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17 Must-See Photos of CW’s Ladies of the Arrowverse

17 Must-See Photos of CW’s Ladies of the Arrowverse

The “Arrowverse” has become one of the most popular entities on TV. It comprises of Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Each superhero show has become a force to be reckoned with, gaining millions of supporters in this current “Golden Age” of superhero, comic characters taking over the entertainment industry. The CW’s “Arrowverse” is going to have a landmark epic four-part crossover event bringing everyone together on the same screen starting on November 28th with Supergirl. DC and CW’s television cornerstone can thank much of its success due to the interaction between characters in special crossover episodes, and overlapping plot-lines that in some ways affect or are mentioned during each season of each show. Despite each character tending to their own set of problems, it’s become expected to see (even if briefly) a cast member from another series.

However, let us not forget the vast television universe also has a copious amount of hot starlets. The ladies of the “Arrowverse” are a diverse group of beautiful women armed with an array of weapons including talent and killer looks. They will kick your ass and look damn good doing it. It’s time to celebrate the success of these shows by taking a scantily clad look of these hotties with bodies. PS, don’t overthink the numbers and don’t get freaked out at the placements, they’re all hot as hell. Just sit back and enjoy the view!

17. Laurel Lance looks ready for a fight!



Katie Cassidy‘s portrayal of Laurel Lance always had a bit of an edge to her. She was “Ollie’s” main sweetheart, and despite their ups and downs and her heart being tugged throughout the show, Laurel had a penchant for whooping ass. (Spoiler alert: Any fan of Arrow knows that she eventually gives in to her vigilante instincts, becoming the Black Canary in latter seasons.) As we can see with this photo, Katie has no qualms being a badass when the time calls for it. But who says you can’t look badass without being stylish. She gives all of her “arrowheads” a chance to see an edgy side that can’t be denied.

16. Felicity Smoak gets catty with the camera…



Ya’ll will definitely see other shots of this blonde dork queen, but this might very well be the best shot of all. Emily Bett Rickards channels a nice mix of Felicity and herself, making for an incredibly flirtatious and playful photo. Sometimes being hot isn’t enough; one has to have a personality as well. Having both is a win-win situation. It looks like Emily has both in spades. This Canadian-born woman has made her mark on the popular show. It doesn’t take much for Emily to show why she’s so hot in this case; all she needs is to show up and let her looks and personality do the “talking.” Anyone who bothers to pay any semblance of attention to this shot will see that Emily’s cat hand motion gets a nice hint of style with a ring comprised of cat ears.

15. Don’t fall for it! Hawkgirl will kill you with that smile…



Here’s Ciara Renée glowing with a bright green top, flashing that signatures smile along with that captivating set of…teeth. Ciara’s character Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl, played an important part in Season 2 of The Flash and Season 4 of Arrow. *Spoilers* Kendra meets a certain geeky Flash regular and once she starts to get romantically involved things start to get a bit, weird. She starts to have flashbacks and her brief love interest is left wondering just what the hell is going on. Anyway, it turns out that Ciara’s clean and shy character is a reincarnated ass-kicker. Once her wings sprout, it’s a wrap. Ciara went on to star in the first season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. She isn’t with the show anymore, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to drool at her elegance. Sometimes one needs nothing more than a beautiful smile to ignite an onslaught of sexiness; Ciara Renée is no exception here.

14. Ciara Renée, Willa Holland, and Caity Lotz on Instagram



This group Instagram shot features Ciara Renée (Hawkgirl), Willa Holland (Thea Queen), and Caity Lotz (Sarah Lance / The White Canary) looking as sexy as ever. The trio looks as though they got along behind the scenes as they contributed to their respective TV shows. Willa is stylin’ and profilin’ with her co-stars, showing of her abs, and sporting a fashionable hat, followed by a hip-hugging long black leather skirt. Ciara made the best decision of all by wearing a Batman shirt and a smile along with a white jacket and white pants (nothing sexier than a woman Batman fan, they know what’s up in life). Caity Lotz takes the time to remind everyone that she’s in solid contention for the hottest lady of the Arrowverse (you’ll see why later in this display of hotness). If there was a guess as to which one of these hotties with bodies has the most fun who would be it? If you don’t know than the answer may become more clear as you scroll down…

13. The White Canary Poses for Muscle and Fitness

caity_lotz_3 (1)


This photo is from Muscle and Fitness. The publication described Caity as a “gorgeous martial artist” who unleashes her fury. That is absolutely correct. Caity poses in a sexy black see through swimsuit with black heels. She’s undoubtedly sexy-yet-badass as she looks at the lens with an “I can whoop your ass and look damn good doing it” demeanor. Caity was featured in Muscle and Fitness because of the intensity of her workouts and the fact that she’s actually a trained martial artist. So don’t get it twisted, she may be immaculate in every possible sense, and you may have fantasies of getting with her all night, but make the wrong move and Caity Lotz will proceed to inflict some serious punishment. Caity saw fit to reveal some cool aspects about her life in the interview slash photoshoot; she practices Muay Thai, use to be in a pop R&B girl band, and was the only girl on her little league team.

