16 Times Taylor Swift Was Way Too Creepy To Handle

You may just so happen to know a little singer by the name of Taylor Swift. Actually, you definitely know Taylor Swift because she's ridiculously, outrageously, disgustingly successful. At just 27 years old, she’s worth an estimated $280 million. She also has 10 Grammy Awards, y'know no biggie. And basically every single song she makes is gold. She’s a hit making machine. She’s also attractive, with a body that could easily belong to a Victoria’s Secret model. Oh, and she has a ton of famous friends, for whom she constantly throws charming, Pinterest-worthy parties. So, what’s the problem with perfect Taylor Swift? Well, she’s creepy AF.

I'm not saying that Taylor Swift is a creep like that weird uncle who gets too drunk at Thanksgiving and may or may not be making a pass at you (what? just me?). No, Taylor is creepy in the way that schoolgirls can be creepy. She’s obsessive in her relationships with both her besties and her boyfriends. She kisses and tells a little too much. She may or may not have stalked a few Hollywood men. Every creepy thing she does is pretty harmless, but the fact that she's done countless creepy things… it’s too much.

Taylor is a total creeper, y’all, and it’s time we talk about it. Below are 16 times Taylor Swift was absolutely too creepy to handle.

15 When She Spied On Tom Hiddleston

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At first glance, this photo simply looks like Tom Hiddleston is buddying up to Idris Elba at Anna Wintour’s pre-Met Gala dinner. These are two dudes just having a bromance. But there was another romance brewing in this photo. Taylor Swift can be seen in the background and it looks like her eyes have locked and loaded for her target: Tom Hiddleston.

At the 2016 Met Gala, which followed Taylor’s peeping eyes a few days later, Taylor danced with Tom Hiddleston to T.I.'s "Bring Em Out" and Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love." Why do I know that they danced to these exact songs? Oh, because there was some epic video footage of this event. A few months following Taylor's stalker eyes and their Met Gala dance, Taylor and Hiddleston were in a full-blown relationship with each other. We have to hand it to Taylor, because when she picks her prey, she almost always goes in for the kill. Though, that doesn't make this photo any less creep city.

14 When She Made Tom Hiddleston Wear This Shirt

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Like many of Taylor’s relationship, Taylor's time with Tom Hiddleston burned bright and burned out fast. But so is the case when you need to go from relationship to relationship for song inspiration, right? (I kid, Taylor.) While dating Tom Hiddleston, they were in the headlines quite often, which was mostly because this came on the heels of her breakup with Calvin Harris. Like, really on the heels. I’m talking she broke up with Calvin Harris and was spotted with Tom Hiddleston like four hours later.

For the 4th of July 2016, Taylor Swift had a big party in which she invited all of her besties, who also just so happen to be famous and beautiful – Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss... Tom Hiddleston, her boyfriend at the time, was also there sporting a shirt that read, “I T.S.” Yes, his shirt actually said that, which is weird because he's not a 14-year-old girl.

Naturally, the world was wondering why Tom Hiddleston was wearing this awful shirt. He finally opened up about it in March 2017’s GQ, in which he said he wanted to protect his skin from the sun and one of her friends just so happened to have that shirt for him. This might be the actual story, but can’t you just imagine Taylor cackling and egging him on to wear it? UGH. Also, I still assume Taylor MADE him wear it, even if he says differently. I simply cannot believe a grown man would wear that shirt without being completely forced.

13 When She Crashed A Kennedy Wedding

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At one point in time, Taylor Swift was dating Conor Kennedy. Yes, of that that Kennedy family, y'know American royalty, or as close as we have to royalty in America.

Taylor's dating Conor Kennedy also coincides with a huge change in her style. Taylor started stepping away from her country look and towards a more chic, elegant look. She straightened her hair, wore red lipstick and dressed like an even preppier version of Jackie O. Is it totally weird that Taylor dated Conor Kennedy and then started dressing like this late relative? Yes, but this part of Taylor’s life gets weirder.

In 2012, Liam Kerr married Kyle Kennedy. The day of the wedding, Conor Kennedy texted Victoria Gifford Kennedy, the mother of the bride, and asked if he and Taylor could come, to which Victoria responded something like hell no. So, Taylor and Conor Kennedy went anyway, because that’s something you should totally do. When Taylor’s entrance reportedly distracted from the event, Victoria Gifford Kennedy asked Taylor to leave, which Taylor reportedly ignored. Victoria said, “It was like talking to a ghost. She seemed to look right past me.”

