18 Most Despicable Acts Committed By The Joker

The Joker is a pretty badass character, the kind that you would never want to get on the bad side of. Many people, though, think that he’s pretty cool -- a truly amazing comic book character -- but most people don’t realize the truly heinous things Joker has done over the years. Unless you're a true diehard fan, you just know the Joker from his antics in the Batman franchise. Deep down, though, the Joker is a terrifying and horrible human being. Some people don’t even think he’s human, closer to the Devil himself. Regardless of who he is, he’s one of the favorite villains in the Batman franchise. Regardless of where he appears, he’s always been a fan favorite. He’s always up to no good; it’s never a matter of whether or not he'll do something horrible -- but when.

The Joker is a horrible human, and he's done things in his past that would make anyone squirm in his seat. He’s raped, killed, and even done savage things to children. It seems that there isn’t a horrible act that he hasn’t been part of. When you finally see the Joker, you know that he’s got something up his sleeve that Batman isn’t going to be happy about. We now know why Batman is so vigilant about catching the Joker at all costs. We breathe a sigh of relief when Batman finally brings him to Arkham Asylum, but he never seems to stay there for very long. We have Joker's most heinous acts; check them out here.

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18 He Could Be the Devil

The Endgame tells a story about mentally ill patients in Arkham Asylum who confess to their psychiatrist who they believe the Joker really is. There were some pretty outrageous stories, and we’re not sure if any of them were true, but the very first story implied that Joker was actually the Devil. We could see the correlation; the Devil is someone who does evil and feels no remorse, similar to the Joker. When it comes to the man himself, it's a little hard to swallow that he could just be a man. After all, who could do some of the things that he's done and not feel bad about them? What are your thoughts? Could the Joker be the King of Hell, the fiery God that we all fear? Maybe we'll never know, but the man does have a long history of evil acts.

17 The Abuse of Harley Quinn

It’s pretty well known at this point that the Joker and Harley Quinn don’t have the epic love affair that many people claim they had. In fact, their relationship hasn't only been severely abusive but has also been borderline sickening. Quinn has an obsession for the Joker, and it doesn’t seem to matter what he does to her -- she always comes back to him. There's nothing romantic about their relationship. Quinn is a shattered soul, and Joker is abusive and manipulative. He’s seen constantly choking her, he’s left her for dead multiple times, and the things he's said to her over the years would cause the most normal girl to ponder suicide. He’s viciously beaten her and even tried to murder her a few times. She seems not to be able to let him go, though, no matter what. It’s one of the most mentally and physically abusive relationships in history.

16 Daily Torture of Batman

The Emperor Joker was a story of the Joker’s wildest dream, where he was the “Clown Prince of Crime.” In this world, he had all of the villain Mr. Mxyzptlk’s powers, and he was going to use them in the only way that he knew how. Superman is in this crossover, and he does everything he can to right the wrong in the story and bring everything back to its original balance. What Joker wants most of all is to capture and torture Batman. He uses his powers to resurrect Batman every time that he dies from his injuries. Superman is able to take the Joker down, but by then, Batman has been mentally destroyed. The torture that the Joker made him endure was so horrible that Superman had to erase Batman’s memory just so that he could go on with his life.

15 Murders Lois Lane While She’s Pregnant

The Joker has done some pretty terrible things, but murdering Lois Lane when she was pregnant is a pretty nasty deed. When the Joker gets bored of trying to break Batman in Injustice, he decides to turn his attention to Superman. The Joker is always creative when it comes to his tricks, and he’s a master manipulator. He was able to convince Superman that Lois Lane, who was his wife at the time, was the Doomsday Monster. Why Superman would ever believe this, we’re not sure, but he takes his wife and flies her into space where she suffocates. In the meantime, the Joker is in the city of Metropolis, bombing the whole thing, so even when Superman does return, he has nothing left of the life he once knew. Talk about a major mindf*ck! We feel so sorry for Superman.

14 Brainwashing Tim Drake

That’s an evil face -- and a familiar one -- but Tim Drake wasn’t always that way. Batman Beyond was a kid’s cartoon, but it still managed to take the characters to some dark places. Tim Drake is, of course, ex-Robin, and in this particular episode, we were dealing with a resurrected Joker and a Future Batman. In this cartoon, the Joker kidnaps Drake and brainwashes him. That’s why Drake looks like a mini-Joker. Thankfully, he comes to just in time to kill Joker in a bloody way, which is a little surprising for a cartoon. The poor guy then proceeds to have a breakdown, and, even in later years, the Drake once again goes after Batman as if the Joker still has some power over him. The Joker is one sick individual, and this is just one of his many bad deeds.

