16 Things You Didn't Know The Force Could Do

So you're standing there getting ready to commence a duel with a Sith Lord. You're all prepared for him to hit you up with some Force lightning and then BAM he decides he'd rather torture you and goes with a Force Net and now you don't have any of your abilities and you're slowly getting constricted.

Then he uses the Force power of Darkshear to create a spear and then hurl it through you. Oh but he's not done because then he's going to manipulate your life itself to bring you back and find all new ways to dispose of you. Yikes, if only you could have used Flow-Walk and been able to see that future unfold for you!

The life of being a Jedi or Sith lord is definitely one that is full of learning, and when you learn about the 16 things you didn't know the Force could do, including all those things in that above battle, you can understand why you'd want to be such a good student!

We've got some of the most powerful and unique uses of The Force in the history of Star Wars that you may not be aware of, but absolutely should be.


16 Force Net - Removes Your Force Powers, Then Kills You


Are you claustrophobic? If so then our opening power is definitely going to be enough to get you sweaty just thinking about it. Primarily utilized by Sith, the Force Net boils down to the ability to create a physical net made of dark energy that would start to wrap around whoever was unlucky to get on their bad side.

Then the net starts to constrict against you, and if that wasn't bad enough, it's also going to restrict your Force powers and all of your strength. You then get to die as the net slices through your body.

The technique was once used against Ben Skywalker but he was thankfully able to escape. Lomi Plo, seen above, was also a prominent user of this technique.

15 Theran Force-Listening - Understand Any Foreign Language


When it comes to Force powers on our list that earn some points for the cool factor and perhaps not so much for the badass factor, we definitely have to heavily consider Theran Force-Listening. Perhaps best exemplified by Jacen and Jaina Solo (seen above), this Force ability would allow the user to understand any foreign language that was being spoken to them. While you can imagine that is plenty handy when traveling around different planets, the power takes on another level when you learn that you also have the ability to listen to people talking from a considerable distance, making super sneaky spy stuff all the easier!

One of the most prominent examples of this was Jaina Solo who was able to listen in on Boba Fett who was chilling out three floors above her.

14 Torture By Chagrin - Forced To Re-Live Your Worst Memories


No matter how strong of a person you may be, everyone has memories from their past life that they would rather not relive. So why not have a dark side Force ability that literally allows the user to make their victim relive their worst memories over again and again.

As if this wasn't enough, the creator Rokur Gepta found that after using it his subjects were actually smarter, meaning he often used it on the crew of his ship.

Lando Calrissian is perhaps the most famous name to be tortured through this means (by Gepta), but thankfully was able to escape after 30 minutes.

13 Plant Surge - Control Over The Plant Life Around You


We're going to be honest, there are definitely some powers on here that absolutely make Plant Surge seem like child's play, but it truly is still a ridiculously unique and cool usage of the Force.

Essentially Plant Surge allows the user to channel life energy into surrounding plants, often being used to greatly increase the speed and growth of plants in battle and using them in trap-like situations. Complete control over the plant world around you also comes in handy when traveling around in jungles in search of cool space stuff!

An'Ya Kuro was an incredibly powerful warrior who attempted to restrain Darth Vader in a battle using Plant Surge, but he proved too powerful and cut away at the plants and then at her life!

12 Force Weapon - Infuse Force Power Into Any Object. Can Deflect Lightsabers.


One of the coolest members of the X-Men is Gambit, who has the ability to transfer energy into objects and create some kickass objects with them (namely throwing cards). So are you really shocked that being able to infuse energy into weapons is something that is also WICKED cool in the Star Wars universe?

Force Weapon allows the user to infuse the power of the Force into any weapon and turn it into a deadly tool, including one that is able to deflect lightsabers (which you can imagine is essential for some users).

Ramping things up to an even higher level, both Darth Vader and Starkiller used this ability to pimp out their lightsabers, including Starkiller making it so his lightsaber emits Force lightning.

