17 Dumbest Decisions Ever Made On The Walking Dead

If fans have learned anything from watching The Walking Dead, it is that the characters are survivors. They beat the odds time and time again.

If fans have learned anything from watching The Walking Dead, it is that the characters are survivors. They beat the odds time and time again. The Governor was no match for Rick, Michonne, and Daryl. Carol literally blew up Terminus. Glenn survived a herd of zombies by hiding under a dumpster. Like we said, when it seems like the chips are down, that’s when they are most likely to survive. However, they have also made some pretty dumb decisions. Like, really dumb decisions. Of course, they can’t be blamed for having a dud of an idea once in a while. The characters are but mere humans, meaning they are allowed to make mistakes and have bad ideas.

With the added intensity of everything being life or death, the characters sometimes make silly or dangerous decisions. The worst of their decisions are usually the ones that lead to a death – like Beth stabbing Officer Dawn or the attacks on Negan’s men. There were also certain characters who seemed to constantly make dumb decisions, like friggin’ Andrea. Ugh, Andrea. We normally don’t say we’re happy to see a character die, but we were happy to see Andrea die. There’s also dumb decisions that multiple characters have made, like having sex without protection. Because who really wants to be pregnant during a zombie apocalypse? The point is that we may love these characters, but they are also far from perfect. They have made some really dumb decisions throughout the course of the show. Without further ado, below are 17 outrageously dumb decisions made on The Walking Dead.

16 The Solo Attacks On Negan

The two unplanned attacks on Negan were performed by Carl and Rosita. While we have to give them some props for taking on Negan, the attacks were unplanned and poorly executed. They ended up hurting the group more than helping the group.

First, Carl hid out in a truck heading to The Sanctuary. Upon arriving, the teenager blasted out of the truck and managed to pop two of Negan’s men. Carl, however, failed to take down the big baddie himself. Oddly, Negan didn’t really punish Carl. Instead, the two of them… bonded. Yeah, it was totally weird. It seems that Carl is forever destined to have brutal men want to take him under their wing, a la Shane, and now Negan.

Just a few episodes later, Negan slit Spencer’s stomach open – we’re talking guts everywhere. After this, Rosita takes a shot at Negan, but Lucille catches the bullet instead. The outcome of this was that Eugene, the only person who knows how to make bullets, was taken prisoner by Negan. That sucks, because the whole making bullet thing could be helpful in the war against Negan.

While Negan definitely needs to be taken down, the singular unplanned attacks are not doing anything to stop him. In fact, they seem to be making the Negan situation even worse. Hey everyone, why not wait for Rick, who is basically a superhero, to devise a well thought out plan?

15 The Well Zombie Plan

Speaking of plans, this was one of the worst. Upon arriving at Hershel’s farm, the group finds a zombie stuck in the water well. This zombie is possibly one of the most disgusting zombies to ever be on the show. It was bloated from sitting in the water and basically looked like Jabba the Hutt… but a zombie.

Just shooting Jabba the zombie would have been a perfectly fine plan, but the group didn’t want to risk contaminating the water. Instead, they came up with an amazing plan, which was not amazing at all. They would drop Glenn into the well, as zombie bait, and he’d tie a rope around Jabba. After that, they would pull up Jabba and kill him outside of the well so the water would be safe. Of course, the fact that Jabba had been chillin’ in the water for who knows how long probably already contaminated it, but whatever.

The plan went astray and the zombie almost ate Glenn. The group finally managed to pull the zombie up only to have the zombie literally split in half, with all of its guts falling into the water. Between Glenn almost dying and the gross factor of the zombie guts in the water, we have to say that this plan was one of the worst.

14 When Beth Saved Noah

Poor Beth Greene. The thing about this plot was that it was supposed to be Beth coming into her own. She was supposed to be growing into a strong, independent character. Y’know, like a mini Carol... but Beth is no mini Carol. No one is a Carol, except Carol.

When Beth and Daryl found themselves under attack from a herd of zombies, Beth sped away in a car, leaving Daryl behind. This was the first dumb decision made by Beth. You don’t ever leave Daryl’s side unless you literally see zombies eating his perfectly toned arms. Daryl is a survivor and the #1 person you want next to you during a zombie apocalypse.

