16 Times Ariel Winter Copied Kylie Jenner

This particular copycat theory started off as a bit of "The Chicken and The Egg" conundrum... which came first? Was Kylie copying Ariel? Or was it the other way around? Or was it just all a complete coincidence? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if celebrities are copying one another or just wearing the same latest looks from popular designers. However, thanks to Instagram and posts with timestamps, the mystery was eventually solved.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Kylie Jenner, it seems, doesn't agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. Kylie has let it be known that while she feels slightly complimented by the copycat efforts, she is proud of her unique sense of style and feels annoyed that Ariel is constantly stealing her look. She said that she wishes Ariel would develop her own style rather than copying her. Some people say that Kylie doesn't have much room to talk as she seemed to steal a certain sister's face via plastic surgery. A simple Google search will reveal that Miss Jenner was looking mighty different a few years back. Either way and whichever side you happen to be on, we do think that you will enjoy this list, an ultimate Who Wore It Better? showdown between Kylie Jenner 2.0 and accused Kylie copycat, Modern Family actress Ariel Winter.


16 The Sheer Shimmery Sparkle Dress For The Emmys Look

Kylie Jenner chose to wear this sheer, shimmery, sparkly frock first for New York Fashion Week on September 8, 2016. She paired it with a contrasting casual light blue denim jacket. Just ten days later, Ariel picked a longer and more formal version of the same dress with a split to reveal some skin as Ariel loves to do. Another copy of Kylie's look was Ariel's decision to put her dark tresses into a low bun while Kylie had hers in a high bun. Though two very different events, attendees are encouraged to dress to impress to both. Mission accomplished, ladies. Ariel received a ton of compliments for her look at the Emmys which afforded onlookers with a sneaky peek at the tiger face tattoo (representing protectiveness in her personal life) she sports on her upper back.

15 The White Tank Private Selfie Look


It's almost hard to tell where Ariel ends and Kylie begins in this side by side photo... they have similar full pouts in the same color, same length of black hair that they've let down and same look into the camera. Fans of the two girls couldn't help but notice that soon after Kylie posted a private-looking selfie, taken from the comfort of her home while wearing a white tank top and giving a sultry stare into the lens... Ariel did the exact same thing! The photo Ariel posted to her Instagram is nearly identical to Kylie's though Ariel's is more on the natural side while Kylie's face is heavily made up with layers of product. Ariel also raises the stakes a bit by posing with her arm behind her head in a flirty way.

14 The Dark Blue Lace Formal Look

Perhaps this was just another day in plastic paradise for Kylie but Ariel took things up a notch by wearing a dress very similar to Kylie's, in dark blue lace, to her prom. Now the dress a girl selects for her prom is a very big deal. Girls start fantasizing about the prom dress of their dreams years in advance so the fact that Ariel copied Kylie's dark blue lace for her very own prom dress is probably the highest fashion theft compliment one 18-year-old girl could pay to another 18-year-old girl. When you take Ariel's net worth into consideration, it's clear that she quite literally could have bought any dress, regardless of price, in the world. Still, she chose a look that we can only assume she saw on Kylie first.

13 The Cleavage On Display Look


Wow, at first glance it's hard to tell this actually is a photo of Ariel Winter next to the littlest Jenner. She looks so different! But that's Ariel whose black hair stands out in sharp contrast against her creamy pale complexion unlike her style twin, Kylie who is perfectly fake tanned. But the similarities between the two are still plentiful. They are both not afraid to show a whole lot of cleavage to the world. While Kylie is wearing a skimpy tank top, Ariel prefers to show her busty side in a cut-out keyhole halter top.

Maybe it's simply the talent of a skilled actress or maybe Ariel has been studying Kylie's Instagram account in order to nail the whole sexy yet dead inside stare. Ariel has a hint of a smile playing at the corners of her mouth so she'll need to work on the look some more. Any true Kardashian-Jenner knows that the mark of a good selfie conveys that they have no soul but regardless will enjoy a few thousand likes for the pic anyway.

