18 Childhood Crushes Who Are Still As Hot As You Remember

Cards on the table: some of the lovely ladies may not be just as hot as you or I remember...but they're still pretty damn hot (and truly some of them do seem like they've never aged). These ladies do cover a wide range of childhoods, to be totally honest. Some of you may only know some of them women from reruns of shows you might be too young to have seen.

But there are also far more recent childhood crushes like Emma Watson...and to be honest, she's just an eternal crush in my mind. Those child stars who captured our hearts as kids, like Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes have found their way into this article. And that's after having been a childhood crush, going through an intense amount of drug abuse, and still coming out pretty damn hot.

Then there are those pop icons like the Spice Girls, and Miley Cyrus. And while they may be from different generations, there are many people who crushed hard on each and every one of them. Everyone's got their favourite Spice Girl. And then beyond that, there are T.V. crushes like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lisa Kudrow, and Jennifer Aniston. There's certain someone for everyone in this star-studded article.

18 The Spice Girls

Personally, Sporty Spice was always my favourite. She always seemed to have the most credible music career after the band split (if for no other reason than that she did a song with Bryan Adams). So Melanie C was always my crush from the band. Of course they each had their own kind of charm that surely turned every young boy's crank. Baby Spice isn't exactly wearing any sort of character outfit in this photo. Nor is Sporty Spice. But Posh Spice certainly still looks just as aloof as she always did (probably because she actually doesn't want to be there for any sort of reunion). It is certainly nice to see them all together again after all the years. And it is also pretty nice to see that they really haven't changed all that much at all. They still pretty well all look the same.

17 Christina Ricci

For those of you who grew up in the 90s, you may recall that Christina Ricci played the dark, devious, and deadly Wednesday Addams. Her somewhat disturbed nature was kind of alluring, if I'm honest. And her unwillingness to take sh*t from anyone was certainly an attractive quality. And after her childhood acting years, she then continued on to star with Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow. And boy was she ever stunning in that film. And while she seems to be a bit more conservatively put together in the above photo, she has in no way lost any good looks. If anything, she has become even hotter. I could get lost in those eyes pretty damn easily, I think. Certainly an underrated actor, Christina Ricci is certainly one of those childhood crushes who has become even hotter than you may remember.

16 Natalie Portman

Boy oh boy, Natalie Portman has come a long, long way from her childhood role in Leon: The Professional. And let's be honest: even then, she was a pretty attractive girl. But she certainly went on to play much more hilarious, and sexy roles...and yeah, some terrible roles as well. Like, for example, her unfortunate time in the awfully new Star Wars trilogy that was comprised of episodes one through three. And it's not that she was a bad actor in it. She just had really, really terrible lines to deliver. Bu hey, she can certainly rap like a real dirty gangsta, and it doesn't hurt that she's pretty smokin' on top (or in any position, I'm sure). And while this isn't exactly a revealing photograph of Natalie Portman, it definitely showcases her gorgeous eyes.

15 Miley Cyrus

Those who grew up with the Disney channel in their cable package would have come across this controversial cutie well before she hit The Voice as a judge. She was, after all, the contracted star of Hanna Montana. But boy did she ever leave that life behind very quickly. All it took was for her to hit puberty, and decide that she wanted to be her own person...and a few racy photos, and she was out of Disney, and right into the media spotlight. She went out and hammered out a pretty scantily clad career in music. Which could have been a lot better if she wasn't constantly directed to do videos in her underwear when she actually has a good voice. So she never really managed to make her career her own for a very long time. But hey, she sure managed to stay pretty darn cute.

14 Jennifer Aniston

I'll be totally honest, Jennifer Aniston has not ever really been one of my childhood crushes. But I know that, for some very intense reason, she has garnered love and adoration the world over. Many times over at that. I could never really enjoy her iconic character in Friends (loving Lisa Kudrow far more), but she has become a huge hit, generation after generation. But I'll be more than fair to her here. Jennifer Aniston is a gorgeous woman. And she has basically kept those looks damn near perfectly in tact. Which is actually crazy considering just how long she has been in the business. And even as her age starts to become more apparent, that winning smile, and those beautiful blue eyes just melt people's hearts over and over again.

