17 Behind The Scenes Photos Of The GoT Cast Being BFF

Considering what an intense show Game of Thrones is, it can be jolting to see the actors, who play such stoic and evil characters, be so goofy off-screen. It can be even more shocking to see that they are all totally BFFs off-screen. Yes, even Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) are friendly when the cameras aren't rolling. What a confusing world we live in.

When we say they are best friends, we’re not even kidding. This cast loves each other. On-screen they may be scheming about how to murder one another to seize the Iron Throne, but off-screen they just like hanging out with each other. Some of these pictures and friendships may not surprise any of you. Most people know that Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Sophie Turner love each other, even though they haven’t filmed a scene together since season one. However, some of these pictures may catch you by surprise, like the one of Kerry Ingram (Shireen Baratheon) cuddling up to Carice van Houten (Melisandre). It seems like Shireen should be keeping her distance from Melisandre because of the whole burning her alive thing, but Ingram and Houten look quite friendly.

The most surprising friendship of all may be Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage’s friendship. For real, Cersei and Tyrion love each other in real life. In fact, by the looks of these photos, Lena Headey seems to be the friendliest, sweetest person off-screen. How she manages to play the biggest bitch in Westeros is a true testament to her talent, because in real life, she’s forever smiling.

Below are 17 photos of the Game of Thrones cast because BFF, as if we needed another reason to love the show.

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7 Emilia And Nathalie Holding Hands

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If this isn’t the most adorable thing in the world, I don’t know what is. Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) are holding hands, guys! Since they are still in their costumes, we can assume that this photo was taken in between filming a scene. Clarke is guzzling water, probably parched from some big, wordy speech she had to give in Dothraki.

Considering that the pair are tight onscreen, it’s super adorable that they have clearly formed a close relationship off-screen as well. With both of them being hot, young actresses around the same age, we can assume they have a lot in common. Clarke’s success has translated to the big screen with both Terminator Genisys and Me Before You, while Emmanuel’s success has translated into a role in The Fast and The Furious franchise.

This photo clearly shows that Dany and Missandei are the true besties of Essos, on and off-screen.

6 The Jolly Mountain

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Lena Headey and Hafthor Julius Bjornsson may not portray the most likable characters, but the duo seem to get along well.

Headey is known for the role of Cersei Lannister, y’know the same Cersei who blew up most of King’s Landing in the finale of season six. She now sits on the Iron Throne, though we all know that that won’t last for long with Queen Dany on her way, three dragons in tow. Bjornsson plays The Mountain, who may be the most violent character on the show. Audiences literally watched him crush Oberyn Martell's skull. Before the show even began, The Mountain killed Elia Martell's babies in front of her, before raping and murdering her as well. So, let’s just say that they are baddies.

On the show, The Mountain listens to just about anything Cersei says, which makes a photo of the two of them not out of the question. However, a photo of the two of them smiling seems insane. These characters have probably never smiled once on the show.

15. The Two Most Lovable Characters

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Kristofer Hivju plays Tormund, who has become one of the most likable characters in all of Game of Thrones. He’s hilarious, brutish, a loyal warrior, and his affections for Brienne of Tarth have given fans a new couple to ship.

While Hivju had been on the show for quite some time now, Bella Ramsey is a very new addition. She was introduced in season six as Lyanna Mormont, the most badass pre-teen ever. Seriously, she commands a room like Beyonce, but she isn’t even old enough to order a beer in the real world. We’re sure there’s no age restrictions on drinking in the Game of Thrones world, though. Great, now we're thinking of how cool it would be to get a beer with Lyanna Mormont. Why can't fictional characters hang out with us in real life?

This selfie of the two of them may be the most epic of all time. Who doesn't love Lyanna Mormont and Tormund? In one picture, it's almost too much to handle.

5 Back Away, Melisandre

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Had she known the fate of her character, Kerry Ingram may not have been standing that close to Carice van Houten.

Ingram played the adorable Shireen Baratheon, who had the unfortunate fate of being Stannis’ daughter. Half of Shireen’s face was damaged from battling Greyscale as a baby. Even though those with deformities or handicaps seem to be shunned on this show, hers didn't stop her from making friends. Shireen seemed well liked by everyone. In fact, she was so tight with Davos that she was teaching him how to read. Yeah, like we said, she was the sweetest. In comes Melisandre (played by Houten), who thought burning Shireen alive was a good idea. Yeah, that was rough and uncalled for.

Whether they knew about Shireen’s fate when they took this picture is unknown, but the actresses certainly look a lot closer than their characters ever were.

13. Charlie's Angels Of Westeros

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The Charlie’s Angels of Westeros. How could you not love this photo?

Lena Headey (Cersei), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and Sibel Kekilli (Shae) are posed like the old school Charlie’s Angels. Let’s just say that a photo like this would never, ever take place if they were in character. While Sansa and Shae were tight (until Sansa married Shae’s boyfriend, Tyrion), Cersei was not friendly towards either of them. In fact, Cersei could literally count on one hand the amount of people she was ever nice to on the show.

