16 Things Fans Always Get Wrong About Final Fantasy

Hironobu Sakaguchi and Square Enix's Final Fantasy is one of the most recognizable titles in gaming. There's not a generation of gamers that haven't played an entry from this series. With a history spanning 3 decades, the series has been an influential figure in gaming and pop culture and, at the rate it's going, the series will be here to stay for a long time.

We're lucky that no Final Fantasy game is actually final, and we're more than happy to continue playing the games that the series' owners shell out every once in a while. It's such a beloved series, there's a community devoted to exploring all things Final Fantasy and most of the secrets that the games in the series have to offer get revealed rather easily.

Despite the fans' vast knowledge of the series, there are still those who have a few misconceptions about the franchise and, to this date, there are a few wrong things that even the most die-hard fans of the series believe to be true. Here are 15 things fans always get wrong about Final Fantasy.

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16 Eos In Final Fantasy 15 Is The Biggest Game World

Like most fanboys, the series' most die-hard fans are willing to defend their series to everyone else who's crazy enough to point out its flaws. But of course, the series is not without its shortcomings and mistakes. Final Fantasy 15 remains to be the most ambitious entry in the series to date and it is a good game. With regard's to the game's accomplishments though, it's not the game with the biggest game world.

Eos is huge, there's no doubt about that. Many fans believe that it's the biggest gaming world to date but it's not even close to it. That award goes to Just Cause 3's Medici. To give a good description of just how big Medici is, it would take a player 8 hours to walk across the game's world. There are other world's bigger than Eos and fans really need to do their research before making any claims first.

15 Developers Moved To The PlayStation Strictly Because It Was More Powerful

Before making it's way to the PlayStation, the early Final Fantasy games were first found on the SNES. As Square Enix; Square back then, progressed with their wonderful career, the mainline entries moved to the PlayStation. Hence, Final Fantasy 7, 8 and were completely exclusive to Sony's first home console when the games were released.

At the time, Sony's consoles were more powerful than that of Nintendo's. That is just one of the reasons why Square Enix decided to move to Sony's console. Another reason though is that Nintendo is quite strict regarding their content. That means more mature themes and storylines like the one found in Final Fantasy 7 weren't allowed by Nintendo's standards. This strictness sort of pushed Square Enix to another company because they don't want to be limited.

14 Final Fantasy 7 Can't Be Beat Without A Complete Party

The characters in Final Fantasy 7 are quite the rowdy bunch. The game has some of the best playable rosters in the series to date and it was fun witnessing these characters develop throughout the story. With the exception of Aerith who dies at one point in the game, many believe that the game's roster was as is and it can't be beaten without any of the remaining members missing.

Not many know this but Yuffie and Vincent Valentine are actually optional characters in the game. Final Fantasy 7 can be beaten without the help of these two. Despite being optional, they are both hard to miss out on and it's near impossible for players to completely look over these two characters. Still, the fact remains that if players wanted to, Yuffie and Vincent don't have to be a part of Cloud's epic journey.

13 The Intelligence Stat In The First Game Was Helpful

At the core of Final Fantasy's characters are the stats. These stats basically determine just how powerful a character is. Attack says how much damage a character can deal, Defense says how much damage he can take, Luck is for a slew of things. But of course, each character class develops stats depending on what's useful for them but in the first game, not all of these numbers are helpful.

In the first Final Fantasy, the Intelligence stat was completely useless. It was supposed to determine how strong a character's magic attacks are. However, players might've noticed that regardless of what their Intelligence stats are, the Black Mage, White Mage, and Red Mage deals the same amount of magic damage each. This basically means that the Red Mage is the better class since it's capable of dealing as much damage as the Black Mage but it also has the healing capabilities of a White Mage.

12 The First Game Was Made By A Huge Team

30 years after its release, the first Final Fantasy remains to be one of the most iconic video games to date. It has been the inspiration behind many other RPGs and it has redefined the genre as a whole. Those who still remember the first game probably have hours and hours of memories with it and that shouldn't be surprising as the game is huge and filled with content.