13 Lisa Kudrow

Surely everyone remembers Phoebe from Friends. Lisa Kudrow is perhaps one of the most hilarious, if not the most hilarious parts of that show. Sure, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox had their moments, but Kudrow was always priceless. It certainly wasn't just her daft, hippy, musical character either. If ever you've watched Analyze This, or Analyze That, you know for sure that Kudrow is just a wonderfully hilarious actor. And she's so damned adorable. She might not be the stunning, and hot sort of attractive, but she has certainly kept her looks throughout the years, and they are not simply tossed by the wayside. There's just something about her casual nature, and her girl-next-door sort of vibe that really draws people into her.

12 Katie Holmes

With a devious smile like that, how could you not have thousands of people crushing hard. Though to be honest, Tom Cruise probably taught her that sort of creepy smile. It doesn't change the fact that she is an incredibly attractive woman though. She first rose to intense fame during the run of the 90's hit series Dawson's Creek. But she went on to do other great work as well. This would include Disturbing Behaviour, Thank You For Smoking, and Batman Begins. You may not love her work, but she gets good stuff when she wants it. And she is definitely no less attractive than she was when she started out. She is gorgeous, and pretty clearly a bit devious. Much as I'd love to talk about all of the crazy things she's done in life...I still have a weird sort of crush on her.

11 Emma Watson

Ok, so surely anyone who had a crush on Emma Watson back in the day now doesn't think of her being as hot as they remember. They likely think that she has just got hotter and hotter. My goodness. She is perhaps one of (if not the) most gorgeous women in Hollywood today. And to think, people really only first knew her from something as childish as Harry Potter. That being said, growing up around the same age as Watson, I had a fondness for Hermione Granger. That know-it-all, future librarian-looking sort of vibe about her really got me. And growing up along with her, it was great to see her come into her own as a woman, not only in the Harry Potter movies, but also in newscasts, interviews, and obviously other films...especially playing my favourite Disney crush: Belle.

10 Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg probably first captured the world in her role as Harriet The Spy. But she really began to build a base of crushing fans once she made the hit T.V. show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, playing the role of Dawn Summers. Of course her career didn't end there by any means. She continued to land roles in hit television series' like Six Feet Under, House MD, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. For those who grew up with a huge crush on Dawn Summers...watching Michelle's career has likely been nothing but a blessing. She was incredibly adorable, and super cute in Buffy, but boy has she ever just got hot now. As you can obviously tell from the above photo. It's pretty damn clear the Dawn Summers really grew up, and surely no one takes any issue with that.

9 Danielle Fishel

Does anyone here remember Boy Meets World from the 90's? If you do, then you definitely remember Topanga (otherwise known as Danielle Fishel). She was one of the cutest, and sweetest characters on T.V. in those years. And sure, she may have appeared in Full House around the time she landed BMW. And yeah, she's done several other T.V. spots, and some relatively unknown films...but it's pretty clear that she will always be Topanga. It was made even more clear when, after 14 years of not really gaining any notoriety in the acting world, she reprised the role of Topanga, in a new BMW series that is still being aired. So those who didn't get to see the cute, and sweet Topanga...you get to see the scorching hot, grown up Topanga Matthews. And as you can likely tell by the above photo, no one is at all opposed to the difference.

8 Sarah Michelle Gellar

It's Buffy Summers herself! Sure, she's not the original Buffy (if you count the earlier film), but she is certainly the most iconic. Gellar's work in Buffy the Vampire Slayer made girls want to be her, and made boys want her...so badly. She was a super hero, and a role model, for sure. And she went on to do other horror-related work like I Know What You Did Last SummerThe Grudge 1 and 2, and of course the Scooby Doo films. But she's done more than you might think. She's also the voice of April O'Neil in TMNT, and she voices the role of the seventh sister in Star Wars Rebels. And of course she's been on The Simpsons, American Dad, and Robot Chicken. She's everywhere, and she is just as stunning as she was back when she was slaying vampires. I have to admit I feel bad for not including her counterpart Willow (Alyson Hannigan) in this article, because I crushed harder on her for sure...and she's still very pretty.

7 Jennifer Connelly 

Oh Jennifer Connelly. She is one of my top three crushes to appear on this list (but I know she's not the most popular on the list). She first stole my heart away in the David Bowie film Labyrinth. And I just kept my memories of her close until I saw her again in A Beautiful Mind. She was all grown up, and even more stunning (though those beautiful eyes lost none of their sparkle). She also had a very intense role in Requiem for a Dream, which really shows her range when comparing that to the aforementioned roles. She's been working steadily since 1984, and she has four new films that are currently in the works. There is hardly a year that you'll find she hasn't done something. A true working actor, with a much more private life than perhaps people might want...but that just adds mystery to her, and that just makes me more enamored.