12. Supergirl glams it up…



Supergirl’s main star Melissa Benoist shows off her glamorous side as she poses for the cameras in a shot featured by This stark contrast from the future picture shows a more elegant side to the Supergirl actress. Supergirl may have the laser eyes, the super strength, super speed, ice breath, and the ability to fly, but Melissa Benoist has a killer smile. All Melissa needs to do is let that dirty blonde hair flow down, wear a black dress and proceed to wow onlookers everywhere. It’s going to be interesting to see Supergirl team up and interact with the rest of the Arrowverse. I’d imagine a conversation between Felicity and Kara (Supergirl’s Alter-ego) would be quite an interesting one. Even if you happen to not be a fan of Supergirl, it’s hard not to be a fan of what Melissa Benoist brings to the table in regards to the acting and well, of course, the overall looks department.

11. Ciara Renée as Lara Croft



Here’s Ciara Renée taking a photo of herself dressed in costume as the iconic Lara Croft. As everyone can see, she definitely has the curves to pull off the outfit, which is a direct copy of videogame character’s often imitated wardrobe. This photo was taken back in 2015 and was posted to her Twitter page. She asked everyone to guess who she was being and everyone’s incorrect guesses prompted her to post: “Well, since everyone had the same unoriginal guess of Hawkgirl, I guess I’ll break the mystery.” Maybe since Ciara Renée isn’t on DC’s Legend’s of Tomorrow anymore, she can perhaps be put in the forefront of the inevitable Tomb Raider remake. Judging by her juicy looks, she’d definitely have no problems making Angelina Jolie proud. Who knows whether Ciara will play Hawkgirl again, but if she were to make her presence known again within the confines of the Arrowverse, her array of talents would be welcome with wide open arms!

10. Chyler Leigh aka Alex Danvers in “Tainted Love”



This is no doubt one of the more eye popping photos of the list. Chyler was a featured   video vixen in Marilyn Manson’s “Tainted Love” cover back in 2003. Do I need to even ask why this is hot? We get a glimpse of Chyler’s bad girl goth side as she sports black hair with white streaks, eye shadow, dark lipstick, and a bikini top while in a hot tub. Oh, and Marilyn Manson is behind her as well doing his whole rock star shtick. We are yet again given a bossome view of Chyler’s figure, which as we all can see, she has no issues with showing off. Considering this goes all the way back to 2003, we can say that Chyler’s on screen image has certainly taken a more “clean” look with being the concerned big Earth-sis to her super-powered sibling, definitely a stark and shall we say, dark contrast to her portrayal of Alex Danvers.

9. Emily Beck Rickards’ NKD Shoot

Felicity 3


This particular shot of Emily is from a very recent NKD Magazine shoot. We see Emily colliding with the sunrays in crashing through the window. Any human being can’t help but to be drawn to her entire frame, starting with that beautiful smile, those pink (or bright red?) lines on that shirt, her midriff, that skirt, those legs; you get the damn picture. NKD did a damn good job capturing the Emily in all of her beautiful glory. This particular shot is yet another example of how “less is more” is all one needs to be visually effective. Anyone that doesn’t want a woman or a partner like this probably should get their head examined. This is a rather conservative shot, but we still get to see why Emily has the looks and the smarts to draw the eyes of nerds abound. How could one possibly complain about any aspect of life if they were able to wake up next to this woman? If anyone actually reads this please take the time to answer that question in the comments section.

8. Speedy Looks Ahead At The Beach…



This next picture is a shot of a chill Willa sporting her booty. Willa wears a sweatshirt top, equipped with a hat and a bikini bottom as she looks out into the sea (or ocean?). Willa’s provocativeness might not be a surprise to followers of her escapades, but for those who are, it’s refreshing to see a young woman live the life she wants to lead regardless of her fame or public image. She probably gets so caught with her life on the set that she wants to express herself; we’re not complaining in the slightest. There are definitely other random photos such as this that sport her beautiful frame, but that would require a whole other list (hint hint?). That said, enjoy these shots and appreciate the talent that comes along with it. Whenever Arrow ends, it looks like she could get into some sort of modeling career? At worse she could just start an Instagram career. Who knows!

7. Caitlin Snow sure loves her S’mores



Danielle Panabaker has been involved in the Arrowverse since season 2 of Arrow and is a regular on The Flash. In my opinion, she’s one of the more under the radar hottest members of the diverse cast. She plays Caitlin Snow, an awkward scientist who helps run the Flash operation at S.T.A.R. Labs. We don’t really get to see Danielle display her hotness aside from when she occasionally plays Killer Frost, the her villainous alter ego of another “Earth” (Flash and DC fans will get that). Luckily, Complex magazine did a shoot of her a few years ago and we get a glimpse as to how hot this beautiful woman can be. Danielle is featured as a sexy camper eating sticky n’ sweet s’more in the woods… We see Danielle really enjoying the marshmallow part of it while looking down in seductive fashion…Yeah, feel free to let your dirty minds run wild with that one.

