? But then again, he eventually got caught and almost died because of the whole thing, so we wouldn’t advise you to try and follow his example.

12 The Higher Ground

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You really can’t come up with a better meme than this one. If you are still reading the stuff on this list, we assume that you are someone who watched most of the movies, even the prequels. So you know exactly what we’re talking about when somebody says they “have the higher ground.” And no one knows that better than our dear Anakin Skywalker, a.k.a. Darth Vader. He got caught so bad because of the higher ground thing that we believe anytime someone comes up to Vader and says they have the high ground on him, Vader would either flinch or kill that person on the spot.

Sure, the guy didn’t say that in the movie, but maybe he should have. If by a miracle’s chance that phrase got Vader to flinch and let him go, the rebel would have a pretty good chance of getting away because you know darn well that those Stormtroopers would miss their shots even from that distance.

11 Boss Kenobi

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This might have been the ballsiest move in the history of Star Wars. And what makes it even more amazing is that a lot of people probably didn’t realize how crazy of a ballsy move this was by our man, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Just think about real life and how informants who whistle blow on big-time drug and murder cases are protected by law enforcement. The first thing the cops do to protect the welfare of someone like this is to change their identity. And that is just because they are dealing with criminal syndicates and stuff of that sort. Now, blow this up to a Star Wars proportion, and you have a guy on the run from an empire that expands the entire galaxy and has eyes everywhere.

And what is the one thing he doesn’t do? Change his freaking last name. That has to be the ultimate slap in the face of the Empire. Obi-Wan was saying something like “I wasn’t even hiding, bruh.”

10 Just Like That

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Okay, this might not be as savage as it is hilarious, but it definitely fits the bill to an extent. The first thing we wondered was how a robot would need to be trained by a Sith Lord in order to be great in the Jedi arts. After all, couldn’t they have just programmed him with the moves he would need to know and give him the crazy reflexes only robots can have with their processing power and stuff like that so he could easily surpass Dooku before they even turned him on?

Either way, that goes beyond the scope of what we can understand, but the one thing that is even harder to believe is that since this guy was trained by Count Dooku, his best move is to swing the lightsabers like ceiling fans. And seriously, we cannot write this entry while looking at that meme without laughing our as*es off. Just imagine the pow-wows and training exercises these two had while General Grievous was learning the Jedi arts.

9 Ewoks

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If there is one kind of person we feel sorry for in the entire Star Wars universe, it has to be the poor souls who are born to become Stormtroopers. That has to be the sh*ttiest job in the galaxy. The first reason for that is that you get no recognition for the hard work you do even though half of your friends usually die at the hands of just one guy or gal with a lightsaber while hundreds of you are shooting at them with laser guns.

But then again, we have to remember that Stormtroopers usually don’t do well enough to earn their keep. Right from the beginning of Star Wars with episode four, people got the sense that these guys were terrible at their job. And no episode made that more blatant to the audience than when an entire army of “well-trained” Stormtroopers was completely outwitted and crushed by a band of “teddy bears with sticks.” All respect to the Ewoks, but come on.

8 Reality Check

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Take the kids away from the living room because it is time for our reality check of the day. Unlike some of the most successful television and movie franchises of today, Star Wars does not do a good job of showing the reality when it comes to the damage caused by the heroes and villains of the franchise during the battles. The biggest testament to that is how crazy the reaction was when people saw a Stormtrooper with some blood on his armor after somebody got killed and the blood splattered onto him.

Guess what, folks? When someone gets photon blasted to the face, the result is not a clean hole as the movies have led us to believe. Like any way a human being dies, it is probably a very messy ordeal. And as graphic and nasty as this meme might be, it was the closest thing to the reality we could find. So, next time you start cheering for someone to blast the face of a Stormtrooper, remember that this guy has a family too.

7 A Wise Commander

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Most of the time, it takes a wise commander to win a war. We saw that countless times in real world history. We saw it when the Ewoks destroyed the Stormtroopers, and unfortunately, it seems like we will get to see that in the famous TV series Game of Thrones. Why? Because apparently, the Night King watched Star Wars and he knows better than to attack someone when they have the higher ground.

How savage is it that the Star Wars culture expands as far as Westeros? And before you say we are B-Sing, how could you possibly know that this guy has not watched Star Wars? We don’t even know who he is. Either way, we are sure that if Lord Vader was put in the same situation, he would have made a similar assertion as the one the Night King did even though he had the upper hand in numbers.

