16 Times Chris Pratt Was The Nicest Guy In Hollywood

You may have heard of a little actor named Chris Pratt...? LOL, you’ve definitely heard of Chris Pratt because he’s become Hollywood’s latest golden boy. And, he’s a very unlikely golden boy at that. This is a guy who has never taken acting classes and doesn’t physically fit the role of golden boy. I mean, physically he was more Seth Rogen than Brad Pitt. And yet, he's somehow become one of Hollywood's most successful actors.

Prior to 2014 though, Chris Pratt was not taking Hollywood by storm. He was a soft-body, goofy actor who was on Parks and Recreation and in a few films. Nothing major. Then, 2014 happened and Guardians of the Galaxy was released to rave reviews and box office success, raking in $773.3 million. This started Chris Pratt mania, and then Jurassic World happened. At this point, with the back-to-back success of Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, the whole world had to stop and acknowledge the fact that Chris Pratt had achieved superstar status. BUT HOW? Well, basically because he's the nicest guy in Hollywood. That’s the truth – Chris Pratt really is the nicest guy in Hollywood. His charm and personality are what got him to the top with absolutely no acting classes. (Are people who spent $100,000 on theater degrees cringing at the thought of Chris Pratt’s lack of education and wild success? Sorry, guys.) It’s also his kindness that has helped him stay grounded after becoming Hollywood's newest favorite actor.

Of course, you probably already love Chris Pratt, because what is there not to love? But, let’s just keep loving on this guy. Below are 16 times Chris Pratt was the nicest guy in Hollywood. (Anna Faris, you are one lucky bitch.)

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9 Chris Pratt Has Been Nice For, Um, FOREVER

Are you DYING over that picture of Baby Chris Pratt? Because, I totally am. He looks like such a goofball. Well, Chris Pratt was a goofball in high school and he was also extremely nice. Pratt was raised in Lake Stevens, Washington and apparently he was quite the athlete. Reportedly, Pratt was the fullback on the football team, on the track team, and a state-qualifying wrestler. Even though he was, by definition, a jock, Pratt fit in with everyone in his high school. In a local paper, a former classmate wrote of him: “He was just as popular with the jocks as he was with the preps, stoners, and drama kids.”

In fact, Chris Pratt was so well liked that his classmates chose him to deliver their graduation speech. Basically, anyone Chris Pratt has ever met in his entire life, even during those difficult high school years, has thought he was a nice guy.

That Time He Lived In His Van

Does living in your van mean you’re a nice guy? The way Chris Pratt did it, yes.

After dropping out of community college, Chris Pratt bought a one-way ticket to Maui, Hawaii, where he was content living in a van or in a tent on the beach. In an interview, Chris Pratt explained, “It's a pretty awesome place to be homeless. It would be different if I lived on the streets of Chicago and ate garbage from a dumpster. We just drank and smoked weed and worked minimal hours, 15-20 hours per week, just enough to cover gas, food, and fishing supplies. You know, it was a charming time.”

Put like that, it’s hard to disagree with Chris Pratt on that one. In fact, that whole lifestyle sounds really enticing right about now. What’s really cool about this story is Chris Pratt’s ability to simply live his life. In his early 20s, he wasn’t down for the hustle of achieving the “American Dream” but he was rather about just living life and that’s pretty friggin' cool. Also, the fact that he seems not very materialistic (because materialistic people don't opt for homelessness, right?) adds points to his niceness.

Basically, I just wish it was 2001 again, so I could hang out with homeless Chris Pratt in Hawaii.

8 He Also Once Sold Discount Coupons For A Living

Here’s the thing about Chris Pratt, he’s basically charmed his way to the top of Hollywood. And, I'm not saying that's a bad thing at all. That's a great thing actually! Pratt credits his ability to charm anyone and to handle rejection to his former job – selling coupons door to door. I’m sorry, but isn’t the fact that Chris Pratt once sold coupons for a living and now he’s earning $12 million per movie kind of inspirational? If absolutely nothing else, it makes you want to be nicer to door-to-door salesmen.

