16 Times BBT's Penny And Bernadette Grabbed Our Attention With Their Fashion

There aren't many sitcoms in the history of television that have had the same success as The Big Bang Theory. Now currently airing the 11th season, viewership for the series is still continuing to impress with over 17 million people tuning in on average. With the current cast only under contract through 12 seasons, you can imagine interest will continue to grow towards the series' inevitable conclusion.

While the show can attribute much of the success to the male stars, such as Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, the assets that they bring to the show aren't what we're going to put on display today.

Instead, we turn our focus to two of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood with Melissa Rauch and Kaley Cuoco. How they choose to present themselves on the show may vary at times, but by the end of this list, it'll be easy to see why fans are so captivated by them.

The only question left to ask is, who do you think has the best sense of style? As it turns out, this is the kind of question that there is no right answer to.

16 Penny As Wonder Woman

There is no question that one of the most successful and beloved films from this past summer was Wonder Woman. And as tremendous as Kaley Cuoco looks in the role of the Amazing Amazon, we're sure you don't mind that Gal Gadot is reprising the role for the sequel!

That being said, while Gadot may be a more talented Wonder Woman, Cuoco may very well have the edge when it comes to looks.

Granted her version of the character from The Big Bang Theory also leaves a lot less to the imagination than Gadot's! The Big Bang Theory put Cuoco in costume for the episode, "The Justice League Recombination" in season 4.

15 Bernadette As Cinderella 

While it must be fun to be an actor, you can imagine it's a job that involves some seriously long hours on the set at times. Which is why when the cast of a show gets to dress up in something that's a little different than their typical attire, that it must help inject a lot of fun and excitement into that week's episode.

It just so happens that one of the most memorable episodes of the series, "The Contractural Obligation Implementation" which came out in season 6 allowed the girls' to dress up as princesses. While they all looked great, did anyone look better than Rauch as Cinderella?

14 Penny's Most Seductive Look?

Kaley Cuoco has surely gotten herself in some situations on the show where she leaves very little to the imagination on The Big Bang Theory. And while she looks amazing throughout this list, if she needed that extra little boost to give her the edge over Rauch, we may have found it with this entry.

With Cuoco looking, it may also explain why her co-star Johnny Galecki was enamoured enough with Cuoco that the two engaged in a relationship for several years. They both also deserve a lot of credit for managing to end their relationship in a healthy manner and continue to work together.

13 Bernadette In The Bedroom

Eventually, the show ran a storyline where Bernadette got pregnant. When discussing the situation with US Magazine, Rauch revealed how she broke the news to her parents,

"I’ve been asked if I’m pregnant in real life, so I actually called my parents before the episode aired and was like, “You’re TV grandparents. That’s all!”

You can imagine that Howie and Bernadette must have had many long talks in the bedroom over the course of their relationship. And if this pink outfit is what Rauch elects to be wearing to bed, then you can imagine it may also be his favorite place to have a discussion!


12 Penny Checking Herself Out

It's hard to imagine that when Kaley Cuoco goes out in public, that she doesn't have to worry about everyone staring at her everywhere she goes. Which means that when she goes into a dressing room and tries on a new dress, it's possible she does exactly what her character, Penny is doing in our next entry.

When you learn that when she tried it on, instead of being feeling sexy, Cuoco made a joke that the dress would help her fit in at the "H--kers and Wh-res" division at her work, you may understand why she put the dress back on the shelf.

Just in case you need to see her try it on again though, you can find it in the episode "The Space Probe Disintegration" in season 8.

11 Bernadette In The Rackstastic Red Dress

When describing the outfit on the show, Penny stated Bernadette was wearing a "Racktastic Red Dress" from Forever 21. It'd be hard to imagine there weren't plenty of women out there who flocked to the malls after that to try and find a dress that could make them look that good.

The above outfit was worn in the episode, "The Santa Simulation" and was part of the 6th season of the series. While this wasn't the most festive part of the Christmas episode, it may very well have been the most memorable part! In the episode, Raj was the only guy that was allowed to go out on the ladies' 'girl night'. Perhaps Bernadette showing Howie her figure with this outfit was her way of telling him he was on the naughty list.

10 Penny At The Beginning

Now it's possible you look at this earlier season photo of Cuoco and think that it may give her the edge over Rauch as far as you're concerned. But one of the sexiest things a woman can have is confidence. And if you ask Cuoco about some of her earliest looks, you'll hear the answer of a woman who definitely doesn't think she looks her best.

"I do stop and watch because I'm appalled by what I'm seeing, I'm like, 'Kaley, what is that choice?'"

"I usually put it on mute because I cannot stand the sound of my voice, especially early on. But (I look to) kind of see what I was wearing, and it's hilarious."