Beth then finds herself at Grady Memorial Hospital. Throughout her time there, Beth actually shows that she’s resourceful and cunning. She seems like she could be turning into a survivor. When the group pulls off an elaborate rescue mission, they save Beth… only Officer Dawn orders them to give back Noah, a member of Grady Memorial who escaped and helped the group rescue Beth. It would have been totally fine for Beth but she was not down with giving back Noah to Officer Dawn. Out of anger over Dawn's demand, Beth stabs Officer Dawn, resulting in Dawn’s finger pulling the trigger and Beth’s death.

While we think rescuing Noah from Grady Memorial Hospital was smart, the way Beth went about it was a dumb decision that ultimately got her killed. In The Walking Dead, you can't stab first and think later, unless it's a zombie. Then, stab, stab, stab and think way later.

13 When Everyone Believes Eugene Has The Cure

Seriously, everyone just believed Eugene had the cure? What kind of bullsh*t is that?

Obviously, people are desperate to believe in something on The Walking Dead. Living in that world, they need something to cling to in order to keep going. Because of that, we understanding – only slightly – as to why Rosita and Abraham blindly believed Eugene had the cure. I mean, Abe was never the smartest cookie in the jar, so any explanation Eugene provided would have been acceptable to him.

The kicker of the whole "Eugene has the cure" thing is Glenn. We can buy Rosita and Abraham believing Eugene has the cure, but Glenn should have known better. Glenn was at the friggin’ CDC in season one. He talked to the scientist, who seemed to be the last scientist ever. Glenn – and also Rick, Carl, Daryl, and Carol – were given more scientific information about the disease than probably anyone else alive in this world. Why didn’t Glenn push for answers from Eugene? It’s all so confusing. We just think Glenn should have known better.

12 Everything Involving Kids In Season Two

In season two, it seemed like everything involving the children was one dumb decision after another dumb decision.

For starters, there was the Sophia chronicles. Sophia, Carol’s daughter, went missing, which totally sucked. Though, that was basically Sophia’s fault because she didn't listen to Rick’s instructions, but whatever. Then, there’s Daryl’s ongoing search for lost little Sophia, during which he nearly dies. We don’t want to say searching for a lost kid is a dumb decision, but the danger Daryl kept putting himself in was too much. Any situation in which Daryl Dixon's safety is endangered is not okay. Of course, they find Sophia and she’s a zombie so there’s that.

If we’re counting Beth as a kid – she was a young teenager at the time – her decision to kill herself was pretty dumb, especially because she was going to use a butter knife to do it. Get your shit together, Beth.

There was also the time Carl got shot by someone hunting a deer. Like, why did Rick allow Carl to walk that close to a deer? Then, Carl sees a zombie and doesn’t kill it and then that same zombie kills Dale. Way to go, Carl. Like we said, everything involving the kids in season two was a dumb decision.

11 Almost Everything Andrea Did

Andrea was one of the least liked characters on the show and for good reason. Girlfriend made way too many bad decisions.

The comic book version of Andrea is one of the most well received characters. She’s a sharp shooter and important part of the group. She survived both the Governor and Negan. Yep, she's still alive in the comics and she's Rick's partner. She's pretty great in the comics, but why wasn’t she great on the show? Well, she was straight-up not very likable and she made a million dumb decisions. There was the time she tried to kill herself. There was the time she had sex with crazy Shane. There was the time she wanted to stay at Woodbury, against Michonne’s concerns. There was the time she hooked up with the Governor. There was the time she didn’t kill the Governor, but totally could have. There was the time she was locked in a room with Milton, who was slowly turning into a zombie, and couldn’t figure out a way to kill him. Like, are you kidding, Andrea? Even Carl would have gotten that shit done, but she somehow didn't.

RIP, Andrea – you made too many bad decisions to survive.

10 Going To Terminus

This was a bad decision that everyone, somehow, made on their own. After the fall of the prison, everyone was separated into different small groups. Maggie was with Sasha and Bob. Rick was with Michonne and Carl. Glenn was with Tara, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. Despite being split up, all of these people made the very dumb decision to go to Terminus.

The signs for Terminus seemed promising. They were all "Come here for safety and shelter." Sounds nice, but the characters should have all known that nothing is what it seems in this world. Why would they blindly trust Terminus? Dumb decision! Of course, we have to give it up with Rick, who was the only one hesitant about trusting Terminus. He hid weapons outside the gate and attempted to enter stealthily. However, that didn’t stop Rick, Michonne, and Carl from getting locked in a room to become dinner.

