17 Times Jessica Biel Showed Us More Than We Could Handle

Jessica Biel is an American actress and producer. She started her career as a vocalist in musical productions but she wasn’t recognized until the role of Mary Camden in family series 7th Heaven that was very popular during the ‘90s. Since that, she rose to prominence after multiple roles in various popular movies, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Illusionist, The Rules of Attraction etc.

But besides her acting talent, Jessica Biel is also well known for her good looks. Actually, she appeared on numerous lists featuring the hottest actresses around the globe. She was also voted "The Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire magazine in 2005, and her photos have appeared on the covers of different magazines throughout her career. However, she is not one of the size-0-girls. She stays fit by training regularly and she is proud of her muscular calves. She is hot and she is not afraid to show it, as we’ve seen on so many of her photos that had appeared in media over the last two decades. Actually, she is so good looking that sometimes she showed us more than we could handle and there has been some serious jaw-dropping. Here are some of those pictures that have made our imagination running wild:

17 Beautiful And Elegant

Is it possible to look sexy without looking slutty too? Of course, it is and Jessica has once again proven that. It doesn’t get more elegant than this; the combination of the black and white photo, gorgeous woman, and a nice evening dress that shows just enough to let out imaginations running wild. However, her makeup is really soft and elegant. She says her own makeup choices are mostly simple. She doesn’t want to go over the top. She usually applies a mascara and peach lip gloss.

And of course, then there is THE body. About staying in such a good shape, she said “ For me, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, having a healthy diet, and staying away from alcohol are musts. It's so boring, I know, but doing those things really helps.”

16 Natural Beauty Captured On A Beach

If this photo proves something, it’s that Jessica Biel doesn’t need professional photographers and hours of retouching of her photos in order to look hot. She truly is a natural beauty and she looks awesome even in those photos taken by amateurs, out of professional shooting sessions. She was on a beach with her family, no makeup, no designers’ clothes, no made up hair, no Photoshop, and despite all that, she still looks great. Her skin seems to be perfect. She stated that she went to a dermatologist and had a facial, and they recommended Collin. Since then, she uses those products regularly such as their deep cleansing scrub and different facial creams. She says it’s been a real discovery and it is really important for her everyday beauty routine.

15 Young Cowgirl

This is one of the earlier Biel’s photos. It’s simple, yet hot. Biel is wearing jeans, simple white tank top, and a cowboy hat. One might say that this look really agrees with her. She doesn’t need evening gowns to look awesome, she already has all that it takes. And look at that toned body! Jessica says that her trainer has experience working with athletes, so they do a lot of football drills. It is really an intense kind of cardiovascular training but Jessica really enjoys it. She also likes to do a couple of classes of yoga during the week, mixed in with weight training sessions, which are for strength. Actually, the yoga class is less about strength and more about stretching and elongating, together they make for a perfect combo.

14 Less Is More

This picture is very simple, yet it is also simply gorgeous. It is featuring Jessica Biel in a striped, sort of sailor-like, tight dress that looks beautiful on her hourglass-shaped body. She’s wearing no accessories and the whole look reminds us of summer, beaches, sea, and the messy hair that goes with it. The soft makeup really makes her eyes pop. She just seems, sort of, effortlessly beautiful.

She stated that the secret behind her glowy skin is regular moisturizing. The constant flying across the country really dries out the skin so it is important for her to always have her creams, lotions, and moisturizers with her wherever she goes. She said she always has her favorite face serum, high-quality lip balm, and some really thick hand cream in her bag.

13 Too Hot To Handle

Have you ever heard of the “Wet T-shirt contests”? There is a reason why they’re so popular around the world. There is something extra sexy about the water dripping over girl’s body, and not just because it makes clothes see-through. It simply seems sensual and sexy. Jessica Biel in this picture is the living proof of that. You simply can’t fake such an ultra-toned figure with wet clothes sticking to it. If you’ve ever wondered what her diet looks like in order to maintain such a lovely figure, Jessica shared a couple of her secrets with the rest of the world. It is pretty straightforward; she eats everything, but she cuts the portions in half, she always chooses macrobiotic options if possible, and she prepares most of her meals on her own so she has a perfect control of what she puts in them.

