17 Danica Patrick Photos We Can't Stop Staring At

Danica Patrick is a lot of things to a lot of people. She is arguably best known for her career as a stock car racing driver, which has yielded her millions of dollars, legions of fans, and a series of trophies. Patrick’s fame in the world of stock car racing has allowed her to branch out into more mainstream areas of the entertainment industry and she has earned acclaim as both an actress and a model.

Of course, Patrick likely would have been able to break into Hollywood without her stock car success as she is a naturally gifted performer and an even more natural beauty. With or without makeup, Patrick puts to shame her rival models who took a more traditional route to catwalk stardom. She has succeeded in one industry dominated by males and defied the odds in another industry generally rigged in favor of extremely feminine women. She is tough yet sweet, entertaining yet natural, and beautiful yet approachable.

Yes, Danica Patrick is pretty difficult to define, but she herself could be used as the sole definition of the word “hot”, and we’re going to show you why today.

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17 Casually Business Casual

Because Danica Patrick got her start as a stock car racer and proceeded to pursue a career as a model, a lot of people assume that she doesn’t have a whole lot going on upstairs. While neither NASCAR nor modeling is renowned for producing geniuses, Danica Patrick is the exception to the rule and owes her success over the past couple of decades to her brains rather than her good looks.

A bafflingly talented business mind, Patrick has managed to turn her Warrior fashion line from a mere dream into one of the biggest names in women’s sports apparel. This picture shows Danica in business mode, clad in a classy outfit with equally classy jewelry. Of course, Patrick did feel the need to show a little bit of skin, just to remind everybody that she can pull off both looks.

16 Hood Ornament

They say that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. For the most part, I agree with that statement. However, it is impossible to deny that the classic car shown in this image is made all the more appealing by the fact that Danica Patrick is posing against the exterior (used car salesmen everywhere should take this on board).

In this image, Patrick compliments the car’s bold paint job with an equally racy outfit composed of a red and black string top and a black leather thong that is almost as shiny as the vehicle itself. While the car featured in this picture certainly was “classic” prior to the photo shoot, its association with Danica Patrick (specifically Danica Patrick’s rear end) has made it a part of history.

15 Natural Warrior

In the summer of 2016, Danica Patrick shocked the world when she announced that she would be releasing her own fashion line. Many high rollers in the fashion world scoffed at the thought that Patrick, a stock car driver, could have a successful fashion line, specifically one that she designed herself. However, those skeptics soon found themselves recanting and praising the outsider for her artistry and vision.

In this picture, Patrick proudly displays some of the clothes that make up her Warrior clothing line. Her face is almost entirely devoid of makeup, which was likely done in an attempt to keep the clothes as the primary focus of the image. However, Patrick’s natural beauty shines through, as it always does, cementing her status as the Warrior Queen.

14 Leather The Storm

Who doesn’t love leather? While it has thankfully managed to work its way into mainstream fashion over the past couple of decades, leather remains a popular choice among professional racers as it provides excellent protection in the event of a crash while simultaneously making the wearer look nothing less than badass.

We know that leather is more commonly associated with motorbikes than it is with stock cars, but we really don’t think anybody is going to complain about this picture. In it, we are shown Danica Patrick clad in a tight leather jacket. With her fingers clinging on her jacket, she proudly displays the GoDaddy logo, which is plastered across her chest, giving us all an excuse to gaze at her chest.

13 Born To Be A Star 

Danica Patrick seems to be one of those people who succeeds at everything she puts her mind to, whether it is stock car racing, acting, modeling, or designing her own fashion line. On the one hand, it’s quite frustrating to see one person be so freaking good at everything. But on the other hand, you can’t help but feel happy for her and the life she has created for herself.