Repeat with us: “Thou shall not attack someone who has the higher ground.”

6 Sidious Irony

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He might’ve been one of the most hated characters in all of Star Wars, which is fair since he was the big villain of the first arc in the franchise. But no one can deny that Darth Sidious had some of the best lines in all of the movies. And perhaps no Star Wars quote, with the exception of the high ground one, ever came close to becoming meme fuel as much as this iconic Darth Sidious quote.

This little phrase has been made to fit so many situations of our real world and other fictional realities that we sincerely cannot see an end to the use of this quote. Still, since you are all reading this on a computer, phone, iPhone, or some kind of electronic device, we could not leave out this perfect adaptation of the Sidious quote to Windows. After all, the task manager has saved others many times. But on this occasion, it could not even save itself.

5 What Happened

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Sometimes, you need to blow off some steam, and the local watering hole is obviously the best bet to get it done. So, you go to the bar and start by having a cold beer. Then, you spot your favorite team on the television playing a game you had no idea was going to happen today. Sure, this could be fun. It is always nice to see my team beat some scrubs. But then, the impossible happens, and your team starts to lose miserably to the worst squad in the league. You start downing those drinks faster and faster, and before you know it, you have missed the Jedi class you had in the morning and instead, you became the evil overlord of the galaxy in a drunken tantrum.

Does that sound very far-fetched? Well, this is a theory about what happened to Anakin Skywalker. Perhaps he just wanted a drink or two but ended up getting a tad bit out of control and almost blowing up the entire galaxy.

4 Taco Bell Never Fails

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Okay, this doesn’t have much to do with Star Wars other than the fact that one of the Empire’s AT-AT is getting blown up. But this savage meme managed to tie Star Wars culture to one of the cornerstones of contemporary North American life. Whether you like it or not, at some point, you or somebody you know have had at least a couple of consecutive Taco Bell meals. And sure, we all know how dangerous doing something like this can be, but people do it anyway because when push comes to shove, we can do little to resist a soft taco meal or a burrito. It’s just how humans are. We are weak to temptation.

Nevertheless, if you fit the bill and did something as crazy as this, or know somebody who did eat three Taco Bell meals, you know how explosive the results could be. In respect to the good folks among us who do not know what this means, we will not go into detail. You deserve another night without knowing what this is like.

3 Vader Tunes

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This might not be an issue for the characters who took part in the Star Wars. But for fans, this is actually a legit question. Could you imagine seeing Darth Vader and not immediately thinking about his theme song? Yeah, every time in every movie in which this guy has appeared as Darth Vader, they played that theme song, and it got entrenched into our heads so bad that we cannot even think about one without the other.

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters in the history of cinema. Not only that, we can put games and cartoons into the mix. There can hardly be a person in the world who has not heard of Darth Vader nor can there be a person who has not heard the Darth Vader theme song. So yes, we could confidently say that Luke Skywalker was totally hearing the Vader theme music instead of feeling midichlorians when he called that Vader was inside the ship.

2 If Obi-Wan Told The Truth

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Can you just try and imagine how short the Star Wars saga would have been if the people in it actually told the truth rather than lie at every single twist and turn? If Luke did not want to leave home in the first place without Obi-Wan telling him the truth, how big is the chance that he would have never left Tatooine if the old Jedi Knight actually spilled the beans like he does on this meme? There would have been no Star Wars, and the Empire would still be ruling everything because Luke would’ve never left home in the first place.

What kid would react nicely after someone told him that their father was the vilest guy in the universe, had killed a bunch of younglings, and staged the coup of the millennium. Not to mention that the guy telling the story is the man who left your dad for dead on a lava planet. Geez, we would not want to be in Luke’s skin to make this decision.

1 The Bomb

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Aaaaaaand we have a winner. A lot of meme makers tried, a lot did great jobs and almost took down the number one spot on this list, but it is tough to compete against a meme as savage as this one. If you have not watched The Force Awakens, you might want to stop right here because there might be a “spoiler” ahead even though we have no idea about the truth. Either way, the most intriguing mystery we got on this last Star Wars movie was the identity of Rey. While she seemed like a random person who would become a protagonist in the movie at first, soon enough, J.J. Abrams and the writers behind the film had people guessing who Rey’s parents could be.

The vast consensus was that either Luke or Leia would be one of her parents. But, apparently, someone could not help himself but make the incest bomb assumption and guess that she might be the daughter of the Skywalker kids. Yuck, we didn’t know Star Wars had a Game of Thrones storyline in it!

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