17 Photos That Prove Jessa Is The Hottest Duggar Girl

Make no mistake, the Duggars are an interesting bunch. With all of their right-wing, evangelical, ultra-conservative Christian ways, there are all manner of articles that could be done on almost every single one of them. But today, we're going to focus in on the hottest one of the bunch: Jessa Duggar.

Sure, there are lookers elsewhere in the family also, but the consensus seems to be that Jessa takes the cake. After all, there are no other girls in the Duggar family who have been compared to Angelina Jolie. At first that comparison might not hit you, but believe me when I say it's quite striking when you see it.

Those eyes, that smile, those big pouty lips, and the desire to pose with an assault rifle all put her in a lot of people's good books, I'd say. She may only read one "good book", but that's not going to stop other people from looking at her tight outfits, or her soaking wet outfits, or even just her everyday outfits with some sort of carnal thoughts...it may be a sin in her eyes, but we don't care.

17 Cat Eyes!

Believe it or not, Jessa Duggar does not wear contact lenses at all. But the way the light catches those gorgeous windows to the soul really makes them look different from every single angle. She's almost got cat-looking sort of eyes in this shot. I'm going to go out of my way, and assume that she's in the middle seat of the vehicle that she's in. Because if not, then Jessa is even more of a rebel than I thought! Because it does sort of look like she's driving along, and taking a selfie at the same time. And it also looks like in this photo, she's managed to find exactly where the lens is on her phone. Good for her for learning a bit more about technology...presumably that happened once she got out of the family household. Mom and dad don't really like their kids to learn about the world much.

16 Sports Ball!

Cute as a button (I guess I never really understood why buttons are cute) here with her hubby, on their way to a good ol' ball game. In Arkansas, there's a team called the hogs. This might be important to many of you American readers, but Canadians like me just don't really give a toss. Anyway, look at those stunning eyes! It kind of looks like she's successfully piercing the defensive shell of someone's soul here. Even though all she's actually doing is making sure she's taking the picture properly. It does sort of look like she's either not sure how to make it work, or she just doesn't really know where the lens is...and considering she wasn't allowed social media until she was engaged...that kind of does make perfect sense.

15 Look At Those Pearly Whites

Look at that smile! She's just so happy-go-lucky isn't she? And streaks! That little rebel. Trust it to the hottest of the Duggar daughters to get a bit risqué with her looks. Ok, to be fair, streaks in her hair isn't really all that risqué to the average person. But I bet that look was met with some concerned looks from mommy and daddy Duggar. Notorious for not letting their children enjoy life, or really express their individuality, it would make perfect sense that they would rather Jessa stay plain-Jane. But hey, good for Jessa for going out of her way to stand apart from her family a bit. I would want to be slightly removed from my family too if they tried to cover up my older brother touching me in the naughty places when I was a kid.

14 Jessa From All Angles

Hey, it's Jess from all angles. And that's not any sort of sexual reference...though now that I think of it, it may as well be. This is after all an article about her being the hottest Duggar. In addition to those beautiful eyes, and big pouty lips, Jessa has got some gorgeous hair. And that might seem like a pretty trivial aspect of her attractiveness, but imagine her face, with Diana Krall's rat's-nest-hairdo. It just wouldn't work at all. But Jessa has got the full package. Made even more clear by way of the somewhat form-fitting shirt she's got on. She's got the looks for sure, but she's also got the body to go with it, for sure. In the top right photo she even has a sort of Rachel McAdams vibe to her. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

13 A Little Baked?

I'm sure this isn't the case, but the title of this entry doesn't reference the amount of sun that Jessa and her new hubby are getting. It has more to do with the fact that it sort of looks like she's maybe smoked a little to settle her nerves. Though I'm sure that's not the case, because there's no way a Duggar would ever go against the family rules in such a drastic way (unless their name is Josh) I guess it must just be the sun in her eyes. Her husband luckily has hoods for eyebrows, so he doesn't need to worry about the sunshine much at all. Either way, Jess looks gorgeous in her wedding dress. And again, you just can't fault that adorable smile. Nor her beautiful eyes. Nor that well-maintained cascade of brown locks she has pouring over her shoulders.