What we love so much about this photo is Headey’s side-eye to Turner. She may have still been a little bit in character, because that's totally a look Cersei would shoot Sansa.

12. Meereen Besties

via popsugar.com

We already know that Clarke and Emmanuel are besties for life from their adorable hand-holding photo. However, Jacob Anderson, who plays Grey Worm, is also in on the friendship. We love that the Meereen crew are besties for life.

Considering the fact that they almost only shoot scenes with each other, it’s not too shocking that they are all tight. Sure, Jorah Mormont was there for a while before Dany banished him. Tyrion came and joined the crew later. However, this specific trio has been together for a while.

Let’s all hope for an off-screen romance between Emmanuel and Anderson because Grey Worm and Missandei have such great on-screen chemistry. That has to translate to off-screen just a little bit, right?

11. Peter Dinklage Is The Best, Obviously

via dorkly.com

From the looks of this photo, Peter Dinklage 100% looks like he would be the best person to work with. Not only is he a goofball, but his work ethic and talent are unmatched. His acting has always been a standout on the show. He has the ability to make anyone in a scene with him a better actor just by proximity of his talent.

Dinklage is here with Tyrion’s two boo things, Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Sibel Kekilli (Shae). While there was some tension between the trio of characters after Sansa and Tyrion’s wedding, there doesn’t seem to be any here. They are joined here by the two creators, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. The actors look pretty tight with Benioff and Weiss. Hey, why wouldn't you be tight with them? You could try to convince them not to kill off your character, though that didn't work for Kekilli.

10. The Beach Trip No One Invited Us To

via dorkly.com

Technically, this picture isn’t from "behind the scenes" but we had to include it. A bunch of the cast took a beach trip and they all look like the best friends ever. Honestly, we’re just jealous that we didn’t get invited to said beach trip. We would have flown to whatever part of the country this beach was on just to join in. It's not every day that you get to see Cersei in a bikini.

Let’s also point out how cozy Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell) look. Since his appearance on the show, it’s been rumored that the pair are dating, which we love. If they could have a Game of Thrones-themed wedding, that would officially make all of our dreams come true. Also, there is something funny about the fact that Oberyn Martell and Cersei Lannister are about the least likely people to ever date on the show. Oberyn hated the whole Lannister family, blaming them for the rape and murder of his sister Elia Martell. Meanwhile, Cersei has no interest in marrying anyone but her brother, so there's that.

9. One More From The Beach Trip We Wish We Were Invited To

via dorkly.com

Okay, just one more from this amazing beach trip that we’ll forever be upset that we weren’t invited to

In this one, Lena Headey poses with Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister). First of all, this is more affection than Tywin ever showed to his daughter on the actual television show. Next, let's all point our attention to Headey's duck face. We repeat, Cersei Lannister is making a duck face. That is something we never thought we’d ever see. Onto something we thought we’d be less likely to see: Tywin Lannister sticking his tongue out. We don’t even think Tywin stuck his tongue out ever, not even when he played with his young children. Uh, did Tywin ever play with his young kids? Probably not.

Clearly, Headey and Dance are much more playful than the characters they portray (or portrayed, in Dance’s case) on the show.

4 Poker In Winterfell

via overmental.com

This might be the greatest behind the scenes picture of all time. It’s the baby Starks and Theon Greyjoy playing a card game. Considering the fact that there is basically nothing in the world cuter than baby Starks, there is really nothing cuter than baby Starks playing a card game. Also, this is when Arya actually had hair! She’s been rocking a shorter style ever since she was pretending to be a little boy.

Taking into consideration the costumes worn and the fact that all these actors were filming on the Winterfell set, this picture was taken while filming either the first or second episode of the series. After the second episode, all of the Stark kids were dispersed from Winterfell in one way or another.

If they were, in fact, playing poker, our money is on Bran winning. He’s got the power of the Three-Eyed Raven.

7. Stark Babies, Take 2

via overmental.com

Looking at this photo, it almost feels impossible that Maisie Williams and Isaac Hempstead Wright were ever this young. Of course, Williams and Wright look much, much different nowadays. The actors play Arya and Bran, respectively. The actors were likely filming one of the only scenes they have ever been in together, which is in the first episode. In fact, the first episode is the only one in which all the Starks appeared together. Since then, they have separated and have been on the run.

Season six finally showed us the reunion of Sansa and Jon Snow, which made viewers feel all the feels. The likelihood of Bran and Arya also returning to Winterfell in season seven is very high. Can anyone bring down a pack of Starks? We think not.

6. Back Away From The Underage Girl, Meryn

via pinterest.com

Here’s a photo that scares us just a little bit. Sophia Turner (Sansa) is looking cozy with Ian Beattie (Meryn Trant). If you don’t remember his character right away, that’s okay. He was more or less a background character, who worked as a guard for the Lannisters. In that time, he did some pretty shitty things, like hold Sansa still as Joffrey forced her to look at Ned's head on a spike and beat Sansa on Joffrey's command.

