16 Times Christina Applegate Was The Ultimate '90s Babe

There are quite a few ‘90s queens out there, like Winona Ryder, Alicia Silverstone, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen just to name a quick few. However, Christina Applegate may be the ultimate ‘90s babes to ever exist. I mean, just look at her! She was the '90s.

While Christina Applegate’s career is just as busy and successful today, girlfriend had a lot of work throughout the entire decade of the ‘90s. She starred as Kelly Bundy on Married... with Children from 1987 – 1997. So, throughout most of the ‘90s she was on everyone's televisions looking like a total queen and serving Kelly Bundy sass. Film-wise, Applegate starred in 1991’s Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, in which… well, the babysitter dies and the kids fend for themselves. It’s pretty much what the title would make you think, but it’s a movie that perfectly embodies ‘90s style in all its glory (and all its tragedy). Applegate also appeared in Mars Attacks!, the campy comedy about aliens attacking the Earth, because alien attack movies were apparently huge in ‘90s.

While Christina Applegate’s vibrant ‘90s career helped her achieve ‘90s It Girl status, it was also simply her style that made her such an iconic ‘90s babe. Between the clothes she would wear on the red carpet, in photoshoots, and on Married... with Children, Christina Applegate rocked the hottest and most awful trends of the time and she rocked them well. She was the ultimate '90s babe through and through. Below are 16 photos of Christina Applegate being such a hot ‘90s babe that you may want to time travel back.

When She Wore All The '90s Trends At Once

Where do we even start with this photo? Christina is bringing all the ‘90s heat. She's rocking a floral crop top, cut off jeans, and black tights. Oh, and the belt, and the bracelet, and the cross necklace, and the hoop earrings. It’s all so wonderfully ‘90s. Of course, it doesn’t feel all that dated because ‘90s fashions have since come back in style. I mean, if you threw a flower crown on Christina Applegate, she’d look like every other girl at Coachella, which is the preferred music festival of basic bitches everywhere. No offense, basic bitches.

Christina Applegate was actually born into a family in the entertainment industry. Her father, Robert Applegate, was a record producer and record company executive, which just seems like a very ‘90s job, mostly because this was before Napster brought the record company to its knees. Applegate’s mother, Nancy Priddy, was a singer and actress.


9 When She Had This '90s Hair

This ‘90s photo of Christina Applegate is much more badass and rock and roll than the previous photo. Applegate is wearing a leather jacket, which may have been huge in the ‘90s but will always be in style. You can open any issue of People or Us Weekly and see 10 different celebs rocking a leather jacket. It's become a classic. Still, the fact that this leather jacket is bigger and has a biker feel makes it look particularly ‘90s. It could also be Applegate’s big hair paired with her red lips and red nails that makes this look feel so very ‘90s. Whatever it is, she's a '90s goddess.

Christina Applegate began her career much earlier than the ‘90s. She made her film debut way back  in 1979, when she was just 7 years old, which is what happens when you grow up in Hollywood. I mean, Drew Barrymore was in films when she was really young too. E.T., anyone?

When She Drank The Hottest Cup Of Coffee Ever

There’s no way of knowing if that cup of coffee is, in fact, the hottest cup of coffee that has ever existed, but this may very well be the hottest photo of someone drinking coffee. Christina Applegate looks smokin’ hot while enjoying her early morning coffee. She's probably the hottest person to ever drink coffee. I mean, the fact that her robe is draped in a way to expose her lacy bra just a tiny bit is 100% seductress. The small flash of her bra is both revealing and leaving much to the imagination, which is pretty much how Christina Applegate does it. While Applegate has played sexy characters, she has somehow avoided ever having a flat-out nude scene throughout her expansive career. She has also posed in steamy photoshoots, but never went full-on centerfold. Christina Applegate has always walked the fine line between not showing anything at all and showing way too much.

8 When She Started The Choker Trend


If you go out to a bar or even just walk down the street, you’re almost guaranteed to see a girl rocking a choker. Chokers have had a resurgence recently and it seems like every girl everywhere is wearing a choker. While they are popular right now, chokers actually have a long history and date to the late 19th century when ballerinas and women of the upper class would wear the necklaces. Throughout their history, chokers have also represented prostitution and lesbianism. So, they’ve often been tied to sexualization of women, which may be why they add a certain sexy vibe to any look.

19th century choker history aside, chokers were huge in the ‘90s so of course Christina Applegate rocked a choker. This choker is tiny and tied in a bow, adding a certain femininity to the choker look. With the addition of the dark eye makeup and neutral lip color, Applegate is a '90s queen in this photo.

7 When She Rocked This Pink Dress

Christina Applegate in this pink dress could probably bring about world peace. She should have just sat all of the world leaders down, while wearing that hot pink dress, and been like, “Why are we really fighting?” Everyone would have been dumbstruck and just agreed on peace. It would have been the most important dress of all time.

