16 X-Men That Need A Solo Movie

After the success of Deadpool, it’s no secret to anyone that X-Men properties do extremely well at the box office. The 2016 solo Deadpool film raked in a whooping $782.6 million on its $58 million budget. Obviously, a sequel is in the works because that’s how Hollywood operates these days. The real question, however, is which X-Men will be the next to get their very own film?

The X-Men universe is wide and expansive, with so many interesting characters. There are certain characters who appear in almost every X-Men film, like Magneto and Professor X, and there are others who pop in and out of the films, like Kitty Pryde and Iceman. Despite being in very few movies, some of the lesser-known X-Men are extremely interesting and deserving of their own film. Giving a lesser-known X-Men character their own film would help introduce audiences to a new superhero that they can all fall in love with, like the case with Deadpool. However, some of the superstars of the ensemble films could benefit from a solo film as well. They do well with the group, but an individual film would give the audience time to explore the intricacies of their personality.

While we can’t be sure that all of the X-Men on this list will get the spin-off film that they definitely deserve, we do know that they are all interesting and compelling enough characters to star in their own film. Below are 16 mutants who would totally need their own movie.


14 Quicksilver


This character has most recently been portrayed by Evan Peters in X-Men: Apocalypse and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: The Age of Ultron. With both performances being different but entertaining, we’d have to say that we’re hoping for a spin-off of the Evan Peters variety. His Quicksilver is snarky, arrogant, and fun, but also insecure and lonely. This layered personality would make him more than just flat superhero. While his emotional depth is hinted out in the X-Men films in which he appears, there is simply not enough time to explore his character through the plot of a film with, like, 30 other X-Men. The fact that Quicksilver is not always a hero and is sometimes affiliated with groups like the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants makes him even more interesting. A solo film could explore his struggle between being good and evil or his struggle with his daddy issues.

After the epic slow-mo scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past, most fans of the film franchise would have been down with a solo Quicksilver film quite some time ago.

13 Emma Frost


The most obvious reason for making a solo Emma Frost film would be January Jones rocking her costumes. Emma Frost is not afraid to use her sexuality to her advantage, making her extremely seductive but also very dangerous. This femme fatale character is the stuff of 1940s detective film and more recently, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

While Emma Frost’s most recent film appearance portrayed her as a supervillain, this is not always the case. Frost evolves from being a villain into her an integral part of the X-Men team. This evolution is interesting in terms of her character and could make for a great plot for a solo film. Instead of showing her evolution into being one of the good guys, a film could also just straight up show Emma Frost as her bad self. Frost served as the headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, which was like Professor X’s School for Gifted Youngsters, but the villain version. A villain mutant school would be one of the coolest concepts for an X-Men movie, especially as they go to battle with the School for Gifted Youngsters.

12 Mystique


Blah, blah, blah, we’ve seen enough of Mystique. Well, we have, but we also haven’t. The shape-shifting mutant has been portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in the most recent series of films. Because of Lawrence’s popularity, Mystique has had a major role in the group films, but it’s also not been the most accurate portrayal of her character. In the films, she is shown as a reluctant hero, but in the comics, she spends a good portion of time being a supervillain. She assassinates several people involved in mutant activity, which was hinted at in X-Men: Days of Future Past but never fully came to fruition.

Seeing a badass Mystique no longer being a goodie goodie X-Men, would be one hell of a film, especially if Jennifer Lawrence still played the lead. Mystique also gave birth to and then abandoned a human child, who grew up to found an organization that opposed mutant civil rights. A film surrounding this type of political and emotional drama would be both powerful, but also entertaining. There is a wealth of stories involving Mystique, and it would be a pleasure to not see her watered down into a typical good guy character.

11 Gambit


This solo film is in the works, but we’ll include it in the list because it’s been "in the works" for a long time now. Will we ever see a solo Gambit film? We hope so, but we also just don’t know anymore. At one point, Taylor Kitsch was attached to a solo film, and even appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the character. However, Channing Tatum is reportedly now attached to star in the solo Gambit film. When will it really be coming out and who will really be the star is anyone’s guess. This is Hollywood, where silly things like details tend to change from time to time.

Honestly, Gambit has one of the most interesting and goofy abilities. He can control kinetic energy, which helps him turn his skilled card-throwing in a serious ability. Yes, he crushes the card throwing game and no, we aren’t kidding. He used to be part of a thieves guild before joining X-Men. If a Gambit solo film showed this point in his life, it could be awesome. Imagine Taylor Kitsch or Channing Tatum with a southern drawl, throwing cards and robbing banks. Count us in.

10 Kitty Pryde


Kitty Pryde’s ability isn’t necessarily the reason we think she should have her own film. She can do something called phasing, which is when she freely moves through solid matter, like walls. Instead, the need for a solo film has more to do with her personality and relationships.