After this weird wedding, Taylor’s spokesperson said there is no truth to this wedding crashing story, as the bride asked her to be there. Considering the fact that the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE is who supplied this story to the press, it’s unlikely that the bride actually asked Taylor to be there.

12 Her Cat Lady Life

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Ain’t no shame in loving your cats. Ain’t no shame in loving your cats a lot. But Taylor Swift takes it to beyond the next level.

Taylor’s two cats – in case you aren’t familiar – are named Meredith (based on Ellen Pompeo’s character on Grey’s Anatomy) and Olivia (based on Mariska Hargitay’s character on Law & Order: SVU). She posts about them on Instagram nonstop, which may be endearing if it wasn’t SO MUCH. There was also the time she posted a photo of her legs, which were scratched from Meredith. The caption read, “GREAT WORK MEREDITH I WAS JUST TRYING TO LOVE YOU AND NOW YOU OWE ME 40 MILLION DOLLARS.”

What the $40 million is in reference to is the fact that Taylor had her legs insured for $40 million. UM, add that to the creepy files. I mean, her legs are fire, but calm down with insuring them for $40 million. They are hot legs, but I just don’t know if they’re worth $40 MILLION. That seems excessive.

11 No, She Really Has A Cat Lady Life

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Maybe you think Taylor Swift’s cat love is adorable. You think, "Aw, Taylor is a totally hot cat lady. I love it." Well, she takes it too far, guys. While performing in Canada, Taylor wasn’t able to take her beloved kitties with her, so she did the next best thing: she had a HUGE cardboard cutout of them made, y'know because looking at a huge cardboard cutout of your cat will help with the homesickness. Okay, Taylor.

In the above photo, Taylor's hugging a huge cardboard cutout of Olivia, which she posted to Instagram with the caption, “When you can't take your cats to Canada so you hug a cardboard version of them but it's NOT THE SAME.”

It doesn’t matter how hot Taylor Swift is. She is dipping a toe into scary cat lady land and that’s not a good look for anyone, even her.

10 When She Dished On Ellen

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It’s been almost 10 years ago since this creepy Taylor moment, but it lives in infamy.

Taylor Swift famously dated Joe Jonas, which was inevitable since they’re two people who date everyone in Hollywood. After their breakup, Taylor appeared on Ellen, during which Ellen DeGeneres asked about the breakup. Taylor DISHED. Like, really, really, dished on the subject. She said, "It’s all right – I’m cool. You know what, it’s like, when I find that person that is right for me, he’ll be wonderful. When I look at that person, I’m not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds when I was 18."

For the record, this story doesn’t make you look that great either, Taylor.

Also, keep some stuff private. Obviously Taylor uses all of her relationship for song inspo, but girlfriend doesn’t need the whole world to know she was dumped during a 27-second phone convo. That’s the thing with Taylor, though. When you’re in a relationship with her, nothing is sacred. She’ll share all.

BTW, Joe Jonas is currently dating Sophie Turner, the Queen of the North. So he’s doing just fine.

9 When She Slut Shamed Camilla Belle

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Joe Jonas allegedly left Taylor (and her world of crazy) to date Camilla Belle, an actress who was on the up and up at that time, but has since kind of fallen off the grid. Taylor Swift, OF COURSE, wrote a song about the love triangle. Power to Taylor for always finding a way to turn her heartbreak into her multi-million dollar empire, but the lyrics to the song were… uh. I’ll just post the lyrics: "She's not a saint and she's not what you think/She's an actress, whoa/She's better known for the things that she does/On the mattress, whoa."

OUCH. Watching Taylor turn her sexual conquests into pop songs is fun, but watching Taylor tear down other women for her pop songs is just icky. Not okay, Taylor.

8 Actually, All Of Her Songs

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I know I said that her songs about her sexual conquests – err, I mean boyfriends? – are fun, but they are also part of her creep persona. Quite frankly, I don’t know why anyone still dates her, knowing that after the inevitable breakup all the relationship details will be spilled in the form of a song. She’s also not too sly about it, like naming a song about Harry Styles “Style” and a song about John Mayer “Dear John." She basically wants her fans to know who her songs are about.

Is trading in secret details from your love affair for a killer pop career unethical? Well, no. People have been writing songs about their past and current lovers for almost all of time. But the fact that Taylor dates famous people that we all know AND writes songs very obviously about them is weird.

If you're a hot Hollywood dude, do not date Taylor unless you want everyone to eventually know your favorite sexual position, because it'll probably be in her song lyrics.

7 When She Tweeted At Katy Perry

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Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are currently in the middle of a very public feud, in which the pop stars continue to make songs aimed at taking a dig at the other, which is a whole other story. We’re here to talk about Taylor’s creepiness, though.