13 Peeling Skin

The Joker is so sick in the head that it makes our stomach turn sometimes. In Brian Azzarello’s graphic novel Joker, we see a truly messed-up side of the Joker, very much like Heath Ledger's version. In this story, the Joker is released from Arkham Asylum, and the first friend that he makes is Mr. Frost, a lowlife thug. The Joker decides to visit an old friend, Monty, in a strip club, of all places. What happens next is one of the most disgusting images that we can ever imagine. Joker and Monty go into the backroom to have a little chat, but chatting is the last thing that the Joker wants to do. Monty comes out of the office skinned from head to toe. The poor guy looks like he’s the victim of the latest horror movie.

12 Shooting and Paralyzing Barbara Gordon

The Joker is a very dangerous person because he’s capable of any atrocity that you can imagine. In The Killing Joke, we see that firsthand. In this story, the Joker once again breaks free of Arkham Asylum, and this time, his goal is to drive James Gordon insane. It’s as if the Joker wants everyone to lose his mind, just like he has. He arrives at Gordon's doorstep dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, of all things. It’s Barbara Gordon that he runs into, however, and he shoots the Batgirl, paralyzing her for life. It not only changes her life but it also ends her career as Batgirl. She recovers, though she has a new look, but she's forever haunted by what the Joker did to her. Not too many people survive their experiences with the Joker as we've already seen.

11 Kidnapping Babies

You would think that the one type of person that the Joker would leave alone would be a baby, but no luck -- everyone's a victim of the Joker. It’s hard to imagine him near small children. In No Man’s Land, the Joker is at it once again, kidnapping a bunch of babies. For some odd reason, the Joker goes after Jim Gordon’s wife, Sarah, and literally throws a baby at her. This leaves Sarah vulnerable as she has to choose between her life and the child’s. She, of course, chooses to save the baby, and the Joker shoots her. We see just how sick the Joker is when we see a dead Sarah surrounded by all the stolen infants. He doesn’t even care what he does to babies; any form of evil is fair game to the Joker -- even if it involves leaving innocent infants amongst blood and gore. He truly is a sick man.

10 Jason Todd

Murdering is something that the Joker knows a lot about. We can’t even begin to guess how many murders he's committed. When it came to the death of Jason Todd, it was the public that voted in favor of his death -- a little sick -- but whatever. In A Death in the Family, Jason Todd was only fifteen years old when he fell into the hands of Joker. The Joker, of course, doesn’t care about age; he was just kidnapping babies after all. He brutally murdered the young boy -- with a crowbar, of all things -- bludgeoning him with every violent blow to the head. The beating in the comic book was truly horrific, and we can’t imagine what Todd must've gone through in his last moments of life (and the public voted for this?!). There are a lot of sickos out there in the world.

9 He Likes to End Kids

If you thought kidnapping children was bad enough, you were wrong because Joker also doesn’t mind killing them either. In fact, we're pretty sure that he might even enjoy it. He’s just that sick. In the story Batman: Cacophony, the Joker decides that blowing up a school is a super great idea, especially since there are a bunch of children inside. It was the brutal murder of a lot of children, and it’s kind of sick that the Joker even involves them. Could you imagine? It was all part of a feud that he had with Maxie Zeus, a crime lord. It wouldn’t be the first time that he was involved in killing children, though. He seems pretty comfortable with the idea of killing children, which is pretty disturbing. It’s almost too much to bear, but that’s the Joker.

8 A Bank President’s Horror

Just when you can’t believe that the Joker can be even more horrible, he pulls another stunt. This is a pretty disgusting story, so we're warning you ahead of time; we can’t even believe that it was part of the comic, but with murders and tortures, it’s probably commonplace. In the graphic novel Joker, the maniac clown kidnapped a bank president and actually forced him to pleasure himself and release on a picture of his own daughter. It’s unfathomable and disgusting to even think about. We don’t know why they felt the need to add something like that, but it’s not the first time that a sick story got told. It’s just more proof that the Joker is a sick individual, and we're starting to wonder if it’s true that he’s possibly not human at all. He's certainly going to burn in hell one way or another.