12 Effortless Beauty

Lying on a couch looking all gorgeous – who does that? Well, Jessica Biel does. It really doesn’t take much for her to look super sexy. With wavy hair and curvaceous figure, she would probably look great in everything, not to mention how gorgeous she is when she’s dressed in a little elegant dress like the one in this picture.

When asked if there was something in particular that helps her keep her natural beauty and stay in the best shape, she said that oils have been really important for her beauty routine. She eats a lot of raw coconut oil and a lot of coconut butter. She also likes fish oils for omega-3 and she believes it has helped her to keep her skin, hair, nails etc. in the best shape possible.

11 Beach Look

Look at that body! Jessica really knows how to stay fit and hot! But she is not one of those typical skinny beauties. No, she believes muscles are beautiful. She stated that strong bodies, working out, and eating healthily is what she considers beautiful. She does lots of circuit and strength training, mostly for her legs and back because it’s a bit weakened from years of gymnastics. She tries to concentrate on making everything strong, and it’s impossible doing that with just cardio. She strength-trains one day with little weights and she sees her trainer an another day, while the next day she takes a yoga class, or she cooks. She really enjoys preparing her own healthy food. She does a lot of cooking at home using grains and vegetables and occasionally animal protein.

10 That’s How You Rock A Bikini

This is one of the pictures from the GQ’s hot bikini shoot. Jessica wears a tiny, sexy bikini designed by bikini by Melissa Odabash and tank top by Calvin Klein and it is hot, hot, hot! She is surrounded by rocks, but she also rocks that look! She really knows how to show off that beautiful and tanned body. Once you start looking at it, it is really hard to stop. Men want her and women want to be like her. Her hair falls softly on her shoulders in beautiful natural waves that contribute to that effortless look you’d have on a beach.

She revealed that one of the secrets to her beauty is drinking a lot of green tea and she also slips veggies into her meals. For example, she puts beets and zucchini into cakes and fudge.

9 More Than We Can Handle

At the beginning of this article, we promised you you’ll see some pictures that are literally too much to handle. This one is definitely one of those. The jaws are just hitting the floor when this picture comes up. It is so easy to understand now why Jessica was voted "The Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire magazine in 2005. However, she says that her beauty sometimes hurts her career. People simply take her as the “pretty one”, while she would like to be taken seriously. She wants to be known for her talent rather than for her toned body. She stated that she’d like to have a career like her peers Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman, but she struggles to get the desirable parts. She’d really love to have the opportunity to show what else is hidden behind her pretty face.

8 Looking Hot On A Beach

It is easy to look hot and beautiful when you wear gorgeous dresses, high heels and a ton of makeup. But looking good wearing nothing more but a bikini – that is something that not everyone can achieve. Jessica topped all of one’s expectations. Lying on those rocks, wearing a hot silver bikini, she looks as sexy as it gets. Her toned figure really pops up on this photo and she has a lot to be proud of. If you wondered what her secret to a body like this is, she stated that yoga is a must for her because it keeps her muscles long and flexible. On the other hand, during the summer, she spends as much time as possible outdoors playing volleyball and jogging with her cute dog, Tina.

7 Keeping It Simple

When we talk about simple looks, Jessica is the true professional in that. Flowy beach hair, peach lips, light touch of mascara… That’s all a girl sometimes need to look hot. But look at those jeans in the picture! Jeans have never looked better! The whole look is pretty casual, but it could easily be transformed into something more elegant, simply by adding a nice jacket to it. Jessica loves to transform her casual looks into the formal ones. When asked about her favorite clothing style, she stated that she likes to be practical and to wear something that’s not going to fade so she could look both casual and professional, but never over the top. She really likes to keep things simple and she believes that often less is more.