Instead, Christina Applegate just wore this dress on Married... with Children. So, she didn’t, like, bring about world peace while wearing this hot pink dress, but I guess the important part is that Christina Applegate wore this dress at some point in her life because girlfriend looks super hot. The hot pink dress is basically a sock’s worth of fabric that shows off the best attributes of her body. She looks fit, curvy, and so very ‘90s. Let’s also give it up for the cross necklace she's wearing and the big ‘90s hair. You are a '90s babe, Christina Applegate.

When She Had All The Madonna Vibes

Christina Applegate’s combed back, bleach blonde hair is giving us major Madonna vibes and, let’s all be honest, Madonna was the epitome of hot in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But, this is about Christina Applegate being the hottest thing in the ‘90s, which she was.

Christina Applegate's big break came in 1987, when she was cast in Fox’s Married… with Children. Kelly Bundy, the character she portrayed, was sexually promiscuous, ditzy, and rebellious. She had a thing for wearing tight dresses and crop tops. Basically, she was every '90s boys' dream girl. Kelly Bundy also had the perfect amount of spunk in her to make her a very important ‘90s character. Being that the character was the teenage daughter of the protagonist Al Bundy, it was a refreshing take on a daughter character growing into her own. This was much more realistic take on a girl coming into her own than television had previous shown us.

Applegate also hosted Saturday Night Live in 1993, because if you were a ‘90s icon, you had to host SNL. Plain and simple.

6 When She Dated Johnny Depp


Okay, so we don’t actually know if Christina Applegate actually dated Johnny Depp for sure, but we love this photo of the two of them because they are ‘90s royalty. While it's never been confirmed that they hooked up, the pair looks pretty close and cuddly in this photo. This isn't shocking since Depp has dated hot celebrities for a while, from Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey, to Edward Scissorhands co-star Winona Ryder, to the It model of the '90s Kate Moss.

The Christina Applegate and Johnny Depp connection, whether it was romantic or just friendly, happened while she was appearing on 21 Jump Street, the inspiration for the Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill films. Well, whether it was romantic or not, this photo of Johnny Depp and Christina Applegate is totally ‘90s and we love it. But ugh, we don't love Applegate's scarf all that much. Sorry, boo boo.

5 When She Dated Brad Pitt

Unlike the Johnny Depp situation, we have total confirmation that Christina Applegate dated Brad Pitt and it’s amazing. Christina Applegate dated BRAD PITT! You can file that one under ‘90s Relationships You Totally Forgot Ever Happened. Of course, if you’re someone who actually remembered this epic ‘90s relationship, please excuse how shocked and excited we all are about this photo.

This relationship gets even more epic when you find out that Christina Applegate brought him to the MTV Movie Awards as her date, because she was more famous than him at the time - just imagine that world. But, mid-date, Christina Applegate DITCHED Brad Pitt for another guy. Do you just die? Slay on and keep breaking hearts, Christina Applegate.

Brad Pitt picked himself up and went on to date Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie. So, he's moved on just fine.

One More Of Brad Pitt (Just Because)

We couldn’t help but add one more photo of this gorgeous ‘90s couple because you really don’t get any more ‘90s than this couple. They were everything. We’re honestly not even sure who has the better ‘90s hair. Seriously, which one of them has the better '90s hair?! We can't decide.

Christina Applegate was actually up for the biggest role of the ‘90s. She auditioned to play Rose in 1997’s Titanic, y’know that little film that was the biggest movie of the ‘90s and possibly ever. She lost out to Kate Winslet, which may be for the best. Winslet embodied Rose, the rich, bored, rebellious beauty more than any other actress we could imagine. Plus, Christina Applegate has certain comedic chops that wouldn’t have been very useful in James Cameron's epic period drama.

Roles in Titanic aside, we will never get over the fact that Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt dated.

4 When She Was On Friends


Christina Applegate didn’t appear on Friends until 2002, but we had to include her appearance since it’s such a classic ‘90s show. Plus, it was an unwritten rule that if you were a ‘90s icon, you had to make an appearance on Friends. It’s just the way it was.

Christina Applegate played Amy Green, Rachel Green’s sister. So, that means Christina Applegate and Jennifer Aniston played sisters… but they both dated Brad Pitt. Oh, what a small, tangled web Hollywood is. Both times Applegate appeared as Any Green, she earned Emmy nominations for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, taking home the award for her performance in 2003.

Other huge ‘90s stars who guest starred on Friends include ER’s George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, and of course Reese Witherspoon, who played the other Green sister. By the way, Jennifer Aniston, Christina Applegate and Reese Witherspoon may be the hottest sisters ever, right?