By the standards of its time, the first Final Fantasy was a pretty big game. Players initially thought that with its size, the first game was made by a huge team. In reality, Final Fantasy was made by a group of  7 people only. Compare that to Final Fantasy 7's 120 man-team and Final Fantasy 12's 300 man-team and you can easily appreciate just how far the series has come.

11 The Iconic 'Prelude' Was Composed After Hours And Hours Of Thought

A video game is just too boring if it isn't backed up with an excellent soundtrack. Luckily, the series is never short of good music to hear. Be it during or after a battle, the game's long list of musical scores never fail to take fans by the heart. Hearing at first, one would think that the musical scores are created after hours and hours of hard work. While that's true in most cases, the most iconic soundtrack from Final Fantasy was made in just a few minutes.

Every Final Fantasy has its own iteration of the 'Prelude.' This iconic song is probably most familiar to fans. The truth is, the song was created in just a matter of minutes. To be precise, it was made in 5 minutes. Composer Nobuo Uematsu had to come up with one more song when the developers demanded one more for the first game.

10 Cid Is In Every Game

Though most of the entries aren't sequels and prequels of each other, there are a few recurring themes and names throughout the games that players can spot out. Aside from recurring enemies throughout the franchise, players might also notice that there are several iterations of characters named Biggs and Wedge as well. These two have nothing compared to Cid though.

Cid has been seen in nearly every Final Fantasy game. Some players believe that Cid is a part of every mainline Final Fantasy game, but that isn't true. Surprisingly, Cid wasn't a part of the very first Final Fantasy. He made his debut in Final Fantasy 2 and from then on, we've seen the name appear all the time in the entries. In some games, he's a playable character. In others, he's just a very helpful NPC.

9 Knights Of The Round Was The Longest Attack In Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 was the first game in the series to go 3D and the developers did a fine job of showcasing their new found technology. In Final Fantasy 7, some of the Summon attacks were ridiculously long. It was all done to showcase what the game was capable of and of course, these attacks looked cool. For years, many believed that the Knights of the Round was the longest attack animation in the game, but that is different in some versions of the game.

Knights of the Round ran for a minute and a half. If players had the English version of the game, the award for longest attack animation is given to Safer-Sephiroth and his Supernova. That attack is over 2 minutes long! Players could literally stand up and make a sandwich during the attack.

8 Everyone Had A Chance To Play The Game In 1987

Since it's creation back in 1987, the Final Fantasy series has since been a global phenomenon. Its influence has reached all corners of the earth so it should be no surprise that the game has such a massive following. Contrary to what many believe, not many had the chance to play the game when the first entry launched back in 1987. It wasn't until 1997 that everyone in the world had the chance to play a game from the series.

Europe was quite the unlucky place to be in for a gamer. The first Final Fantasy game to hit Europe's shores was Final Fantasy 7 back in 1997. The first 6 games were absent from Europe's shelves. In fact, the first Final Fantasy was made available in Europe only in 2003! That's a pretty long time to wait for the die-hard RPG fans of Europe.

7 Aerith Can Be Revived Without Any Cheats

Ask any retro gamer what the saddest scene is in gaming history and they'll all say the same answer; the death of Aerith in Final Fantasy 7. Her death set the bar for video game storytelling and it was also one of the most memorable scenes in video game history. As epic as the scene was, fans would've rather seen Aerith live through that painful stab from Sephiroth and for years, players have scoured every inch of the game for clues on how Cloud and friends could get her back.

There were outrageous theories on how Aerith could be brought back to life in Final Fantasy 7, but they were all just lies made by gamers who couldn't accept the fact that one lovable main character bit the dust. If players are really desperate enough, then they could bring back Aerith using cheats. That's not really a preferred method though as the game could get corrupted.

6 There's A 72-Hour Boss Battle In Final Fantasy 15

The latest entry in the series received a mixed reception, but overall fans loved the game. It redefined the series and gave fans hope that there's going to be better games from the franchise in the near future. Many things made Final Fantasy 15 exciting and during the promotional period of the game, the developer teased that there's a 72-hour boss battle in the game. Many fans believed this.

