16 Times The Walking Dead Ruined Our Lives

We are all clearly masochists, right? At least, that’s how it seems for us Walking Dead fans. With the show into its 7th season, it has supplied us with many tense scenes, many funny scenes, many gory

We are all clearly masochists, right? At least, that’s how it seems for us Walking Dead fans. With the show into its 7th season, it has supplied us with many tense scenes, many funny scenes, many gory scenes and may scenes that just straight up ruined our lives. Why do we keep coming back for more? Because it hurts so good.

The fact that this show is willing to kill off any main character, no matter who they are or how much us fans love them, is a large reason why there are so many life ruining moments. Seriously, just when you think a character is safe – BAM, they're dead and you cry all the tears. This is also one of the reasons why the show is so popular. It is unpredictable and thus thrilling. The fact that no one is safe means you cannot miss a single episode.

The Walking Dead has another very torturous way of running our lives: the cliffhangers. Whoever invented cliffhangers should be, well, thrown off a cliff. Waiting a whole week, weeks, months or an entire summer for the show to answer a question it proposed is the worst anxiety of all.

Below are 16 times The Walking Dead ruined your life. Obviously, there are a ton of life ruining spoilers below so read at your own risk.

16 That Time They Let Us Think Glenn Died


LOL, remember that time when Glenn almost died? Well, there were actually several times Glenn almost died. He had a habit of almost dying in just about every episode, whether it be from a zombie in a well or a pack of zombies in a dark tunnel. Glenn’s life may have always on the line, but perhaps never more so than that time the producers made us all think Glenn died for realsies.

Surrounded by zombies as they stood on top of a dumpster, Glenn was stranded with Nicholas, who was not a fan favorite. After trying to kill Glenn and effectively killing Noah to save his own life, Nicholas was a grade A asshole. Not surprisingly, Nicholas shoots himself and falls down, taking Glenn with him. The camera then cuts from Glenn’s screaming face to a bunch of guts being eaten. The episode ends.

Yup, how totally infuriating. Did he die? Did he not die? Of course, a few episodes later, we were shown that the zombies were in fact eating Nicholas's guts and that Glenn crawled under the dumpster to survive but the wait between episodes was life ruining.

15 Hershel's Head


Hershel’s death is certainly one of the most iconic on the show. After being taken prisoner by The Governor, Hershel and Michonne are both shown to Rick as a bargaining chip. The Governor then takes Michonne’s katana and slices into Hershel’s neck, seemingly trying to behead him but doing a terrible job. Maggie and Beth, Hershel’s two daughters, cry out as blood gushes from their father's neck, making the scene all that more heartbreaking. Finally, The Governor finishes the job, completely beheading Hershel. After the prison falls, Michonne finds Hershel's reanimated head and puts him out of his misery.

Hershel was a great guy who certainly didn’t deserve such a violent end. He was a veterinarian who then applied his knowledge of medicine to people in times of need. He was also levelheaded, kind and wise. He took the time to help groom Rick into the leader he is now. While death by zombie is often gruesome and random, it’s always easier to process than a death by human. These just feel so avoidable – y’know, if The Governor just didn't suck so much maybe Hershel would still be alive.

14 When Abraham Gave Sasha The Peace Sign


In the premiere of season 7, we may have been served some of out biggest life ruining moments of the show so far. After a not-so-childlike game of eenie meenie miney mo, Negan took his wrath out on Abraham. This was gruesome and life ruining in its own right, especially when Negan forced Rosita to look at his bloody bat after realizing Rosita and Abraham were a thing. Seriously, there is no end to the shitty things Negan will do.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part about all of this was when the gods of Twitter pointed out that Abraham, realizing he's won eenie meenie miney mo, gives Sasha a low-key peace sign. Peace signs were their little thing so this was his way of saying goodbye to the girl he was into but never really had a chance to be with.