12 The Cornrows And Sweatpants Look

Now, this look is pretty darn specific which doesn't help matters much for the I'm not copying Kylie argument if, in fact, that is Ariel's stance on this situation. Ariel and Kylie both sport boxer braids and tight tops ironically paired with what appear to be men's oversized baggy sweatpants. Ariel decided to give things a twist, going for a strapless corset type garment instead of a sports bra like Kylie's grey top. If you'll notice, Ariel has even taken to leaning with the same hip that Kylie dipped in her photo. Way to copy, Ariel! She is really good at this. As always, she sees Kylie's pose and raises her a thumb hooked in the waistband for an extra dose of attitude. While Kylie looks strangely angry or frustrated in her pic with her forehead bunched up, Ariel looks the 4 Cs all the way: calm, cool, confident and collected. And for a gold star, one extra C for Copying!

11 The White Tie-Up Top Look


Kylie was the first one to send her fans atwitter when she posted this pic of herself in a white tie-up top. Ariel decided to do the same only on a more much racy scale. Ariel's white top looks like it is barely being held together by the flimsy strings and could break loose causing a major top malfunction at any moment which, based on her recent trend of skin-showing outfits, probably was the intended look. She tucked the stringy top into a black miniskirt with black boots while she was in attendance to none other than the concert of Kylie's brother-in-law at the Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour in Inglewood, California. It's a good thing Ariel took this picture so that she has a memento from the concert because halfway through, Kanye stopped singing and canceled the rest of the concert due to hoarseness.

10 The Cotton Candy Pink Hair With Matching Lipstick Look

Experimenting with hair color can be fun to try and even though Kylie's shade of pink is lighter and more cotton candy-ish than Ariel's, the likeness between these two young celebs in uncanny. They both have almost identical brown eyes, similarly shaped noses and full lips even if, like the pink dye job on both girls, Kylie's lips did not come about in a natural way. Speaking of, the color of lipstick they are wearing looks almost identical. They are also wearing similar expressions and the photos are both close-ups taken at a slightly upward angle. All Ariel is missing is a headset with a microphone! This side-by-side photo is not a good piece of evidence if Ariel says she is not copying Kylie. If she says she is, however, you've got to give the girl credit! She's a master re-enactor!


9 The Cheeky Vacation With Friends Look


Ariel takes her business of copying Kylie's Instagram photos seriously. It's hard work copying someone else's style. Ariel makes it work and play, especially while on vacation. When Kylie posted a pic of her and friend showing off their respective black and white string bikini'd backsides at a pool, Ariel upped the ante and recruited a friend of hers to pose with her in a much more compromising situation with a full view of two full moons. In true Ariel nature, she raises the stakes by having not just a pretty poolside view but a glorious view of the ocean in a paradise setting. We're sure that she thinks the view she gave her Twitter followers was pretty glorious, too, in her own way!

8 The Cleavage Peekaboo Dress Look

Kylie showed up to an event wearing a super tight taupe-colored full-length bodysuit with what appears to be a bondage-inspired top. Soon after, Ariel stunned Modern Family fans everywhere when she posted a photo of herself in a pale pink dress version of Kylie's bodysuit at her private high school graduation party with family and friends, thrown by her older sister, Shanelle, and brother-in-law. This was one of the very first instances that fans saw of Ariel's fearless change when it comes to her clothing options. Some of her followers were more outraged than stunned and couldn't believe that she would wear a dress that showed so much cleavage, especially to a high school grad party. To respond to the hate, Ariel posted a message on her Twitter account. "Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked HOT in that dress. And if you hate it, don't buy it. But please get a hobby. XOXO Ariel"

7 The Beach Black-Bathing-Suit Bum Look


Kylie (on the right) took her extensions out, went back to black and posted this poolside shot of her backside. Just two days after Kylie made it known that she had chopped her locks, Ariel got a haircut with some more inches cut from her already short black bob hairstyle and posted this pic which seems to take Kylie's up a notch seeing as Ariel is not simply poolside but in a crystal clear dreamy-looking ocean somewhere beautiful and tropical. From this angle, you might think it's the same girl on a luxurious vacation spree... if, that is, you didn't already know that Ariel seems to have an addiction to copying Kylie's Instagram content. Their hair is the same length and Ariel chose a black bathing suit as well. Even the color of water is the same pretty shade of aqua blue!

