18 Celebrities Who Have Had Alien Encounters

Aliens have fascinated people for ages. There have been several individuals that have come forward with stories of sightings and encounters of UFOs and alien beings, but these people are not always th

Aliens have fascinated people for ages. There have been several individuals that have come forward with stories of sightings and encounters of UFOs and alien beings, but these people are not always the most reputable sources (we are looking at you Randy Quaid in Independence Day). And many of these people and their stories are quickly dismissed. But what if it wasn’t just people who live alone in the middle of nowhere that had these experiences?

Well, it turns out that aliens are not only interested in New Mexico and conspiracy theorists. Aliens have visited people at all levels of wealth and fame in all walks of life, including athletes, musicians, actors, politicians, and more. Just for you, we compiled a list focusing on alien encounters of those at the top of the fame game. This gives a little more credit to other people’s stories in that these individuals would risk their fame and reputation by telling the story of an encounter with a being from another world. But the question still remains; do you believe?

18 William Shatner

If there is one man who knows a thing or two about aliens, it's William Shatner. Captain Kirk has traveled across the final frontier fighting off alien scum and charming alien ladies since 1966. Shatner has become a cornerstone, and at times a laughing stock, in the Science Fiction community. Shatner is not shy on the stand that aliens do exist and has said several times that he believes with his entire heart that alien is a fact. Shatner took it one step further when he claimed that after crashing his bike in the midst of the Mojave Desert a strange shadow figure led him to a UFO seeming to hover in the middle of the sky. He would go on to recant this story in a strange way, but we may never know the truth. Did Shatner have a real life alien encounter or did all those years of playing Kirk and the Mojave heat make for a wild trip?

17 Mick Jagger

The front man for The Rolling Stones has had his own alien encounter as well. The story goes that one night while camping in Glastonbury, UK with fellow British singer/songwriter and main squeeze Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger saw a glowing elongated spaceship. Jagger was moved by this and subsequently installed a UFO detector on the grounds of his home which would go off any time he stepped out of the house. He had a second visit from these aliens a year later when they showed up and supposedly flew over the Stones’ Altamont concert. Now, there are three possible explanations for these sightings. First off, they could simply be made up. Second, they could have actually taken place and aliens are bigger Rolling Stones than we realize. Or Jagger may have just had some illicit substance in his system. But what are the chances of that?

16 John Lennon

Mick and Marianne are not the only British rock stars to have had alien encounters. One of the most renowned rockers of all time is John Lennon. He had a more than successful career with the Beatles as well as solo. Thus, if the aliens enjoyed The Stones so much there is a strong possibility that they enjoyed Lennon’s music as well. The first sighting came in 1974 when he and his then girlfriend May Ping saw a large object with a red light floating in the air near the East River in New York. Years later aliens apparently visited Lennon in his New York apartment. They woke him with a light and greeted him. They were four bug-like creatures and showed Lennon his entire life as a movie. They also gave him a metal egg that he carried with him until he passed it on to magician Uri Geller. The aliens swore to Lennon that they were not just a drug induced hallucination.

15 Fran Drescher

If there was ever a recording of an alien mating call there is a strong chance it would sound a lot like the laugh of Fran Drescher. Her nasally voice and obnoxious laugh made Drescher a stand out and the television series The Nanny made her a household name. What is a tad less known is that Fran is a strong believer in the paranormal, including aliens. Drescher claims that when she was in middle school, she was in the car with her father when she encountered an alien. She has a small scar that she claims is from when the aliens implanted her with a chip. She claims that the aliens had much larger plans however, and claims that her husband saw an alien while in the car with his father and has a matching scar. She claims that them getting together was the alien’s plan all along. Her now ex-husband says that her scar came from something ordinary.

14 Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is known for being the self-proclaimed “greatest” boxer to grace the ring. One of his most famous sayings was, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” But butterflies and bees may not have been the only flying objects on Ali’s mind. The boxer said that one day as he went on his usual jog in New York, he saw a spaceship seemingly hovering in the sky. When he started to focus on the UFO it darted away out of sight. The jog was in Central Park and it seemed that no one else witnessed the ship. This was not the only time Ali would see this, it apparently occurred several more times with a craft hovering in the sky only to disappear when he tried to focus on it. With Ali’s death happening in June of 2016 we may never know the truth.