9 Classic Bernadette

When discussing the character of Bernadette with US Magazine, Rauch drew some similarities but also a hilarious difference

"With Bernadette, we’re both hardworking, career women. Unfortunately, I don’t have any knowledge of science like her. My high school science teachers are watching me on TV and calling a major bulls–t."

The above outfit is perhaps one of the more 'classic' looks that you often see on Bernadette. But just because it's a more casual and less revealing look than something Cuoco may be putting on display in our list, it doesn't make the photo or Rauch any less captivating.

8 Penny Trying To Find A Date Dress

If you're a huge fan of this dress, you were probably disappointed that it was only seen on the screen for a few seconds before Penny went and got changed. Why? Because Bernadette shot the dress down! Perhaps she was just aware that Penny would have been too fierce of competition if the audience would have seen her in that dress.

After all, Amy did reply saying that Bernadette couldn't handle the raw sexuality of Penny!

Considering Penny was trying to decide on a date night outfit, we're sure Leonard was not to happy that she put this one back in the closet.

7 Bernadette In Her Wedding Dress

There are some shows that pack the wedding episodes full of nearly every guest star that you can think of. However, when The Big Bang Theory elected to tie the knot with Bernadette and Howard, they decided to do so with a much smaller ceremony that was only attended by family and the main core.

Granted, it also took place on the roof of Penny/Sheldon/Leonard's building, so how much space could you really have?

It may have been a smaller wedding, but there is no question that Bernadette didn't look beautiful in white!

6 Penny Embracing Her Nerdy Side

As far as most of the characters are concerned on The Big Bang Theory, they're fairly intelligent. If there's one person who doesn't fit that stereotype, it's Penny.

Maybe she was just trying to fit in when she elected to throw on a pair of glasses and embrace the 'sexy nerd' stereotype!

When discussing how much knowledge the cast actually has on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, however, Cuoco revealed,

"I would like to pretend I could, and the guys on the show like to say they’ve learned things… they haven’t learned anything. It is all bs. I mean we have real people there who have actual real brains who write all of that stuff. We, not so much. We just say what’s on the page and do the best we can to get through."

5 Bernadette As a Beauty Queen

You don't get a more shocking departure from the character of Bernadette than you do with our next entry. But any fan of the series had to know that an outfit from her run for Miss California Quiznos 1999 was going to make an appearance on our list. Sorry if it makes you start craving a Quiznos sandwich though!

This hilarious part of Bernadette's backstory came to light during the episode "The Troll Manifestation" which was in season 8. She wasn't the only character to have an embarrassing backstory get revealed, but you can understand why she may have wanted this part of her life to remain secret. Even if she does still look pretty good!

4 Penny Getting Excited

Kaley Cuoco looks incredibly excited in our next entry, though it's possible you're the one who is excited to get to see her in another stunning outfit! While Cuoco can sometimes dress it up, to great results, some of her best outfits on the show come when she is willing to relax and let her more casual side shine.

Granted for fans of Cuoco's good looks, they may also love that her idea of something casual is wearing shorts that can barely be seen! Something tells us that Leonard also does a dance whenever he gets to see Cuoco unwind in an outfit like this. For Cuoco, it's probably means a lot less time in the makeup chair, which is always a plus.

3 Bernadette At The Cheesecake Factory

The ladies of The Big Bang Theory may have moved on from The Cheesecake Factory, but that doesn't mean the show (and the outfits) weren't an integral part of the story.

Rauch may not have had experience working at the Cheesecake factory in real life, but she was no stranger to having to wait on tables. In a past interview, Rauch revealed,

"My first waitress job was at Johnny Rockets in New Jersey, and then I waited tables at a sports bar."

Something tells us she probably had a lot more fun pretending to be a waitress on TV than she ever did performing the actual job in real life!

2 Penny From Season 11

The Big Bang Theory is continuing to impress critics with its 11th season. One of the most recent episodes of the series, "The Novelization Correlation" was loved by critics and also featured a guest spot by Will Wheaton, as well as Kevin Sussman's character, Stuart.

But as tremendous as Wheaton and Sussman are whenever they stop by, the highlight of the episode may have been the 'alter-ego' that is in Leonard's book that Penny got to play out. Who, not shockingly, just happened to look like a total babe. Though she does have one hell of a serious face, so you best not try and piss her off!

1 Bernadette From Season 11

Penny wasn't the only character who got to look great in black for the recent episode, "The Novelization Correlation". While we don't know if it gets Rauch any bonus points, at least in this photo you also get a shot of Stuart's character in the episode.

We're sure that any episode that Rauch has filmed in season 11 may be among her favorites if only for the pay cheque involved. It was announced back in 2017 that Rauch and Bialik would both receive $500,000 per episode, a $300,000 bump up from their previous salary. They can owe some of their good fortunes to their other castmates who all elected to take a $100,000 pay cut for this season.

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