12 Holy Angelina!

Alright, so this cat-eyed photo is already a stand alone entry in this article. But when it sits next to Angelina Jolie...boy is it ever striking the similarities they share! Jessa Duggar is so hot that she's on par with one of the hottest Hollywood superstars out there. I wonder if Jessa is any good as an actor. Though she would probably be disowned by her family if she did any sort of acting other than church plays, and good 'ol Christian films. Given how restricted her viewing privileges were in terms of media, I wonder if Jessa even knew who Angelina Jolie was before she managed to get herself out of her parents' home. Or rather, once ownership of her was transferred from her parents to her husband. It's not ok to pay any mind to celebrities, but it's perfectly ok to be nothing more than property apparently.

11 Cutesy Yet Creepy

See now that's a genuine expression of emotion right there. Maybe not all of these photos tell the truth of how Jessa is feeling, but this one certainly does. I'm not quite sure what she's reacting to, but she clearly gets a kick out of it. However, the shared joy that could be had, simply by enjoying her happiness is cut somewhat short because of a very sinister bit of this photograph. And you may wonder what possibly could be taken as sinister in this shot. Well the man looking down at himself, with a satisfied smirk is Jessa's older brother Josh. And as it happens, Josh diddled Jessa and two of her sisters when they were children. That's something you can never un-know now. And I have to say that I'm worried about what exactly is going on in this moment that the camera didn't capture. He looks a little too pleased with himself, and where he's directing his attention.

10 Jessa And Her Sisters

I think it's pretty easy to see that Jessa is the hottest of her sisters. Sure they are none of them particularly bad looking. But it seems to be that Jessa takes the cake, especially when put right next to her siblings. They've definitely each got some sort of cuteness to them that really must make people mad, knowing that they'll probably never be truly cured of the Duggar crazies with which they grew up. But come on, let's be honest here: Jessa is the only one of the Duggar sisters who has been compared to both Angelina Jolie, and Rachel McAdams. They might all share a similar smile, and a sort of crushed soul look in their eyes, but it's clear to see which one has got really got the looks. And even in this photo, it's clear that Jessa is the more risqué of them all, with an open sweater!

9 A Gun Wielding Duggar!

You know, if this were a shot of pretty well any other member of the Duggar family, I would find it absolutely terrifying! Why? Because what's worse than a bigoted, racist, sexist, evangelical, ultra-right-wing, conservative Christian? A gun toting bigoted, racist, sexist, evangelical, ultra-right-wing, conservative Christian of course! And the Duggars have had no qualms talking about their love of the second amendment. Like so many other nutty Americans who don't fully understand the actual purpose of the amendment. But in Jessa's case, I'm willing to make an exception. Why? Because she's a hot girl holding an assault rifle that is accented with baby pink. I think that's enough to excuse just one crazy Duggar...she is the hottest of all of them after all.

8 Let's Get A Little Wet!

What's hotter than the hottest Duggar daughter? Why the hottest Duggar daughter soaking wet of course. How could that not be the answer. I mean the answer could have been Angelina Jolie...or any other hot celebrity, but in the case of just the Duggars...well it has to be said that Jessa is still pretty hot when wet. The clinging shirt helps a lot in that respect. And who could say no to that adorable, little smile? Realistically you wouldn't have to say no, because her Christian values would never allow her to say yes. She's already married, and there's no such thing as divorce in the Duggar family. Which was horrible to know after Josh screwed around on his wife so many times...and they're still together. I think she would have been justified to do much worse than just divorce him.

7 A Well-Fitted Dress

Alright, so maybe it's not fair to talk about how clearly hot Jessa is when showing her with her unfortunate parents. Maybe you can see some resemblance, but it's pretty clear that there was a significant degree of genetic mutation when Jess was born. A mutation for the good. Regardless, here's Jessa at her fitting for her wedding dress. And while it is of course conservative enough to pass mom and dad's inspection, it's cut low enough, and is tight to see just how well sculpted Jessa is. I wonder if she's so clearly happy in this photo simply because she's preparing to get married...or if because that marriage means that she will no longer be under the constant surveillance of her intensely overprotective parents. I'm going to guess it's the latter.