About his time selling coupons, Chris Pratt has said, “I was selling coupons for things like oil changes or trips to a spa. I was great at that. That’s why I believe in God and the divine. I feel like it was perfectly planned. People talk about rejection in Hollywood. I’m like, ‘You’re out of your f*cking mind. Did you ever have someone sic their dog on you at an audition?”

Moral of the story is that Chris Pratt HAD A DOG SICCED ON HIM.

He Broke Into Hollywood Simply Because He Was Nice

Now that I’ve written about Chris Pratt’s early days selling coupons and being homeless in Hawaii, you may be wondering how the hell this guy got his start in Hollywood. Well, it was really just his overall charm that got him his foot in the door. While serving tables at Bubba Gump in Hawaii – yes, another pre-fame job Chris Pratt had – he was serving actress Rae Dawn Chong. Pratt asked Chong if she was in movies. When Chong replied that yes she was, indeed, in movies, Pratt gushed about how he’d always wanted to be in movies too. Chong decided that this cute, nice, charismatic server deserved a shot in Hollywood, so she put him in her directorial debut Cursed Part III. And so, the story goes that Chris Pratt moved to LA to be in Cursed Part III and the rest is history.

Chris Pratt was literally just a nice, talkative server at Bubba Gump (!!!) and that’s how he broke into Hollywood. Chris Pratt, you goddamn stud.

His Good, Ol' Fashioned Work Ethic

It’s easy to envy the stars of Hollywood. I mean, they are rich and famous and beautiful. They live luxurious lives. Hell, even their dogs live better lives than the working class Americans. Those are all things to envy, but some stars have worked very hard to achieve their enviable lifestyle. I mean, while there is a good amount of nepotism in Hollywood (and everywhere for that matter), some stars really do work their way up. One of those stars is Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt wasn’t born into a Hollywood family. Instead, in 2000, he moved to LA and stared in that short film Cursed Part III. His next big break was in 2002, when he landed a role on Everwood, which would last until 2006. When Everwood ended, Pratt then landed a guest spot on The O.C. Following this, he landed small roles in feature films like Wanted, Bride Wars, and Jennifer’s Body. His biggest break came in 2009’s Park and Recreation, a whole eight years after taking a leap of faith and moving to LA. Pratt's Parks and Rec character was actually only supposed to be in the first season of the show. But, of course, Chris Pratt was so friggin’ charming and nice that they wrote him into the show. Sometimes, being nice gets you far… especially in a place like Hollywood.

How Chris Pratt And Anna Farris Got Together

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris may be Hollywood’s most in love couple ever. Seriously, these two love each other more than anyone else ever. They are always laughing, and hugging, and kissing, and I swear I’m totally not jealous of Anna Faris or anything.

It turns out that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris fell for each other in the weirdest way a couple can possibly fall for each other. They met on the set of Take Me Home Tonight in 2007. They played love interests in the movie, which is, admittedly, a pretty typical start to a Hollywood romance... except for the bugs. In an interview, Anna Faris explained that the first time she went over Chris Pratt’s place, he showed her his dead bug collection. And, apparently, Anna Faris also collects dead bugs. (What are the odds of that weird sh*t?) In that moment, Anna Faris felt they were so destined to be together that she started crying. Faris concluded the story by saying, “I was like, I’ve met the man of my dreams. We both have dead bug collections.”

That's... interesting.

And He Really, Really, Really Loves Anna Farris

No one is as in love as Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. Actually, Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Paul are also so obnoxiously in love too. If you follow either Aaron Paul or Lauren Paul on social media, it’s just the mushiest, most in love posts ever. He even calls her "little bird." LIKE, REALLY?

But, this is about Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, who also really, really, really love each other. Just Google them. There’s about 60, 000 pictures of them kissing and hugging and laughing. So much laughing. These two laugh so much on the red carpet that we just want to be part of the inside joke. Honestly though, their whole relationship seems like one big inside joke that we’re on the outside of. Swoon.

How much does Chris Pratt love Anna Faris? He's stated that he loves her so much that it’s made him believe in divine intervention, because he believes she is the one person he’s supposed to be with in life. (Excuse me while I go cry.)