When Kitty first joined, she was more of a kid sister type because she was so much younger than the other characters. It was during this time that both Professor X and Emma Frost tried to recruit her to their respective schools. This first foray into her powers and the world of mutants would be an excellent place to start a film, especially with Professor X and Emma Frost trying to win her over.

Though she was far too young for him at the time, Kitty also had romantic feelings for Colossus, which were later consummated. Her real love story, though, is with Star Lord. Yep, Chris Pratt’s character from Guardians of the Galaxy. Sure, Kitty doesn’t necessarily need a man, though we can’t resist the idea of Ellen Page and Chris Pratt playing love interests. The most intriguing part of this spin off, though, would be getting an X-Men perspective from someone younger.

9 Nightcrawler


Nightcrawler played a small role in X-Men Apocalypse, but there is so much more to the blue mutant with a tail. Given that he’s actually Mystique’s son, he’s a powerful mutant. He has superhuman speed and flexibility, as well as the ability of teleportation and the ability to blend into the shadows.

In Apocalypse, Mystique and Nightcrawler’s relationship was left unexplored, which is a shame. Seeing the mother-son relationship between the two mutants would have been seriously interesting, especially because Mystique has the ability to shapeshift. Poor Nightcrawler cannot change his appearance, which often leads to him being hunted or alienated by humans.

After being hunted by a town, Mystique abandons Nightcrawler with some gypsies, who raise him. With the addition of the time in which he was in a circus in Munich, there is more than enough meat to make a Nightcrawler film.

8 Rogue


We’ll hop from one of Mystique’s children over to another one of Mystique’s (kind of) children. Rogue has been portrayed by Anna Paquin in several of the X-Men films, but we have never been shown the true Rogue backstory.

Rogue was adopted by Mystique at a young age. Feeling lost in the world and very lonely, Mystique preyed on this isolation that Rogue felt. She eventually turned Rogue’s emotional trauma into anger, which led to Rogue joining the Brotherhood of the Mutants. Mystique manipulated Rogue into committing evil acts. Finally, Rogue and Mystique parted ways, with Rogue entering into the X-Men. This destructive and manipulative mother-daughter type of relationship would be something exciting in the world of X-Men. With so many films dominated male superheroes, seeing a mother-daughter relationship would a fresh take.


7 Jubilee


Jubilee got a whooping 2 seconds of screen time in X-Men Apocalypse, which is a shame because she’s a charismatic character. Like Kitty Pryde, Jubilee plays the kid sister role when she’s first introduced. Her power isn’t the most exciting, though it looks super pretty. She can generate energy, often looking like fireworks. She can also explosively charge objects. She was, however, depowered. This is where he story gets interesting.

After Xarus, the son of Dracula, bit her, she developed vampire powers, including superhuman strength and speed. Oh, and she can turn into vapor. Though, this also means she has their weakness too, like being harmed by the sun. The fact that she used to create bright energy as a mutant, but would now be harmed by such energy as a vampire is a cool point to explore. Also, she also  hooks up with Robin in a DC crossover, which would be an amazingly fun movie. How about we throw it all together and do a Twilight love story between Jubilee and Robin? Yes.

8. Cyclops


Poor Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men but, unfortunately, he is usually shown as the least interesting character. He is handpicked by Professor X to be the first of the X-Men. Though the series has expanded tremendously since his introduction in 1963, Cyclops has continuously appeared in the universe. Because the hero is often overshadowed by the likes of the grumpy Wolverine, a solo film would be a great way to explore the leader of the X-Men.

Where would it start? Well, check out this backstory. When his parents took him and his brother on a flight, the plane came under attack of an alien spacecraft. To save their sons, his parents strapped parachutes to him and his brother and threw them off the plane. As a visual, that is amazing. There are also interesting points in his relationship with Jean Grey and the fact that he cannot control his powers.

On top of all that, Cyclops' story becomes a bit of a telepathic soap opera. He seeks the help of Emma Frost after his mind suffers from mid control. While Emma helps repair his mind through her telepathy, the two engage in a mental affair. They literally share sexual thoughts with one another and sleep with each other in their minds. Of course, Jean Grey is a telepath too, so she finds the pair having sex with their minds and is pretty angry about it. This would be like some kind of Nolan-style, sexy affair superhero movie.

All of these elements leave much to be explored with the hero. We just hope it starts with two young boys floating through the sky with parachutes.

6 Iceman


Iceman’s power is pretty self-explanatory. He has the power to turn objects and himself into ice. Why we really need a solo Iceman film, though, is because he’s gay. Give us a gay superhero on the screen! Also, his journey to self-discovery was long and seriously interesting.

In All-New X-Men #40 (2012) Iceman is displaced in time, causing his older and younger selves to collide. The younger version asks his older version about his sexuality. He explains to his younger self that he couldn’t come to terms with being both gay and mutant, so he suppressed his sexuality and put all of his energy into being a mutant. He would also try to pretend to be straight to see if it could become his reality. He finally comes out to another gay X-Men, Anole. This could resonate with so many people who struggle to come out of the closet. This could be a friggin’ Oscar contender superhero movie. Well, we won’t push it, but it really could be a great superhero movie that so many people need.