11 Force Cloak - Become Invisible (Physically and Audibly)

Via wookiepedia

You definitely would not be alone if you were incredibly jealous of Harry Potter and his Invisibility Cloak. But do you think they need one of those in the Star Wars universe? Heck no! Especially when Force Cloak exists and largely carries with it the same principle. But instead of putting something on, Force users would photo-kinetically alter the light and sound waves around them in order to become completely invisible (both visually and audibly).

There is also a more advanced version in which instead of making yourself disappear, you literally just alter the mind of whoever you are around in order to remove yourself from their awareness.

Several prominent users were able to utilize Force Cloak including Luke Skywalker, Darth Traya, Maris Brook and Anakin Skywalker.

10 Battle Meditation - Increase Stamina, Ability, and Morale In Battle


You can imagine that the life of a Jedi is definitely one that is going to be full of battles. So why not make sure you have a Force power to help really turn the tide? Battle Meditation is best described by Arca Jeth who said, "Sometimes a warrior receives assistance from an unexpected source, an in-rush of light, blasting away his fear and despair, releasing new inner strength! Yes, a war is much more than arms and armor. Half of every conflict is the will to win. We are Jedi. We must recognize that the will to win, and the power of war, are given sometimes by the dark side. And sometimes, as dawn throws back the night, victory is given…by the light!"

In more simple terms, proper implementation of battle meditation will lead to a dramatic increase in stamina, overall prowess, and morale. This has also been used by Sith lords to try and better control their armies.

Luke and Yoda both studied battle meditation and Leia even was able to implement it against Emperor Palpatine. It was also prominently used by Darth Caedus and Bastila Shan, the latter of whom used it extensively during the Jedi Civil War.


9 Doppelganger - Create Perfect Duplicates of Self or Object


Now, we have to be completely honest, being able to complete a perfect illusion of yourself, as users who are Force sensitive with the doppelganger power can do, may very well be one of the coolest powers on this entire list.

In fact, the power goes even deeper as the user would also be able to duplicate any object that they chose, creating indistinguishable copycats.

Once the doppelganger was created, the user would then be able to control them through telekinesis which is just like a double dose of badassery.

Dooku, Luke Skywalker, and Yareael Poof are three established Star Wars characters who have all displayed this power.

8 Midi-Chlorian Manipulation - Control Over Life and Death


When it comes to important life forms for Jedi, midi-chlorians are pretty important. In fact, when describing them to Anakin, Qui-Gon Jinn said "Without the midi-chlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force. They continually speak to us, telling us the will of the Force."

So how badass do you think a power called Midi-Chlorian Manipulation is? We're definitely dealing with some Sith energy here, as those who excel in this technique can literally manipulate life, including extending it indefinitely.

Darth Plagueis (pictured above), one of the most powerful Sith lords of all time, was able to use this power not only to create life in others without having a second partner present but also to bring himself back from near-death on several occasions.

Want to get sadistic? He also used it to bring his enemy Darth Venamis back countless times only so he could keep torturing him further.

This control over life and death was one of the main elements that allowed Palpatine to entice Anakin to join the dark side.

7 Malacia and Force Blinding - Cause Nausea or Temporary Blindness


There are plenty of powers on here that would leave you decapitated or absolutely begging for death. Malacia on the other hand, may just leave you running to the washroom! Users of Malacia can inflict nausea (sometimes to extreme degrees) to their intended targets. It may not be malicious, but it could definitely come in handy! The move was perfected by Oppo Rancisis (seen above) who tried in vain to find a student who could perform it as well as he could.

Following the non-malicious theme, some Jedi also try and learn Force Blinding which would allow them to emit a flash of light from their hand which would temporarily blind their enemy.

6 Darkshear and Kinetite - Create a Spear Of Dark Energy


If you get yourself stuck in a battle with a Sith lord (which is totally going to happen, right?), don't think that just because they physically don't have a weapon around them, they aren't still going to be able to mess you up. Especially if they're well-practiced in the art of Darkshear, which allows the user to create a spear out of the dark energy around them and then BAM, you just got speared.