6 Cover Girl

This photo, featuring Jessica Biel in a bikini by Melissa Odabash and tank top by Calvin Klein, was actually featured as a cover photo for GQ’s June 2007 issue. The photo was taken by Michael Thompson (one lucky fellow) and it was one of many hot pictures taken at that photo shoot and later featured in GQ.

One thing we know for sure – Jessica knows how to rock a bikini. There is a certain level of humor to this picture as well, since she kind of looks like she’s playing a game of Peek-a-boo or flashing her almost naked body to someone. However, there is hardly one person who would not want to be at the receiving end of that. She is one sexy lady with a perfect body for a tiny little bikini.

5 Hot And Romantic

A beautiful girl surrounded by flowers – it can’t get much more sexy and romantic than that. In this picture, we can see Jessica in a super short burgundy dress, showing off her beautiful legs. You can almost feel that sensual vibe all around her as she stands there with a mysterious look in her eyes. The flowers, however, are really softening up the whole look, making it really pretty and romantic, especially with the pink flower petals lying on the ground she’s standing at. The pink and green colors that surround her, really make Jessica pop even more and they look great in a combination with the simplicity of her dress and her overall look. It’s obvious that this photo was taken by a professional who knew exactly what he/she was doing.

4 Hot Brunette Dressed In White

This picture is a little work of the art. A hot brunette, in combination with darker makeup, wears all white clothes and is placed on the aluminum background. There is something both elegant and futuristic about this picture. Here we can see Jessica with natural, brown hair with beautiful and soft natural waves. When asked about her hair color, Jessica stated that she's planning on maintaining her natural brunette hair color. With different roles, this might be a little bit harder to do since you can never be sure what your next character will look like. Just remember Natalie Portman’s shaved head in V for Vendetta. But who cares? Jessica would probably look hot bald as well. But speaking of hair care, Jessica’s hair secret is Moroccan oil that makes her hair soft and silky.

3 Hot Blonde

While Jessica is a natural brunette, but in this picture, we can see how great she looks with fashionable blonde highlights. Light hair, light eyes, soft makeup, and white dress make a super cute combination and she looks even younger than usual. The makeup choice we see here also work great for her. She really knows how to do her makeup. One of the great tips we’ve learned from her was how to make our eyebrows really pop. Jessica believes that grey color works for anybody’s eyebrows since it doesn’t turn the eyebrows orange like most of the colors do, especially brown eyebrow pencils. She was tipped off by a makeup artist that grey works for blondes, for brunettes, and for redheads. It definitely works for Jessica, but then again, what doesn’t?

2 Beauty On The Red Carpet

When you’re a famous person, one of the most important moments for all paparazzi photographers out there, as well as for different fashion experts is the moment you walk down the infamous red carpet. And once again, Jessica has nothing to be ashamed of. You can never go wrong with an elegant black dress. Add silky blonde hair and perfect figure to the mix and you have got a combination that will look great on every picture. However, from time to time, it happens to everybody that something doesn’t really go perfectly on the red carpet. Some of Jessica’s red-carpet mishaps in the past include a broken shoe heel, shredded toenail, and chipped manicure. But really, who cares about a chipped manicure when the rest of the girl is so hot as in Biel’s case?

1 Hot In Black

Black lace is sexy no matter what, but when you put a tiny black corset covered in lace on a beauty such as Jessica Biel, it makes it had to stop staring at it. Throw a pair of black snakeskin boots with high heels into the mix and you’ve got yourself an intriguing look.

Jessica has shown her beautiful figure posing for this picture, and she managed to look extremely sexy, yet this look still remained a certain elegance and class to it. Although the whole thing is really hot, there is nothing vulgar about it. It is very easy to imagine this picture being a desktop wallpaper on computers and laptops around the world. Who wouldn’t want hot Jessica to be the first thing you see when you turn your PC on?

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