6. Psylocke


I would like to gush over how hot Olivia Munn is (it’s a proven fact), but there’s more to her than that. The actress really does have a screen presence. Her delivery is solid and she’s displayed her acting range on The Newsroom. Olivia Munn is totally game to carry her own superhero movie and we'd love to see her in this starring role.

Of course, audiences don’t know much about Psylocke, other than the fact that she looks great in purple. Not only is she skilled in martial arts but she also possesses telepathy, telekinesis and physic abilities. Many of her stories have to do with her mind, whether it’s someone manipulating it or her switching minds or powers with another character. Both Psylocke and Olivia Munn are more than just pretty faces and a solo film would do well to showcase this.

5 Beast


The fact that Beast is both highly intelligent and also, well, a beast makes him an interesting hybrid character. Being that he’s a world-renowned biochemist, he’s specifically interested in the mutations that have given everyone their powers. An intellectual spin on a franchise that is usually more action driven would be a refreshing twist. Also, there is the fact that Beast’s abilities and mutation may just be atavism, which is when traits start reappearing in a species. This would link his mutation to a genetic occurrence that has been happening for thousands of years; something he could explore.

Beast is also the X-Men who finally cured the Legacy Virus, a virus that killed hundreds of mutants and even swept through the human population as well. A film exploring this virus while also packing an action film punch could be something in the vain of World War Z, which we all know was a box office success and received favorable reviews.

4 Cable


Being the son of Cyclops would set standards pretty high. Also being the son of Madelyne Pryor, Jean Grey’s clone, would set standards even higher. Cable has both telekinesis and telepathy. He also has technopathy, the ability to manipulate technology. In today's day and age, the ability of technopathy could make for a great X-Men film. Everything is technology, so this ability could be useful in a film about a technological warfare.

He also forms a bond with both Deadpool and Domino. Being an excellent marksman, he fits in with their rough crowd. With Deadpool having done so well, there is clearly a market for tongue-in-cheek, darker spin on hero films. In 2009, Marvel hired a team to develop ways to bring the lesser known properties to film, including Black Panther, Iron Fist and Cable, so we may be seeing a Cable film in the upcoming future.

3 Storm


Duh, guys. Let’s give Storm her own movie. Seems pretty obvious at this point. She’s a fan favorite and one of the most well-known female superheroes. Her backstory leaves her open for a compelling and interesting film. She was born in New York City to a Kenyan tribal princess and American photographer. The family later moves to Cairo, where a jet crashes into their house, leaving both her parents dead, but Storm is just buried under the rubble. After freeing herself from the wreckage, she wanders the streets for days, only to be picked up by a street lord. During this time, she became an infamous thief. In X-Men: Apocalypse we were shown a glimpse of this phase in her life, but an expanded story would certainly be enjoyable.

The fact that Storm was the first black female to play a major role in either Marvel Comics and DC Comics is a big deal. She totally deserves her own film, if only for that reason alone.

2 Magneto


If the success of television shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad have taught us anything, it’s that there is a market for a protagonist that is not necessarily good or relatable. Magneto has strong beliefs about humans and mutants never being able to co-exist. This comes from his tragic history as a Holocaust survivor. He doesn’t want the mutants to suffer in the same way that he watched people suffer during his time in a concentration camp. His strained relationship with his old friend, Professor X, comes from their difference in beliefs, as Professor X strives to create a world for both humans and mutants. Sure, much of this has already been explored in the franchise films, but a solo Magneto movie would still be a pleasure to watch.

His wavering between being a good guy and a bad guy is always interesting, as he is someone struggling to make sense of what he thinks is right in the world. Even when he is evil, he still thinks he is making the right decisions, much like ol' Walter White.

1 Jean Grey


Perhaps more of Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse would have helped audience members understand how she defeated the god-like mutant in the climax scene. Unfortunately, the end of the film seemed confusing, because audiences were not shown the full range of Jean Grey’s powers, which are extensive. She has powers of telepathy, telekinesis and the ability to warp reality, space, and time. Oh, and she can control life force. She may be the one of the most powerful mutants in the entire X-Men universe and she has yet to receive her own spin-off film. What gives?

What’s even more interesting is her battle between being a hero and a villain. IGN ranked Jean Grey #13 in their “Top 100 Comic Book Heroes." Her alter ego, Dark Phoenix, was ranked #9 in their “Top 100 Comic Book Villains.” To be such a high-ranking hero and villain is seriously impressive and it is due to her power. Being so powerful means that she is a dominant force on either the side of good or evil.

She’s also the object of Wolverine’s affections. Who wouldn’t want to see the rough Wolverine pining away for the powerful redhead? With so many powers and so many storylines, doing a solo Jean Grey film seems like an obvious choice.

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