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17 Must-See Horror Movies Lurking Around The Corner In 2017

17 Must-See Horror Movies Lurking Around The Corner In 2017

via:Movie Insider

If you’re a fan of horror movies, it’s likely that you are already looking for your 2017 scary movie fix (yes, there are scary movie junkies and I am most definitely one of them). However, it can be rather frustrating when you’re seeking that spine-tingling film, yet you cannot seem to find it. Not just any horror film, but the kind that causes unforgettable chills like the first Insidious. Sure, the rest of the movies in the Insidious franchise were awesome too, but it was the first one that had that creepy “tip toe” song stuck in your head for days. Kind of like the song from Jeepers Creepers, which obviously had the same effect. These are the kind of horror movies that we must-see.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of horror movies lurking around the corner, just waiting to ignite a scream, or cause an uncontrollable jump. This is the excitement that we all crave from horror, and 2017 will not disappoint. This year we can expect to see the best classic horror films getting the remake treatment, and there are a couple of great newbies lurking around as well.

In fact, this year you can expect a vast variety of scary movies. You want aliens? We’re headed straight for them! Hauntings? They are here! Zombies? You’ll find them! There are even a couple psychological horror films, for those who like a gradual scare. Here comes the list… You see, with true horror enthusiasts, it’s all about the anticipation…

17. The Dark Tapes

Via: Gruesome Magazine

Via: Gruesome Magazine

Okay, I know you’re probably thinking that the “found footage” industry has dried up. However, The Dark Tapes embarks upon unknown territory for found footage films. It’s an anthology, which consists of four separate stories that eventually connect into one. In each chapter, there is a different choice of scare tactics including haunting, demons, aliens and psychological thrills. So, it doesn’t really matter which one you fear the most, as this one is a combo of them all.

The first chapter is used to pull the other pieces cleverly together during the beginning, in between, and following the other three chapters. It’s also very unique because it is considered genre-defying by mixing horror, sci-fi, myth and mystery, all in one. The Dark Tapes has already taken the independent film festivals by storm. Plus, critics are saying that it could be one of the best found footage movies ever made. You can expect to see it lurking around in March.

16. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


If you prefer a little less fear and a lot more action, then Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is for you! The Resident Evil franchise speaks for itself, although you have to admit that the story is getting kind of old. This doesn’t make it any less intense. Plus, judging by both the title and the synopsis this actually might be the final chapter for Resident Evil. Therefore, it’s still a must-see horror movie.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is set to pick up where the last one left off, with Alice acting as the lone survivor against the Umbrella forces. However, she must first head back to The Hive in Raccoon City. Will there be action? Loads of it! It might even cause a startle or two, if mutated, weapon welding zombies, and clones is your thing. The final installment has been reviewed as a boost in comparison to the last two. Look for it soon, released January 27th.

15. Get Out

Via: Rolling Stone

Via: Rolling Stone

Are you a psychological thriller fan, looking for a very realistic, yet racially charged, bone chilling tale? If so, then Get Out is just what you’ve been waiting for. The teaser for Get Out has sparked Twitter controversies, which have made it a long awaited must-see horror movie. The movie is based on an interracial couples trip to meet the girlfriend’s parents, who are both white and privileged. What follows in the teaser gets a little foggy and quite fearful.

Get Out has pulled a mixed reactions of picked nerves and excitement by overstepping groundbreaking boundaries. First off, the black boyfriend is the starring role, which takes away the long aggravated issue of the “black person” being killed off in the beginning. Second, the chills provoked by this movie are based on real life issues such as interactions with white, redneck police officers, and the girls creepy, yet overly accommodating racist parents. The movie was written by Jordan Peele, from Key & Peele and turns a creepy, supernatural eye on racism and the horror genre. Get Out will be in theaters February 24th.

14. Cult Of Chucky

Via: Bloody Disgusting

Via: Bloody Disgusting

Yes, it’s another Child’s Play movie, although they haven’t been recognized by that title for quite some time. Besides, can we ever really get enough of Chucky? The killer doll has been around for ages, almost 30 years, in fact. Plus, aside from a couple of dumb sequels like The Bride of Chucky, he is still subject to make your heart race.

Speaking of Tiffany, she will be back to join Chucky’s cult. However, she will be back in a human vessel, and boy is she ready to do anything, just to keep her Good Guy husband safe! Andy will also return and is played by the original actor, Alex Vincent, who is all grown up now. He will be teaming up with Nica. I guess you could say that this is the big reunion, or aka a cult. Cult of Chucky will be released straight to DVD, Blu-ray, and digital by Halloween.

13. Amityville: The Awakening

via:British Cinematographer

Amityville: The Awakening is a must-see horror movie because, if it fails we might never see one again. It’s up to you whether that is a good, or a bad thing. In all, there are a total of 13 Amityville movies and that’s not including the 2005 remake. Although, there are a few things you can look forward to with Amityville: The Awakening. One is that Bella Thorne is starring as the beautiful leading lady.