7 Did He Really R--- Someone?

If he’s capable of murder, torture, and other unspeakable acts, then he could certainly be capable of rape, and it looks like it happened in this picture. It’s an act that's so horrible and traumatic that we can’t even believe that it’s sitting there in comic-book form. We don’t even want to think that it’s possible, but then, we look at the expression on the girl’s face, and we completely understand. What else could've happened to make her look so destroyed? It looks like he went and took what he wanted from the woman and then asked Croc to get rid of her and even throw some money at her like she was just a common prostitute. How can anyone think that the Joker is awesome or cool after this despicable crime? He’s not just a badass clown; he’s a sick, deranged man.

6 Cuts Off His Own Face

The Joker doesn’t just hurt other people; sometimes, he takes his anger out on himself. He’s so deranged that he thinks nothing of cutting off his own face. Could you imagine? In Detective Comics #1, he had his own face cut off. Seeing Joker without a face is a new level of terror that we can’t quite come to terms with. We’ve seen so many horrors from the Joker that it’s hard to even be shocked by it. It’s like being involved in a wide-awake horror movie. He wraps a maggot-infested carcass around his face and then tries to feed members of Batman’s family their own faces as well. The mental anguish that he puts these people through is truly horrible. We can’t even begin to imagine what they all went through even though it turned out not to be real in the first place.

5 Duke Thomas’ Parents Are Poisoned

Yes, in this particular horror, the Joker gassed Duke Thomas’s parents. Why are we not surprised? But it’s always hard when you get to know a character, and then, you see his loved ones tortured or killed. Duke Thomas was the newest of the Robins at this stage, and he went through hell because of what the Joker did to his parents. In the story Endgame, Joker is trying to turn all of Gotham into smiling Jokers whom he can send after Batman. Duke’s parents are just a couple of the people affected by the plague, and there's no help, no cure that can bring them back to him. No one is safe from the Joker, and the people of Gotham should know that they have to keep their loved ones close to them when the Joker is on the loose.

4 He Drives a Man Crazy

Joker is, of course, very manipulative, and we all know that, so it’s amazing that he's still able to convince people to go to sick places. In Batman Confidential #22-25, he somehow manages to use his one phone call while in custody of the police to actually get a detective’s wife to hang herself. How is it possible that this madman is able to manipulate people in this way? When the police return to the Joker, he plays a game with them to let them know that the detective’s wife is now dead. Talk about the ultimate revenge. “How many cops does it take to screw in a light bulb? Two. One to change the light bulb and the other to cut down Detective Shancoe’s wife!” That’s a surefire way of driving any man crazy! All they did was leave him alone, and he murdered someone without any effort.

3 Breaks His Own Spine

Again, Joker isn't opposed to hurting himself if it helps him to get what he wants. This story comes from the classic Batman by Frank Miller. Batman actually comes out of retirement in this story to once again deal with the freaks of Gotham. The Joker, of course, is up to his usual shenanigans and is thrilled to find out that Batman is out from retirement. So, to celebrate, he gets himself onto a talk show where he murders everyone and then quickly escapes. Batman and Robin give chase, and Batman and Joker get tangled up in the tunnel of love. Even though they have a brutal struggle, Batman refuses to kill the Joker, so Joker decides to snap his own spine. It’s a sick story of the Joker once again getting the last laugh, even at his own expense.

2 His Reign of Terror

Joker has had many moments that we could consider his reigns of terror, but in Gotham Central #12-15, he really went for some bloodshed. In this story, Joker opened fire on the people of Gotham city; he even had snipers who took out EMT’s, police, the mayor, and the superintendent. It appears as if no one is safe in Gotham city. There's so much blood in this story that it’s horrifying to look at. The Joker terrorizes them and even watches the terror unfolding on webcams on a website. The Joker doesn’t even have a reason for why he’s terrorizing the city; he just felt like it. People flee the city and the horrifying acts of the Joker but not before he's spilled a lot of blood. Batman does stop him, but a lot of damage has been done.

1 Poisoned Cotton Candy

During the story Dark Knight Returns, after the Joker killed all the people on the talk show, he then went to an amusement park. That was where Batman once again found the escapee from the Arkham Asylum. While at the amusement park, Joker handed out poisoned cotton candy to 16 cub scouts. Now that’s a horrific image. We can’t believe that anyone would take any candy from an insane-looking person like the Joker. But they did, and all sixteen children died at the hands of the Joker, and we have to wonder where the Cub Scout leader was in all of this. The Joker had already murdered so many people that day, but his thirst for evil was unlimited. This is just another example of the heinous acts committed by the Joker, and there are so many more out there. Hopefully, you can get some of these images out of your head tonight.

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