17 Disney Characters Reimagined As The Opposite Gender

In the world today there are all sorts of uproars about gender equality and the additional genders being introduced into society (remember gender is different than biological sex). So, here's an article that should do well for everyone. This is a fun, gender-bending piece where Disney characters swap their gender identities. And this includes animal characters as well, so there's no discrimination at all!

On a more actually important note, this article is all sorts of fun. Reimagining these iconic characters as men or women is just a really interesting project and there are all sorts of pieces artwork all over the internet in which Disney characters take on not only a different identity but also a more realistic look. It's pretty cool.

And it's ok. I know that even the hardest of internet trolls looking this over have a soft spot somewhere for Disney. Especially now that Disney includes both Star Wars and the Marvel Universe. So, there's every reason why you should enjoy this piece. So, let's take a look at some interesting Disney gender-bending.

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17 Jack And Sally

I'm sure there are some fans of A Nightmare Before Christmas looking into this article. Usually, if someone says they don't like Disney, it turns out that they either like Star Wars, Marvel, or A Nightmare Before Christmas. Which just means that they actually like Disney anyway. I'm wondering how the naming would go here, given the way this couple has been gender-bent. Would Jack be the muscly ragdoll? And then Sally would be the breasted, black doe-eyed skeleton? This bend wouldn't change too much in the story, I have to say. Other than the relationship between Sally's creator and him being a little more BDSM-like, I think. Especially is the male Sally had such muscles as he does in this picture. Jack being a woman really doesn't change anything for his character.

16 Hades

Well, I think William Congreve said it best when he said "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So, what does it mean if Hell is run by a woman also? Does that make that fury even more intense? Hades in Hercules is probably one of the most hilarious and raging characters in the Disney universe. Seeing him designed as a woman doesn't actually change him all that much though. This artist has slimmed her up, dropped a sleeve to show a little more skin, fixed the chin to make it a little less... ridiculous, and made her hairdo a pretty interesting sort of 80s/early 90s style. I mean, the film did come out in 1997 so I guess the 90s look could make sense to some extent. I love how this female version of Hades even seems to have some mascara on.

15 Merida

This specific gender bend would actually kind of change things in the storyline of the film Brave. The whole thing about Merida is she is a girl growing up wanting to be just like the boys. But she's always pushed aside because women are supposed to be one way and men another. If you start the story with a boy, then that must just mean that there was a boy who just wanted to fit in, but I guess the other boys didn't want him around...the journey isn't quite as significant. That doesn't change the fact that the artist has done a pretty good job at making Merida into a boy. It reminds me of a lyric from Mulan. "Make a man out of you". It's almost like every Disney movie really does just flow easily into the other.

14 Maleficent

Maleficent is probably one of the most terrifying of the Disney villains to have ever graced the screen. She's had a couple of renditions to date including a version played by Angelina Jolie. I'm not sure how I felt about that though. I think the cartoon version was scarier. Either way, there is now a male version of this wickedly villainous character and he looks badass. I think the reason why this picture is so cool is that while it's still Maleficent in human form, you can see the stretch of wings and tail of her/his ultimate dragon form. I have to say that the gender-bending of this character would do very little to change the story of Sleeping Beauty. After all, Maleficent is simply the magic-user responsible for all of the evil in the kingdom and it doesn't really focus on anything specific to gender.

13 Pocahontas

Everyone is pretty used to Pocahontas being played as a woman. And a woman that a lot of other women look up to and a lot of men wish was not just animated and very real to look at. Ultimately, Pocahontas was a real person way back in the day, but I seriously doubt she sang in English about "run[ning] the hidden pine trails of the forest". She also probably didn't have raccoon and hummingbird friends, but this is a Disney character we're talking about. Anyway, seeing Pocahontas as a man in this picture does kind of almost draw up images of Pocahontas' arranged lover from the original film, Kocuom. Imagine if John Smith was met with this version of Pocahontas. Would he fall for her? Or would we have a Jean Smith instead to balance things out?

12 Ariel

This is probably one of the more hilarious gender benders simply because of the scene that is being used to show off the male version of Ariel. When Ariel pushes herself up on the rocks and the waves break all around her as she heaves forward this is probably one of the most iconic moments of The Little Mermaid. The fact that this male version of Ariel is doing the same rather feminine pose, with his dinglehopper strapped to his one arm and then female version of Flounder hanging on to his other is just kind of wonderful but also hilarious. That being said, the artist has done a great job on this picture. And this version of Ariel really does remind me of a Final Fantasy character. Not exactly a specific one, but the design of the character is rather Final Fantasy-like.

11 Thor

Well, this one is actually pretty interesting because this is already happening in the comic book world of Thor. It turns out that the powerful, godly avenger has gotten into some trouble in the comics which makes him no longer worthy of holding his hammer. So, a female Thor has risen up to the challenge and now wields the hammer the way the former, male Thor has done. This is already a comic book story arc. Obviously, this has not yet reached the films that are constantly being pumped out by Marvel, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been a ton of women getting into the Thor outfit and loving that godly power. And I have to say that I think the photo above is pretty darn attractive. You don't have to agree with the hero change, but there are perks.

10 Esmerelda 

Ok, this is actually pretty fantastic, I think. There's something about this feminine, gypsy man who is not afraid to dance in the streets and mystify his audience that is just pretty cool. And the relationship between this version of Esmerelda and Judge Frollo would still totally make sense since Frollo is a leader in the Catholic church. It wouldn't be the first time that a leader in the church had an obsession with another man. I think it's kind of hilarious though. If this version of Esmerelda were just blonde instead of brunette he would look exactly like Fabio. Either way, he definitely looks like he belongs on the cover of some sort of romance novel that I bet your mother has somewhere on her shelf or near her bed.