Another is that the story is sticking with the haunted house roots, but with a little twist. It will be headed back to the haunted Amityville house, which we know has always had a sick past. Belle and her family move into the older home and she begins to have nightmares. Eventually, her mother reveals that their new home is the legendary Amityville house, but not until after Belle’s comatose brother makes a startling recovery. Amityville fans have been waiting a whopping four years for this adaption. Finally, the wait will be over on June 30th.

12. Insidious: Chapter 4



Insidious: Chapter 4 isn’t just lurking around the corner like most of the horror movies in 2017. Lyn Shaye, the leading actress who plays Elise, is actually beckoning us to take another trip into the further. At least that’s how it seems in the only teaser available this soon. Elise’s tarot cards tell her that Insidious: Chapter 4 will have the same writer from the first three, the same director as the last chapter, and that it will be out on Oct. 20th.

This time the story will pick up right where Insidious: Chapter 3 left off. Elise has just met Specs and Tucker and they open Spectral Sightings. The first order of business is to chase down Elise’s personal demon, which leads them to her hometown, New Mexico. There will be spine tingling chills, demons, and the further, of course! So, are you prepared to tip-toe back into the further with Elise?

11. Alien: Covenant


Alien: Covenant is the sequel everyone has been waiting for. Ridley Scott isn’t one to give you an Alien sequel until the well has completely dried up from his last blockbuster. Instead, he tends to dole them out about every 5-7 years, which is perfect. Just enough time has passed for you to miss it, but also enough for you to absolutely crave it. When news is released about a new Alien sequel, fans have already been waiting to hear all about the slimy alien details. Prometheus was released in 2012 and the wait for Alien: Covenant will be over on May 19th.

The latest installment is going to take place after Prometheus left off. The colony spaceship named Covenant will head out and the crew will find what is thought to be an unknown planet. Upon its arrival however, the crew member’s run into David (he was the lone synthetic survivor from the Prometheus ship). Then the aliens will make a creepy appearance. What eventually ensues is a battle between the crew and the terrifying alien lifeforms that attack. If you are looking for an eerie bloodbath of alien/human guts, then you will definitely find it here.

10. A Cure For Wellness

Via: Film Ink

Via: Film Ink

A Cure For Wellness is described as a psychological/horror/thriller. The director is Gore Verbinski, who also directed The Ring. The plot is based on a young executive, sent to retrieve his company’s CEO, at a mysterious wellness center in the alps. These movies usually have some sort of wild, unexpected twist to them.

What we do know is that the CEO has sent a letter to the board rambling about an illness that everyone has and about a cure. The board sends the executive to get the CEO because they all believe that he has lost his mind. Once there, the executive begins to unravel dark secrets about the supposed illness and mysterious cure. His sanity is then tested, once he is diagnosed with the mysterious illness himself. A Cure For Wellness appears to be a combination of eerie, creepy, and mysterious. It will be in theaters February 27th.

9. Friday The 13th

Via: Movie Web

Via: Movie Web

Yes! Jason will return in another Friday the 13th reboot! Are you as excited about this one as we are? If not you should be because they are aiming at making this one the best Friday the 13th ever. This remake has been in the works for quite some time. At first a found footage remake was considered, but thanks to all of the fan outrage, the idea was quickly chucked.

There will be a little back story in this one, which includes meeting more of Jason Voorhees’ family. One character in particular that has sparked tons of interest is his father, who has never been added in the films. Although, he has made an appearance in the comic, Friday the 13th: Pamela’s Tale. There has also been news that they are going to put more focus on his victim’s characters. This way you might get a chance to feel bad for them when they die. It will also entail lots of machete slashing, blood, and plenty to scream about. The date for release of this must-see horror movie is set for October 13th.

8. The Mummy


Speaking of remakes, The Mummy is also getting the reboot treatment. Only this time around we will be introduced to a female mummy and Tom Cruise will be taking the lead role. That’s right, Tommy Cruise will be fending off Princess Ahmanet, who actually looks pretty creepy. This is going to be an action packed adventure, that will also inflict a fair amount of fear.

Princess Ahmanet is coming for revenge and to take back what she has been denied. The graphics in the trailer for The Mummy are totally awesome. In fact, so awesome that you have to see them for yourself. The princess mummy looks absolutely terrifying and her strength appears to be have no limits. If you wish to see her horrifying attempts to bury the grudge that she has held for over a millennia, then you must hit theaters on June 9th.

7. Leatherface

Via: Twitter

Via: Twitter

It seems like it’s been ages since the last Texas Chainsaw Massacre? It may have only been about 4 years since Texas Chainsaw 3D, although that and a couple of the films before it were sort of disappointing. However, Leatherface sounds like it will be the shocking prequel to the massacres that everyone has been dreaming about.

The plot is set to go all the way back before the very first Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It will cover the origins of the clan, but mainly that of the star mass murderer, Leatherface. He has been seen as the lead murderer, ever since the beginning. In the prequel, Leatherface is a teenager. He and four other inmates escape from a mental institution. The bloodbath begins when they kidnap a nurse and torment her in what has been described as the ride from hell. This must see horror movie will be out in 2017, but an exact release date has not yet been set.