13 Abraham Breaks Up With Rosita


Diving deeper into Abraham and relationships, this may have been one of the only life ruining moments that wasn’t even violent. We watch Abraham fall for Sasha over the course of a few episodes, all while still dating Rosita. Ah, a Walking Dead love triangle! When he finally parts ways with Rosita, Abraham does so in an extremely cold manner. She demands to know why he’s breaking up with her and he says, “When I first meant you, I thought you were the last woman on earth. You're not.” That is rough, even for Abraham.

While the comic books do show more relationships breaking up throughout the course of events, the show hasn't shown that as much. On the show, usually when you shack up with someone during the zombie apocalypse, that’s it. You’re together until one of you dies. That being said, watching this breakup was definitely hard. Also, it was a rough lesson to learn - the lesson being that guys will still be a-holes who will break your heart, even when zombies are chillin’ everywhere.

12 Every Time Their Safe Area Falls


Ugh, if only Rick and the gang could just find a safe area that’s actually safe.

After an attack, the group leaves their little RV camp to find the CDC, which seems like heaven. There’s wine and hot showers. I’m not even living during the zombie apocalypse and a glass of wine and a hot shower are still my idea of heaven. The group is there for one episode when the CDC falls in one of the most explosive scenes on the show. Back out on the road, gang!

After that, they find their way to Hershel’s farm, which is a safe haven for quite some time until a herd attacks them there, leaving the house burning down and the group split up. Back out on the road, gang!

The group then finds the prison and we can all guess what happens next – the prison falls and the group is split up. At this point, you’d think they would have contingency plans in effect and a place to meet after their safe area falls but nope.

From there, they all find their way to Terminus, which is billed as sanctuary for all but nope. You can guess what happens after this - they are on the road again and find a safe place again. Currently, the gang is kickin’ it at Alexandria, which seems to stand a chance. Despite a zombie attack and an attack by the Wolves, it’s still standing.

The heartbreaking thing about each safe zone falling is the reminder that the group isn’t safe even when they appear to be. Also, it’s becoming a repetitive storyline so that ruins the lives of the viewers too in its own way.

11 The CDC Episode


The CDC episode was life ruining for several reasons. Like we said before, it was hard to watch our group be given the luxury of hot showers and wine only to have it quite literally blow up in their faces.

That aside, the episode has another totally life ruining aspect. Dr. Edwin Jenner is the last scientist standing at the Atlanta CDC and possibly the last scientist standing in the world because every other CDC went offline. Not only does Dr. Jenner reveal that there is no cure but he also reveals that everyone turns into a zombie no matter how they die. Oh, joy. At least in many other zombie films, we are given the hope that you will only turn into a zombie if you’re bitten, not in The Walking Dead though. Nope, we are all destined to become zombies.

The fact that Dr. Jenner goes down with the CDC in an act of suicide does not point to a very bright future for our characters. Seriously, if the scientists at the CDC are killing themselves that means things are looking grim - and grim they are.

10 Every Dead Child Scene


We’ve lost quite a few children during the course of The Walking Dead. In fact, in the very first scene, Rick shoots a zombified little girl. She was a zombie so that wasn’t really life ruining at all, but it certainly told us what we were in store for – and what we were in store for was a lot of death.

The first death of a child we see is Sophia, Carol’s daughter. After being lost, the group (especially Daryl) searches nonstop for her to no avail. When Shane goes crazy, he releases Hershel’s barn of walkers on everyone and out comes little Sophia, who is now a zombie. Carol cried. Daryl cried. We all cried. Rick shot her in the head, as he should have. It’s a rough scene to watch and is perhaps the very thing that turned Carol from meek housewife to badass survivor, which brings us to the next children: Mika and Lizzie. Lizzie was a little girl who just didn't get walkers. She thought they were playing tag with her, which was certainly not what they were doing at all. After Lizzie kills Mika, purposely without hurting her brain so she’ll come back as a zombie, Carol decides to put Lizzie down. We’ll never look at the flowers the same way again...

Children dying is especially sad because it shows how just hopeless things are. If children are our future and they’re dying, what does that say about the future on The Walking Dead?

