16 Washed-Up Celebs Who Are Hotter Than You Think

There are only a handful of hot celebrities in Hollywood who can keep going and going and going. Most celebs, like all people, age, plateau, and eventually take a fall. Their careers sink into a rut, and they are considered irrelevant. In Hollywood, the roles or albums either disappear or downgrade, and the celebrities are essentially declared washed-up.

On the other hand, this whole washed-up business is ludicrous. These people are just down on their luck. These stars made it to the top once, and they could easily get there again. Because the fact is, they haven’t really changed that much. They are still the same person, with the same talents, drive, and charisma. And, in most cases, they still look great.

Yes, that’s right. Although many haters hoped that these stars disappeared because they got fat, ugly, strung-out, or all of the above, the truth is, they’re still pretty hot. Just because the paparazzi may have taken one shot of the celeb when they were drunk, out shopping, or walking out of the gym with no makeup on at 7AM, that doesn’t mean they're truly hideous now. This list proves that every celeb in Hollywood still looks fantastic, even the washed-up ones.

16 Denise Richards

After all the drama this woman has been through, it’s a surprise that she hasn’t shriveled up and crawled into a hole. By drama, we’re talking about dealing with Charlie Sheen, her crazy ex-husband and father of her kids. That guy would make anybody want to leave Hollywood and never come back. What was she thinking going out with him to begin with? Well, he wasn’t that crazy back then, and she was probably using him as a stepping stone to boost her career. That career could use another boost bout now. But surprisingly, her body does not. It still looks great, and it may be shocking to know that Denise Richards  hasn’t landed any roles since. The problem here must not be her appearance. We’re guessing she needs to take some acting lessons. Many of these washed-up ladies could rely on their looks for years. And then, when those looks just faded just slightly, the poor acting skills became glaringly evident.

15 Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is still looking pretty good, right? Not that she was ever looking bad, though. It was only her attitude that was unattractive. She did the Grey’s Anatomy show, won a Golden Globe, and the next thing you know, the girl’s head was bigger than a hot air balloon. She demanded less of her Grey’s role, then more, and then less again, depending on her schedule and mood. Soon, the writers, producers, and directors all had enough of her demands and cut her loose. She went on to do Knocked Up and complained enough about that film, that the whole Franco-Rogen clique got fed up with her too. But, it ain’t over yet for this gorgeous blonde. She recently starred in Unforgettable with Rosario Dawson. The film has earned $15M on a $12M budget. This wasn’t an amazing profit by any means, but it was on the positive side, which is rare for Heigl lately.

14 Christina Aguilera

There have been all kinds of haters on the Christina Aguilera bandwagon. When did it even begin? Well, first there was the whole “Dirty” album, with the white girl dreads and the dancing costumes that looked like dirty diapers. Then, she had a baby and the haters said she got “fat.” No, idiots! That’s called pregnancy. Give her a break. Then, she starred on The Voice and was so unlikable. She encouraged her team members to do those awful vocal Olympics, 20-note runs, and she had like three Starbucks in front of her at all times. Plus, she was a bad coach. Did she ever get in the finals? Maybe once. But, haters aside, Xtina still looks as beautiful as ever. No, she doesn’t always have her period running down her leg. That was one onstage accident, people. Get over it.

13 Lindsay Lohan

This list goes from one train wreck to another, right? Of all the lists of washed-ups on the internet, this poor girl is probably the queen. Here, of course, we have the beautiful and talented Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay had it all at one point. She had Disney on her side, that fresh face, the pretty smile, and the body that wouldn’t quit. Then, she also had the terrible parents, the drug pushers, the arrests, and the possible s*x addiction. If there is a scale for being washed up, then LiLo had the ultimate landslide. But, at the bottom of the hill, she stood back up. Sure, she got dirty, and some of that mud will never come off. But this girl still has a smoking hot bod. If she stays clean and chooses good roles, there is still a chance for her. It’s a really, really unlikely chance, but it’s still a chance though, right? And if all else fails, just join the adult biz, LiLo. She’s got nowhere to go but up.