6. Laurel’s Lookin’ Leggy



The beautiful Katie Cassidy looks striking in this shot, showing of those legs, those fierce eyes, and sporting a blazing hot blue outfit. It’s no wonder she was cast to play Oliver’s Queen sweetheart Laurel Lance. This picture is from a Sharp Magazine photoshoot. We can clearly see Katie reveling in all of her hot glory. Any Arrow fan would probably say that first asset that comes to mind when thinking of Katie Cassidy’s portrayal of Laurel Lance would be her chest (just being honest). However, in this photo we see Katie’s amazing legs take center stage. It’s not hard to see why Katie has made an ascent in the world of TV and movies.

5. Caity Lotz invites everyone to her place…


Caity Lotz is one of the main ladies and main members of the Arrowverse, period (though she didn’t star in the pilot, she had a recurring role ever since season 2 and beyond). Her entire arch starts off in scandalous fashion when her character, Sarah Lance, gets with Oliver Queen, who happens to be the boyfriend of her sister! Then the whole boating accident, 5 years of flashbacks thing happens, you get the point. Sarah mysteriously returns and proceeds to whoop all kinds of ass on criminals everywhere.  Caity provides a healthy dose of being a powerful sexy woman on and off screen. This first photo (courtesy of Me In My Place and Imgur) is perhaps the hottest one in the collection. Caity simply bites her lip and looks back at the camera wearing nothing but a white tank top and blue panties.

4. Chyler Leigh poses for Stuff Magazine



Supergirl co-star Chyler Leigh plays the woman of steel’s Earth sister, bi-curious ass kicker and world defender. Fortunately for all of us, this hot actor has had no problem displaying her talents over the years. This blazer is from a STUFF Magazine shoot back in the 2000s (remember that magazine?). Chyler gives us a nice view of her goodies while in lingerie as she stares into the cam. This particular shot shows Chyler’s sexier, lustful side, as she basically has a “come over here and bang me” demeanor written all over. Fans of Supergirl will notice that Ms. Leigh isn’t sporting her short hairstyle, and almost looks completely different with longer hair. But let’s be real, we all know what everyone is looking at when it comes to this specific photo. Chyler is a recent yet welcome addition to the Arrowverse and will hopefully continue to be an important asset to the universe.

3. Katrina Law, aka Nyssa’s IGN Shoot

katrina-law-1 (1)


Katrina Law plays Nyssa, the (other) daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul during season 2 of Arrow. She’s a complete assassin during her time with the show. She is able to beat on multiple opponents at once and is a product of her lethal League of Assassin’s vicious training. She’s so harsh and bad that it’s easy to forget that she’s HOT AS HELL. One has to think that there’s some inkling of hotness under all of that ancient garb right? Right…Fortunately IGN took the time to take a multiple shots of this sexy woman. This photo features Katrina looking as fine as fine can look, posing in a one piece and letting her beautiful expression on that beautiful face do the talking. Katrina looks mysterious yet extremely sultry, somewhat echoing the elusiveness of her TV counterpart. I’m sure if there was a poll about the hottest ladies of the Arrowverse she would definitely land near the top of the heap.

2. Killer Frost gets cheeky for Complex



This time Danielle is wearing nothing but cheeky underwear while lying on a pink blanket in the woods in this Complex magazine shoot. It’s a good thing this bossome magazine saw fit to have this young star show of this side, because it is a complete 180 from her Flash character. I guess it’s always the quiet ones right? It’s clear to see that Danielle’s model-esque frame is not one to be messed with. Danielle allows to see her shades of sexuality whether she’s a dirty blonde during a photoshoot or a relatively timid, awkward brunette on The Flash. There’s no doubt she has that “Kiebler combo” of legs and ass.  Now one begs the question; is Danielle more Caitlin Snow or Killer Frost? Which would we rather have in terms of personality? The sweet wholesome dork or the villainous maniac who always gets what she wants? There’s no doubt that both sides are intriguing and dare I say, the latter is worth the risk? Even if it’s worth a life?

1. Candice Patton needs to wear purple more often…



Candice Patton AKA Iris West Allen, from The Flash is popular as hell do to her caring and determined version of Barry’s main love. Ms. Patton being drop dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt either. Candice’s made noise being cast as Iris, who’s historically white in the comics. However, she won many skeptics over and there was even an outcry to keep the character Black in the eventual movie adaptation. Can you say damn? Anyway, in this photo Candice is in a purple sports Jacket with no shirt underneath; a welcome combination. That gold necklace adds a nice touch of elegance as well. This sexy shot was taken by Dexane and is featured on the photographer’s site. For Candice fans out there, this is probably the most revealing shot on the net of Ms. Patton, so enjoy it!

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