17 Stars You Totally Forgot Appeared On Big Bang Theory

When it comes to a show as great as The Big Bang Theory, you expect the best guest stars. The show is on its tenth season and is still going strong with Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj as very diffe

When it comes to a show as great as The Big Bang Theory, you expect the best guest stars. The show is on its tenth season and is still going strong with Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj as very different, lovable characters. The guys are a variety of socially inept geeks, which celebrates the inner nerd that has found its way into the mainstream. They enjoy activities such as Comic Con, gaming, and collecting. All of them face separate issues when it comes to the opposite sex, although the majority do end up with girlfriends. For instance, Penny is the neighbor across the hall that finds love with Leonard. All in all the show has had a great run!

There have been so many exciting guest stars on The Big Bang Theory over the show's lifetime. Some have been a perfect fit with the show's image. Like actors who have played various superheroes in movies, or the creators of the comics. Other stars that have been are more surprising! In many cases the guest stars did cameo appearances. However, in certain situations guest stars picked up the portrayal of a temporary character! The show has been on so long that it's easy to forget all of the awesome guest stars. So, here is a quick reminder of 17 Guest Stars You Forgot Appeared on Big Bang Theory!

17 DJ Qualls

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DJ Qualls is an actor that you seem to see everywhere! He has starred in several movies including Road Trip, The New Guy, and more recently the TV series Z Nation! However, you might have forgot that he guest starred in TBBT! Especially since it was the 10th episode of the very first season! In 'The Loobenfeld Decay', Qualls plays Toby, who is a made up cousin of Sheldon's named Leopold.

The whole thing started when Leonard and Sheldon overheard Penny's singing, which was awful. Leonard makes up an excuse as to why they can't go see her perform in the musical, Rent. Sheldon doesn't believe that Leonard's lie was elaborate enough and tells her that his fake cousin has an upcoming drug intervention, which Leonard must drive him to. The lie eventually leads to a point where Qualls, as Leopold, ends up acting as Toby to in order to keep up the ruse!

16 Katee Sackhoff

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Katee Sackhoff has guest starred as herself on TBBT for two separate episodes. In fact, the Battlestar Galactica actress is Howard's fantasy girl! She appears in his very vivid imagination to help him pleasure himself, although on both occasions Howard's fantasy gets prematurely interrupted by Howard's mother, Mrs. Wolowitz. Aside from helping Howard attempt to "finish", Sackhoff also helps him with issues that he has with Bernadette.

Sackhoff's first appearance was during 'The Vengeance Formulation', which was the 9th episode of season 3. In the episode, Howard has been avoiding Bernadette because she wants to know where their relationship is headed. Sackhoff appears while Howard is taking a bath. After thanking him for being a part of his "masturbatory fantasy", she explains that Bernadette is both sweet, cute and a "real girl". Howard gets interrupted by his mother. He goes on to propose to Bernadette later, although she declines as they have only had three dates. Sackhoff appears as Howard's fantasy again in season 4, alongside George Takei.

15 Stan Lee

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Stan Lee is one of the most crucial stars to ever make a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory! Especially considering that he created many of the comic book characters that the guys all idolize! Aside from creating many of the characters, he also produced and played in many of the Marvel movies. Lee was in 'The Excelsior Acquisition', which was season 3, episode 16.

In the episode, the guys are ecstatic to find out that Stan Lee will be signing autographs at the comic book store. However, Sheldon finds out that he has gotten a ticket and has to go to court on the same day. Penny feels bad because the ticket was her fault, so she finds a way to get Stan Lee's address. Sheldon is very nervous as they walk up to the door, although for good reason. Stan Lee is very upset that "fanboys" think they can just come and knock on his door! He then summons someone to call the police. Let's just hope that half of the people that Sheldon stalks are not this mean in real life.

14 Bob Newhart

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It would be kind of hard to forget that Bob Newhart guest starred on The Big Bang Theory. Especially, considering that he is kind of a regular. In fact, he actually got his first ever Primetime Emmy from his role as Arthur Jeffries, or Professor Proton, although he played a part in many sitcoms, including his own.

Newhart first appeared as the former science TV show host, Professor Proton in the season 6 episode 'The Proton Resurgence'. Professor Proton is another hero of Sheldon's and he tries to be nice to him, although he is also deeply annoyed at his lack of social morals. Sheldon is always upset by how he tends to snub him and at one point claims that meeting the actual person behind the role model is a let-down. Newhart has been such a hit that he also returned as Professor Proton twice in season 7, and again in season 9!

13 Becky O'Donohue

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Becky O'Donohue wasn't the biggest star to be cast as a guest on TBBT, although she is most definitely one of the hottest. She is mostly known for starring in Reality based competitions, with or without her twin sister. Yes! There are two of them, but Becky was the only one to play Siri on season 5, episode 14, of The Big Bang Theory! The episode was called 'The Beta Test Initiation' and Becky plays Siri!

It all began when Raj got an iPhone 4S, fully equipped with the voice command assistant Siri. Raj, who is usually not able to speak to women that are not related to him (long story), finds that he can speak to Siri! Before long, he had developed a weird relationship with Siri, although she isn't real. Eventually, Raj has a dream about meeting the real Siri. However, he finds that his relationship with her is ruined, after he finds that he isn't able to speak to her.