6 Can't Get Over That Smile...

There's just something about Jessa that seems incredibly genuine, and generous. But at the same time, restrained, and pretty close to cracking. I can't tell if this smile is really an expression of her happiness, or a forced, plastic smile while inside she becomes an empty shell. I mean she did spend much of her life in front of the camera at the whims of her overbearing parents. And then she was passed off to her husband as though she were nothing more than chattel. Not to mention that she had to live in the family home with her older, molester brother, and act like everything was just peachy while they filmed the ridiculous reality show 19 And Counting. I hope that glint in her eye is her joy for life...and not the damming of tears from years of abuse.

5 Oh, What A Cute Couple

You know, even though she's a bit more grubby, and unkempt in this photo (and hardly so), Jessa has still got a great look to her. And she's clearly a down home kind of person. Drawings hanging from the mantle piece, a guitar sitting by the fireplace, a non-matching furniture set...she's not too particular, and clearly just likes to be comfy. And to me, that's a huge leap in attraction. Something about a girl who just likes to be comfy. And it helps that she's a little artistic as well. It's not like she doesn't have a lot of inspiration to pull from. If she really dug deep into her childhood I'm sure there's plenty of dark art she could come up with. I guess it's a good thing for her that she's got Jesus to shine through all of that darkness.

4 ...Hottest Mom Ever?

I think that Jessa now qualifies to be on the more attractive end of the "hot mom" spectrum. For those of you readers who somehow don't know what a hot mom is...just go and watch American Pie. But seriously, she would definitely make the "Mom I'd Like to F–" list. Here, she genuinely looks happy. And finding a mother who is genuinely happy to be around her children isn't always the most readily available thing. There's something about that maternal joy that perks at least my interest...and I don't even like kids. While Jess has likely had a makeup person on hand for this shot, or at least a Photo Shop user, it still must be said that she's got some pretty flawless features, at a glance. And I don't know how much she's paid for dental work, but she's got some pretty pearly whites.

3 Before Touch-Ups

There's something to be said about off-the-cuff photos. And something to be said for very well touched-up photos. But it's not often that you manage to get a nice in between shot. This shot was clearly taken during an interview...or at least the setup for an interview. You can tell by the way she's both sitting, and expressing. But it looks like she hasn't been powdered quite yet, because there's quite a glint off those lights shining down on her. This is like just before the makeup person finished up the job, but work had also clearly been done. And I guess it can't go unsaid that seeing Jessa with a bit of sweat on her isn't ultimately a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. I'm sure there are quite a few people who would love to see more on her...

2 Cowgirl Cutie

Alright, so it's pretty ridiculous that People feels the need to make a big story of Jessa Duggar meeting a good, little Christian boy. But I guess it is significant, because it marks the beginning of the process of her getting away from her parents. And how exciting is it that her skirt goes above her knees! How scandalous. Not to mention that fact that she's got some expressive cowgirl boots going on there. If I were mom or dad Duggar, I might get concerned about her outlets of expression. It might get too sinful. It's a damned good thing that these two lovebirds are separated by those two church pews. Especially since I think this was before they became engaged...and that would mean that wouldn't even be allowed to hold hands yet. And could only embrace via side hugs.

1 Blurry But Bountiful

Alright so this photo may be a bit blurry, but that doesn't change the fact that Jessa a damn pretty woman. And while the part of this moment that is cut out of frame does show her fairly far along baby bump, the photo is perfectly cropped to give a more...focused view. As cute as it might be to fawn over pregnant ladies' bellies, I think the purposes of this article revolve more around two other prominent features...that I now don't think I need to name at all. But hey, her smile and her eyes are still gorgeous as ever also. It just so happens that her top is tight enough for onlookers to enjoy something else. And while she, nor the rest of the Duggar family would appreciate such deviant ogling...you have to ask yourself the important question: do you really care what they think?

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