16 Things People From Other Countries Get Butthurt About

Did you know that the word "butthurt" has been added by scholars to the website It has not been added to the official Oxford English Dictionary, but still. "Butthurt" is a pretty relevant word these days. People like to think everyone is butthurt about everything, and that especially goes for all the arrogant Americans, amiright? But there is one big problem with that sentiment: Americans are used to it by now, and they really don't care that the world thinks of them as overly sensitive babies, because it is true. However, the rest of the world has plenty to be sensitive and offended about as well, the difference being that they are not used to it and want the world to see them in a flattering light. Sometimes they want this so much that the things they were insecure about in the first place are magnified and they become indignant and argumentative when these things are brought up.

The definition of the glorious word "butthurt" is "an inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult, characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility toward the 'aggressor'." Well, that certainly sounds childish now, doesn't it?

As an American, I am happy to announce to you that the rest of the world is every bit as butthurt as we are, and often times for even dumber reasons. I mean, at least we get butthurt about things that matter (not always, mind you). But a lot of the following 16 examples of butthurtedness around the globe are downright nutty, if you ask me. From dirty water to dogs to booze that doesn't belong to you to some things that actually do matter, I present to you 15 other places (China is the butthurt capital of the world, so they get two spots) that just love to find something to whine about, even more so than Americans.


13 Russia- Butthurt About Communism

In addition to mail-order brides, opinions on Putin (positive or negative), and the U.S. being single-handedly responsible for the end of World War II, Russians are quite butthurt about Communism, which modern-day Russians are conflicted over. In a group of very close friends, the topic may be discussed, but even this is rare. Plus, they do not appreciate commentary or opinions from “outsiders” in general, on this and other topics. If you don’t live there and don’t know what it is like to live there, you don’t get an opinion, basically. One English teacher who lived in Moscow for nearly a quarter of a century said that there, a false pride is fostered to mask a sense of national inferiority. This teacher, Erin Lenore Bottger, who taught in Russia’s capital city from 1991-2014, loves Russian people but notes that they are for the most part a thin-skinned and overly-sensitive people. Oh, and other than Communism, they are butthurt about alternative lifestyles, so if you are a gay vegan transgender polyamorous tattoo artist, you would be a walking insult to the Russians.

15. Britain- Butthurt About "Greenface"


So this is what happened: in October of this year, the official Twitter account of the British Army tweeted a picture of a soldier with a painted face and a gun that was captioned, “Being a #soldier in the jungle requires a robust sense of humor.” Apparently, being a citizen of Britain does not. People immediately judged it as offensive, racist, and blackface. It happened just before Halloween when the blackface issue is a hot one anyway, but it seems like this photo could have just as easily been camouflage (not a stretch of the imagination since he is a soldier), but people really just needed to be butthurt about something, I guess, so camouflage did not occur to them before blackface did. And if you look really closely, the paint is actually green. Even so, people did not buy it and the army had to apologize and delete the tweet. As one re-tweeter of the post so perfectly put it, “The British Army beat Adolf Hitler but caved into SJWs over a single innocuous Tweet. #PeakStupid”.

12 The Philippines- Butthurt About Everything


Apparently, Filipinos can be just as bad as Americans when it comes to the number of things they get butthurt over. Some articles I have found assert that they seem as if they are looking for something to be pissed off about, while remaining quiet about actual important things like the Bus Hostage crisis not being given enough attention worldwide or the abysmal bus transport system that leads to a large number of fatalities. One Filipino writer says that “Filipinos imagine themselves to be a people oppressed by foreigners. They think every country in the world is out to get them… they want attention.” These Filipinos are mostly the middle and upper class people who perceive insults against them, like a controversial post on Filipino food or criticisms from an ex-pat who did not like living in his native Philippines. Also, Filipinos apparently get very butthurt when their sports teams lose to another country, as if it lessens them, somehow. That same writer seems to hit the nail on the head when he says, “They rage at something to show they exist, somewhat like an immature teenager who overcompensates and feels inferior.”

11 Sweden: Butthurt About Other Races

This might not be so surprising, given that the Scandinavian country of Sweden is stereotypically thought of as blonde, blonde, and more blonde. But the truth is that there are many African Swedes, and currently they amount to roughly 103,000 residents. They have been living in Sweden since the 17th century, and while Ethiopia is a popular country that they adopt children from, Sweden is actually quite racist. The use of blackface, openly discriminatory segregation in some parts of the country, and multiple studies that have shown you are less likely to be hired for a job if your resume has a foreign-sounding name, all point to the fact that native Swedes have what some have labeled a “deep-rooted racism”. The term “white privilege” has even been thrown around in articles describing this issue in Sweden, so in the end, it is clear that race is not just a hot topic right now in America. There are elements of it everywhere.