In this picture, Danica Patrick oozes sex appeal and star power wearing a white bikini underneath what looks like a racing jacket. Her face is glowing and her hair looks dashing. Patrick looks as though she is modeling for one of those large modeling agencies. With such beauty, it must actually be quite difficult for Patrick to walk down the street without being plagued by requests for autographs and selfies

12 Catch Of The Day

You can always count on Sports Illustrated to bring you titillating photographs of stars who generally veer towards slightly more innocent photo shoots. This image shows Danica Patrick drenched in water - presumably from the ocean in the background - and loving it. Revelling in the feeling of the salt water against her skin, Patrick flicks her hair back while running her hands down her somewhat sandy legs.

If there is one negative thing to be said about this nautically themed picture, it is that the ill-advised lace top makes Patrick look like something that was accidentally caught in the net of a shrimp fisherman. That being said, if there is anybody who can make a literal fish out of water look work, it’s Danica Patrick.

11 What Lies Beneath

When Danica Patrick first began her career as a stock car driver, NASCAR fans were understandably in awe of her. She was an unknown woman whose beauty was such that it could rival that of Angelina Jolie, yet she had the ability to drive better than pretty much any man who had ever sat behind the wheel of a car. We all wanted to know two things: Where did she learn to drive like that and what did she look like under that bulky racing jumpsuit?

This picture answers the second question, which was arguably the more pressing of the two. Here, we are shown Danica Patrick as she removes her black and blue logo-covered protective gear to reveal a white bra and a toned body that looks every bit as good as we imagined it would.

10 Glovely

No matter how successful Danica Patrick becomes as a model or an actor, it doesn’t seem as though she is ever going to lose touch with her roots. She knows that everything she has experienced over the past couple of years has been made possible by stock car racing, a sport which she has not lost an ounce of passion for as she continues to climb up the mainstream ladder.

In this picture, Patrick gives a sly nod to her anchor career by topping off her revealing white bikini with a pair of black racing gloves. While the gloves may seem a little out of place at first - especially considering the fact Patrick is posing on the beach - she blends them almost seamlessly with the rest of her wardrobe. In fact, the more you look at this picture, the more it feels like the outfit would be incomplete without the gloves.

9 Bustier Than Thou

Given that most of Danica Patrick’s modeling career has focused on modeling sport apparel and similar items, she has rarely appeared in overtly erotic photo shoots. On occasion, however, she has very nearly broken the internet by appearing in risqué images, such as the one shown here.

In this picture, Patrick seductively stares into the camera while her full, chestnut brown hair hangs over one side of her impeccably contoured face. Her torso is covered - if that’s the right word - by a partially undone red leather bustier, while the lower half of her body is bare but for a pair of black leather shorts. As a side note, this photograph is made all the more unique by the fact Patrick is shown sitting in the trunk of a car rather than taking her usual position behind the wheel.

8 Sunbathing

It’s crazy to think that some people are so obsessed with the idea of finding buried treasure. Admittedly, there aren’t quite as many pirates sailing the seven seas as there used to be, but there are plenty of history buffs and conspiracy theorists who regularly flock to fields and beaches in search of long-lost riches. Those people are wasting time with their shovels and their metal detectors because, as this picture proves, the real treasure is to be found above the sand.

Here, we are shown an almost naked Danica Patrick as she relaxes on an inexplicably empty beach, the rays of the sun eagerly pouring down upon her. With her back arched and her bra straps hanging freely, Patrick proves once again that hers is the most bountiful booty of all.

7 Up Close And Personal

There are a surprising number of models out there who rely on the right combination of makeup, lighting, and camera angle in order to look better than the average person walking down the street. For that reason, many supposedly beautiful male and female models have been known to avoid close-ups on red carpets, where photos are unlikely to be airbrushed. Danica Patrick, however, has a history of welcoming up close shots.

This picture was taken while Danica Patrick strutted into a red carpet event with her usual class and confidence. Unafraid to be photographed up close, she smiles into the distance, revealing teeth so white that they are almost blinding. As always, Patrick’s face is almost entirely devoid of makeup and is similarly devoid of flaws.