13 Olivia Newton-John

Grease star and Grammy award winning singer Olivia Newton-John is a firm believer in aliens and has been since she was young. Newton-John claims that when she was 15 years old she saw a silver UFO flying through the night sky. The sighting sparked her curiosity and ever since that day she has had an interest in the paranormal, specifically in aliens. Newton-John has spent many hours discussing and researching the topic. According to Olivia she is not alone. While doing an interview, Newton-John claimed that most of the people in England believe that UFOs are real. Now, did Olivia Newton-John do a poll of the country or was this information given to her by aliens?

12 John Travolta

Did you know Battlefield Earth (an alien film that critically and financially tanked) was a documentary? In the eyes of some it is closer to reality than fiction. When thinking of the Church of Scientology many people’s minds go directly to Tom Cruise. However, one of the church’s most prominent members is John Travolta. This church believes that aliens known as Thetans created the entire universe and instead of dying they are reincarnated constantly and have no memory of their past lives. Travolta has been active in this church since the early 70s so he would have absolutely believed Grease co-star Olivia Newton-John’s story. Battlefield Earth was made by Travolta and based on a novel written by the founder of the Church of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard. The film was hailed as being “Like Star Wars: A New Hope, only better” and “the Schindler’s List of science fiction” by Travolta, and “the worst movie ever made” by pretty much every other critic.

11 Robbie Williams

Olivia Newton-John might be onto something, or aliens just really love British musicians; and here is another. Robbie Williams is a very well-known singer in England. Williams had a very good year in 2006 with a tour of sold out shows and his career looked to be only rising— until he claimed he was visited by an alien in his recording studio. Williams then cut himself off from the outside world. He decided to go on a hunt for aliens and travelled to Nevada with a journalist to interview UFO abductees and to attend a conference on UFOs. Robbie claims to have had UFO sightings of his own starting when he was a child, then another in Beverly Hills years later, and of corse the encounter in the studio. But all of this wasn’t compelling enough for Williams to continue his search when he found out it wasn’t as lucrative as singing pop songs. Williams apologized to his fans and returned to the stage.

10 Elvis Presley

If we have learned anything from film, it's that aliens are really interested in meeting our "leader". Earth does not really have one world leader so the King of Rock and Roll will have to do. Elvis Presley stated that one night he went outside in order to smoke a cigarette when all of a sudden, he was hit in the face with a blindingly bright blue light. Presley was sure that what he saw that night was a UFO and that he had an alien encounter. He even confided in the first person anyone should go to, his hair stylist. The visits didn’t stop there, however; Presley also saw strange lights moving in the fields around his Graceland home as well as in the middle of the desert. Maybe Elvis didn’t die but instead went on to be a personal entertainer for his new alien friends.

9 Sammy Hagar

One person who is not quiet about his belief in aliens is the former front man for the band Van Halen. Sammy Hagar even included his beliefs and encounters in his autobiography, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. In the book, Hagar writes that one night as he was lying in bed dreaming, he saw a ship with two creatures inside that he couldn’t clearly identify. Hagar says that they somehow tapped into his brain and that he was connected with these beings. Even though Hagar understands that it was a dream, he believes it to be a part of something real and something much bigger. He states that knowledge was exchanged between himself and the aliens. As we said, Hagar is not shy about discussing the topic and says there is more encounters that he couldn’t include in his book. He also says he would like to write more books devoted strictly to his beliefs and encounters with aliens.

8 Jimmy Carter

Musicians, actors, and athletes are not the only ones who have had alien encounters. Peanut farmer, politician, and former President Jimmy Carter reportedly had an encounter with a UFO in Leary, Georgia back in 1969. At the time, Carter did not share his experience with many others but finally reported the event to the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City four years later. When questioned about the sighting in 2007 Carter took a stance that he did not believe in aliens. He said that even though other people may disagree, it is his opinion that there is no possibility that aliens could visit us. Regardless of what the flying object was, it was unidentified to Carter and that is why he claims he reported it. This story does bring a very important question to the forefront of the mind, what does a crop circle look like in the middle of a peanut farm?

7 Anne Heche

Anne Heche didn't have the typical alien experience, she didn’t see a bright light or an object in the sky; she was never taken into a metal room where she was poked in the face by odd humanoid creatures— Anne says she is an alien. Heche says that she has an alter-ego named Celestia (similar to Anne’s given middle name of Celeste) that is not of this world, or even this dimension. She claims that Celestia is an alien from the Fourth Dimension where there is no war, hate, race, gender, or any other dividing factor and she is currently waiting for a spaceship to come and take her home. One would think she could just catch a ride with one of the other spaceships mentioned in this post. In the meantime, though, Anne says that Celestia is just here to give her messages from God.

