17 Weather Girls That Make Us Feel Like We're Living In Florida

Is it hot in here or is it just me? Huh, I bet you didn't expect me to say that. Now that I am thinking of it maybe because I am a guy I shouldn't be saying stuff like that but come on, who cares, right?

Everyone likes to be a bit playful from time to time and believe me, the list we have for you today is just like that. Yep, it is time to take a closer look at all those beautiful girls you see on TV every night presenting the following day's forecast.

We managed to sum up at least 17 American weather girls that'll make you feel like you're living in Florida. Just before we start off we'll let you know that some of the women mentioned in this article may have stopped presenting the weather forecast or are of a different nationality but work or have worked in America. Now that we've got this out of the way let's begin!

17 Jill Nicolini

Jill Nicolini
Via Youtube

With looks and a body like this, it would be expected that Jill isn't only a weather girl. In fact, she is also a reporter and a retired model. She is currently 40 years old and still looks amazing! She likes to dress up every then and now just so she can keep her dedicated audience captivated with her looks and her other "talents".

She mostly works as a traffic reporter (thus the "naughty" outfit she is wearing in the picture) but she tells the weather from time to time. She is from New York and works there as well for the WPIX 11.

16 Julie Durda

Julie Durda
Via Tumblr

Doesn't that purple color go great with her nice slim body? If you live in Florida and especially the South section you most likely have seen her on television before. That being said, viewing numbers tend to go up when she walks in front of the green screen to present the weather forecast.

She is 37 years old and works for the WPLG Local 10 channel. There is a reason her body is in great shape, and this is because she was a cheerleader in college. What most people don't know is that she has some pretty amazing habits, like swimming with her dog every day, for example!

15 Megan Glaros

Megan Glaros
Via YouTube

This angel works as a meteorologist for WBBM-TV broadcasting in Chicago. We know she looks like a fairly young woman but she actually is 45 years old. You aren't the only person feeling crazy when hearing that, we are too. And the fun facts don't stop there.

She is the mother of three beautiful kids but clearly she did not let herself go. She works in the morning hours and this would be good for anyone except for the people leaving home to go to work early. Purple goes nice with her eyes, don't you think? Or maybe I am just a guy and I love beautiful women. Aah, who knows!?

14 Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson
Via YouTube

I don't know why but this one is for sure in my top 3. Her face, her body, the stance, everything on her looks perfect. And she isn't as young as you may think. She is actually 37 years old which for a weather girl can be big, especially when millions of men choose to watch you every day on their televisions.

She has worked for various top networks but currently, she is part of the KCBS family. The beautiful woman has appeared in various films and tv shows mostly in the role of a meteorologist. Who would expect!? One of them was the box office movie, Battleship.

13 Bri Winkler

Bri Winkler
Via YouTube

You know how people tend to complain about how beautiful individuals get to have a better life with more opportunities just because of their looks? Well, when it comes to Bri Winkler this isn't the case. Yeah, one of the factors for her success is her pretty face for sure but life didn't go that easy on her.

Back when she was 24 years old she suffered a stroke due to a blood clot on her brain. Fortunately, she survived it and became a strong supporter of various associations raising awareness and helping people with such problems.

12 Chita Johnson

Chita Johnson
Via Pinterest

You may know her by this name but now it has changed to Chita Craft after she got married to Lane Craft. She is 30 years old and a mother of a beautiful child who she gave birth to about a year ago.

Her career kicked off in 2007 and she currently works as a full-time meteorologist for the KHOU 11 channel on the "News This Morning" show. Unlike most of the other women on this list, she wanted to study the weather because she strongly believes that it can affect everyone in one way or another.

11 Christina Loren

Christina Loren
Via christinaloren.net

Christina has way more to show off than her pretty face. She is a certified meteorologist and even though she mostly works on presenting the weather forecast she also loves to communicate with her fans. If you take a look at her LinkedIn profile you will see what I mean, she has more than 500 connections!

She has more than 12 years of experience and she is way more than just her looks. Technology is one of her biggest passions. And the list doesn't stop there. She also has degrees in Economics and Theology! She currently works for RFD-TV.

10 Cristina Blackwell

Cristina Blackwell
Via Marathi.tv

This pretty gal has been on the road since she was a little child. Her parents loved traveling and so did she. No wonder she ended up loving the different weather conditions since each city is different. She is married to a professional hockey player and lives in San Antonio. She has one son and two dogs (both of them are Yorkies).

She has a double major in Communications and Speech. As a child she was a bit shy but started to enjoy public speaking as she grew older, hence her occupation on the KENS-TV 5 channel.