10 Singapore- Butthurt About Caning


It is better to just not bring up the hot-button human rights issue of caning, a punishment which Singapore has handed down to several foreigners over the years. The world expressed outrage, but Singapore kept right on caning. One example of how speaking about caning can turn awkward is Mitchell Farkas’ story. He is the head of the China-based production company FarFilms, and brought up the topic of caning to his Singaporean hosts while there. The hosts were upset by this, and discontinued doing business with him. Singapore, a country famous for having strict laws such as outlawing chewing gum, has a reputation around the world for being quite anal. It is not very difficult to piss off someone from the tiny country. Pictured above are two Germans who were sentenced to caning and jailtime for graffiti in 2015.

9 Brazil- Butthurt About Dirty Water

Tomo News published a video before the 2016 Summer Olympics that was a cartoon saying Rio de Janeiro would be unable to clean up its water in time for the Games to begin. It took off on Facebook, but Brazilians were offended and asked Facebook to suspend it, which they did. The Brazilian government got so mad about this animated short that they complained to Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who called Tomo News and asked them to remove the video for good. Tomo News uses Next Animation Studio which is based in Taipei, Taiwan. Ultimately, Taiwan caved to the request that their short be removed, and it seems like Brazil is just one more country that cares way too much what the world thinks of them. God forbid the world associate Rio de Janeiro with dirty poop water. Oh, wait…

8 China- Butthurt About the Three T’s


Those would be Taiwan, Tibet, and Tiananmen, the country’s biggest taboos. To bring any of these up in mainland China could turn out to be a mistake. A very prideful and nationalistic people, the Chinese are also known for saving face, or attempting to the point of ridicule. With respect to the Party faith of China, Tibetans are essentially infidels who do not believe in China. To the people of China, who love their country very much, that is unacceptable (and probably at least a little embarrassing, although they would never admit it because that would mean losing face). The same goes for Taiwan. Both Taiwan and Tibet belong to China, in their eyes. The third taboo “t” is Tiananmen Square, meaning the massacre that happened there in 1986. The still do not like to talk about Tiananmen Square. It seems that anything that does not paint their beloved country in a flattering light is not to be discussed, although they do not seem to realize that Mao Zedong, who is responsible for 45 million deaths in four years, falls under that category as well, as they still pronounce their love for the Communist dictator, seemingly not getting that the rest of the world despises him.

9. Thailand- Butthurt About Royal Insults

Saying anything negative, even in the slightest, about the king or former royalty (or even the king’s dog) is a big no-no in Thailand. People have even been jailed for it. Respect must be shown at all times, and anything that could be construed as even remotely offensive could result in a strict punishment. However, the current situation in Thailand is an interesting one in this aspect, because as of October the beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej is dead. His son, Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn, is waiting the one year he requested for mourning before becoming officially crowned king of the southeast Asian country. He is somewhat scandalous and the Thai people largely preferred his sister to ascend the throne, even though women are not in the line of succession for the Thai monarchy. It will be interesting if the people will be butthurt about the newest king being insulted, or if they will relax their level of tolerance since he leaves a bad taste in their mouths.

7 Australia and New Zealand- Butthurt About Each Other

The people of New Zealand, known as New Zealanders or Kiwis, do not like to be referred to as Aussies, and in fact it is considered almost racist, if you can believe it. Very strangely, there are tons of accounts online of pissed-off Kiwis who were allegedly referred to as (gasp) Aussies. There is a crucial difference between the two countries according to them, and apparently, being thought of as a person from a place most of the world would love to go to, Australia, is a huge insult. As one Kiwi puts it, “Being called Australian is like being mistaken for your big brother who’s a racist asshole.” Likewise, Aussies are not the biggest fans of Kiwis, who they accuse of having “anchor babies”, much like people do to get citizenship in America (which doesn't make sense since Kiwis don't even want to be called Aussies, so why do they have babies there?). And like in America, there is the issue of birth tourism, too. It is interesting to see such hate between two countries that, while farther apart than the U.S. and Mexico, we never would have thought would get so butthurt about one another. They would probably even be butthurt to be lumped together in one item for this list!


6 Vatican City - Butthurt About Gay Marriage


The world’s tiniest sovereign country by both size and population, Vatican City has some not-so-tiny feelings about issues such as gay marriage. This is no surprise to anyone who knows the first thing about Catholicism. The Vatican, whose headquarters so to speak is the walled enclave in the center of Rome, has no plans to make any concessions for LGBT people in the church. They are about as opposite of progressive as anything could be, and about as inclusive, as well. Given that it is an absolute elective monarchy (meaning the head of the Roman Catholic Church takes power), the 800 or so residents of the Vatican City (only half of whom actually have citizenship) are virtually 100% Roman Catholic. In 2012 just after Maryland, Maine, and Washington states voted for marriage equality, there was actually an article published online called, “The Vatican is Really Butthurt About U.S. Citizens Approving Gay Marriage”. Well, there you have it.