6 Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe may have been able to pull from his own life instead of just winging it when he portrayed the alien Jor-El in 2013’s Man of Steel. Crowe has an interesting story with a UFO that takes place in his office in Sydney, Australia. Russel states that one night he was at his office in Sydney when he saw some fruit bats through the window. He did what any self-respecting Australian would do and grabbed his camera. He wanted to catch the bats on video so he went to the window and opened it but was greeted by something else. Crowe stated that when he opened the window he saw a rectangular shaped spaceship that shown bright orange. Crowe was startled by the spaceship and quickly forgot about the bats and apparently, the video camera in his hand. However, aliens aren’t even the weirdest thing in Australia... that place is nuts.

5 Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine is the older sister of Warren Beatty and has been involved in Hollywood since the early 50s starring in such movies as The Apartment, Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolias, and Being There with recent credits in Bernie, Glee, Downton Abbey, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. She has been nominated for several Oscars and won once for Best Actress. Her Oscar goes well with forty-three other wins including a few Golden Globes, Primetime Emmys, BAFTA Awards, and more. So, it is no surprise that aliens seem to be big fans. MacLaine stated that she can go out into her hot tub at her New Mexico home and see a UFO in the sky on any given night. She is not afraid of her visitors but welcomes them. MacLaine says that the aliens mean no harm but simply come to give us messages. Oh yeah, and they got Ronald Reagan elected President.

4 Miyuki Hatoyama

While the name may not immediately ring any bells, Miyuki Hatoyama is a former actress but she is more notable as the former First Lady of Japan. Hatoyama released a book about all the strangest moments in her life simply titled Very Strange Things I’ve Encountered which included an alien encounter. In her book, Miyuki writes that one night as she slept, her soul was taken from her body and rode a triangular shaped UFO all the way to Venus. Her husband and the Former Prime Minister of Japan, Yukio Hatoyama, states that the experience his wife had was simply a dream and nothing more, but Miyuki begs to differ. She is sure that her body may have been sleeping but her consciousness made this trip. Miyuki seems to have just taken a trip to her home planet seeing that “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” Hatoyama is now in her 70s and still stands by her story.

3 David Bowie

Let’s get back to English musicians, shall we? If you have listened to David Bowie, you may have found that several of his songs allude to space, and he even has one entitled “Loving the Alien” but few people seem to know the story behind the song. Bowie stated that he has been encountering aliens his entire life starting back when he was just a boy in England. According to Bowie he encountered aliens so frequently that he could almost time when he would witness one. He also witnessed spaceships in his life, and his story interestingly matches many others in this article. Bowie states that the UFOs would simply hover in the sky until he focused on them, at which point they would shoot away into the sky. Bowie died in January of 2016, or maybe he joined Elvis’ multiple galaxy tour.

2 Pamela Stonebrooke

Pamela Stonebrooke is a professional Jazz singer with an interesting story. She does not boast an experience with a light or object in the sky, but instead has a story of an encounter that was a tad more intimate. According to Stonebrooke she was abducted by aliens that were humanoid but also reptilian and instead of the face-poking experienced by Baron Davis, she experienced having sexual relations with the aliens. Stonebrooke, since being dubbed the Intergalactic Diva, has written a book about her titular experience called A Jazz Singer’s True Account of Extraterrestrial Contact, in which she says that the aliens were better than any human man she had been with. She states that she awoke from her sleep making love to a Greek God which transformed into a scaly being which let her know that she was dealing with a shape shifting alien (obviously). Stonebrooke’s experience is truly one of a kind.

1 Barron Davis

Baron Davis was a star basketball player for the New York Knicks, but that is not what has people taking about him these days. Davis opened up on an episode of the podcast The Champs about an experience that he will not soon forget. Davis stated that one night as he was driving to Los Angeles from Las Vegas he was taken from his car. He stated that it started with bright lights and the next thing he knew he was in a steel contraption with humanoid creatures messing with his nose and his head. Davis says he doesn’t remember much else and the entire ordeal is a tad hazy. The podcast hosts questioned Davis adamantly about the event and even asked several times if the entire story was just made up or a joke but Baron stood by his story. He even said he would be working to publish a book about his encounter with these creatures.

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