6 The Gold Bathing Suit At A Resort Look

Call them gold bathing suits, call them yellow bathing suits, whatever you please. One thing you can't call them is original. At least not on Ariel's part. Oh yes, she always manages to put her own creative spin on the details but as for the original concept... well, that she can't take credit for. Here, Kylie poses for a photo we are supposed to believe is candid in a gold bikini while Ariel shoots a selfie in a gold bathing suit with a design cut-out in the middle showing off her belly. Both girls appear to be at a resort of some kind but who knows? Maybe they are in their private homes after all. Either way, this side-by-side is just one more example of Ariel playing "Simon Says" with Kylie... the Instagram edition!

5 The Black Over-The-Knee Boots, Short Shorts And Jacket Look


On first glance, you might feel tempted to brush this one off. You might say, "Just because one young female reality star wore thigh-high boots, jean shorts and an oversized jacket and then a young female TV star wore knee-high boots, jean shorts and an oversized jacket soon after... that doesn't mean anything. That's how teenagers in the biz dress these days." But we would urge you naysayers to look a bit closer. Firstly, the boots are so similar, almost exactly in length. The denim shorts, though not the same color, both have fraying on the ends and exposed pockets sticking through the underside. While the T-shirts and jackets are different colors too, all of the same pieces of clothing are there. The look is ultimately there. Oh yes, Ariel the copycat has struck again.

4 The Big Red Look

Ariel was probably so excited when she saw that Kylie had dyed her hair bright red. Now Ariel had a reason to pay homage to her namesake from the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid. Though Ariel's hair seems more natural and Kylie's is so bright and vibrant that it screams dye job, the timing here was really key in proving a case of copycat-itis on Ariel's part. Braiding her hair in cornrows, turning her head to the side and imposing a red kiss mark on her cheek might have been just too over the top but even in this natural-looking photo, it's clear as day that Ariel was once again Kylie-inspired to head to her hair stylist and request a big red change.

3 The Lipstick And Dark Hair Smoldering Look


The two girls look very similar here with their dark hair in voluminous waves, their brown eyes standing out thanks to layers of perfectly applied mascara and lipsticked pouts to top off the look. Sure, there are a couple of differences in these photos with the part in Ariel's hair and their shades of lip color. But overall, it's that smoldering stare that is so similar. When you think about it, Ariel could very well be risking her rising, cushy career by copying a Kardashian. Ariel hit actress gold with her role as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family and the middle Dunphy child is the furthest thing from a Kardashian. Maybe she is missing out on similar parts due to her ever-increasing risqué looks? Then again, maybe that's exactly why she's making it a point to prove she's no Alex Dunphy in real life. If her upcoming movie, Dog Years is any indication, that guess is right on the money.

2 The Like Parent, Like Child Look

You know what they say... like parent, like child. If you are truly after capturing someone's personal style, what better way to fully immerse yourself in their world than getting to know someone who raised them? Being a parent to Kylie, Caitlyn was obviously integral in raising her. Ariel looks all too happy to have her photo taken with reality star Caitlyn and her caption just really says it all. "Met Caitlyn and she called me her second daughter she was so sweet!" Ariel gushed/bragged/fan-girled about meeting her style icon's parent. Being called a "second daughter" (the first time they met!) by Caitlyn definitely seems like it was dream come true for Ariel and she seems perfectly natural standing next to Caitlyn.

1 The Cleavage-Baring High-Waisted Pantsuit Look


In yet another copycat move, Ariel takes a page from Kylie's wardrobe playbook and dresses in a similarly styled high-waisted pantsuit that does not beat around the bush when it comes to showing cleavage. Her top is more of a crop top and the stripes on her suit are giving us major mafia girl costume vibes. But instead of being inspired by Scarface or Halloween, we think it's much more likely that she was inspired by Kylie given her pattern of seemingly stolen style in the past. Though Ariel's suit is on the other spectrum of color than Kylie's and is minus the ruffles, the similarity between the two can not be denied. More similar is Ariel's dark hair, worn loose as Kylie's was and their shade of lipstick also looks identical.

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