17 Photos Of Sophia Bush That Make Us Miss One Tree Hill

Sophia Bush was born in Pasadena, California on July 8th, 1982. She attended the Westgate School for Girls where she played volleyball and was involved with the theatre arts program. She made her first appearance on the silver screen when she was cast in National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. She got noticed and was soon being cast in television shows like Nip/Tuck and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She also got parts in a few other movies such as Supercross and Stay Alive. It was during this time that she got her another big break when she took the role of Brooke Davis in the television series One Tree Hill. The show, which ran from 2003 until 2012, gave her a lot of exposure and the movie studios became very interested in her. She landed prominent roles in John Tucker Must Die and followed that up with a part in a remake of The Hitcher. Both parts got her international recognition and her star was launched.

Since One Tree Hill ceased production in 2012, Sophia has managed to gain more momentum through her television and movie roles. She also uses her fame to promote various causes that she holds dear. She is a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community and she has been involved in other political and social causes. Thankfully, she also takes the time to pose for photographers so that we can appreciate what a beautiful woman she is. Here are 17 hot photos of Sophia Bush.


17 Arresting

Sophia had the lead role of Erin Lindsay on the cop procedural drama Chicago P.D. which was created by Matt Olmstead and Dick Wolf of Law and Order fame. She plays an Intelligence Unit detective and she looks pretty hot doing it. The show features a lot of twists and curves much like she shows us in this photo. Sophia isn’t dressed in her detective uniform here.

Rather, she is dressed up in a form-hugging two-piece for a Maxim spread in which she appeared in 2014. She’s simply stunning and it’s easy to see how she would be considered a modern day sex symbol. Bush recently announced that she was leaving the show to the dismay of her many fans. Don’t worry; you will be seeing plenty of her in the near future as she has two big screen movies set for release.

16 Into The Wild


If this photo of the sensational Sophia doesn’t get the testosterone flowing then nothing will. Sophia gazes into the camera as she leans against a tree and poses for the lucky photographer. It’s OK if the leopard skin patterned two-piece and the matching high-heeled shoes make you fantasize of her swinging towards you on a vine in a remote jungle setting. Tarzan could only be so lucky.

Her skin is flawless, her figure is ideal, and she definitely rivals any of the hottest professional bikini models out there. Her character as a detective on Chicago P.D. would have had a much easier time prying information out of people if she interrogated them dressed like this. If you like this picture then you will love some of the others that she regularly posts on her Instagram page.

15 Sophia On The Rocks

One Tree Hill was near the peak of its success in 2009. Sophia admired several of her character’s traits. Brooke Davis is able to overcome betrayal, bounce back from failure, and is determined to live a full and happy life. It looked like Sophia was living life to the fullest when she was on the set in June 2009. Clad in a conservative yet very sexy bikini, she came ashore like a mermaid as the waves crashed against the rocks behind her. The dip in the water probably cooled her off but seeing her wade out of the water in that gear is certain to heat viewers up. If you like seeing Sophia in a skimpy bikini then you will be thrilled to know that she’s not afraid to pose and there are several awesome pics of her in her swimsuit out there.

14 Crackin’ Up


What a fantastic sight this would be to come home to after a hard day at work. Walking into your bedroom and finding Sophia waiting there on the bed to greet you with that mischievous look on her face would definitely make you forget about the stresses of your life. In fact, it might even make you forget to breathe. Look at those luscious lips and penetrating eyes!! Get a load of the way her back arches and how she reveals a cheeky bit of derriere!! It’s almost too much to take in at once. There are plenty of things that come to mind when we see this picture of Sophia on the bed but taking a nap isn’t one of them no matter how tired you are. Heaven can wait. Sophia can’t.

13 Couch Surfing

Sophia’s photographer decided to show us all how fabulous she looks as a brunette in the above photo. It’s a great retro look as she lays back on that couch that is surrounded by shag carpet. Her black and white striped dress drapes over her midsection and flows to the floor as she suggestively stares into the camera. With her left hand clutching her velvety inner thigh and her spiked right foot anchored firmly to the floor, it appears that she is ready for you to join her for a little bit of quiet time. There is plenty of room for both of you to get comfortable and cozy up. It doesn’t matter what she wears or what color her hair is. Sophia Bush looks awesome from every angle.

12 Maxim…um Overdrive


Sophia really knows how to spice things up when she does a Maxim spread. This is one of the pictures that were taken in 2014 when she graced the popular magazine’s April cover. She teased us as she laid naked on a mattress with nothing on but a well-placed bed sheet to cover her up. Oh yeah, just to add to the kinky nature of the picture is the fact that she is handcuffed. She looks helpless but there is a look of confidence and determination in her eyes as she poses on her back. She probably has some tricks up her sleeve if we were to take advantage of the helpless damsel in her vulnerable state. Then again, she doesn’t have any sleeves so you might want to try your luck.

11 Sophie’s Profile

God bless the good folks at Maxim magazine. They have brought us some memorable pictures of Sophia Bush and this is yet another one from the 2014 shoot. She is giving you that piercing over the shoulder glance hoping that she can lock eyes with you. Silly girl!! You know darn well that nobody’s looking at your eyes in this pick. Our roaming peepers are too easily distracted by the rest of your stunning features like your shoulders, jewelry, and fantastic hair. We also agree that your bountiful chest makes for an excellent hat rack. As much fun as Sophia looked to have during this session, it must have been even more exciting for the photographer. We know that the viewers have big smiles on their faces.


