17 Recent Photos The Cast Of Friends Wouldn’t Want You To See

It’s truly hard to believe that it's been more than a decade since the series finale of Friends rocked the mainstream world. After a decade long run, the show called it a day back in 2004. The impact of the series is still felt today as the show continues to make money because of its reruns. Even on Netflix, it remains the most watched show.

Along with the show’s success, fans still love to know what the cast is up to nowadays. It was truly the characters of the show that enticed us. Hard to believe, but most of them are in their 50s nowadays. Man, are we getting old?! In this article, we feature a couple of pictures that show exactly that as some have aged less gracefully than the others.

We also feature a variety of other forgettable recent pictures of the six main stars, whether it pertains to their personal lives or work lives, with some less than stellar roles they recently took on. If you love the cast of Friends deeply, viewer discretion is strongly advised for the following 17 pictures! Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend (no pun intended). Without further ado, go grab your Central Perk coffee mug and enjoy this list featuring 16 recent pictures the cast of Friends wouldn't want you to see. Let’s begin!

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17 Recent Candid Matthew Perry Picture

At the age of 47 and living out of Los Angeles, California, former Friends star Matthew Perry remains a huge target of the paparazzi. He recently made headlines for a candid picture that was snapped of the mega sitcom star. Entertainment news stands had a field day with the picture, pointing to just how unrecognizable the Friends star looks today.

Perry was spotted at a Jurassic Park showing out in his neck of the woods in Hollywood. Onlookers made the claim that most didn’t even know he was present because of how different he looked compared to his glory days on the hit TV series. He didn’t look too thrilled about posing for the picture but was said to be in high spirits at the very least. Age has caught up to all of our favorite Friends stars, but it looks like it hit Perry more than anyone else.

16 Recent Courteney Candid

This was a recent picture taken of Cox, aka Monica. The picture isn’t all that bad in truth, as the 53 year old still maintains quite the figure. The talking point however is her facial features, which have undergone some drastic changes over the last couple of years. Cox herself admitted recently to regretting all the work she's gotten done in the last few years.

Various entertainment tabloids and websites have taken things a step further showing the changes Cox has undergone facially over the years. The transformations are truly surreal and kind of make us cringe. Although she looks older today, it finally looks like most of the plastic surgery has been removed from her face, which is a big time plus in our books. The Monica we know and love from Friends doesn’t need plastic surgery, just some love from the "Chan Chan man"!

15 LeBlanc In A Movie?

Aside from Jen Aniston, movie roles and success in the field has been few and far between for the cast members of Friends. The crew has been successful on television, but when it comes to film, the results have been negative most of the time.

Again, aside from Aniston, we scratch our heads thinking of the other stars in popular mainstream films. That works double when it comes to LeBlanc (aka Joey). He’s only appeared in four films since 2000, and he even appeared in one recently starring in Lovesick, picking up a lead part as Charlie Darby. The film received some awful reviews, and some entertainment tabloids gave the film a ranking of two on ten. Yup, it was truly that bad according to the various reviews. Without a doubt, Matt wants us to remember his legacy as a TV star and not a film star given his successes in the fields.

14 Cox On Running Wild

Cox on television seemed to be a thing of the past. As of 2016, she was rarely featured in anything; after nearly two years of silence, she finally returned appearing on the show Running Wild with Bear Grylls, in 2016.

The show is a reality series that’s all about survival skills. The reality show has featured some high profile guests in the past, including the former president himself Barack Obama. Cox was also on the show for an episode, and her brief cameo featured quite the reaction with various screenshots going viral. It was the first time in quite a while that she was featured in anything, so you can just imagine the firestorm this very picture caused online. Thankfully, as we stated earlier, her plastic surgery days are a thing of the past.

13 Aniston With Her Ex-Best Friend

Onlookers and tabloids always claimed that this relationship was kind of odd between the lovable Aniston and oftentimes, loud-mouthed Chelsea Handler. However, the two managed to get along and form a great friendship as besties. That did not last the test of time however, as the two are currently ex-best friends (as Aniston gave Handler the boot recently). Such a picture is something both don’t want to see that’s for darn sure.