6 Beauty And The Beach

With absurdly successful careers in stock car racing, modeling, acting, and fashion design, Danica Patrick doesn’t have a whole lot of time to herself. On occasion, however, the Wisconsin-born entrepreneur has managed to turn her photo shoots into something close to a day off.

The shoot from which this picture was taken, for example, allowed Patrick to spend a day at the beach while being paid for her time. Clad in a barely noticeable white bikini, Patrick is shown here delighting in the feeling of the sea air blowing over her probably artificially tanned body. Always thinking about what’s next, she clutches a NASCAR helmet covered in a series of logos, most notably that of her longtime and now a former sponsor, web hosting juggernaut GoDaddy.

5 Over The Shoulder

A couple of months ago, spurred on by curiosity after watching one of those David Attenborough nature documentaries, I watched a YouTube video of a snake shedding its skin. It was essentially 30 minutes of a serpent writhing and slithering and was, as you might have guessed, absolutely disgusting. So horrified was I by what I saw that I promised myself I would never again seek out footage of anything shedding anything. Then I stumbled upon this picture of Danica Patrick and immediately recanted.

Here, we see everybody’s favorite stock car driver as she sheds her heavy racing jumpsuit to reveal the pristine white swimsuit beneath. With the ocean lying ahead of her, it is safe to assume Patrick proceeded to take a dip in the salt water to escape from the stress of being a multi-millionaire supermodel.

4 Got Milk?

I know there’s definitely something hypocritical about wearing a leather catsuit when you’re advertising milk, but Danica Patrick looks so incredibly good in this picture that I’m willing to overlook it.

Here, Patrick is shown clad in ridiculously tight black leather while she holds a black helmet in one hand a cool glass of shining white milk in the other. Milk mustaches are generally pretty hard to pull off, but Patrick unsurprisingly manages to make hers work. Hell, I bet that she could make an actual mustache look good. Danica’s picture is accompanied by a quote discussing her love of a nice glass of milk after a workout, but it’s pretty difficult to tear your eyes away from her body long enough to read it. I guess milk really is good for bones.

3 Illustriously Illustrated

Although she has managed to carve out a nice career for herself as a model, Danica Patrick has appeared in a surprisingly small amount of traditional photo shoots. For the most part, Patrick has used her beauty to enhance products and businesses, be it the GoDaddy brand or Warrior, her personal line of fitness clothing. In the picture linked here, however, Patrick is exposing nothing but herself.

This photo is one in a series of images that were taken during an extensive photo shoot with Sports Illustrated. In it, Danica Patrick is shown posing in a sparkling gray swimsuit, which shouldn’t be that much of a surprise given Sports Illustrated’s relentless fascination with women in bikinis. Wearing more makeup than usual, Patrick gazes into the camera as her hair gushes from her head like the rays of the sun.

2 The Capital One

For whatever reason, Danica Patrick’s name never comes up when people discuss the best-dressed women in entertainment. I suppose this has something to do with the fact that she made her fortune primarily in stock car racing, an industry which is seen by many fashion analysts as too masculine for real style to thrive. At the 2017 installment of the ESPY awards, however, Patrick showed the media why she is one of the most fashionable women in the world today.

This picture captures Patrick posing on the red carpet prior to the event, her ridiculously toned arms pouring out of a white lace dress that is somehow simultaneously figure-hugging and flowing. With minimal makeup and only modest jewelry, Patrick still manages to command the attention of every man and women in attendance through her natural beauty.

1 With Danica Upon It

Despite the fact that she achieved her greatest fame as a stock car racer, a lot of people seem to forget that Danica Patrick did not begin her career as a model. While this lack of knowledge regarding Patrick’s formative years may seem astonishing to the Danica Patrick super fans like you and me, it is somewhat understandable when you see pictures such as this one.

Here, we are shown Patrick sprawled across the shining silver bonnet of a classic car. With her arms folded across her chest and one leg lifted into the air, Patrick stares into the camera with the confidence of somebody who knows they were born to be a model. Despite her minimal experience, Patrick oozes charm the likes of which is usually only seen from photo shoot veterans.

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