9 Aladdin And Company

I almost wish I could see the next shot of this scene from Aladdin because then we'd be able to see what Jasmine would look like in a gender-bended world. Aladdin as Prince Ali basically looks the way Jasmine does in the film (aside from the outfit. So, it's pretty interesting to see how very similar certain character models are. Jafar almost looks the exact same as his regular male version but he just doesn't have his facial hair, as long a chin, or as flat a chest. The Sultan looks the most different because his whole face has had to be reconstructed due to the huge beard his original male version had. I don't know if you think the same thing, but it does kind of seem that the Sultan has some pretty evil eyes going on in this shot...

8 Alice

I don't think that the story of Alice In Wonderland would change much at all if Alice were turned into a male. Maybe it would be called 'Alec In Wonderland' instead? But I think that's about it. It's not like Alice had any sort of love story going on in Lewis Carol's acid-trip of a story. I guess the Queen of Hearts wouldn't be so jealous if Alice were a boy instead of a girl, so that might actually just change the conflict quite a bit. But then, of course, there would be some member of the Queen's court who would be jealous of Alice. It would be pretty easy enough to find some conflict for a male version of Alice. This picture is probably one of the most poorly drawn of all the character swaps in this article...but I can't draw as well anyway, so I can't really complain.

7 Elsa

I wonder if Frozen would change all that much if Elsa were a man instead of a woman. I think people might actually hate him a little more for almost destroying, starving and wasting the entire kingdom. I have a feeling people had a soft spot for Elsa because she was a woman who had magical powers and sang about how sad she was. If she were a man, people would instantly say that he was killing his people. Which is why Hans is actually kind of the hero in the film. Everyone thinks the whole story is about sisterly love, but it wouldn't be looked the same way if Hans marched up the mountain and killed the evil brother of Anna. At least Hans tried to keep his people warm. I think it would be worthwhile bending some of the characters in Frozen just to see how it would go.

6 Disney Villains

This is a pretty cool panel of ultimate Disney villains. From left to right we have Hades, Gaston, Jafar, Judge Frollo, and Captain Hook. I find it rather interesting that the female version of Gaston has a little piece of Marvel homage paid to him. Because of his gloves, and the X on his belt, it almost makes me think that Rogue is just dressed up as Gaston. But the hair is totally different. I find it interesting also that Captain Hook doesn't actually have a hook on her hand. She does have a spike that fits on her hand with a ring on her finger though. I think that would be a real pain of a weapon to use. She would probably break her finger every time she stabbed someone. I guess not everything can translate properly when you change up iconic characters.

5 Cruella De Vil

This is definitely one of the coolest pieces this artist has done in terms of Disney gender-bending. Would Cruella have to change his name to Cruel or something similar given that he's now a man? I find it very interesting that the dalmatians actually seem to enjoy hanging around this version of Cruella. I guess they haven't realized yet that he plans on making a coat out of them. This is another prime example of a Disney character who has been gender-bent and also transformed into a Final Fantasy-looking character. This version of Cruella would be a really cool look for a new villain in the Final Fantasy world. I think maybe this could be a boss in a new instalment of Kingdom Hearts. It would make sense since the game basically only exists to mix Disney and Final Fantasy characters.

4 The Genie And Aladdin

I have to say, which I might have before, that the female version of Aladdin actually just looks like Princess Jasmine (minus the little lock of hair between the eyes). I think the female version of the Genie here is actually pretty lame. Having that little blue shirt overtop of the pretty well non-gendered character of the Genie is pretty pointless. It's not like he's going to be heavy-chested. You don't need to put any detail on the chest either. It's not like they put anything below the belt in his original version voiced by Robin Williams. The hair and the lipstick can certainly make sense, but the additional shade of blue in the form of this little shirt just takes away from the character design, I think. Of course, I'm a pretty garbage visual artist, so I guess I can't really judge too much.

3 Beauty And The Beast

I think having the characters of both Belle and Beast gender-bent would actually change a few things. First off, Gaston wouldn't publicly try and get with Belle (though he might try privately). Realistically, Gaston probably wouldn't try and fight Beast. He would probably try and tame her and use her as some sort of naughty slave. You'll notice that Lumiere is standing in the background of the picture. I think Lumiere as a female candelabra would not change much for him. At least not in the minds of most. People tend to think that the French are all pretty fun-loving and free people. So it would make sense that Lumiere would be just as flirty and suggestive whether her was male or female...also he's a candelabra so it's not like we can say much about the gender of inanimate objects.

2 Ursula

Ursula as a man might mean some significant changes in The Little Mermaid. I think so anyway. Unless the male version of Ursula did just still want to have Ariel's pretty voice. Which is entirely possible. But you can't deny that that would make for a bit of a different story. I don't think it's likely that he'd be as jealous of Ariel. I think it's probably more likely that he'd be jealous of King Triton and he might very well spend all of his time plotting to take from him instead of this daughter. It would basically end up as one great, big underwater war, most likely. Pitting male characters against each other tends to do that in movies. It's interesting that this artist decided to make the male version of Ursula really fit though. The original character was a very large slob.

1 Darth Vader

There was just no way I wasn't going to go out and find a photo of a cosplayer to really show off this gender bend. It just had to be done. Darth Vader has already been listed as one of the coolest villains of all time, but now he has become one of the hottest female villains of all time. I mean... damn. And this cosplayer really looks like the smoking 90's actor Soleil Moon Frye who I think is just gorgeous. Add to that look an incredibly skin-tight, low-cut Vader suit, at least five-inch platforms, a cape and a red lightsaber and I think you have probably the best villain in the whole Star Wars and Disney universes together. You can absolutely disagree with me, of course... but I'm still not going to change my mind on this one.

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