12 Elizabeth Berkley

Many of the stars on this list became famous at a young age, and that youthful energy and appearance is hard to maintain. Actresses like Elizabeth Berkley are often pigeonholed into that first major role they had, and it can be difficult to move past it. Berkley, who played Jessie Spano on the popular kids television show Saved By the Bell, never even finished the series. She was replaced by a new character named Tori. During that year, Berkley guest-starred on several other TV shows, but never really found major success. Then, she took a big risk on Showgirls, the perverse look at Vegas, and the film backfired. Critics despised the film and audiences laughed at the most dramatic scenes. At this point, Berkley’s career was officially washed up. But she kept trying and still appears as a guest on shows like New Girl. Berkley still looks great, though. So does her Saved by the Bell costar, Tiffani Thiessen.

11 Gwyneth Paltrow

My goodness! This woman does not age. The 44-year-old star looks like she’s 30 in this pic. She has been eating well and exercising, which is all a part of her mantra as explained on her popular website, Goop. The Goopers held a health summit last week in LA, and some doctors came forward saying that much of the advice there was not good. One dangerous claim was that magnesium pills could be used instead of antibiotics. Goopers also touted the use of vag*na stones and vag*na steaming. Doctors were challenged to take notice after Paltrow told her audience, “If you want to f*** with me, bring your A game.” Remember, you’re an actress, Gwyn; not a licensed doctor. In other news, Paltrow is collaborating with tennis star Serena Williams in a superfood startup. The company called Daily Harvest delivers frozen foods to homes. Paltrow has been so distracted by health and wellness that her Hollywood prowess is all washed up.

10 Ashlee Simpson

If you were watching SNL that fateful night that Ashlee got caught lip-syncing, freaked out, and did an Irish jig to exit stage left, then you know why her career was considered washed-up afterwards. That was a humiliating display of failure at its finest. And then, what happened to her? Well, she disappeared. Her sister, Jessica Simpson, was quiet too for a while. However, Jess has come back into the picture lately, by showing off her hot-as-ever body on social media. Meanwhile, Ashlee shares many of those hot-as-ever genes. The girl still looks great, and it’s amazing that she’s not more popular. This Simpson sister looks better than ever, even though her career is in the crapper.

9 Anne Heche

Anne Heche never reached the top spot of fame like many of the women on this list. However, she did have a series of popular roles and acted alongside legends like Harrison Ford, Dustin Hoffman, and Johnny Depp. Then, Heche got into some hot water with her personal life. For a while, she dated Ellen DeGeneres. Then, they had a messy break up, and the public sided with the much more charismatic Ellen. The actress stayed busy over the years, bouncing from television to film, but she never reclaimed the superstar level that she almost reached before Ellen. Compare Heche’s career to Cate Blanchett. The two of them look so much alike. Only, Anne is slightly prettier. However, they are both so talented. Yet Cate has the A-list status, awards, and the constant praise from critics. Nothing but bad luck for this washed-up star.

8 Tara Reid

Okay, this girl does have some body issues. People have accused her of being too thin and having too much plastic surgery. Haters say her stomach looks destroyed, and her legs and breasts are abnormally lopsided. But guess what? Go take a zoomed-in shot of your GF, and see how she looks under the microscope. No offense to your girlfriend, of course, but Tara Reid still is a pretty girl. She’s no stunner like she was back in the American Pie days, but once people age, it’s the hands of time that cannot be slowed down nor stopped. And Tara has had success with Sharknado. She never was that great of an actress, so it seems she has done pretty well for herself. The haters need to slow their roll on this woman.

7 Cindy Crawford

Even the queen of all supermodels cannot defy the atrophy of time. Or can she? Not too long ago, this hottie supreme celebrated her 50th birthday, and she still looks phenomenal. So, why isn’t Cindy still working? She should be doing ads for Pepsi like she did back in the day. She showed up in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video out of nowhere. The truth is that this celebrity seems to be washed up by choice. While all the other celebs are scratching and clawing to get by, Cindy seems to just roll with it. She’s being a mom, taking her kids on ultimate Caribbean adventures. Cindy shows up now and then to sell some skin cream. Then, she takes her kids on another vacation. Let’s just be happy she’s not trying to act anymore. Remember that terrible movie Fair Game? Wow. Really bad. Although the gratuitous nudity was much appreciated.