9 Every Dead Animal Scene


Every time a defenseless animal dies, it’s especially sad. In the very first episode, we see Rick ride into the city on a horse, which was an amazing visual by the way. Rick didn’t know that the city was basically the zombie buffet. Rick survives, but his poor horse was torn to shreds. That was just the beginning of animals dying in the name of saving humans.

When the fence at the prison was compromised by a herd of zombies, Rick took the little piggies out, cut them and threw them to the walkers – saving the fence but killing the pigs. Afterwards, Rick is drenched in pig blood and looks about the same way we did while watching - horrified.

After the prison falls, the group is trekking along and hungry as hell. At that point, a group of dogs start barking at them. Sasha shoots them, as this barking would have surely drawn walkers. That was sad enough but then they take it one step further when the group cooks and eats the dogs. If you were watching this episode with your pet dog, this may have been really life ruining.

8 When Rick Bit Out Someone's Throat


In the finale of season 4, Rick, Carl, and Michonne cross paths with the Claimers. The Claimers were out for blood, as Rick had killed one of their men. Daryl, who joined the Claimers not knowing how bad they were, attempts to save Rick and the gang. He tells the Claimers to just kill him instead of Rick, Carl and Michonne. The Claimers start beating Daryl to death, but still plan on killing Rick and the gang. They even threaten to first rape Carl in front of Rick. It's a brutal scene.

Finally, the leader has Rick without a weapon and asks what Rick is going to do now. Rick answers by literally biting out the guy's throat – gushing blood and Rick spitting out a wad of flesh. It was horrifying. Carl, Daryl and Michonne also fight back and they are all safe in the end. This is so life ruining because it’s one of the moments where the line between humans and zombies is completely blurred. What Rick our hero protagonist did was brutally violent but he did it to survive. This, like many of the other times when the group must kill survive, poses some difficult questions about morality.

7 Beth's Death


Beth Greene was a beam of light on an otherwise dark show. She started as a minor, weaker character but through her arc grew into an important part of the group who could actually hold her own. During the course of season 5, the group goes to great lengths to rescue Beth from Grady Memorial Hospital. Just when it seemed like Beth was safe, she stabs Officer Dawn, which was not the best move in retrospect as it set off Officer Dawn’s trigger finger. Cue all the tears from Daryl and Maggie. It was a truly emotional scene and very difficult to watch.

Of course, one reason her death was so difficult was also because her character wasn’t based on a comic book character. She was created for the show so readers of the comic books couldn’t even mentally prepare themselves for this one. It was shocking and ruined a lot of our lives.

6 Noah's Nonsensical Death


The reason Beth died was because she refused to let Noah stay at Grady Memorial Hospital. She didn’t think it was fair and ended up stabbing Officer Dawn. At least she saved Noah from a life at Grady Memorial Hospital, right? Well, right and wrong.

Noah joined the gang and they trekked back to where his family had been, only to find that they were all dead. Noah is understandably bummed. After arriving at Alexandria, his head clears and he declares that he’d like to help build Alexandria into something great. It turns out his time at Alexandria would be shorter than he expected. Upon being trapped in revolving doors, Nicholas makes a getaway and basically sacrifices Noah to the zombies by doing so. Glenn watches in horror as Nicholas is torn to pieces. It’s rough. What is even rougher is that this makes Beth’s death even more pointless. If Noah had gone on to become a strong, important character who we all loved, that may have helped mend the Beth-sized hole in our hearts but it seems that her courage was all for naught.

5 The C-Section


The scene that almost made Lauren Cohan quit: the C-section. This was awful for so many reasons. The fact that Lori begs for a C-section knowing it will kill her is difficult but it’s just the beginning of the scene. From there, Lori says her goodbyes to Carl, telling him that he’ll beat this world. After her farewell, Maggie cuts into Lori’s stomach and delivers Judith. Maggie exits the room with baby Judith, leaving Carl behind to shoot his own mother before she can turn into a zombie. Hey, Carl, remember what being a kid was like? Nah, didn't think so. When Carl exits the room, Maggie tries to comfort him but he walks ahead, stoic as ever.