5 Any South American Country- Butthurt About Americans Being Called Americans

Technically, North America, Central America, and South America all have the word “America” in their names, but residents of the United States of America are the only ones called Americans. This, apparently, is cause for butthurtedness among people from countries besides the U.S.A., which is silly considering “America” is actually part of the U.S.A.’s name, and not just the name of its continent. Still, people like to find reasons to get offended by the arrogant Americans (or so the world likes to see them as). Besides the fact that saying the United States of America is a mouthful, and that “American” is the only suitable label because we are not going to say U.Sians or anything equally awful, and that nearby countries’ official names like United Mexican States have citizens called Mexicans, the British began using the term “Americans” in the 1700’s. Referring to the Anglo-Americans as just Americans, the use persisted. Historically as well as practically, it just makes sense.

5. Malaysia - Butthurt About Scottie Dogs

To understand this, first you must understand that in some Muslim religions, some religious authorities say that dogs are unclean, and touching a dog can be considered sinful. It can even be greeted with death threats, and some Muslim groups have even called for a jihad on dogs. Parts of Malaysia are Muslim, and in 2014, people were up in arms in Malaysia because 40 Scottie dogs were used in Glasgow, Scotland, in that year’s Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, which is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. Malaysia is part of these games, and the use of dogs in the opening ceremony was offensive to them. Dato Ibrahim Bin Ali, founder and president of the Malay supremacist group Perkasa, called for an apology and said, “I think it is unbecoming. The hosts have not been sensitive enough, especially in a so-called knowledgeable and civilized society like Britain. It is shameful.” Seems to me that Scotland probably didn’t even think about it because why would they? They cannot be expected to know every insulting thing from every single country.

4 Germany- Butthurt About Hitler


Naturally, Germans want to dissociate themselves as much as possible from the Nazis and that dark period for their country that was World War II. That is not to say that he is never mentioned, joked about, etc. But for the most part, it is kind of a taboo topic, unless you know your facts very well and can remain objective. Older Germans especially tend to be humble and ashamed of their country during that time period, and are more likely to take offense if light is made of the situation with Hitler and the Nazis. Many Germans on message boards and whatnot advise travelers to proceed with extreme caution when bringing this topic up for discussion, as they get touchy and openly insecure. All of this, of course, points toward the fact that they are butthurt. But wouldn’t you be, honestly? Imagine if the horrors of World War II happened in your country or state or province, and that was the most widely-known fact about your home, and then some idiots come along from the other side of the world poking fun at it or even talking ignorantly about it with incorrect information. You may be butthurt, too.

3 India- Butthurt About Their Image


Like America (and apparently, also like the Philippines), the country of India has been accused of being butthurt about every little thing. They are a country and a people who care deeply what the rest of the world thinks of them, which is of course good and bad. One Indian blogger even wrote a post about it, in which he said, “We are perhaps the most thin-skinned nation in the world. We see insults where none is meant… We think somebody is out to make India look bad.” Truly sensitive about how they are viewed by the world and each other, Indians are allegedly also sensitive about politics and their caste system, but also about a great deal of other things. They were even butthurt about the movie Slumdog Millionaire, which to them portrayed India in a negative light, focusing on the slums instead of something more appealing.

2 Norway- Butthurt About B.Y.O.B.’ing


It sounds like a strange thing to get pissy about, but apparently it is offensive to the people of this cold part of the world to attend a party and drink someone else’s booze. In the west where the hosts generally supply the alcohol unless it is specifically B.Y.O.B. or the guests bring a bottle of wine to be polite, this seems kind of silly, and definitely not something to get your undies in a bundle over. But for some Scandinavians, who have some very interesting drinking practices, consuming liquor that is not yours is looked down upon. It is just rude, I suppose, in their culture. But people do tend to get possessive about their stash sometimes, so maybe it is not all that far-fetched, after all. Hey, at least they are not butthurt about insulting the king’s dog; pretty much anything is less ridiculous than that.

1 China- Butthurt About White Dudes Stealing Their Girls

Ah, China again- are we surprised? This is true of many Asian nations, though, and not just China, to be fair. Everyone knows that much more than Asian guys date white girls, Asian girls date white guys. There could be plenty of reasons for this, but to the Asian guys who are having their women “stolen” from them by the big bad Caucasian men, this is a very good reason to be butthurt about said Caucasian men. This is especially true since in modern-day China, for example, the male species outnumber the female species by an astonishing 33 million. This, after decades of the one-child policy and a culture that preferred boy babies to girl babies. Even today, the gender ratio at birth is 115.88 boys to every 100 girls. So, it is easy to see why they would be annoyed, as there is already so much competition between them as it is. Plus, as my Chinese students used to tell me, they were “jealous of American guys’ big muscles.”


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