6. Saw: Legacy

Via: Dread Central

Saw 3D was supposed to be the final chapter, but here we are seven years later and discussing the October 27th release of Saw: Legacy. Obviously, this leads to a couple questions. How many killing contraptions can they possibly come up with for the game this time? Plus, who will be in charge since John Kramer, aka Jigsaw died in the third installment?

Saw: Legacy has been described as being a fresh take on the Saw franchise. However, this doesn’t mean that everything will change. It has been confirmed that Tobin Bell, who plays Jigsaw will be back, along with Jon Cor, who played Ryan in the last movie. Pictures have appeared from the set, which reveal a graveyard where a grave has been dug up with John Kramer’s tombstone at the head of it. Does this mean the true Jigsaw will be back? What games will be played this time? We’re not sure, but this is definitely shaping up to be a highly anticipated horror movie.

5. Rings

Via: Blum House

Via: Blum House

It has already been 17 years since you saw Samara’s first creepy climb out of that well. It has been 12 years since her return. Now, here she is in 2017. Samara is lurking around, just waiting to make her hair raising climb back out of that well. Apparently, there has been another video hiding inside the original, which nobody has ever seen.

What is on the video? Who knows, but Samara is still seeking revenge and it appears that she wants some type of rebirth. The trailer for Rings cuts straight to the chase. In it, said girl has Samara’s ghostly figure chasing her. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to shake Samara or her horrific wrath. She even attempts to yank the flat screen from the wall causing it to break, but our darling Samara just comes out from under it using her terrifying crawl. Are you ready to face her again? If so, Samara will return on February 3rd.

4. Annabelle 2

Via: YouTube

Via: YouTube

Aside from Chucky’s return, you can also look forward to facing Annabelle for a second time. So if you love dolls that kill, whether it be by way of slashing or possessed supernatural powers, than you will have something to anticipate. Annabelle 2 also appears to be taking the prequel approach this year. You will get to see how she came about and what it is that makes her tick.

In it, a doll-maker and his wife invite a nun and several orphans into their home. The doll-maker has been working on a project, which happens to be Annabelle. The preview has a lady armed with a cross approaching a little girl, who is having tea party with Annabelle. As she gets closer the little girls head snaps to each side making an awful cracking sound. It becomes obvious that the little girl has broken her own neck, after you hear the tea cup break as it falls to the floor. You can catch Annabelle 2 in theaters on August 11th.

3. Halloween: The Night Died

Via: Halloween Daily News

Via: Halloween Daily News

This year Halloween will be lurking in June. Halloween the movie as in Michael Myers, not the holiday. There are mixed thoughts on what Halloween: The Night Evil Died is going to be about, but it appears to be a follow-up to Halloween: Resurrection. I know, H2O and Resurrection were not the best that Michael Myers had to offer. However, John Carpenter, aka The Horror Master has teamed up with Blumhouse, as executive producer on this one.

Just in case you don’t have a clue as to who John Carpenter is. He is the original screenwriter/director/composer for the original Halloween. How could they possibly screw this up with him on board? If that wasn’t enough to send chills down your spine, then Tony Moran should. He is cast to play Michael Myers. Tony Moran was the original Michael Myers from Halloween (1978). You might want to pack an extra pair of pants for this one, because with these two involved you might just get the sh*t scared out of you! It will hit theaters June 23rd.

2. Jeepers Creepers III: Cathedral

Via: YouTube

Via: YouTube

If you’re a fan of the horror world, then you have been waiting 14 years for a sequel to Jeepers Creepers. I’m guessing that you are, otherwise you wouldn’t have made it this far. Therefore, you should be happy to hear that production has resumed for Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral. It was in pre-production early last year, but everything was halted sometime in April. With no clue as to why, or if it would restart fans were left to ponder, but it will here sometime in 2017.

The third installment in the Jeepers Creepers franchise has gone by both Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral and simply Jeepers Creepers III. Gina Phillips will be back to resume her role as Trish from the first movie and she will have a son named after her brother. This movie is supposed to unveil more of a backstory as to where Creeper came from. Shh! Listen… Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers?

1. It

Via: Twitter

Via: Twitter

If ever there was a must see horror movie lurking around in 2017, it would have to be It. To think that the 1990 version of Stephen King‘s best selling novel was only released as a 2-part TV mini-series is an injustice. Altogether, the show was over 3 hours long! Although, the fact that It was an insane success more than makes up for the mistake. At least now the movie adaption is being made.

Let me refresh your memory, just in case you don’t know or forgot about It. You see that Creepy clown up there? That’s Pennywise, and It is something far more frightening than he is. It is a supernatural being that can take on the shape of anything that It wants to. Pennywise just happens to be It’s favorite choice to lure unsuspecting children to kill them. Seven kids attempt to take on this being in the 60s, but are not able to do much. Pennywise returns 30 years later and the kids, who are now adults, return also. This time It attempts to finish the job. It will be lurking in theaters September 8th.

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