Oh, it gets worse. When Rick finds out, he completely breaks down sobbing. If you weren’t already crying, you had to be at this point. This particular death scene is so upsetting not just for Lori’s passing but for the passing of Carl’s innocence.

4 Everything Terminus


People eating people. In a zombie apocalypse you apparently don’t just have to worry about zombies eating you but also about humans eating you. What has the world come to? The whole gang ventures toward Terminus under the impression that it’s a safe area. In fact, we as the audience were lead to believe that it was a safe area as well. It was not. At Terminus, they herd the people who come and eat them in a very factory-style way.

After they escape, the Terminus nightmare doesn’t end. The group hunts them and eats Bob’s leg. That scene actually worked out in Bob’s favor in an odd turn of events. He got to tease the Terminus people about eating tainted meat because he had been bitten earlier that day.

The Terminus saga finally ends when Rick and co. kill every member in the church. Father Gabriel is distraught upon seeing his church covered in blood and dead bodies. When he says that this is a church, Maggie corrects him and tells him that it’s just four walls and a roof. Whoa, Maggie, way to really stomp down Father Gabriel’s spirit. If the world didn't seem bleak enough, this storyline certainly made it that much darker.

3 Every Time Daryl Cries


Every single time Daryl Dixon cries, audience members are reduced to crying, blubbering messes too. Seriously, if you can look at Daryl Dixon’s crying face and not break down yourself, you may have something wrong with you.

In perhaps the first Daryl crying scene, we see him hold Carol has she cries upon seeing Zombie Sophia. The next time he cries is when he is put head to head with Zombie Merle, his reanimated brother. Daryl is a dude who takes zombies down left and right but when it came to Merle, he has difficulty pulling the trigger. It was his brother, after all. From what we know of his family, it seemed Merle was his only real family so even if Merle sucked, he was all Daryl had. Daryl also broke down in tears when Beth died.

Basically, if Daryl is crying, the world is crying. End of story.

2 The End Of Season Six


Season six ended with eleven of our characters kneeling before Negan, who was playing a screwed up game of eenie meenie miney mo. After he picks a winner, it switches to said winner’s POV as Negan bashes in their head. The scene then ends, without us knowing who Negan killed. Yes, they ended season six by killing a major character off but not letting us know who it was. It was a cruel form of torture that they inflicted upon us for the entire summer.

It was highly speculated that both Abraham and Glenn would be the victims of Lucille but nothing could actually be confirmed until the season premiere, during which we found out that both character were, indeed, at the end of Negan's bat. The Walking Dead just needs to stop with the cliffhangers. We promise to tune in, even if they don’t cliffhang us. The show will get its millions of viewers without torturing us.

1 "Maggie, I'll Find You."


The heartbreak of all heartbreaks. This scene played out much like the comic book scene but with a slight adjustment. Instead of Glenn losing the game of eenie meenie miney mo like he does in the comics, Abraham does. After Lucille and Abraham were formally introduced, Negan taunts Rosita, having realized that she and Abraham were a thing. Daryl cannot put up with that, so he lunges for Negan and even get a hit in before Dwight pins Daryl to the ground. Negan spares Daryl, planning to take him and make him a Savior… but Negan still has to shut that down. He turns quickly and beats down on Glenn. After the first brutal hit, Glenn is still standing but half his face is ruined. His one eyeball is left popping out of his head, which Negan jokes about. Struggling to get his last words out, Glenn finally says, “Maggie, I’ll find you.” Then, Negan finishes the job.

Glenn’s final words to Maggie were beyond heartbreaking, especially because in the comic books he only manages to mutter out her name. The new twist of his last words on the show added another element of deeper life ruining.

With all the horror, gore and heartbreak, the show is still worth watching for its entertaining but somber study of family, society and the human spirit. That being said, thanks a lot for ruining our lives over and over again, The Walking Dead.

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16 Times The Walking Dead Ruined Our Lives