6 Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is another one I crushed very hard on when I was younger. She first made me weak at the knees when I saw her in Beetlejuice, playing the role of Lydia. She was dark, mysterious, cool, collected, and a little depressed...that was mostly me around the time I first watched the film. Edward Scissorhands, and Bram Stoker's Dracula also pulled me into falling for this beautiful actor. I have to be honest when I say I lost a bit of interest when I saw her in Alien: Resurrection, but that was because her hair was buzzed, and she looked like Elijah Wood. But she got it back with works like Black Swan, and the Netflix hit Stranger Things. She is another actor who is always working away at something. And sure, she had her little stints as a klepto, and the media made a big stink about it, but that doesn't change how gorgeous she is.

5 Drew Barrymore

You might be aware that many childhood actors go through a lot of sh*t; growing up among the parties, and the drugs, and the sex. Drew Barrymore was a big childhood hit in the film Firestarter, but she grew up maybe a bit too quickly, and in the wrong ways. But she managed her way through all the rough years to star in films like Ever After, 51st Dates, Scream, Music & Lyrics, Charlie's Angels, and plenty more. And many of her films certainly gained her many fans who have crushed on her for years. And now she's back in the great Netflix show: Santa Clarita Diet. She has always been a pretty gorgeous woman. And with a smile like that, how could anyone resist? Not to mention those beautiful blues that just seem so kind...even if she's a bit nutty from being a part of Hollywood royalty.

4 Lindsay Lohan

Some people may know Lindsay Lohan from way back in Parent Trap. But I'd definitely not say that that's when she became hot, or anyone's crush. Freaky Friday probably did a lot to bring people into her as a sex symbol. I know it got me (since I already loved Jamie Lee Curtis). But Lohan really fell off the rails...or rather did far too many rails. There was all sorts of media coverage of her downfall, and her drug abuse. She really brought out a bit of Mean Girls that you might not have thought her character was capable of. But she's back in the game now. She's landed a new series, and so far as anyone knows, she's sober and ready to work. I did enjoy her work, aside from her being very attractive, so it's nice to know that she's back to work...and still attractive.

3 Kirsten Dunst

You know what? Say what you want about Kirsten Dunst's acting, but she is a pretty gorgeous woman. Even if it's in a somewhat odd way. Depending on the film, or the era, or the expression, she can seem a bit off, but she is overall beautiful. I think there's no real denying that. Maybe she wasn't quite there when people saw her as a vicious child vampire in Interview With The Vampire, but that just got people started. And hoping. And expecting. And perhaps that's why people are inclined to dismiss Dunst as an actor. She did such a great job as Claudia...but she might have missed the mark as Mary Jane in Spiderman. And it's not like her career has been full of nothing but fantastic films. But again, that doesn't change the fact that she is gorgeous. And I would say as gorgeous as when she was first deemed so.

2 Claire Danes

You might know her now from Homeland, or you may know her from quite a bit earlier in Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines...but let's be totally honest here. People know Claire Danes best from her role as the titular character of Juliet, starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet. They famously did not get along on set at all (something abut Leo always goofing, and Claire actually caring about the work), but they made it work. And it has to be said that from all the way back then in 1996 to now, 21 years later, Danes is a very, very beautiful woman. There has been some change though. It's mainly in her eyes. There was an innocence, or a naivety that was present in Romeo & Juliet that has been somewhat discarded now. She's seemingly much harder...or colder. But boy that doesn't change the beauty one bit.

1 Gillian Anderson

It's got to help the new generation quite a bit that there were some new X-Files episodes made in the past few years. And the fact that Gillian Anderson also hits up all sorts of conventions in geekdom. But it has to be pointed out, for sure, that those who watched X-Files almost immediately had a hard crush on the character of Dana Scully. Why? Because she wasn't taken by all the alien bullsh*t. She was the skeptical, and logical one of the interesting pair of Mulder and Scully. And while age is pretty apparent now, Gillian Anderson still manages to capture a beauty that may seem a bit odd, but is nonetheless very real. Never minding the character of Scully, there is something about the way in which Anderson carries herself that really draws people in.

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