3 When She Had That '90s Attitude

This is some vintage Kelly Bundy action going down. Here is Christina Applegate rocking a leather off-the-shoulder shirt and a cross necklace. But, the most ‘90s thing about this photo may simply be her attitude. I mean, look at that smug look on her face. It has ‘90s sass written all over it.

After Married… with Children came to an end, Christina Applegate went on to star in NBC’s Jesse, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Lead Actress in a Comedy. Despite the critical praise for the show, it was cancelled after its second season. From there, Applegate transitioned to the big screen with 2002's raunchy female comedy The Sweetest Thing, also starring Cameron Diaz and Selma Blair, who were two other ‘90s queens. Also, Selma Blair may be one of the most underrated '90s queens ever. Just saying.


2 When She Looked Like Cher Horowitz


This photo of Christina Applegate, looking young and fresh, bares a striking resemblance to Alicia Silverston's character in 1995’s Clueless - Cher Horowitz. Christina Applegate looks like the literal sun with glowing skin and hair. Seriously, it looks like she's a ray of sunshine. How does one actually look that bright and shiny? Oh, and she’s sporting a choker. See? We told you that she may have been the reason the trend started. Girlfriend loved herself a good choker.

The next huge break in Christina Applegate’s career would from in 2004’s Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Applegate starred alongside Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell – y’know the biggest names in comedy. Adam McKay’s comedy only earned $90.6 million in the box office, but went on to become a cult classic among fans who repeated the lines literally any chance they got. No, just think back to 2004 when frat boys would say things like "Scotch, scotch, scotch. I love scotch," and think they were funny. Let's all be thankful that annoying time in history is over.

1 When She Wore This Really Cool Belt

While the ‘90s were pretty sexy, with tight dresses, crop tops, and chokers, there were also the decidedly unsexy trends of the ‘90s. Christina Applegate seems to be rocking all the least sexy ‘90s trends in this photo. First, there’s the blazer... with shoulder pads. Why, oh why, did anyone ever think shoulder pads were, like, a good thing? Applegate is also wearing a belt that is… I don’t even know. It’s a weird belt. But, hey, Christina Applegate still looks hot even though she’s wearing some of the worst ‘90s clothes.

After spending the early 2000s starring in comedy films, Applegate returned to her roots with ABC’s Samantha Who? Christina Applegate played a woman suffering from amnesia, who must find out who she really is. Y'know typical network comedy stuff. While the show only lasted two seasons, Applegate was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award each season. So, even if the show isn't great, Christina Applegate is always great.

When She Reminded Us All That She's Still A Hottie


Here’s what makes Christina Applegate such a ‘90s babe – the fact that, in 2017, she’s still a babe. She’s 45 now, and she’s still a total smokeshow. It’s always sad to see your favorite ‘90s hottie go down hill. (Yes, we’re talking about you, Tara Reid.) But, that isn’t the case with Christina Applegate. You can see a picture of Christina Applegate from 1991, 1998, 2009, or 2017 and she looks hot in every single one of them. Girlfriend has literally looked great her entire life.

On the personal front, Christina Applegate married Johnathon Schaech in 2001 but the couple divorced in 2007, which is actually a fairly long marriage by Hollywood’s standards. Applegate remarried in 2013 to Martyn LeNoble, a Dutch bassist. The couple has one daughter together.

All Those Times She Was Absolutely Hilarious

What really sets Christina Applegate apart from other women in Hollywood is the fact that she’s a true comedic talent. She’s smokin' hot, but she’s also hilarious. And, there’s nothing hotter than someone being both gorgeous and hilarious. I mean, just look at her photobombing Leslie Mann, who is another hilarious and gorgeous actress. Christina Applegate seems to always be making everyone around her laugh and for that, she’s beautiful inside and out.

Christina Applegate has been a staple comedy film star for years now, but especially in the 2010s. In the past few years, she starred in Hall Pass, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Vacation, and 2016’s Bad Moms. Bad Moms was an unpredicted smash success, raking in $179.4 million in the box office on a budget of just $20 million. This made Bad Moms arguably even more successful than the other huge female comedy of 2016, Ghostbusters, which brought in $229.1 million but had a budget of $144 million.

'90s Babe Forever

We thought we’d end on this photo of Christina Applegate because she looks pretty much perfect. I mean, she’s like an angel goddess from the heavens, right?

Though she may seem like she’s basically a perfect human being, Christina Applegate has battled through difficulties in her life too. In 2008, it was announced that Christina Applegate was battling breast cancer and had undergone a double mastectomy, even though cancer was only found in one breast. She has since made a full recovery. Applegate’s mother is also a breast cancer survivor, so it’s safe to say that the Applegate women are a tough breed. Since her battle, Christina Applegate has been very outspoken about the need for women to have regular screenings.

Christina Applegate had us laughing in the ‘90s and she still has us laughing in 2017. Girlfriend may have been the ultimate '90s babe, but she's still just as babelicious today.


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