The #1 rule of living through the zombie apocalypse is never trust strangers, no matter how nice their signs seem.

9 The Barn Full Of Zombies

Ugh, the barn full of zombies. Like, really Hershel?

In the course of season two, it’s revealed that Hershel apparently thinks zombies can be, like, cured or something. It’s not the brightest of ideas, but that was Hershel. He was a kind man who really looked for the best in people and apparently zombies. Because he believed that zombies were somehow curable, he would go around collecting zombies and stashing them in his barn. Yeah, a barn full of zombies just a couple hundred feet away from where his daughters sleep. Great idea.

Also, didn’t Hershel notice that the group was looking for a young girl named Sophia? Wouldn’t he have at least been like, "Yo, I might have your zombie daughter in my barn" or something? Ugh, it’s all so confusing and frustrating. Even though Shane was pretty nuts at this point, we agreed with him opening up the zombie barn.

8 When Glenn Didn't Just Kill Nicholas

Nicholas was the worst. He was an Alexandrian, who was unexposed to the reality of the world. When put in a troubling situation, he was all about the survival of himself, even if it meant the death of someone else… like poor, innocent Noah who was eaten in a revolving door because of him. That was one truly gross scene. There was also the time that Nicholas actually tried to kill Glenn.

Yes, and after all of this, Glenn still didn’t want take Nicholas out. Of course, that speaks volumes to Glenn’s character, but it also isn’t necessarily how the strongest members of the group survive. Rick had no trouble killing Shane when he was a problem. Carol went around killing people who had the virus in the prison. Sometimes, it's kill or be killed. We don’t necessarily want to say that Glenn totally should have killed Nicholas, but Nicholas almost got Glenn super killed in the infamous dumpster scene. If there was no Nicholas, there would have been no cliffhanger. Just sayin'…

7 When Oceanside Let Tara Go

Truth be told, we haven’t seen the ramifications of this decision yet, but it's very likely we'll see what happens with Oceanside in season seven... and it probably won't be good.

In a solo Tara episode, she finds herself taken in by the women of Oceanside. There are no men there because Negan killed all of their men - which is so Negan, right? It’s just women… and a lot of guns. They have a whole shed of weapons. It’s, like, a lot of guns.

Tara parts with the group but promises to never reveal their location or existence to anyone. With the need for weapons in the war against Negan, Tara’s promise to Oceanside is certainly being put to the test. It has yet to been seen if Tara will betray Oceanside or not, though it is looking more and more likely with each episode. Regardless of if Tara actually betrays the women or keeps her word, it wasn’t a good move to let Tara go. If you are truly trying to exist off the grid, you can’t let loose ends like Tara go.

6 Leaving Crazy Lizzie Alone

Lizzie was an actual insane person and should have never been left alone. Plain and simple. This was a little girl who fed rats to the zombies, thinking they needed food. She also played tag with a zombie – or thought she was playing tag with the zombie. Clearly, the zombie was trying to catch some dinner, but Lizzie thought it was all just fun and games.

Being unable to wrap her head around zombies, Lizzie was certain that people came back… better. To prove this to everyone, she kills Mika, her little sister, but doesn’t stab her head so she’ll come back. Like, no girl. Just no. After this, Carol and Tyreese decide what to do about Lizzie, with Carol finally telling Lizzie to look at the flowers and shooting her in the head.

Yes, it was sad to see another kid die, even one as crazy as Lizzie, but props to Carol for handling that situation. However, Carol and Tyreese should have never let Lizzie be alone. She was a crazy kid. Of course, she'd do something horrible like stab her little sister to death.

5 Having Sex Without Protection

Alright, in defense of this, condoms aren’t readily available or anything. It’s not like they can just drive to a pharmacy and get condoms... but they also kind of can. In their supply runs, shouldn’t people be, like, looking for condoms. I mean, especially if people are having sex, you’d think condoms would be important.

There’s always the point that people could not have sex, but people love getting it on in The Walking Dead. It was, like, the first thing Rick did when he found Lori. Glenn and Maggie also very obviously got it on a lot. Oh, Rick and Michonne love having sex. With everything being life or death, you’d want to have sex. Every single time could be the last time. We get why people want to have sex.

All we’re saying is that being pregnant during the zombie apocalypse is a less than desirable situation that both Lori and Maggie put themselves in.


Remember when the Wolves attacked Alexandria in season six? Yeah, well, Alexandria pretty much invited an attack.