If that wasn't enough, you also have to keep your eyes peeled in case they want to use the power of Kinetite. Looking similar to Force Lightning, Kinetite allows the user to mold his lightning into a sphere, which could then be thrown.

This was most prominently done by Darth Vader in a battle against Luke, but it was not enough to subdue him as he had help from Obi-Wan.

5 Flow-Walking - See The Past and Future


Do you ever walk by somewhere and wonder what may have happened at that spot 50 years ago? How about wondering how the future is going to look?

That's the power of Flow-Walking which essentially boils down to allowing the user to "flow-walk" back in time and see how things played out. It was used in the Star Wars universe by Jacen Solo (seen above) who was able to flow-walk back far enough to see Anakin's raid on the Jedi temple that full-on turned him Sith.

While Luke cautions Ben on the usage of Flow-Walking, he does say that skilled enough users would also be able to see and alter the future, but even then, how would you know you were doing the right thing?

4 Crucitorn - Have Control Over Pain In Body


Are you ever lying there in pain and thinking that you would do absolutely anything to make that pain go away? If you were a Jedi you definitely would be studying hard in the technique of Crucitorn which gives the user control over one's sensation/interpretation of pain.

You can essentially train your body to not feel the pain, or in contrast, also make particular injuries feel significantly worse which as you can imagine would have pretty nefarious motives. If you were really pissed off, you could also literally use the Force to make wounds radiate with pain, causing significant discomfort throughout the body.

Eeith Koth (pictured above) was a Jedi Master that was known to practice this technique. It was also later taught to Jacen Solo.

3 Force Meld - Grow Stronger With Jedi Buddies In Battle


Above you read about battle meditation, but that is not the only way Jedi can bond together in battle to help make a significant difference. One of their other main techniques is through Force Meld, in which several Jedi would bond their minds together and in the process, hopefully improving their overall coordination.

In perhaps a fun usage, if this goes on for long enough users will literally start to finish each other's sentences or thoughts (which you can imagine is both adorable, and vital for battle).

One of the main downfalls is that pain is also shared and if there was a significant enough disturbance in the Force, everyone that is in a mind meld would have the potential of losing complete control over their mind.

2 Morichro and Hibernation Trance - Live For 1 Year Without Resources


If you were just a regular human, there is definitely only so long that you can survive without food, water and, you know, air. Thankfully if you're a Jedi user who is studied in the art of Morichro, all those things have the option to become secondary.

Utilization of this technique sees the user enter into a near-stasis state, requiring none of those above qualities for up to one year. It can also be used in battle as a way to subdue enemies but has not been used by Sith.

The technique was most attributed to Jedi Master Yaddle (pictured above) who was able to uncover the technique that had long been forgotten but has also been used by Anakin Solo and Kyp Durron, the latter of whom used it to help avoid devastation from the Sun Crusher weapon.

A less advanced version of this technique is Hibernation Trance, which allows users to enter into a state where they used only one-tenth of the air as a normal person and could stay this way for one week in a dry climate, or up to one month if they were in a wet climate.

1 Thought Bomb - Essentially a Nuclear Bomb For Sith


You know you are dealing some serious usage of the Force when you require several Sith Lords to utilize it, and that's exactly what happens with the Thought Bomb. The awesome display of Force power starts with Sith Lords engaging in a chant which includes, "We are one. We are the dark side. The dark side is us. Feel the power of the dark side. Surrender to it. Surrender to the unified whole. Let us become one."

Got chills yet? The Sith Lords who had formed a circle would then concentrate their energy creating a vortex in the center that consumed everyone around it (including those performing the ritual more often than not), creating an eternal torment in which their souls were forever stuck.

If you were somehow on the planet and able to not get sucked in, you would still run the risk of suffering headaches or hallucinations for up to weeks after the detonation.

One of the most prominent examples came when the Dark Lords of Kaan's Sith Brotherhood detonated a thought bomb on the planet Ruusan. The spirits remained captured in the bomb for over 1,000 years before they were released.


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