Digging a little deeper, it was revealed that Handler was apparently leaking private relationship secrets pertaining to Aniston’s love life. This caused a dispute between the two. Jen took it even further lately by apparently encouraging her publicist to drop Handler. Not surprising, the publicist obliged given the fact that Aniston’s her biggest client. For now, the relationship is over between the two and it seems like a permanent thing for the time being.

12 With The Ex Of The Ex

Of course, if you no longer want to be associated to your ex best friend, you likely don't want to be associated to your ex best friend's ex boyfriend. Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent had a very brief relationship back in 2010. Although their romance was short-lived, it's reported that the two still have lots of respect for one another and are said to be on good terms till this day.

Chelsea also admitted that her (now ex) best friend Aniston, was really happy for them and thought 50 was a really sweet and really funny. Despite these past warm feelings for the two at one point in time, we would assume Jen wants no part in anything Handler-related since their nasty dispute, and this photo is likely something she wishes didn't make the rounds on the net.

11 Lisa Looking Old

Lisa Kudrow (aka Phoebe Buffay) was one of our favorites, and was one of the most underrated characters in the Friends series. Her quirky lifestyle made her a huge fan favorite and she added another dynamic to the series.

While most of her former co-stars have kept very busy since leaving the show, Lisa has instead opted for some minor roles and cameos compared to the other Friends stars. From producing to writing, to even voice-overs, Kudrow has taken a different route over the years.

Married to Michel Stern since 1995, Kudrow is now 53 if you can believe it! She still looks great on set, but this candid shot is quite forgettable as she truly looks her age. It’s a recent picture she probably doesn’t want us to see. When you’ve been working in the entertainment industry since the late 80s, age catching up to you isn’t all that hard to understand!

10 David’s Separation

His love life was a mess throughout the ten seasons of Friends, and it seems like that theme has followed him in real-life as of late. Before getting married, David dated a couple of notable names including singer Natalie Imbruglia, along with actresses Milli Avital and Rochelle Ovitt.

He would settle down in 2007 forming a bond with his current wife Zoe Buckman. The two instantly hit it off and by 2010, they got married. The couple had a daughter a year later, Cleo Buckman Schwimmer.

Seems like the relationship has reached a bit of a rough patch recently though, as a couple of months ago, it was announced that two were taking some time apart after a decade of being together. It’ll be interesting to see if this ends in yet another Hollywood divorce, or if the couple can last and patch things up.

9 Perry Selling His Home

Want to live the life of the "Chan Chan man"? Well, that dream can be yours at the steep price of $13.5 million. Yes, the Friends star has put his fantastic LA home up for sale and judging by the alleged price, it won’t come cheap, folks.

The house is now for sale on the open market and it initially sold for just over $8 million in 2011. The home features three-bedrooms and five (yes, five) bathrooms. Working out of New York in various plays nowadays, Perry rarely spends time in the LA area as of late, which is a big reason as to why he put the home up for sale. For those of you aspiring actors and actresses, the home also features a spectacular screening-room. Just imagine the countless episodes of Friends you can watch in the home of Chandler Bing!

8 Monica Was In A Movie?

As we discussed in a previous entry with Joey, film hasn’t been the greatest strength for the Friends cast. Although Monica appeared in a slew of films over the years, we fail to remember her in anything significant (aside from like, Scream).

Well, she was recently in another film (and the movie was as recent as 2016), taking on a role in Mothers and Daughters, picking up the part of Beth. The most noteworthy part of the film was seeing Cox’s facial features out in the open and boy, did it cause a firestorm online. We’ll let you guys judge for yourselves based on the picture above.

Like LeBlanc, it seems like Monica is better suited for television, however, currently in her 50s, she’s also scaled back on the gigs as of late. She’s been on television since the mid 80s and it looks like she’s finally taking a step back from the tube.

7 Lisa Takes On A Film Role

What we said about LeBlanc and Cox works double for Kudrow when it comes to her film career. She’s a television wizard, don’t get us wrong, but her film career has been kind of lackluster and quite forgettable. Some would be shocked to find out that she’s actually appeared in a slew of films over the years. In 2016 till this very day, she’s played a role in five films (which is really hard to believe). Good for Lisa keeping busy but seriously, can we get an email or some type of an update on these films she’s working on? Signed, every Friends fan.