He is, however, most memorable as Arya’s first kill. He earned a spot on her list for killing Syrio Forel, the best sword/dancing teacher in the world. Arya runs into Trant again in Braavos. Arya follows him down to a brothel, where Meryn demands younger and younger girls. Meryn then abuses and takes advantage of these young girls… that is until Arya takes care of him.

Of course, Turner and Beattie are nothing like their characters, so this picture is totally cool. However, if it were on the show, we’d advise Sansa to stay far, far away from Meryn Trant, though she may be a bit too old for him at this point.

5. The Lannister Siblings Are Besties

via pinterest.com

When have the Lannister siblings ever been this friendly on the show? Um, never – especially Cersei and Tyrion. Even though Jaime and Cersei have a particularly close relationship, we have to say that they've never even smiled this much in each other’s presence. Cersei and Jaime mostly just have sex and then worry about people finding out about said sex. There isn't much time for smiling and laughing.

Off-screen, though, the actors who play the siblings all look like great friends. In fact, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey were such great friends even before the show that Dinklage was actually the one who suggested she play Cersei. Could you imagine your pal suggesting you take on such a vicious, vindictive role? You wouldn't know if you should take it as a compliment or an insult. From the looks of their scenes together, we would never guess that Dinklage and Headey get along off-screen, let alone were great friends before filming. They seem to truly, truly hate each other in nearly every scene. That's acting, folks.

3 Cersei Being Nice To Someone

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Westeros has a resting bitch face queen, and it’s Cersei. But alas, Lena Headey is obviously much nicer than the character she portrays on television. I mean, have you seen how many photos we've already posted of her being all smiles? Headey may be the nicest person in Hollywood... portraying the meanest person in Westeros.

Headey's posing here with Sibel Kekilli, who portrayed Shae for 20 episodes. The pair basically didn’t talk during Shea's time on Game of Thrones. Cersei declared that she wanted to find Shae so she could take her from Tyrion. At one point, Cersei actually thought she found Tyrion’s prostitute lover, but it was just Ros, everyone’s favorite red headed prostitute on Game of Thrones.

Despite the fact that their characters didn’t interact much, the actresses clearly look like great friends. Unfortunately, their bonding time was cut short since Kekilli’s Shae was murdered by Tyrion… but she totally deserved it for the whole betraying him and banging his dad thing.

3. Arya And Sansa Love Each Other

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We can’t actually confirm that Sophia Turner and Maisie Williams snapped this behind the scenes. They aren’t in their costumes, but it also could have been after they took their costumes and makeup off. The real issue with confirming whether this is a behind the scenes photo or not is because Williams and Turner hang out all of the time, filming or not. There are countless photos of the two of them online. They love each other and take endless photos together. They dress up together for Halloween. They make Snapchat videos in hotel rooms. There is no bond closer than Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams' friendship. In fact, the actresses might love each other even more than sisters Arya and Sansa love each other.

People have nicknamed the duo Mophie. Yes, that’s how much they love each other, they even have a couple nickname. It’s amazing that the two young actresses have been able to form such a strong bond, especially considering the fact that they haven’t had a scene together since season one. We can’t wait for Arya and Sansa to reunite. Surely, their real life BFF-ness will translate to the screen.

2 The Couple Everyone Is Rooting For

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Everyone is all about that fire and ice couple. Regardless of the fact that Jon Snow and Dany have never had a single scene together, people ship this couple hard. In fact, Jon and Dany have never even been on the same land, with Jon in Westeros and Dany in Essos for the entirety of the series thus far. Still, people want this couple to happen.

Since Jon Snow’s real parentage has been revealed, we all know that Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon’s true father. Being that Rhaegar was Dany’s brother, that means Dany is actually Jon’s aunt. Yet, not even this information has stopped fans from hoping the two hook up. Of course, an aunt and nephew hooking up is kind of PG for the Targaryens, who famously married siblings.

Whether they are going to hook up or not remains to be seen, but the actors certainly like each other. In photoshoots, the pair seem to have a great connection. Also, in this behind the scenes photo, they clearly seem to be into each other. Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke are smiling like we’ve never seen Dany or Jon Snow smile before, but that's mostly because their characters hardly ever smile.

Will Jon take her to the cave? We’ll find out soon enough.

1 Ramsay + Sansa 4Ever

via dorkly.com

Who didn’t love the marriage between Sansa Stark and Ramsay Bolton? LOL, JK! Their marriage was one of the most difficult things to sit through on the show. Watching Sansa be repeatedly abused and raped seemed like awful torture for a character who had been traded like livestock throughout her time on the show. She was to be married to Joffrey Baratheon, then Loras Tyrell, then Tyrion Lannister. The fact that she ended up with Ramsay made many people think that she may have been better off with Joffrey after all.

This photo was taken at the Season 6 premiere party. Obviously, it’s not technically behind the scenes, but we couldn’t not include this. It’s amazing. Sophie Turner is smiling and Iwan Rheon is looking at her lovingly. It’s just so bizarre to see actors be so close and nice to each other, when their characters were anything but. Knowing that she fed Ramsay to his dogs makes this photo 100% better.

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