7 He Also Plays The Guitar, Ladies

Chris Pratt plays guitar. And, now, I’m imagining him - homeless, drunk, and on a beach in Hawaii - just strumming that guitar. It’s a really nice vision if I do say so myself. Anyway, Chris Pratt can sing and play the guitar, which he’s actually done in quite a few of his roles including The O.C. and Parks and Recreation. He also brought his musical skills to the stage when he hosted SNL in 2014, serenading Anna Faris who was sitting in the front row. (Again, they are so cute that I want to vomit.) At the Jurassic World premiere party, Chris Pratt even jumped on stage with Jimmy Buffet. I’m sorry, but is there anything that Chris Pratt can’t do?

Also, do you think he writes Anna Faris love songs all day about their bug collections?

Let's Talk About Moneyball

Chris Pratt may be ripped now, but he wasn’t always so toned. In fact, when he auditioned for Moneyball, he was straight up told that they wouldn’t cast him because he was too fat for the role. (Could you imagine someone saying that to your face?) Hearing this, Pratt decided he was going to lose the weight and get the part. He worked out, thoroughly dieted and kept checking to see if the role was cast. When he had lost 30 lbs, he sent a photo of himself to the casting director, who then gave Pratt the role. This was a huge role in his career, as it was a dramatic and mature role in a critically acclaimed film. After this, Pratt gained the weight back for his role in 10 years, then he lost it again for Zero Dark Thirty. All in all, it seems that his high school wrestling experience probably came in handy for the insane weight gains and losses of his career thus far.

For the record, Chris Pratt blamed his fluffy physique on Anna Faris because she loves cooking for him. (OF COURSE.) After he slimmed down and toned up, Faris said that she prefers "Fat Pratt" as she lovingly calls him.

6 Guys, THIS Is His One "Diva" Thing

There are always rumors about the diva demands of Hollywood’s elite, from Will Smith’s allegedly two-city-block trailer to Beyonce’s handmade ice balls. (Yo, but what even is a handmade ice ball?!) Chris Pratt is 100% not on Will Smith or Beyonce's level. Chris Pratt has one diva thing that he does, but it’s not even a diva thing. Actually, the fact that he even thinks this is diva behavior is kind of cute. What exactly is his "diva thing?" In Cigar Aficionado, Pratt revealed that his diva thing is... cigars. Chris Pratt explained, “The Brits are so polite. There I am, smoking these little cigars on the set and it is, in fact, illegal, but they were so reluctant to finally say, ‘I’m very sorry, but I’m afraid it’s against the law.’ And I said, ‘No, no, that’s cool — just tell me when the cops come.’”

First of all, how very Star Lord of him to just be like 'tell me when the cops come' right? Pratt went on to say that he shows up on time, knows his lines and this is his one diva habit. Smoke on, Chris Pratt. Also, if he gets arrested for smoking illegal cigars in England, won’t we all just love him a little bit more?

5 That Time He Trolled His Vanity Fair Photos

Chris Pratt took to social media to troll his own Vanity Fair photoshoot, which is a perfect example of why Chris Pratt is so damn lovable. I mean, Vanity Fair took these super hot photos of Chris Pratt... and he made fun of them. He made fun of them, guys! Chris Pratt, despite being a Hollywood star who does hot photoshoots, is still down to earth and doesn’t take himself – or photos of himself – too seriously. It’s so refreshing, right?

Pratt posed a photo of him leaning against a racecar with the caption, “Here's me waiting for the photoshoot to start. I was like, 'Well guys, I'll just chill over here by my race car and rub my neck real quick. You know what I'm sayin'.'"

Chris Pratt went on to make fun of photos taken of him in the water, rubbing his hands over a fire, in between two rocks, and drinking a beer. Photoshoots are, quite frankly, bullsh*t so it’s hilarious and delightful that Chris Pratt gets that.

4 That Time He Visited A Children's Hospital

The Marvel Universe is apparently full of really nice, guys. Case in point: Chris Pratt and Chris Evans (aka Captain American) made a bet on the 2016 Super Bowl, where the loser had to go visit a children’s hospital of the other’s choosing. Chris Pratt lost, so he visited a children’s hospital dressed as Star-Lord and even brought along a Baby Groot. But, Chris Evans is a nice guy too and, even though he won, he came along to the children's hospital. Way to be real superheroes, guys.