The picture you see above is from her role as Bina Kepp in the film Table 19, another film most average movie-goers have not seen and likely not even heard of. Despite the film having some star power with Anna Kendrick and Craig Robinson, the movie was a major flop, grossing $5 million along with receiving some terrible reviews.

6 David’s Show Gets Cancelled

Hard to imagine Ross in a non-Ross role, but he’s taken on various polar opposite parts throughout his career, which is quite bold. His recent TV project didn’t work out as “swimmingly” however, as his big TV return tanked horribly in the show Feed the Beast. Playing the role of Tommy Moran, the AMC show was regarded as a crime drama, something most fans of Ross' just couldn't come to grips with. Seems like the audience agreed as the series was done with after just one season and ten episodes. So much for his big return, huh?

The series was launched in June of 2016, and by September of the same year, it was already cancelled due to poor ratings. The overall reaction of the show was that it was far too predictable and that the cast was “unlikeable." Yikes!

5 Matt Pushing The Envelope On Episodes

Matt’s biggest success since Friends has been another television show. LeBlanc has played the lead role in a show called Episodes. LeBlanc plays the role of himself in the series. The show launched in 2011 and is still on today with a final slew of episodes set to release in late August.

The content of the show has been quite edgy however, and it also includes some recent moments that Matt likely wants to us to forget about when it’s all said and done. Such moments involved some steamier scenes like sleeping with his buddy's wife, along with even hooking up with a married lady that's blind. The content of the show is truly anything but PG, and there’s a lot of moments LeBlanc wants us to forget about. Despite the edge to the series, it's regarded as successful and that's in large part because of Matt and his star power.

4 Perry Gets Cancelled

Like the others we’ve discussed on the list, the man formerly known as Chandler has seen the bulk of his success on television, as opposed to film. However, he’s also flopped pretty badly as of late with one of his new projects being taken off television. So much for his long awaited return to TV...

The series we’re talking about is The Odd Couple, which was picked up by CBS. The series was also developed by Perry himself. The show starred the Friends icon alongside Thomas Lennon.

After three seasons and 38 episodes, the series became yet another television casualty. It was officially cancelled recently in May of 2017, lasting a little less than two years total. The series started off with some tremendous numbers but the viewership dipped terribly by season three. For that reason, the show was cancelled, making it a forgettable project for Perry.

3 Aniston In Office Christmas Party

With a net worth of over $200 million, Aniston has been by far the most successful out of the entire cast. Unlike her peers, she’s been featured in several high profile films. Now the content of these movies is truly debatable, but for the most part her involvement brought home the bacon, that’s for darn sure.

This recent one however, did not, and was something she wants to keep in the past. Seems like with every good movie, comes a couple of bad ones after. The film grossed an okay number ($114 million), but was heavily criticized in the reviews. The movie is already on DVD for those of you that are interested.

Don’t feel too bad though, Aniston still has a slew of movie gigs coming up and at the age of 48, there’s no slowing down this sitcom legend!

2 Ross “The S*xual Harassment Boss”

Seems like David’s doing his absolute best to separate himself from Ross and comedic roles. His newest role seems forgettable as he plays the role of a sexual harassment boss. And as a matter of fact, the series was actually produced by David.

In his defense, the role is meant to be a positive one, shedding light on the problem, and one that is very real in today’s society. However, such a role isn’t something he necessarily wants us to remember about him when it’s all said and done. As you see in the picture above, the photo just doesn’t seem right. Most of us are really wondering where the dinosaurs are at, and when Rachel will appear. We’d rather see a Friends reunion than this type of series when it comes to Schwimmer.

1 An Aniston Candid

In celebration of her 48th birthday, husband Justin Theroux took Aniston to Mexico. The couple was spotted at a resort located in the beautiful Los Cabos area. Of course, once again, Aniston was spotted by an onlooker who snapped a picture of an intimate moment between Aniston and her man. The poor woman can’t even get some privacy while overseas in Mexico. Good heavens!

Aside from the forgettable and unnecessary PDA picture, Courteney Cox also made the trip which warms our hearts knowing the two still remain close. Cox showed up with her new fiancée, Johnny McDaid. Luckily for the paparazzi, Aniston has somehow always kept her cool with them, usually giving off that trademark Aniston smile. This time however, it seems like the photographers went a little too far.

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