Back in 2009, Taylor tweeted, “Watching the Waking up in Vegas video. I love Katy Perry. I think I'm going to hang her poster on my wall now.” Katy responded to this very blatant suck-up tweet and forged a friendship. The next time Taylor tweeted about her was in October 2009 with, “@Katyperry knows how to throw a birthday party! I would even go as far as to say it was party-licious. Best EVER. Happy bday, pretty girl!!”

HARD EYE ROLL. Could Taylor have been sucking up to Katy Perry any more? Like, calm TF down. The fact that Taylor is now so hard anti-Katy Perry is even creepier. She basically went looking for this friendship, only to then rant and rave about what a horrible person Katy Perry is.

If Taylor sends you a suck-up tweet, beware. Because the tides change fast with this one.

6 When She Gave That Cryptic Rolling Stone Interview

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One more on Katy Perry, because this whole situation makes Taylor Swift look like a lunatic.

The thing is, this catfight doesn’t make either woman look great by any means. However, Katy Perry has a much better record when it comes to celebrity feuds. She’s rarely been linked to a feud or to writing songs about said feud. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is the QUEEN of feuding and writing songs about said feuds. So, this is feud out of the ordinary for Katy, while it's basically a Wednesday afternoon for Taylor.

The gist of their feud is that Taylor asked three of Katy’s dancers to come on her tour, to which they agreed. But then Katy started ramping up for her tour and asked her three dancers if they wanted to join, even though that would mean they’d have to leave Taylor’s tour early. They said yes, and that’s when the first blood was drawn. Long story short, Taylor stole Katy’s dancers, Katy stole them back, and then Taylor threw a bitch fit.

In a 2014 Rolling Stone interview, Taylor threw Katy under the bus by saying, “She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I'm surprisingly non-confrontational – you would not believe how much I hate conflict. So now I have to avoid her. It's awkward, and I don't like it.”

On top of it, Taylor wrote “Bad Blood” about the feud. The music video for said song features every single cool, famous friend of hers, basically saying, “Look at all my friends, Katy.”

It’s all so petty, but the fact that Taylor reacts this way to events with both boyfriends and friends is very telling of her personality. Befriend Taylor at your own risk.

5 When She Made A Big Deal About Her Bellybutton

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There was a moment in time when Taylor Swift made a big, big deal about a very small part of her body: her bellybutton.

When she started embracing the crop top trend, she did it the right way, which is to say she didn’t show all the skin ever. Wearing a crop top with high-waisted shorts, pants or a skirt is the way to do it. It created a sexy, yet classy look. Taylor Swift owned that, but then she ruined it by being annoying. She explained to Lucky Magazine, “I don’t like showing my bellybutton. When you start showing your bellybutton then you’re really committing to the midriff thing. I only partially commit to the midriff thing—you're only seeing lower rib cage.”

She continued, “As far as anyone knows based on my public appearances, they haven't seen evidence of a bellybutton. It could be pierced. They have no idea. If I’m going to get some sort of massive tattoo, it’s going to be right next to my belly button because no one’s ever going to see that.”

What a weirdo! Who cares that deeply about their bellybutton? I was on-board with the way she wore crop tops for a second but, like almost everything else, Taylor ruined it with her creepiness. Then, Taylor posted the above photo and the internet exploded. OMG, TAYLOR SWIFT’S BELLYBUTTON was the general reaction.

Apparently, the paparazzi had snapped a photo of her in a bikini and they were going to publish it, so Taylor beat them to the bellybutton punch. But again, who cares about their bellybutton this much? Only Taylor.

4 That Weird Song She Wrote About Kanye

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Everyone knows the Taylor Swift/Kanye West saga, right? If not, here's a little refresher: Taylor won the 2009 VMA for Best Female Video (for “You Belong With Me”). At which point, Kanye hopped on stage, grabbed the mic and said, “Yo, Taylor, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!”

WOW, do I love when celebrities do things that make my jaw drop. It literally makes my day. So thank you for that, Kanye.

This was the best drama and it painted everyone in the particular light they generally were painted. Kanye was the wild artist, who spoke his mind regardless of the consequences. Beyoncé, who won Video of the Year and invited Taylor on stage to finish her speech, was a completely flawless human being. And Taylor, of course, was the victim, which is a role she loves playing. Essentially, that’s the role she plays in all of her breakup songs too – the sad puppy, the girl who loves a boy and got hurt.

Taylor went and wrote a song about the Kanye incident, which she titled “Innocent,” a super weird title for this song. It also had really weird lyrics like: "It's okay, life is a tough crowd/32, and still growin' up now/Who you are is not what you did/You're still an innocent."