The battle in question was the optional Adamantoise battle late in the game. Players braced themselves for the worse things to come when coming up to the Adamantoise because a 72-hour battle is no joke. Not surprisingly, what the developer actually meant was that the battle will be 72-hours long in-game which roughly means 2-3 real-time hours.

5 Aerith And Sephiroth Weren't Acquainted In Any Way

To this day, Final Fantasy 7 remains to be one of the most critically-acclaimed entries in the series. The game's story and gameplay have stood the test of time. What makes Final Fantasy 7 such a big hit for fans is, of course, the epic journey of Cloud and his friends. In their struggle against the evil Sephiroth, players got to see some of the secrets hiding in the game's story.

Many believed that Aerith and Sephiroth aren't related in any way. Sephiroth just happened to kill her at one point. That's partly true but not many know that the two were supposed to have a brother and sister relationship. This was a suggested storyline during the early days of development. The two were even supposed to be ex-lovers at one point! We're not complaining though as we're happy with how the game came out.

4 Squall Died At The End Of Disc 1

The 8th mainline entry in the monumental RPG series is known for a few things. It had really awesome summons. It had a very frustrating card game. It even had a very popular fan theory surrounding it. Many who played Final Fantasy 8 theorized that Squall, our beloved hero, died early on in the story and from disc 2 onwards, all we saw were his dreams.

At the end of disc 1, Squall gets impaled by an icicle which also pushes him to fall from an aircraft. He was supposed to be dead. At the start of disc 2, Squall was all good aside from a headache. From disc 2 onwards, the story became weirder and it strayed away from the standard plot of the first disc. This led many to believe the crazy theory. This isn't true of course, as the developer didn't confirm the good theory. It was a video game with magic, someone could've revived Squall the moment he seemingly died.

3 There's An Alternative Method To Getting Excalibur II

Like most Final Fantasy entries, the 9th mainline entry gives players the chance to collect some powerful weapons which many in the gaming community called as Ultimate Weapons. Zidane and each of his friends have their own Ultimate Weapons and there are some harder to get than the others. Players of Final Fantasy 9 can all agree on the fact that Steiner's Excalibur II, the best weapon in the game, has an alternative method to getting it.

The original way of getting Excalibur II is by getting to a boss in the final dungeon in under 12 hours. That's a pretty hard feat to achieve. It's so hard, some guys thought that if they maxed out the game clock, Excalibur II would appear as well. Maxing out the game clock is 100 hours of waiting around. Not surprisingly, this alternate method was a hoax that desperate gamers bought into.

2 The Name Final Fantasy Came Out Of Desperation

Final Fantasy has remained one of the most recognizable names in video game history. There's not a single gamer out there who doesn't know a Final Fantasy game because each gaming generation grew up getting an entry from the beloved franchise. Behind the name is a pretty touching origin story that has been told time and time again. It was all just a fallacy though.

The story goes that series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi was down on his luck and he had one chance left. Out of desperation, Sakaguchi created Final Fantasy. That wasn't the actual story though. The name Final Fantasy was created because the team was trying to find a good name that can be abbreviated to FF. The original plan was to be Fighting Fantasy, but they found out it was already a trademarked name, thus Final Fantasy was coined.

1 Tidus And Yuna Had A Good Life After Final Fantasy 10-2

There have been many love-teams showcased in the Final Fantasy entries, but the one love-team that players are very familiar with is Tidus and Yuna's love affair. Their tragic and romantic tale was believed to have a bad ending after the final moments of Final Fantasy 10. Tidus died and Yuna was left alone. However, new light was shed if players beat Final Fantasy 10-2 with 100% completion. Tidus comes back and he and Yuna live happily ever after... At least, that was what everyone was made to believe.

An audio drama released by Square Enix itself reveals what happened to the couple, years after their reunion. The two grew apart and found new people in their lives. It was a really sad audio drama, especially for those who were rooting for the two.

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