16On-Again, Off-Again Girlfriend Accuses Producer Mandi Of Sleeping With Her Cast Member Boyfriend

Mandi Venturino is the producer for Chelsea Houska's segment and is shown above with Chelsea's daughter, Aubree. But the cheating accusation comes from a cast member of sorts, a second-degree cast member if you will. Jeremy Calvert was Leah's second husband and they share daughter Addie together. Jeremy's post-divorce, sometimes-girlfriend

is Brooke Wehr and it was Brooke who tossed the allegations of unfaithfulness on Instagram towards Jeremy and Mandi, who has a boyfriend of her own. "Sounds about right. Too bad he f****d the producer @mandi06," Brooke wrote, tagging Mandi. “Guess Leah was right. I should have listened.” Jeremy has come clean about his cheating but Mandi remains steadfast in her denials. Seems legit. She doesn't even produce Leah/Jeremy's segment of the show. But it's still disturbing to be accused of such inappropriate behavior.

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