12 Courtney Ford

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Yep! You heard that right! Courtney Ford of Dexter was even included as a guest star on The Big Bang Theory! She was cast as Alice on episode 7 of season 5, in 'The Good Guy Fluctuation'. At the time, Leonard was in a long distance relationship with Priya, who is Raj's younger sister. Leonard runs into Alice and they connect over a copy of Next Men, which just so happens to be the one where Hellboy makes his first appearance!

Leonard is buying the copy, but Alice tries flirting with him to get it. She contacts him later, in order to trade her personal comic book for his copy of Next Men. Alice's comic includes a story of how she had relations with a half-Chewbacca. They make out and Leonard decides to date her, while he is still seeing Priya. Leonard's conscious ends up getting the best of him and he tells Alice and Priya the truth, but things don't turn out as he plans.

11 George Takei


The Big Bang Theory wouldn't have been complete without a visit from Star Trek alumni, George Takei! He guest starred as himself in season 4, episode 4, along with repeat guest star Katee Sackhoff. Both stars decided to invade Howard's "nighttime fantasy" and later his daytime imagination to help him with his ongoing issues with Bernadette!

In 'The Hot Troll Deviation'Howard and Bernadette had broken up. Sackhoff appeared to Howard in his bedroom, while wearing her flight suit from Battlestar Galactica. She starts stroking his ego by flirting with him, but in pops fantasy Bernadette and fantasy Takei. They are all trying to convince Howard that he is not over Bernadette. Both guest stars reappear later, while Howard is kissing Bernadette in the car. Sackhoff pushes Howard to go for it, but it is Takei that tells him that "a lady wants to be wooed". It turns out that Takei was right because Bernadette isn't willing to go all the way, not just yet anyway!

10 Billy Bob Thorton

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Billy Bob Thornton needs no introduction! The man has played in every type of role imaginable. He made us sympathize with him in Sling Blade, envy him in Monster's Ball, and he even made us feel like less of an a*s in Bad Santa! Oh, he is also pretty funny! So how could you possibly forget that he guest starred on TBBT? Still, here's a refresher, just in case you forgot.

Thornton was Dr. Oliver Lorvis in 'The Misinterpretation Agitation', which was season 8, episode 7. The doctor had formed a crush on Penny, who had led him on a bit, in order to sell pharmaceuticals. He popped up on her doorstep with flowers, but Leonard let him know that she was his fiancé. Lorvis ended up bonding with the guys when it turned out that he was a sci-fi nut too! In fact, Lorvis treated various stars from their favorite movies. Lorvis took the guys back to his basement to show them his collection and locked them in. He then headed back to the apartment where he hit on Penny, Amy and Bernadette!

9 Danika McKellar


You might remember Danika McKellar as Kevin's major crush, Winnie from The Wonder Years. However, it's possible that you forgot she guest starred on The Big Bang Theory! McKellar played Abby, who was the college co-ed that Raj met at the mixer with Sheldon in episode 12 of season 3.

In 'The Psychic Vortex', Raj ends up hanging out with Sheldon, while Leonard and Howard are on a double-date. Raj wants to go to a mixer and encourages a reluctant Sheldon to come along, by bribing him with a limited edition Green Lantern, lantern. Raj meets Abby at the mixer and they hit it off. Meanwhile, Abby's friend Martha, is into Sheldon, who is oblivious. When Abby texts Raj for another date the two get busy making out, while Sheldon tells Martha that it's time for bed and goes to his bedroom and shuts the door!

8 Steven Yeun

That's right! Glen was a guest star on TBBT before he was escaping the zombie apocalypse on The Walking Dead! This was also long before Negan came into town with his bloodthirsty bat Lucille. I'm sure we all miss those days. Anyways, back to 'The Staircase Implementation'It was the 3rd season, episode 22 to be exact.

Leonard had ended up going to Penny's and asking to sleep over on her couch, following an argument with Sheldon. She had heard the argument and called Leonard nuts for putting up with Sheldon's antics. Leonard in turn, told her about how he came to be Sheldon's roommate, which was shown in a flashback. Sebastian, aka Yeun, who was Sheldon's old roomie was on his way out. Sebastian's warning for Leonard was "Run away, dude." "Run fast, run far". Some fans have since theorized that it was Sheldon who started the zombie apocalypse by chasing Glen away!

7 Brent Spiner

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Brent Spiner is best known as the android, Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Wars. You may have forgotten, but he also guest starred in season 5, episode 5 of The Big Bang Theory. In 'The Russian Rocket Reaction', Brent Spiner stars as himself and is attending a party thrown by Wil Weaton! The group go to the party, despite Sheldon's lack of enthusiasm because he doesn't get along with Wil Weaton. Of course, Raj and Leonard are big fans, but Spiner quickly makes himself an enemy of Sheldon's too!