10 LA Direct


Sophia Bush has been in her fair share of magazines and we hope she continues to appear in many more. She was the cover model for the March 2003 edition of LA Direct magazine and the issue features many lovely shots such as this one in which she checks out the unfinished Los Angeles skyline. As the buildings around her continue to reach for the sky, so do her ambitions. Also, like the Los Angeles sky line, Sophie is always evolving and changing. This is one of the rare times that we get to see her with shorter hair and a little more makeup and she wears both well. Sophie provides us with the only exciting color and natural beauty in the middle of a concrete jungle. You’ve gotta love the reflection of her curvaceous backside in the window.

9 Out For A Stroll

Sophia takes her health seriously so seeing her go out for a stroll in the sunshine isn’t uncommon. This photo reminds us of how spandex is supposed to look. The tight-fitting red top shows off her hour glass shape that the 35-year-old actress is so well-known for. Of course, there’s a lot more involved than a walk in the park when it comes to keeping herself in top form. She is a believer in healthy eating and she claims that she cannot survive without whole grain oatmeal which she claims improves one’s sex life. She also has plenty of brown rice on hand which has numerous benefits. She does have a soft spot for ice cream and freely admits that she indulges in Kilwin’s ice cream whenever she is at home in North Carolina.

8 Upfront


The 2013-14 television season was a good one for NBC as the network was ranked number one among the 18 to 49-year-old crowd. A host of celebrities gathered in New York City for the 2014 NBC Upfront presentation to celebrate the network’s success and to generate excitement for the 2015 season. Sophia was in attendance and she made a splash when she posed for eager photographers. When you have a figure like Sophia’s it should be required that you always dress like this. The drop-down shoulder strap is particularly appealing as is her well-coiffed hair. A subtle hint of makeup and minimal but tasteful accessories such as the pearls don’t take away from her natural hotness. It’s no wonder that she is such an effective spokesperson for her various causes. How could you not pay attention to her?

7 Sitting Pretty

The Council of Fashion Designers of America was founded in 1962 and was created to help with the development of American design talent as well as supporting established designers. The 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards was held at Alice Tully Hall in New York City and was attended by top designers, celebrities, and other people of influence to honor excellence in fashion. Sophia made her presence known when she attended the “Oscars of fashion” dressed in this stunning red dress which blended nicely into the red couch. Her sparkling eyes and glowing smile are just a couple of things that stick out and grab our attention but there are a couple other of her features that catch our eyes too. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen won the Womenswear Award while Billy Reid took home the Menswear Award.

6 Red Alert


Sophia’s smoky eyes and glossy red lips are the perfect accents for her reddish hair and bright red top. This photo is one of many that were taken during a modelling session a few years back in her One Tree Hill days. Unlike many other actors who disappear after their television shows end, Sophia has shown that she has staying power. When her run on One Tree Hill came to an end, Sophia was able to land a starring role in the series Partners before promptly moving on to Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med franchises in which she portrayed Erin Lindsay. She has also been very busy with making her much-anticipated return to the big screen. Her future in television is uncertain but she appears to be poised for a successful movie career.

5 Brunette On The Beach

Sophia reminded us of the sweet girl next door as she casually posed for the cameras during this photo shoot. Along with her flower belt and dangling earrings, her subtly striped top that exposes her tight and sun-kissed midriff makes her look like a movie star from the 1960s. The ocean looks anything but flat and the same can be said for Sophia’s serpentine upper body. She definitely has the attention of the two people that are lurking in the background behind her right elbow. It’s one thing to see Sophia in a photo such as this but it must be an even better experience to see her in real life. Those jeans are a snug fit but still relaxed enough that she can reach into her back pocket. Would you like to be in her back pocket?

4 The Dark Side


This is probably the sexiest of the many pictures that Sophia posed for during this photo session in which she really threw her seductive side into our faces. She playfully flirted with the camera as she strutted around in her purple dress and net stockings while her raven hair cascaded over her soft shoulders. In this shot, she seems to be looking right at you with those pretty dark eyes and wondering exactly what you are gawking at. Of course, she probably knows that answer already. We’re looking at how this picture makes us appreciate what a great body she has. It’s flat where it should be and it curves where we want it to. It is pretty well-known that she got breast implants but she did a great job of not going overboard and keeping a natural appearance.

3 Award Winning

Sophia was riding high when she attended the Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California in 2007. While she got to watch performances by Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, and Shop Boyz, she also got her moments in the spotlight when she won a Choice Movie Actress Award for her role in John Tucker Must Die, another Choice Movie Actress Award and a Choice Movie Female Breakout Star Award for her role in The Hitcher, and a Rising Star Award. It was quite a night for the young actress. Before she entered the theater to collect her hardware, Sofia took the time to pose for photographers while she wore this curve-hugging strapless skirt. Her bright eyes and beaming smile are good indicators that she knew what she was in for.

2 Sheer Beauty


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but this one leaves us speechless. It was taken during her Maxim shoot in 2014 where she appeared nearly naked in her fish net and skin-toned get up. Those sweet pouty lips are even redder than usual and the shadows don’t hide her perfection. We’re not quite sure how the leather eye cover comes into play but it just seems to fit in. Maybe she is on her way to one of those wild parties like the one in Eyes Wide Shut? If so, it would be worth risking your life as Tom Cruise did just to get up close to this screen goddess. Just be sure to not arrive in a cab and remember that there is no second secret password.

1 Relaxing In The Red Room

There is something inviting about this picture of Sophia as she sits on the backrest of a vintage couch. Maybe it’s that she seems to be quite relaxed and casual? She went with her redhead appearance which goes well with the room’s red decor. There is a kind of warm glow that emanates from this shot in which a pensive Sophia’s beauty and charm clearly stands out in front of a rough and flawed background. Her gaze is intense and she looks at you like you might be saying something interesting. Needless to say, most guys would be blathering fools with nothing but stuttering nonsense coming out of their mouths if they had the attention of this miniskirt-wearing kitten. You need to take a deep breath and remain calm. It’s only a picture.


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