9 Elita Loresca

Elita Loresca

Don't be fooled by her welcoming face. Elita is way more than just a weather girl. She has appeared on various "revealing" photoshoots for top-notch magazines all over the country. She is half Philipino and half American and currently lives in Houston, Texas.

The now 40-year-old meteorologist works for KTRK-TV. She started her career off with a bang as she used to cover the news regarding some of the strongest hurricanes in our lifetime, including Hurricane Katrina, Wilma, and Rita. That was enough to show her talent and thus she started climbing the news world ladder.

8 Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft
Via YouTube

Evelyn is a weather geek and a design enthusiast as she likes to call herself on her Facebook page. She is a 33-year-old gorgeous lady is a certified meteorologist and she currently works for KCAL-TV. Apart from presenting the weather forecast though, she is also a news editor and journalist.

She has traveled all around the world and still loves to visit new places and countries. She started her media career before even reaching adulthood. She is married and has two kids, a son and a daughter. It is a wonder how she is still holding onto such a physique after two births!

7 Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia
Via Hooch

The Mexican meteorologist was introduced to the public through television but what kept on building her popularity was the Internet for sure. She has a massive base on social media and most of her photos show off her other "talents," especially her incredibly well toned body.

She has a bright future in front of her as she is only 27 years old. She presents the weather forecast from time to time but this isn't her official job title. One of her other passions is acting and you may have seen her in movies, such as Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, for example.

6 Leticia Castro

Leticia Castro
Via YouTube

Now, this is a woman made for tv. The Californian angel is just 29 years old and is extremely keen on acting as she has appeared on various television series, most of them abroad. She is a bilingual journalist and weather girl and has worked for various television stations such as ABC Sacramento, Univision, and Telemundo.

She has also worked as a model back in the 2000s. She grew up in Las Vegas and now she has moved in with her husband who she married some years ago. She has a big following on social media and she is also a Youtuber.

5 Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido
Via Imgur

The woman you are seeing in this picture is actually 45 years old. Crazy, right? Jackie is from Puerto Rico and had a tough childhood as she, her sister, and her mother had to seek help finding shelter after escaping an abusive home.

After some years, Jackie grew up and started getting into the media industry. She was asked to join various networks but she finally decided to go with WXDJ, a radio station. After that, she studied meteorology and started presenting the weather forecast on WLTV, one of Univision's biggest channels. Regarding her love life, she was married to Don Omar for three years before they got divorced.

4 Maria Timmer

Maria Timmer
Via Pinterest

Maria Timmer, or Maria Molina as she was referred to prior to getting married to Reed Timmer, was a meteorologist for FOX News for 6 years. She stopped working as the weather girl back in 2016 because she wanted to pursue her Ph.D.

She believes that what made her fall in love with meteorology was a hurricane which hit her hometown when she was still a little girl. Big passions can't be hidden. We say that because even her husband is a famous meteorologist and storm chaser. The only thing left for us to do is to wish the woman from Nicaragua good luck in getting her next degree!

3 Naile Lopez

Naile Lopez
Via Pinterest

We don't know many things about this little angel. However, what we do know is that being a weather girl wasn't her dream. Yeah, she presented the weather forecast for a little while but her true passion is acting. She has participated in various productions throughout the years despite her young age.

She prefers the term TV host more than the term "weather girl," and who could really blame her? She isn't there just to inform us about tomorrow's forecast. She has a great lively personality and this is exactly why many people love to see her on television.

2 Sabrina Fein

Sabrina Fein
Via YouTube

I intentionally picked this image to go alongside this entry just to prove that pregnancy is a miracle and a really beautiful thing. Look at how good Sabrina looks in her "baby" outfit. She works for San Diego 6 News and has been with them for quite some time until she moved on to KUSI-TV. We can see a pattern here as she also seems to have experienced a hurricane when she was young.

Maybe that was what made her fall in love with meteorology, or have an interest in the phenomenon of extreme weather. She seems to have taken some time off to spend time with her newborn baby!

1 Ximena Cordoba

Ximena Cordoba
Via YouTube

The 38-year-old beauty from Colombia prefers modelling and acting way more than presenting the weather forecast. However, it is certain that viewers loved watching her for the two years when she did work in the meteorology field.

Just as we previously mentioned acting is one of her biggest passions, and this is where she actually started after winning a reality show called Protagonistas de Novela back in 2002. Since then she has been acting for various telenovelas and presenting many television shows as well as taking part in well-known news broadcasts!

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