At the party, Spiner accidentally opens Sheldon's signed, mint-condition, limited-edition Wesley Crusher action figure which was initially still sealed! He tries to make amends by offering Sheldon a data doll autographed by himself, but Sheldon is not forgiving. Leonard and Raj are compelled to take the offer however, but Spiner wants them to pay. They eventually agree on paying $30 apiece and Spiner agrees to come to Leonard's birthday party!

6 Bill Nye

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Hopefully, you haven't forgot that Bill Nye the Science Guy guest starred on The Big Bang Theory! He popped in on episode 7 of season 7 in 'The Proton Displacement'. At the time Sheldon was rather upset with Bill Newhart, who acted as his childhood idol, Professor Proton. He had requested that Leonard read his paper and not Sheldon. Later in the episode, Leonard and Processor Proton (aka Arthur Jeffries), were working on the paper. Sheldon brought in Bill Nye claiming that he had found a replacement childhood hero.

When Bill Nye begins to show interest in the work, Arthur gets upset. Arthur snubs Nye because he feels that Bill Nye already replaced his science show and now he is trying to takeover here as well. He tells Bill Nye to get lost by saying: "Haven’t you stolen enough from me? Back off, bow tie". Bill Nye eventually gets annoyed by Sheldon and becomes yet another of many heroes to put a restraining order on him.

5 James Earl Jones

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In 'The Convention Conundrum', James Earl Jones guest starred. It was episode 7 of season 14, which started with the guys having an online battle to get a Comic Con ticket. Unfortunately, the tickets sold out and Leonard, Howard and Raj, opted to go through a ticket scalper, while Sheldon decided to start his own comic convention.

In order to do this, Sheldon needed a guest with a big name. Sheldon used Twitter to track down James Earl Jones, who was one of his heroes from playing the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars! While most of Sheldon's favorite stars are usually annoyed by him, Jones was quite cheerful and happy to help. In fact, the duo end up having a blast. Their night included a ride on a ferris wheel, karaoke of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, a prank, and ends in a steam room! To top things off Jones saves the day by offering to let the guys go to Comic Con as his guests!

4 Carrie Fisher

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Carrie Fisher will always be remembered most for her role as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars franchise. She was a terrific person, with a great sense of humor. This is why she also fit perfectly as a guest star on The Big Bang Theory. Actually, she was the person that James Earl Jones picked to prank, along with Sheldon in 'The Convention Conundrum'.

The duo ended up having what turned out to be a hilarious night for TBBT viewers to watch! Jones leads Sheldon up to a door as he shushes him. Sheldon asked whose house they are at and Jones pushes the doorbell as he responds "Carrie Fisher's and she's a little crazy, so get ready to run!" The two run off just as Fisher opens the door with a bat ready. She screams "It's not funny anymore, James!" It was the perfect moment added to a funny night!

3 Yeardley Smith


Yeardley Smith and her famous, squeaky voice have been in several movies, but she is best known for being the voice behind Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons. She also played Sandy, the job center agent in season 3, episode 14 of The Big Bang Theory. In 'The Einstein Approximation', Sheldon is going berserk, while trying to find an answer to a physics problem.

After staying up for days, Sheldon decides the answer is to get a regular job. Sheldon goes to the local job center and Sandy, who is played by Smith gets stuck with difficult task of finding Sheldon employment. Her frustration begins to build as soon as Sheldon informs her that he needs to find a "menial job, like hers". Sandy realizes that Sheldon does not know what sheetrock is, doesn't drive, and his past employment was far from menial, or understandable to her. She quickly gets fed up with Sheldon and calls for security!

2 Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen guest starred on The Big Bang Theory, however you might have forgotten. Sheen appeared in 'The Griffin Equivalency', which was season 2, episode 4. This was when Raj was granted the honor of being listed on People's "30 Visionaries Under 30 Years To Watch"! Raj was being a total douche with his newfound arrogance, but Leonard, Sheldon, and Harold still take him out to eat.

At The Cheesecake Factory, Raj asked if they would come to the reception for the visionaries, but they declined because of his attitude. Penny wasn't around for the inflation of Raj's ego however, so she shames the others and agrees to go. After the rest of the gang leaves, Raj randomly tells one of the other patrons that he is going to be listed in People magazine! Charlie Sheen, who had already graced the cover of People magazine numerous times himself, turns around from the bar looking unimpressed and says "Yeah, call me when you're on the cover".

1 Summer Glau

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Way back in season 2, Summer Glau guest starred in a particularly funny portrayal of herself in 'The Terminator Decoupling'. It all started with Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard, headed to San Francisco by train. Once aboard the train, the guys noticed Summer from the show Terminator: The Sara Chronicles. 

By the end of the train ride, Raj, Howard and Leonard had all made an attempt to talk to Summer, albeit with hilarious results! Raj got the closest, but not until after drinking a beer and stealing Howard's initial line, which was "it's hot in here, it must be Summer". Then Howard pointed out that Raj's beer was non-alcoholic and took over as Raj clammed up and ran off. Howard went on to make Summer very uncomfortable. He ended the already awkward encounter by asking to take a selfie of them making out for Facebook! Leonard tried to pick up the conversation, but the train reached the station, thus ending a very obnoxious trip for Summer Glau!

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17 Stars You Totally Forgot Appeared On Big Bang Theory