Chris Pratt's made many hospital visits. He and Anna Faris’ son Jack was born nine weeks early, leaving them spending much time in the NICU. Since then, Chris Pratt has made a point to make frequent visits to NICUs, posting the photos to social media. Can Chris Pratt get any sweeter? No, no we think not.

3 That Time He Braided Anna Farris' Hair

CHRIS PRATT BRAIDED ANNA FARIS’ HAIR. Ugh, I just don’t even have much to say about this because it’s so sweet. Like, I can't even deal with this level of sweetness.

Apparently, Chris Pratt's sister taught him to braid hair at a young age, so Chris Pratt has always known how to braid hair. When Pratt and Faris started dating, he would braid her hair every night before bed and it became their little ritual. (SERIOUSLY?!) But, then her hair started breaking off. So, Anna Faris’ mother told her that the braid could be to blame and suggested that she French braid her hair instead, as this distributes the starting point and the pressure. Chris Pratt, being the best man to have ever been created, upped his braid game and learned how to French braid just so he could French braid his wife’s hair. THIS GUY.

2 All The Times He's Been Real About His Weight

The thing that is so relatable (or as relatable as a Hollywood star can get) about Chris Pratt is how open and honest he is about himself and his weight. He often talks about the hard work he puts into his body and how much he likes to indulge. Pratt will talk about how much he loves drinking beer and eating food, which makes us love him even more. I mean, there’s nothing more annoying than celebrities who claim to like eating healthy. (Yes, I’m talking about Gwyneth Paltrow.)

After training for Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt posted the above photo to Instagram and the world was like, “WTF!!!” No, but really, everyone lost their sh*t over his newly ripped body. What’s so great about this photo - beyond his abs - is the fact that Pratt’s caption read, “Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me.” YAS, even Chris Pratt knows how lame gym selfies are. And, even with a ripped body, he’s still hilarious when he talks about said body. Way to be you, Chris Pratt.

That Time He Didn't Want To Audition For GotG

Guys, Chris Pratt didn’t want to audition for Guardians of the Galaxy. And, his reason is going to break your heart. So, ol' Chris Pratt had read for the James T. Kirk in 2009’s Star Trek and the Jake Sully role in 2009’s Avatar. He obviously didn’t get either of those roles, as they went to Chris Pine and Matt Damon respectively. Of the auditions, Pratt said, “They said they want somebody that has 'that thing', that 'it factor'. I walked into that room knowing that I did not have that thing, and I walked out thinking I would never have that thing, probably.”

Does your heart just break for him? Pratt went on to say that his fear, after these auditions, was that he’d be back to working in a restaurant. Considering the fact that he was even getting in the room to read for these roles, Pratt should have known that he was on his way in Hollywood, but even someone on the up and up in Hollywood can have doubts about making it. Because of his dark feelings after those two readings, Pratt turned down the opportunity to even read for Star-Lord because he didn’t want to feel that deep disappointment again. Again, doesn't your heart just break for young Chris Pratt?

Well, the casting director refused to give up, arranging a meeting between Pratt and James Gunn. The stars aligned, because James Gunn said that he knew in moments that Chris Pratt was the perfect Star-Lord.

1 That Time He Tried To Find Out THAT Easter Egg

For those of you who are unaware, there is a HUGE Easter egg in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy that no one has found. Director James Gunn claims that no one on the Internet has yet to identify a major Easter egg he’s hidden in Guardians. But, James Gunn also refuses to tell fans what exactly it is. Annoying? Yes. Kind of fun? Sure. Well, Chris Pratt, because he's such a perfect man, tried to find out what the Easter egg is. But, alas, James Gunn wouldn’t spill. As Chris Pratt told an interviewer, “He won’t tell me sh*t.” Well, nice try and thanks for looking out for the fans, Chris Pratt.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Chris Pratt is a blessing to all of us mere mortals. He’s a superstar, but, more importantly, he's just a really nice dude.

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