Kanye West was 32 at the time of the 2009 VMAs... so, she's telling him he's still an innocent? Literally Taylor's creepiest song.

3 When Kim K Shut It Down

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I was totally there for the Kim K/Taylor Swift showdown. I’m actually under the impression that this was one of the most entertaining events of 2016. But, on top of the entertainment value, Taylor was incredibly strange and creepy in this whole situation.

To give you a refresher, Kanye and Taylor had patched things up since the 2009 VMAs. Kanye even sent Taylor flowers, which she posted to social media. There’s nothing that says friendship in today's era like that. So, when Kanye released “Famous” in 2016, people were curious how Taylor felt about the lyrics, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that bitch famous (God damn)/I made that bitch famous.”

Kanye claimed Taylor gave him permission to write those lyrics. Taylor claimed she didn’t give Kanye permission to write those lyrics. It was a he said, she said situation.

Then, Kim dropped the biggest Snapchat bomb of all time: actual recordings of Taylor agreeing to the lyrics and even saying they are a “compliment.” Oh, holy sh*t. At this point, Taylor looked like an insane liar and there was really no defense, except that Taylor said she didn’t know Kanye would call her a “bitch” in the lyrics. Her only response was a wordy Instagram post that finished it off with, “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of, since 2009.”

The thing is, Taylor was fine with being a part of the narrative when she wrote the song about Kanye in 2010.

Getting bested by Kim K was not a good look for Taylor and she has since been avoiding the public eye, y'know because she was exposed as a liar who projects one image, but is really a whole other way.

Her Friendship With Mariska Hargitay

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Taylor Swift collects hot, famous, young friends like most people collect… I don’t know? Whatever people collect in bulk these days. The one outlier to her friendships is Mariska Hargitay, who is best known for her role on Law and Order: SUV. Not that Hargitay isn’t hot. She’s totally gorgeous and, I’m sure, cool as hell, but really how did Taylor Swift and Mariska Hargitay become friends? It feels like the most random pairing of all time.

Apparently, Taylor approached Mariska Hargitay at the Met Gala a few years back. Taylor approached Hargitay and told her that she named her cat after her SUV character. And if you were ever wondering what the creepiest thing you can say to a person is, that's it.

Also, is it just me or does Taylor really take advantage of all the famous people at the Met Gala? It’s like she’s shopping for boyfriends and besties every year she attends.

2 Actually, All Of Her Friendships

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I’m all for people having a lot of friends. Friendships are awesome. All our lives should be full of rewarding and exciting friendships, but Taylor Swift makes all her friendships kind of creepy. The creepy factor comes from the way Taylor tries to shove her friendships down our throats. Like, we get it – you’re all hot, rich, successful, thin, perfect women. You’re the Mean Girls group of the world.

Taylor's “squad” includes Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Ruby Rose, Blake Lively, Cara Delevingne, Lily Aldridge, Lorde, and so many others. Almost every single Victoria’s Secret Angel is besties with Taylor. At this point, I don't know who has more Victoria's Secret models' phone numbers, Taylor Swift or Leonardo DiCaprio.

Again, I’m all for friendships. I’m not discouraging friendships, even if it just so happens to feel like friendships of mostly white, thin, beautiful models. But the way Taylor treats her friends has an air of Mean Girls to it and, at 27 years old, girlfriend should be over that way of life.

1 When She Left The Gym Looking Like This

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Does anyone remember this weird phenomenon in 2014? Prior to 2014, Taylor would be spotted coming and going from the gym looking fine. She wore normal gym clothes and always carried a designer purse. The designer purse part was weird, because who wants to put their sweaty gym sh*t in a nice purse? But Taylor also has money to buy herself a new designer purse every week if she wants to so it’s all good.

Then, Taylor started looking too put together when leaving the gym. This is only one of MANY photos snapped of her leaving the gym in 2014. She was always wearing heels, nice clothing, a designer purse, and rocking a blow out and full face of makeup. Guys, she was wearing all that while leaving the gym! It’s… well, it's not human. Is she a robot or alien? It’s just an unnatural way to leave the gym. No one looks like this! Not even the hottest actresses!

I don’t know if Taylor went to the gym to simply get her makeup done, but it was a mind-boggling phenomenon that even caused women’s entertainment sites to conduct experiments in which they tried to achieve Taylor’s post-gym look. Props to her for looking hot, but WTF? It's okay to be human every once and a while, Taylor. And, quite frankly, it's this level of perfection that really makes her seem creepy.

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