With a herd of zombies heading for Alexandria, Rick devised a plan that took away every single strong character. All of the strong characters were gone and Alexandria was left to Olivia and Father Gabriel. Yeah, seriously. Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha were all together acting as bait to lure the zombies away from Alexandria. Daryl, Abe or Sasha could have taken down a million Wolves alone. Rick and Michonne are also away and obviously either of them would have handled any Wolves situation.

The only really capable people left behind at Alexandria were Carl and Carol. The two of them were basically the only people left to defend Alexandria from the Wolves. While the zombies were an obvious threat, leaving your home base completely vulnerable is a horrible idea. The timing of the Wolves attack has lead many to question if the Wolves have a spy (uh, Enid) living inside of Alexandria.

4 Any Attempt To Betray Rick Grimes

Let’s get one thing straight: you don’t try to betray Rick friggin’ Grimes. If you try to betray Rick Grimes, it’s not going to end well. However, characters keep trying to betray Rick. What's up with that? We will never know.

Upon arriving at Alexandria, holy man Father Gabriel tried to betray Rick. He warned Deanna that Rick and the others are dangerous people who had committed horrible acts. Maggie overheard Father Gabriel and was obviously not too happy about this. Father Gabriel didn’t face too harsh of repercussions and has since seen the light about Rick being a superhero in the zombie world. Father Gabriel is also much less lame and has finally started killing zombies - y'know the singular thing you need to do to survive.

Spencer is another story. He betrayed Rick to Negan, claiming that Rick is an unfit leader. Instead of agreeing with Spencer, Negan was unimpressed by the fact that Spencer went behind Rick’s back. He claimed that Spencer had no guts before slicing his stomach open and exposing his literal guts.

Let’s just say this, if you betray Rick you might have your insides on the outside.

3 When Rick Cut His Beard

Let's be honest, Andrew Lincoln has a chiseled jaw line. I mean, the dude is just classically handsome. That being said, you’d think that Lincoln minus a beard would be awesome but as it turns out, it’s not in so many ways.

Rick’s beard represented so much more than just facial hair. The fact that he was so brutish and hairy meant that he wasn’t living somewhere cozy like Alexandria. No, he was roughing it in the wild. He was eating dog meat! Upon arriving at Alexandria, he shaved his face. This would forever indicate to anyone he came in contact with that he had a pretty good set up where he could at least shave his face. Moreover, Negan saw a video of unshaven Rick and literally said that he wouldn’t mess with that guy.

Uh, so if Rick had facial hair Glenn would still be alive. That’s the moral of the story. Don't shave your face.

2 When Rick Didn't Just Kill The Governor

Why didn’t Rick just kill the Governor? None of us will ever know.

Rick sat down with the Governor and they tried to talk it out… only they really didn’t. Rick walked away from their conversation knowing that an attack from the Governor was inevitable. At the point that Rick realized the Governor would always be an enemy, why didn’t he take him out? It's mind-boggling. This is a question that even Carl asks his father.

Governor decapitated Hershel, who was the kindest old man in the world. Had Rick taken care of the Governor when he was literally sitting five feet away from him, Hershel may still be alive. Okay, Hershel would probably be dead because he was old and only had one leg, but still not taking out the Governor was a major mistake.

1 The Attacks On Negan's Men

This is by far one of the worst decisions on the show.

When the group found the Hilltop Colony, they immediately wanted to trade goods with them. Unfortunately, the leader Gregory said that the only way they could trade with Alexandria would be if Rick took care of Negan. This was made to seem like a doable task but, of course, Rick shouldn’t have taken Gregory, who downplayed the reach Negan has, at his word. Why didn’t Rick investigate further? Rick had dealt with so many horrible people at this point so why would he just believe Gregory? I know, your mind is probably hurting right now.

Rick and the gang, of course, succeeded in taking down Negan's outpost, but not all of Negan’s men, because there seems to be like 1,000 Saviors working under Negan. For taking out the outpost, Abraham and Glenn paid the ultimate price and now Alexandria is living under the thumb of Negan. Why, oh why, didn’t Rick investigate before stabbing a whole bunch of dudes in the head? We’ll never know. Like we said, think first and stab later when it comes to people!

Even after making these seventeen horrible decisions, our favorite characters are still roughing it out in the zombie apocalypse so props to them. We'll keep tuning in to see what dumb decisions (and what awesome decisions) the gang make week after week.

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