6 Mya

Whoa! Here’s a name from the past. Remember “Ghetto Supastar?” That song was a rocking beat that dominated the summer of 1998. The song came from the soundtrack for the political satire film Bulworth, which starred Warren Beatty and Halle Berry. The track was produced by Wyclef Jean and featured Pras rapping and Mya singing the hook. Old Dirty Bastard also rapped a verse. The song was based on an old Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers duet called “Islands in the Stream.” Going deeper into musical trivia, the B-side on the “Islands” record was “I Will Always Love You,” another HUGE soundtrack reboot for The Bodyguard, as sung masterfully by Whitney Houston. Mya was great on “Ghetto Supastar,” and she was young and seemed to have tons of potential. She later did the “Lady Marmalade” remake with Pink and Christina Aguilera. Then, Mya got into acting and was a part of the ensemble for the Oscar-winning movie Chicago. Then, she was pretty much done. Her album “Sugar and Spice” was only released in Japan. Apparently, they don’t think she’s washed up in Tokyo.

5 Sarah Michelle Gellar

This girl has had a pretty bad rap for years. She has a unique look that many people didn’t like from the beginning, but that’s no reason to count her out now. She’s a beautiful woman, always has been, and always will be. She’s been lucky in love, unlike many other couples in Hollywood. Her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr, has also been declared washed-up by many haters. Her professional luck has done well with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but she recently took a hard hit with The Crazy Ones. That was the show she starred in alongside Robin Williams. People loved the show, especially due to Robin’s character. In it, Gellar played as his daughter. After he committed suicide, the show was cancelled in 2014, and Gellar hasn’t done much since, outside of voice work.

4 Britney Spears

Well, you can’t keep Britney out of the spotlight for too long. Everybody on the planet thought she was washed up after shaving her head and swinging that umbrella around at the paps. Man, she was crazy there for a minute. I’m not even kidding. But, she has recovered over the years. Time has flown by. Her sons are ten and eleven years old already. Can you believe that? The stable routine of her Vegas show may have helped her get a grasp on things. For a while, she was just doing too much. She had the music, the movies, concert tours, reality TV, and everything else. She had some bad people in her corner too, and that didn’t help. Britney is looking good again, though. Let’s hope it stays that way.

3 Kirsten Dunst

For a certain generation of guys, Kirsten Dunst was the quintessential Mary Jane. As Hollywood keeps churning out another Spider Man movie after another, after another, many guys are still thinking about that upside down kiss in the rain and that very, very wet shirt. Since her Spider Man series wrapped, Dunst’s career took a big lull. She struggled to match the frequency of roles she once had as a young girl in Hollywood. But, this actress still looks pretty good. She has been called a butterface by the haters, but she’s still better-looking than their girlfriends, I bet. Her body is still toned, and she’s not afraid to show it off, getting very naked in Melancholia. She also has a project due out in September called Woodshock. The drug-themed thriller is a writer/director combo, so it could be a big hit or a massive dud for the star.

2 Brendan Fraser

Alright, we had to get at least one dude on this list, and this bro has been put through the ringer. There are so many fake images of him online looking intoxicated, bald, sick, or dead. What is the infatuation with poor old Brendan? He just went through a bad divorce, people? Okay? He’s not exactly in George of the Jungle shape anymore, but he’s not deathly ill either. Actually, the guy is doing pretty well. He’s currently filming a new TV show called Trust, which is yet to be released in 2018. The FX show is set in the early 1970’s and also stars Donald Sutherland and Hilary Swank, and is directed by Danny Boyle. That sounds promising, right? Okay, he did kind of get screwed over for the latest The Mummy remake with Tom Cruise, but that film sucked anyway. Fraser dodged a bullet.

1 Sharon Stone

At one point in time, Sharon Stone was the hottest thing in the galaxy. If you never saw the entire film of Basic Instinct, don’t bother. Just look up the good clips online. There are plenty of them, and Stone looks killer in every one. Then, what happened? She did a couple more mainstream skin flicks and then faded into obscurity. The problem was unclear, since she was an equally beautiful and decent actress. Sometimes, one star just barely eclipses another, and it’s enough to affect everything until you’re washed up. Recently, Stone starred in Running Wild, a crappy film about rescuing horses. But nobody probably saw that. However, we did enjoy the nude pics she did for Harper’s Bazaar. This woman is 59 years old, you say? No way!

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